what i did wednesday

oh THANK GOD it snowed

i don’t usually embrace it so enthusiastically but my lesson plan for today is really weak because my co-teacher has been kind of out of communication all week and I don’t know if my lesson plan is just basically repeating what she did on wednesday when i wasn’t in or WHAT we’re doing

but now we can take up lots of the time talking about snow

it snowed last night, is it snowing now, does it snow where you come from, a lot or a little or never, do you like snow, is it your first winter here (which i should ideally already know but there’s 20-30 students and i seriously can’t remember who has been in the US for how long)

and i’d already been planning to go over weather cancellation policy!

ooh maybe i can even stretch it into a reading/spelling/pronunciation exercise with sn- words

snow, snack, snake, sneak…snot…

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( OCTOBER 5, 2016 - DECEMBER 21, 2016  
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Today wasn’t a good day. It was emotionally charged and hard and it tested my strength. I wanted to sit in a corner and cry. I wanted to scream and shout and say fuck you to the world. But you know what? I didn’t.

@puzzlingpeace I haven’t known you long(but you are pretty much a big deal in my life) but you and @rosewater7 and @wendyi111 helped me pick myself up and dust off the anger and the pain. You all helped me realize the strength that I didn’t think I had anymore. I love you ladies so much. Today was the first time in quite a while that I didn’t shut down. That I didn’t do something that was self destructive cause I have so much love and support from you three. Thank you so much. Even though what I did today might not seem huge, but it was big for me because I consciously chose to turn to someone to talk. I didn’t do my normal “I am fine” and shut you out. Thank you thank you thank you. This, THIS is what we women are all about.

the number of people who say we should call the 2020s the “rawring 20s” is far too high. one person saying that where i could hear it would be too high.

William Nylander -  Part 7

Sorry for the long delay! I’m back to my regular schedule, thank you all for being so patient! 

My anxiety notches up the longer the phone rings. I had checked the schedule for the Leafs and if my timing was right, Will was currently neither at practice or napping before his game tonight. I was about to hang up the car phone and pretend I never called him when the line connected.

               “Hello?” Came through Will’s voice, I could already imagine the smirk playing on his face.

               “I forgot you again,” I say. I had had something much wittier planned out but my brain froze when he actually answered.

               Will sighs through the phone and I panic. “Y/N, you really know how to bring my confidence down.” I relax when I can hear the teasing tone.

               “Well then you should have asked for my number instead,” I point out and he laughs.

               “You wouldn’t have given it to me,” he says simply and I nod in agreement. “What are you doing?”

               “Driving home, lunch meeting.”

               “What are you doing tonight?”

               My heart bangs against my ribs too hard.

               “I’m going to a play with a couple… friends.” Even I can hear the hesitation at the word ‘friends’ but he doesn’t mention it.

               “Ahh. Well then I’ll have to whip out plan B then.”

               Again, my heart bangs against my ribs as excitement gathers in my stomach.

               “What’s plan B? What was even plan A?” I ask.

               “Well, I was going to tell you to come to the game tonight so I could impress you, but since you won’t even be watching from home, I’ll have to take the chance of my ego getting wounded by asking you out for Wednesday.” I can hear the nervousness in his tone, though he does a good job by masking it. I Picture him standing in somewhere in an apartment, phone to his ear and biting his lower lip in anticipation for my answer. I don’t make him wait any longer.

               “What did you have planned for Wednesday?”

               “I can’t tell you that. Classified information,” Will answers right away.

               My mind flashes to Nathan, we aren’t together. I should be able to go out with whoever I want. Just because he kissed me doesn’t mean I’m his. But at the same time I think all of these things, guilt forms hot and heavy in my stomach. But then I think of Will, a boy who clearly wants to get to know me. A boy who exuberates confidence and isn’t shy about showing his interest in me.

               “Y/N?” Will’s voice breaks me out of my internal conflict.

               “Yes? I mean yes, I’m free Wednesday,” I stammer, pushing all feelings of guilt aside.

               “Perfect,” he says and then clears his throat. “I mean yeah, cool.” I giggle and I can almost hear his smile through the speaker.

               “But that doesn’t mean you can hang up on me now,” Will says as I turn down my street. “I just needed to get that out the way so I could relax.”

               I hesitate. “Relax? Were you nervous about asking me?”



               “Because I couldn’t see your face. As much as I can read your expressions you have a ridiculous amount of control over your voice and tones,” he says without a hint of embarrassment.

               “Oh…” I say before erupting into a fit of giggles. William Nylander was scared to ask me out.

               “Seriously, ego wounded every time you laugh at my expense,” Will complains and I reel in my laughter.

               “I think I prefer talking to you over the phone,” I tell him, pulling into one of my two parking spots and gathering my bag from the passenger seat.

               “Why is that?”

               I switch Will off my car speaker and press my actual phone to my ear before answering. “Because I’m not distracted by everything that you do.” See, I can be honest too. Just not to his face.

               Will is silent for a few moments as I walk up the icy path to my apartment complex.

               “I distract you?” He finally says.

               “Obviously. You may have hit me in the face with a puck, but I’m not blind,” I roll my eyes and get into the elevator, wondering idly if I’m going to drop my call once the doors shut.

               “That’s the best thing I’ve heard all day,” Will chuckles into the phone and I blush.

               “Well then you must not have heard many good things today,” I say hurriedly as I fumble with my keys to get into my apartment. Discarding my bag and coat onto my dining room table.

               “You’d be surprised.”

               “Well, you can surprise me later. I have to get ready to go,” I tell him, standing in the frame of one of my windows and gazing out at the city below.

               “Are you sure?”

               “Unfortunately. But I’ll be cheering for you from afar, I promise,” I add and press my lips together.

               “I count on that,” he says softly and my belly clenches for an unknown reason.

               “Bye, Will,” I whisper.

               “Bye, ba-“ Will clears his throat. “Y/N.” He is quick to hang up the phone and I frown, taking the phone away from my ear and staring at it.


“There she is!” Nathan says, his arms outstretched to me and pulling me into a hug before I can protest. But I can feel myself relax in his familiar embrace. It’s not any different than it was before. It’s a Nathan hug. You love Nathan hugs.

Nathan angles is face toward mine. That’s definitely different. I’m able to take Rian’s sudden appearance at my shoulder as an advantage and twist my head to smile at her, Nathan’s lips hit my cheek instead of their intended mark and all is right in the world. Except that his arms are still around me.

“Hey Ri,” I say, wiggling my way of Nathan’s embrace as quickly as I can. I see a flutter of annoyance cross his face when he sees Rian and Jake beside us.

“Oh, Jake, Rian. I didn’t realize you were coming,” Nathan says, putting on a smile even as he throws a look my way and I laugh a little too loudly.

“Yeah well, Cinderella was Rian’s favorite movie when we were kids,” I say, patting her on the elbow.

“No it wa- oof,” Rian grunts as I elbow her hard in the ribs. Jake is quick to steer Nathan to the refreshments.

“You didn’t tell him?” He mouths at me and I scrunch my face, silently conveying I couldn’t find a way to tell him.

“I get the feeling something weird is going on here… at least weirder than usual,” Rian levels me with a stare, still rubbing her side.

“Your feeling is correct,” I sigh, running a hand through my hair like I do every time I’m frustrated or upset.

“What’s going on?” She asks but I shake my head at her.

“Later, please,” I whisper, Jake and Nathan reappearing with two drinks a piece.

Nathan hands me one glass, his fingers lingering on mine and my stomach lurches.

“Shall we?” He asks and his tone makes me frown. Like he’s trying to talk different.

I nod and throw a help me look at Jake but he just gives me an encouraging smile. Accepting my fate, I lead the way into the auditorium. Every time I’ve been in here I’ve had to stop and take a moment to soak in the beauty. Not tonight. Tonight I keep my head down, walking down the steps to our row and swallow hard when Nathan sits beside me, Rian on his other side.

Rian catches my eye as she takes her seat, her eyes worried. I don’t even try to hide my misery. We sit in awkward silence, Nathan unsure what to say to me and me wanting to be anywhere but here. I’m relieved that we arrived late, the play starts almost immediately. My mind relaxes as the lights dim and I’m able to lean back in my seat and pretend I’m just watching a play. Until a hand touches my leg.

I tense and glance down in the semi darkness and see Nathan’s hand creeping towards mine. Fuck. I try to think of a way to avoid this, finding none. Wincing as Nathan’s clammy hand entwines with mine, I focus on the characters moving across the stage. After a few moments of intense staring I realize it’s not going to work. My mind keeps wandering to Will. If his hand was Nathan’s would I be upset? That’s an obvious answer. Guilt bleeds into my gut, I don’t even know him. I’ve known Nathan for my entire life almost. Usually his hand in mine wouldn’t bother me, but something is different. Nathan is different.

I peek at him. Being much taller than me, he doesn’t notice me looking up at him. His attention is on the stage, where mine should be. Instead I study him. What’s different? His jaw line is the same, a clean line with a hint of stubble from missing a shaving this morning. His nose is annoyingly straight, apparently when I broke it back when we were kids, I fixed it. I remember his mom thanking me a few years back, she had been worried kids would make fun of him for it. Instead, they made fun of him for being beat up by a girl.

My eyes travel to his eyes, I can just see his eyelashes outlined against the dim lighting. A little bit of envy appears. Boys really don’t understand how good they have it with beautiful eyelashes. Nathan’s clothes are typical, expensive despite being in medical school. But having rich parents will do that. His hair is the only physical difference I can see. All mused up in an attempt to look like he just rolled out of bed but hadn’t been taking a nap.

Nathan shifts slightly and I start, my eyes flashing back to the stage in a panic. Though he doesn’t say anything, he doesn’t even look at me. Instead he brings his wine glass to his mouth, downing the rest in one gulp and I squint at him. He rarely drinks alcohol.

“You going to drink that?” He suddenly whispers at me and I start again. His eyes are on my untouched glass still in my free hand.

I wordlessly hand it him and that too disappears down his slender throat.

“Thanks,” Nathan grins at me and I just keep my eyes forward.

Something doesn’t feel right.

During intermission I practically jump across Nathan and the other two to get to the isle, wiping my now sweaty hand against my pants.

“Rian, bathroom?” I ask and she is quick to her feet.

I don’t say anything as we move through the crowd. Only when we get in line for the ladies room do I let out a long held in sigh.

“Are you okay, Y/N?” Rian asks tentatively. “You seem a little… tense.”

“Do I?” I snap and then shake my head. “Sorry, I’m just… yes, a little tense.”

“We were your escape route. Jake and I.”

It’s not a question.

“Apparently not a very good one.”

Rian is quiet a moment and we shuffle forward in line. I watch the feathers of the boa on the woman in front of me, the slight breeze of those passing by us making them flutter.

“Why don’t you just tell Nathan you aren’t interested?” Rian asks and I blink, my attention torn from the feather.

“I think I may have let it go on a little too far for it be easily mended,” I reply, my tone flat.

“I wouldn’t say that,” Rian counters, stepping forward with the line and cutting her eyes to me. “Nathan loves you, he would respect you being honest with him. A lifetime of friendship isn’t broken that easily.”

I don’t say anything the rest of the wait and even when we make it back to our seats. I notice that Jake and Nathan aren’t talking, or at least they stopped when Rian and I got closer.

“Can I sit next to Rian for the rest?” I ask Nathan and he looks up surprised.

“Sure,” he says and somewhat sloppily, seat hops over one.

“Thank you,” I smile at him and when he looks back at the stage, a smile firmly on his face, I throw up the arm rest between Rian and I, scooting as close to her as I can manage. The lights dim down and Nathan makes no move towards me, his hands staying in his own lap. I watch him. His eyes are slightly unfocused as he takes in the play and there’s a funny smell around him.

“Jake,” I whisper, leaning across Rian. He lowers his ear to me. “Did Nathan drink anything while Rian and I were gone?”

I turn my head so he can whisper in my ear this time. “Yes, three glasses of wine. I wouldn’t think a little wine would do that to him, but I think he had a little something before coming here,” Jake whispers in my ear and I meet his worried eyes with my own.

Nathan is not a nice drunk person.

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Written for @finish-the-clone-wars‘ Writing Wednesday: Exile

Padawan Teyla Marin deals with the ramifications of her Master’s dismissal from the Jedi High Council

The whispers followed her throughout the halls of the Temple, and she couldn’t escape them.

Padawan Teyla Marin felt dozens of eyes on her as she made her way through the courtyard. She felt them whenever she left her quarters; in the mess, in lessons, in the hanger bays, everywhere, everywhere. Eyes raked her, wondering if she had the same flaws as her Master, wondering if she would disgrace herself as he had. The disquiet around her was palpable, the hesitation obvious. The air was so thick with the breaths that remained after they murmured among themselves, she thought she might choke on them.

Oh yes, they were courteous when they spoke with her. The Masters that instructed her few lessons treated her as they always had, but they possessed an extra note of gentleness, of special concern. Her friends still spent time with her, but it had not escaped her notice that they did not actively seek her out. Some divide had sprung up between them. They took great pains to avoid speaking speaking about both the Council and her Master.

It didn’t matter that the High Council had assured the Jedi that Master Sifo-Dyas’s removal from the Council was not dishonorable. It didn’t matter that he retained his title of Master, or that he would continue to be sent on missions as he had.

Radical, they called him. Extremist.

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