what i can't though is your face

I think the most beautiful thing about Diana is that she doesn’t fight the patriarchy.  She just flat out doesn’t acknowledge that it exist.  A room where women aren’t allowed?  Gender rules about sleeping with someone? Bruce grabbing her arm in a power play?  Diana’s all just, you’re doing what now? She’s a Princess and a Goddess, so way more powerful than you on any kind of scale.  She’s just gonna lol in your face any time the patriarchy comes up because she’s the most powerful person in the room at any given time, so she doesn’t have time for men to mess around pretending they have a say in anything she does.  

50% OFF Starters pt 2
  • "If you continue your attempts at flirting, I will be forced to take DRASTIC measures."
  • "I like watching you from behind."
  • "Stunning deduction sherlock."
  • *demonic voice* "by the darkest sun that casts its menacing rays of the furthest madness, we sense your intentions, (name). the gibbering of mad cultists whisper wicked words to temporal winds, they inform us that you are not to be trusted. Usurper. Usurper."
  • "USURPER!"
  • "I've heard a lot about you and your extensive collection of tank tops, like I'm thinking about getting like 10 more."
  • "Calm down little dude."
  • "the fear of drowning is a primal one. it's a feeling of helplessness, of losing all control. struggling against an inevitable fate as your lungs fill with water..."
  • "I don't need a piece of paper to tell me how to swim or how to fuck Dean Winchester."
  • "You know I had a dream like this once, you surprisingly had more clothes on, though, at least at the start."
  • "ten bucks says he dies."
  • "I'm gonna go run my feelings off."
  • "Yeah it didn't work out... for them."
  • "I have to go scream confusing, end-of-the-world ramblings at people under the freeway."
  • "I feel like I should argue this, but the potential for implied sexual antics is far too appealing."
  • "do not be alarmed! I am about to be hilarious."
  • "Maybe you should stop dragging me to these rap battles then!"
  • "I was under the impression there would be implied sexual antics, time to take matters into my own hands!"
  • "This feels a little exploitative."
  • "I need a soda. Or therapy. Probably both."
  • "Yeah it started because K-pop concert security is tougher than it looks but I just got hooked on the feeling of crushing someones face in with a solid right cross."
  • "sHHSHHshhshhhhh shut up shut up! shh I SMELL BOYS BEING GAY."
  • "Excuse me I am trying to scream my feelings into your mouth!"
  • "That wasn't hot... it was just fucking weird..."
  • "It's not what I would have you in, but I do appreciate beauty in all its many forms. mostly that cute booty though."
  • "hey, the heart wants what the heart wants."
  • "It may be hard to believe, but recently I lost the ability to read."
  • "Just because you can't read the words, doesn't mean you can't enjoy the book in a different way."
  • "boom! done. advice over. let's go get shitfaced!"
  • "Alright I brought the bitch-board for (name)."
  • "Alright let's call it what it is, a sissy paddle."
  • "calm down (name) we weren't talking about your internet search history."
  • "didn't we make a pact to stop her from doing this weeb shit?"
  • "this better not be anymore or (name)'s weird porn!"
  • "Please call the police, because I look so good in this it should be against the law! uh, don't actually call the police though, I WILL incriminate all of you."
  • "Yeah but didn't they train on those islands where all those teenagers were killed? ...and those witch burnings happened? ...and all that toxic waste was spilled?"
  • "if you die, I get fired and I like this job. people don't ask questions here."
  • "fish-men walk among us. conquerers of land, BORN FROM THE OCEAN--"
  • "I don't need him to make weird pornography, I have prawns for that."
  • "Finally moving out, son? I'd like to say it's been fun. I'd like to. But I won't."
  • "hey check me out! I'm on a bout!"
  • "Sit down and stop making 2009 references!"
  • "nah, I scream enough at the unforgiving void of space."
  • "You know, the ocean goblin? He lives in the ocean and if you don't brush your teeth he steals your bones."
  • "Ok I'm done for the day. If anyone needs me I'm gonna be in the tent looking at weird porn."
  • "Hey, you miss every ball you don't hit."
  • "You say 'you people' like you're not part of the family. I've got some news for you, you're already on the christmas card."
  • "You think these antics would fly at the german club?"
  • "brush your teeth, kid."
  • "Can you hear it? the ocean... it wants blood."
  • "I'm the best damn shot we've got."
  • "You know, when I was a kid, before my dad got hit by that train, he said, '(name) don't let your friends swim out into the ocean and get stranded on the haunted island of camp kill-a-teen.' and here we are... stranded on the... haunted island of camp kill-a-teen..."
  • "that's fair."
  • "hey tweedle-dee and tweedle-dumbass!"
  • "It's fine, baby, if you get scared you can squeeze my hand."
  • "now let's make like scooby-doo and split up to find a clue."
  • "In 1991 a case was discovered where a man had the remains of over fifteen victims hidden in his apartment, over 40% of which were stored within his refrigerator. do you know how unsanitary that is?"
  • "you're so cute when you never shut up. Now shut up."
  • "all hail decision cube!"
  • "that's when you started walking on the wild side, right?"
  • "Does anyone want to hear my tragic backstory?"
  • "Bed? But what about possible axe-murderers?"
  • "And we solved the curse of the island, and realized that the real axe murderer was love, all along."
  • "It was a good night for all of us, let's spend more nights in abandoned lighthouses."
  • "That hottie from the track team is here and I wanna ask politely is he wants to get rowdy in the back of my dad's Prius."
  • Interviewer: So, what are your guy's thoughts on Kaz's clothes?
  • Nina: I dress better.
  • Matthias: I can't believe we're wasting the oxygen of sacred trees on this topic.
  • Jesper: He's a fucking style icon™.
  • Wylan: He kinda dresses like my dad now that I think about it.
  • Kuwei: I never understood Ketterdam fashion. Plus if I said anything remotely insulting, he'd rip my face off.
  • Inej: He dresses okay I guess.
  • Inej: *under her breath* He'd look better with his clothes off though.
Stuff I've Actually Heard People Say Part 3
  • "If a leaf fell on your face and stayed there, would you eat it?" "Wait. What kind of leaf?"
  • "One time I broke my finger during school, but I just ignored it because I had a test the next period."
  • "I just chugged four bottles of lemonade and ate half a bowl of Milky Ways, I'm ready to go!"
  • "You can't do the splits to achieve your destiny."
  • "Amoebas don't breathe."
  • "I hate this, even though it's to my advantage."
  • "We've gotta trick Ryan Gosling into being a furry."
  • "Who is Mac, and why is he cheesy?"
  • "Ah ha! All I have to do is ram myself into trees!"
  • "You smell like a piece of shoe."
  • "I love contagion food."
  • "Today I cried listening to the Trolls soundtrack."
  • "Ah, but this is a good thing! It just means I can begin manufacturing leg irons!"
  • "If you don't do it, I'll put the paperclips back in my ears."
  • "I thought we were gonna be furries together."
  • "Oh no, they're trying to be relatable!"
  • "I've got some sick hula-hooping tricks."
  • "Is that a pair of pants with no body?"
  • "Get schooled by a cucumber picker!"
  • "Your flowers are fat." "They're still pretty." "They're pretty fat."
  • "Your mouth, your money."
  • "All the money we've paid for violin and piano and voice, and the chicken noise is what gets them every time."
  • "Hey! No one coughs on my mom!"
  • "Yes, a Roaring 20s themed wedding!... but also dragons!"
  • "Everyone must come in their best armor."
  • "They do match! This one says "I love British boys", and the other is a picture of Zayn, who is a British boy!"
  • "I clip my nails, and they keep growing back!"
  • "Congrat! A single congration, no congrats for you."
  • "This is my finished."
  • "Memes will be the death of this country."
  • "I am ready for death to claim me."
  • "Sasquatch and stretch."

They’re too nice to fight each other what are you even talking about.

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i'm a trans guy, 30s, been fat all my life. i'm desperate for top surgery, but every surgeon says i have to lose weight. exercise with my huge chest is hard enough, but now makes dysphoria worse (it's like my boobs are the reason i can't have my boobs off). since age 7 (not a typo), i've been fatshamed and forced on every diet. these days i exercise reasonably, eat decently. i know i'm never losing the weight, though. i need top surgery more than anything. i don't know what to do anymore.

You shouldn’t have to face these barriers, I’m sorry you are dealing with fat-phobic and transphobic doctors. Your size is not the problem, their ignorance is the problem. And hugs to little seven-year-old you. I have a son, and no vulnerable little boy should ever be treated like you were treated. Your weight was just fine then and its just fine now.

If you search my “trans health” tag you will find a post with resources about top surgery that may help. Yours is, unfortunately, a very common problem.

Long story short is that not all doctors require weight loss before top surgery, but you may need to shop around widely to find someone who is both willing and competent to perform the surgery on fat people. As a rule, surgeons do not receive adequate training performing surgical procedures on fat bodies, and we all pay the price for their lack of knowledge and skill. 

Does anyone else have advice, validation, or lived experiences to share?


From my Good Omens fic A Memory of Eden, the waterfall scene.

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Shit People Say After You Tell Them Your Sign
  • *actual events by actual people
  • Aries: "Damn that explains your muscles"
  • "No wonder you have a temper hahahhhaa ok don't hit me"
  • "But you don't like sports????"
  • Taurus: "Okay nice so are you hungry now?"
  • "But you can't even decide what shoes to wear today wut"
  • "but you're always too lazy to argue COME ON FIGHT ME"
  • Gemini: "Lmao you two-faced hoe what did I tell you"
  • "Okay but if like you have a pair of gemini twins...would they both have one face each or four"
  • "You're loyal for one OR ARE YOU hmmmmm"
  • Cancer: "I've never seen you cry though"
  • "Stay away from me I might get cancer"
  • "You're not even selfish thoughhhhh"
  • "That's why you a thot"
  • Virgo: "But you never study wut"
  • "You don't even clean your room this is a lie"
  • "So are you a eternally a virgin or"
  • Libra: "This is why you can't decide on what to eat. Like, ever."
  • "What happens if two libras go on a date omfg how to you choose where to go fuck this is giving ME a headache"
  • "I don't care if you flirt with everyone don't steal my gurl fam"
  • Scorpio: "But you're so nice"
  • "Is this why you're always dressed like you're going to a funeral ahaaa- okay sorry"
  • "That explains your horrifying tweet damn"
  • Sagittarius: "Stop liking every girl you meet man you're more of a hoe than libra"
  • "But you're scared of heights"
  • "But you don't even go out of your room what do you mean adventure is this a sick joke"
  • Capricorn: "But you is the biggest party peep I know"
  • "no wonder you do so well without studying fuck you"
  • "is this why you never find dates"
  • Aquarius: "....so what does your sign do"
  • "Aren't you basically Sagittarius? What's the difference"
  • "...okay nice"
  • Pisces: "isn't that why you're so adorable awwwWWW"
  • "so are you and cancer like. TItanic buddies"
  • "Wow all my pisces friends are art people how are you good at science"

“I don’t want to let go…” - Starcoweek 3 Prompt 2: Mewberty Part 2

@starcoweek3 Forgive me if Star doesn’t have six arms. My hypothesis is that since this is Mewberty Part 2 the tranformation might be more stable (?) That, or I’m just a really lazy person XD


I was messing around with some brushes and then this happened. @artgirllullaby told me she liked the angst even though it’s not relevant to the theme what so ever so I decided to keep it. Besides, what harm could be done if you got shoved with some angst to your face? :3

(I still think this did not turned out well :/)

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Hey for blurb night I was wondering if I could request the line "Girl you really got a hold on me, so this isn't just puppy love" with Remus please? It is from the song Me and Your Mama by Childish Gambino. Thanks!! I can't wait to see what you are gonna come up with!!! ♡♡♡

Your fingers gently brushed through Remus’ hair as he rested beside you. It was  a full moon tonight and though you were every bit as worried as Remus, you did you best to appear calm and collected. 

“How are you feeling?” you asked softly.

“Tired, anxious, wolfy,” Remus replied, his face buried in his pillow. 

You rubbed his back soothingly, “The boys’ll be with you. You’ll be just fine like always.”

“You can go, you know?” he breathed after a moment of silence.


“Yeah,” he turned over so he was staring at the ceiling, still avoiding your eyes, “I know everyone else, all your friends, are in Hogsmeade.”


“So you should be there. Having fun. Living your life. You don’t have to stay here with me,” he explained. 

“But I want to be here with you,” you answered. 

“Are you insane?”

You smiled, “Maybe.”

Remus sat up in a huff. “(Y/N), look I care about you. Hell, maybe I even love you, but I can’t watch you miss out on your life because of me,” he ranted.

Your mouth fell open as you processed his words, “Remus Lupin…if you think that I am ‘missing out’ because of you, then you are by far, the most oblivious boy I have ever met. You are the most important person in my life right now and if anything, I am living just by being with you.” You paused for a moment before adding, “And hell, maybe I even love you too.

You both stared at each other in awe, not exactly sure what just happened. 

“You love me?” he asked quietly. 

“Maybe. Do you love me?”

“Maybe,” he responded, a dopey smile gracing his perfect face. 

“Alright, then,” you sighed, a blush coating your cheeks.

Remus looked like he was going to say something, but instead simply crashed his chapped lips into yours, the two of you melting against each other. 

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Thoughts at 1am: What if dying is the only way you can reach the astral plane? And that's why Keith can't reach it (yet). Zarkon is a quintessence zombie. Shiro was experimented on and...possibly......


You are a fool to face me here. When you die in this realm, your body dies as well.” Like, you can’t get much deader than dead, you know? No wonder Zarkon was so confident he was like lmao what’s gonna happen?? his body’s already been dead for 10,000 years he’s got nothing to lose. Although!! I do think that there’s something more to Shiro here. Especially since, when it seems like he does start dying, his whole body glows like galran tech: 

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the thing is though, Elk is genuinely plane as hell. look at Sophia, she really is striking. even Danielle, and i can't believe i'm saying this, but she does have a pretty face and a really beautiful figure. Elk is absolutely unremarkable, and the fact that so many people follow her "career" is baffling to me, she's got 0 personality (at least from what we get to see) and she doesn't catch your eye at all.

Listen, this is going to sound harsh, but whatever. I specialise in Casting; I’m highly sought after and I’m extremely good at what I do. This means that I spend the majority of my days looking for people to appear on television, and while personality is extremely important, the majority of shows can only get away with having a moderate number of “normal to ugly” looking people on it, so attractive people are in high demand.

I see A LOT of faces every single day, and I have to be ruthless. If I’m told “find us some eyecandy”, then I’m only allowed to put forward extremely attractive people, with no exceptions.

And let me tell you, if Eleanor applied for one of my shows as I was asked by an Exec to describe her, I’d say “She’s skinny but she’s a bit faceless. You should watch her video because she doesn’t look like any of her pictures in person. She acts like she thinks she’s posh, but she comes across as a bit of a wannabe. I’ve got better options.”

When I talk to girls that look like she does, and they tell me they’re a model (and there are a lot of them) I immediately think “Uh huh, sure you are” and know that what that means is they’re unemployed and they’ve been lucky enough to book for two modeling jobs in the past 18 months, probably for something fairly low-budget and local, like a small town car show. Or I keep asking questions and find out they’re an ASPIRING model, but right now they’re working at H&M or Nandos to pay the rent.

This is a girl who resoundingly WOULD NOT be where she in today, if it wasn’t for the attention her bearding has brought her, and frankly I’m sick of her vanity and her attitude.

Cool story
  • Me: Jeez, I was up all night again listening to Creepypesto readings. I sure am spooked. I listened to a lot of stories about that Turtle Faced Jack guy. I sure hope he doesn't appear by my bedside and get me.
  • Turtle Faced Jack: What's up.
  • Me: Oh no, how could this happen!
  • Turtle Faced Jack: As the legend goes, I have to kill you now. I have to rip out your guts and say my signature catchphrase, "enjoy your nap".
  • Me: Oh no, I can't believe I'm going to be fucking killed. Thought I would die at the age of 63 due to congestive heart failure, but I was fucking wrong again, like I was wrong about so many other things like: my gender, wanting to be a scientist, who would become president in 2016, enjoying anime, and you not killing me, among other things. It's as if fate itself has decreed that everything I believe is, in reality, in an opposite state of existence.
  • Turtle Faced Jake: Wait just one minute. I absolutely definitely am going to kill you. It's going to be a pretty senseless murder, as it's just what I do. I don't get much pleasure from this at all, actually, but I've just now decided to think of this, what if before killing you, I do something else. Like, something really creepy to give my kills more flair. I already have a perfect catchphrase and my turtle face is terrifying, but there's not much else that makes me stand-out. I think I'm going to do something groundbreaking. Instead of killing you now, I'll mark you and kill you at a random point in the distant future.
  • Me: Oh no, that's so stressful and scary.
  • Turtle Faced Jake: Yeah, I know. You won't know when it will happen, all you will know is that it's not happening any time soon. Okay, I guess I'm going now. See you.
  • *so many years pass that I am now the age of 63*
  • Me: Here I am, 63 years of age. I've lived a full life and I am almost entirely ready to die. Whether I die of congestive heart failure or some other means is no issue to me. All that matters is that I die at this point in my life and finally move on to the next plane of existence.
  • Iphone58485848: *boop u have a message*
  • Me: Whoa, I have a message. It's from Turtle Faced Jake. Dear You, if you've received this message it's because I am dead. Shortly after our faithful meeting, I decided to devote my life to pacifism. I've never killed another person and I raised a happy family of fucked up turtle faced people. I am proud of what I've done and I was ready to pass away from natural means. Please live out the rest of your life under no stress, knowing that I won't be the one to take your life. Whoa, what a crazy letter. Can't say I planned out the next steps in my life after 63. Pretty sure I'll die of old age soon, though.
  • *200 years later*
  • Me: Can't believe I'm still alive...

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Lucy! BMSCV was another awesome fic! You are so talented and I have loved everything you have written. I now understand the whole paper conversation Victor had with Chris and feel silly for thinking it was something like deportation. *face palm* I can't wait to see what you come up with next! Thanks for sharing your talent and taking time to write things about Yuri on Ice! Also the song "Almost Lover" really reminded me of this fic. ;)

Deportation, ahahhaha, omg. Victor gets deported AU…. As someone who fought the INS for nearly a decade, I can say I totally see Victor putting letters through the shredder. “If they come for me, then I don’t need to buy the plane ticket, Yuuri.’

I’m so glad you’re enjoying BMSCV though! And I’ll definitely keep writing. I’m gonna see if I can get the first chapter of the next multi-fic ready before I post chapter ten OwO

Get hyped

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In response to your anon too, the whole 'you can't help who you love' seems to be one of their few actual themes. Like, that's the only thing they've really consistently followed beyond 'the world is dark and terrible and you should feel bad'. But maybe since they dislike themes they don't realize it?

Right though? I mean the twincest has been endorsed since the end of Season 4, really. The entire season 5 arc was Larry realizing he should step up and be a good dad because:

Which was like, the purposeful conclusion of Carol’s sad “what has your caution brought you?” point. 

Then Season 6 we had Larry screaming into Edmure’s face about how he’d do anything for Cheryl and it won him Riverrun! 

So yeah, as the Onion said:

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I see men every day in their professional, respectable facade. And in the same 20 minutes I'll see their monstrous sex driven true self. I can't help but think this when I'm about to see my male gyno, like act as professional as you want, you still find me attractive and are enjoying examining my vagina? I can't change this fucked up thought process I've gotten from being a sex worker..

You know, anon, for me, there’s sometimes a little game to this: when I see a particular insufferable or tightly wound dude, I play a little round of “what fucked up shit are you into?” or “which version of hilarious-boner-face is your hilarious-boner-face?” in my head, and it makes me smile, and calm in the face of assholery.

More seriously though. You’re right that seeing a client in session gives you access to, if not their “real” selves, then the self they choose to be when “no one” is watching.  Seeing this year after year has made me a stronger advocate for myself – I have a steadier temper than I did when I was younger, but I’m much less inclined to excuse people’s behavior in a “can’t help it” or “overcome by emotions” sort of way.  Because when you see those huge shifts, it shows you, not the ravening beast beneath us all, but rather exactly how much a deliberate choice it is to behave well or badly.  Because it’s not just that you see people behave in publicly inappropriate ways – it’s that, by and large, these aren’t people getting fired from their jobs, or wrecking their lives.  They’re people who usually have other relationships that they don’t have problems maintaining, whether romantic, platonic or business. So clearly, they are able to choose how to act.

  For me, sex work has had a part in breaking down the concept of a  dichotomy between good people and bad – everyone is capable of making the choice to treat other people with care, or not.  And if people around me aren’t making kind choices, then it doesn’t really matter what the reasons behind it are, just the resulting actions. And part of learning to focus on those actions instead of what could be behind them has been because of sex work, for me. 

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Hi, I watched your lecture on paleoart and it was super interesting and I loved it. I was wondering about the thing you said about the one dinosaur that had been found with a fully intact face and they chipped the face off to get at the bones? I tried to look it up and didn't find anything about it, I was wondering if you could tell me what your source was for that? Thanks :)

thank you very much! 

it was the holotype for Carnotaurus sastrei, described by Bonaparte et al, that got its poor face removed (though I’m not certain it was fully intact beforehand). here’s the formal text, with photographs of some pretty neat skin impressions

Just Can't Seem (DEMO) (Mother 3: The Musical)
Double Felix
Just Can't Seem (DEMO) (Mother 3: The Musical)

*Cringes so hard that my face implodes on itself*

So here’s the (complete) demo recording of “Just Can’t Seem” (NOT THE CAST RECORDING OF JESUS NO) I really wanna work on the harmonies in this because they s u c k by whatever. 

Basically this is the transition of three years in Mother 3 so here you go enjoy this piece of s h i t (I did all the vocals so it obviously sounds like t r a s h)

I recorded something like this last year but it wasn’t the full song?? So here have this


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I loved this man with fierce loyalty and passion and he shitted on me. He was one of my best friends and we were more or less together, but now we can't stand each other. He broke my heart and disrespected me publicly. I'm working on getting over him, but I want to do more than that. I wanna stunt on his ass. How can I though? Thanks 💕💕💕💕

Get your shit together girl. Wear the things that make you feel like a boss ass bitch. Use a face mask. Take a bath. Make a sugar scrub. Use it!!! (Avoid ya coochie) Slap on some body butter. Do your hair, do your makeup, do what makes YOU feel the best. (I recommend treating yourself to a new high end make up product. Makes ya feel like a million bucks) Walk out the door and go to class or work or out wherever you might run into him GLOWING. But it’s more than looking like a hot bitch. It is KNOWING you’re a hot bitch. It is knowing that he is a fugly little boy who didn’t deserve you. It is knowing that he isn’t going to mean shit to you in 3 years. It is knowing that you will have a ton of guys in your life, and some will treat you right, and some won’t. And that’s okay. You will beautiful and strong regardless. (But it doesn’t hurt to put on some highlight and some perfume and stunt on a motherfucker anyway😘) xoxo

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As an African American woman, I appreciate how out spoken you are about the tragedy in Charlottesville and depicting POC in your novels. Thank you so much and I'm so excited to read the next book. :) I'm a Creative Writing major and you are one of my biggest influences. I can't thank you enough 💕💕

Lots of love to you. Racism was a horrible central part of my life growing up and even though I live in THE most liberal city in the world, I still run into it with disturbing regularity. What happened in Charlottesville is f-ing disgusting and I still can’t get it out of my head a week later. But it is the reality of America and I believe we need to face that instead of pretending it doesn’t exist. Hugs to you and good luck with your writing. We need your voice desperately! <3