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“[+35;-0] I feel like they’ll go for a long time. I was surprised seeing how they call their dorm “home”. They live together in the dorm very freely and look like a real family.”


1/12 of my EXO’s fave MV looks : D.O. for Call Me Baby.

(1/3) “In every sense she was the perfect mom. She always tried to encourage me when I was younger. I was really shy, so she always worried about me being alone. She would ask things like: ‘Have you met anyone at school?’ or ‘Does anyone like the same things you do?’ She always knew when something was wrong. I never had to tell her anything. But Dad was the opposite. He ignored me. He never did anything wrong. He wasn’t an alcoholic. He wasn’t violent. He was just nothing—like a chair or a piece of furniture. His only idea of fatherhood was going to work. He never reacted to anything in my life. Not the good things, or the bad things. He didn’t react to me staying out late. He didn’t react when I experimented with drugs and alcohol. I made my mom very sad by trying to get my dad’s attention. A few years ago I got hit by a car. When I woke up from my coma, I called home to tell my parents what happened. My father answered the phone. I told him everything. All he said was: ‘Your mother is asleep right now. You can call her tomorrow.’ That hurt me worse than being hit by the car.”

(Santiago, Chile)

The Fourth House - The House of Home

This is the fourth part of a twelve part series briefly explaining how the signs work in each house. Enjoy!

Ah, the House of Home, where the Moon and Cancer are rulers. It is in this house where you begin to learn what it means to say there is no place like home. You have found security, what nurtures you, keeps you in peace, and are ready to plant a home in this safe space. Having undergone the experiences that have shaped you to the person you are today, it is here where you decide: “yes, this is what I will call home because it keeps me protected.” The events that might have occurred in your life to realize what type of place you’re calling home can be of the relationship between your nurturer, such as your mother or father, regardless if these relationships were good or bad. (With further research these relationships can be analyzed with this placement.) Another aspect of home is where you come from, such as finding out your ancestry, heritage, and what you consider to be your culture. Since we are home, this is the private self that comes into play. We are home after a long day at work and are finally at the dinner table with our loved ones where we can be ourselves. It is also in this house where we express how we want to guide our loved ones to help them achieve what we believe is a full life. All in all, the Fourth House represents memories, photo albums, family, and everything you would call home. 

Aries in the Fourth House: So we know Aries always wants to be number one, and to be number one you always have to be achieving something. You are the same way at home. You may always be doing something in the house that involves action, like cleaning, painting, or rearranging furniture. If something needs to get done in the house, you do it. However, this can also be a bad thing because you may limit someone else from learning how to do for themselves and can be overbearing. Just because you can get the job done right and fast, doesn’t mean you should always do it. Be the leader, but do it in a way that others feel right following you. 

Taurus in the Fourth House: Having financial security and stability are what makes you feel like you are home. Not only for yourself but also your loved ones since this is how you feel protected. The drive that you have to achieve these things serves as a guide to the people in your life who might need some assistance in building better lives for themselves. However, you can come off too forceful so try to ease up a bit and let others ask for your help. Overall, your presence is a strong one and will not go unnoticed. You are extremely influential to the people around you so you have the power to lead people down the right paths of life if you learn to not let your temper get the best of you. 

Gemini in the Fourth House: The mind of a Gemini is always restless. Your family may know you as being energetic, talkative, and always up to something. There is never a dull moment with you because you’re full of curiosities and putting your thoughts into action. The perfect home for you involves a safe space where you can comfortably communicate with those around you and have them feel just as comfortable. Knowledge is power and being able to send that message is how you affect people’s lives. You want people to expand their minds to their full potential, as you would want for yourself, and when you achieve this, you are home. 

Cancer in the Fourth House: The familiar is home to you. How you were raised as a child can very well be a reflection of how you may set a home for yourself today or in the future. You have a strong sense to nurture and protect as any Cancer would, however, these qualities are much stronger in this placement since this is where Cancer rules.Your emotions have great power and can set people in the right direction if you learn to use them for good and not just be an emotional mess. In order to be the mother or nurturer to your loved ones you have to guard your feelings and be strong with your emotions. This way those around you can also learn how to be more in tune with their own emotions, and what better way to learn than from you. 

Leo in the Fourth House: You have a light in you that yearns to be shined at all times. Around family and loved ones you wish to be at the center of attention and it can cause you stress when you are not. You must learn that others may feel unimportant around you because you might not let them have a chance at the spotlight. Everyone has a light of their own so it is crucial for you to see that others want to be recognized too. Once you understand and are in tune with your ego and sense of self, this is how you will influence others in making lives for themselves. Since this is the house of home and togetherness you may find it difficult to lead others because all you want is to be the center of them. The Leo placement in the home can be one more of learning than of teaching. 

Virgo in the Fourth House: Very detail-oriented, the way you establish a home for yourself is through creating a routine based life. You can be the stereotypical Virgo of being a neat freak at home when you’re being critical on the house itself or your family. You set high standards for yourself and loved ones often causing stress in everyone because you make them feel like they have to be perfect, but perfection doesn’t exist. You have a strong sense of intuition like a mother’s intuition which helps you be of great service and a counselor: the ultimate goal of Virgo. People may be attracted to asking you for advice but there is a reason and you may have the answers to things you wouldn’t even imagine, all you have to do is dig into your intuition.  

Libra in the Fourth House: Living in harmony and peace is the only thing this Libra could ever ask for. When your family is in a good place and coming home feels relaxing and loving, this is when you are most happy. You are the peacemaker so your family has gotten use to you being the mediator and can constantly expect you to be the one to make everyone get along again. You don’t mind this too much because in the end you need the love of your family to survive. You can be somewhat dependent on others and are not too fond of being alone, but to avoid unhappiness, you must learn to find peace and harmony all on your own. 

Scorpio in the Fourth House: Since we are entering a private space, it is here where Scorpio feels comfortable enough to let their guard down. You may have deep, intimate relationships with your family members since you want to know them to their deepest, darkest level because you believe this is truly knowing a person. To them, however, you will always be a mystery. You have a powerful aura and it can express strong feelings of intimacy and depth. You may come off controlling to get what you want and this can be a turn off. Your highs will be very high and your lows very low so if you find yourself at a very low point try not to bring others down with you. Instead bring them with you when you come back up and aim higher.

Sagittarius in the Fourth House: With how much you love the outdoors, adventure, and exploring, your home will be a reflection of that. Doesn’t a house with big open windows looking out the forest sound beautiful? With walls filled of photographs of all the places you have travelled to. Freedom and independence are everything to you so you can make a home out of just about any space that is comfortable. You can teach people to be more independent and a bit more self centered, but in a good way. You show others that it is okay to be on your own and do things for yourself because in the end we really only have ourselves so why not make a home within ourselves so that wherever your travels take you, you are home. 

Capricorn in the Fourth House: At home you feel best being the provider and ensuring that everyone feels safe, protected, and emotionally satisfied. Troubles of unity may rise for the Capricorn in this house because this house is ruled by its opposite, Cancer. Where Cancer may be telling everyone how they feel, Capricorn keeps to themselves. You must learn to help others find purpose in life and not keep quiet of your intelligence because it might be that extra help they need. You may feel as though your words do not matter to people so you stay out of their lives, but in this house we are not meant to be alone so it is essential that you learn to find a home with your loved ones. You may have strong doubts within yourself because of the way you grew up but you must find confidence within yourself and mend any broken ties in your family. 

Aquarius in the Fourth House: As eccentric as the Aquarius is, your home is nothing of the ordinary. You will be interested in the innovative and your home will show for that with the newest technologies or even by the amount of times you move around. With family, you enjoy bringing everyone together but will not be tied down by them. If anything, you enjoy being in a group setting only to show off how different you are from everyone else. However, it is in this setting where you must learn that what you say has a strong influence on people so you should use that to direct them in their lives. You tend to want to help humanity as a whole forgetting that each individual has emotions that need to be understood. You will for the most part be independent in your domestic affairs but this is the house of home so don’t forget that we must come together here.

Pisces in the Fourth House: In the home, you will probably give yourself to your family more than you should. Everyone will continue to take as long as you keep giving. Your unhappiness should not equal their happiness, this is where your strong sense of empathy can get you into trouble. Your safe space is anywhere where you can be as imaginative as you want to be. Your mind explores places one cannot even dream so we may never really know you. You, however, are very intuitive and psychic about the feelings of others so you will know most of what is going on in the household. This can bring you to smother the ones you love because all you want to do is protect them but guilt tripping them to make them feel empathetic towards you is only going to push them away.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this short analysis!

- Astrologia xo

I love how Washington can shut Hamilton down so fast. Like the whole show everyone’s like Hamilton is a fORCe OF NatURE he can dO ANYThing and then

 “sir, entrust me with a command” “no” 

“dont call me son” “go home” 

“what do i do” “figure it out” 

“you could continue to serve” “no”

Guys,with Hunk being Samoan and Lance being Cuban officially, there’s a chance they lived there for most of their lives and when they first came to the Garrison they probably friended each other quickly since they knew what the other was going through being far away from home and pretty much alone

I’m still screaming

*Mon-El emphasizing woman when his parents kept trying to call Kara a girl

*Mon-El communicating with his own words (not just a repeat of what Kara said but his own views and perspective on what was wrong with his old life and his part in it) and fully understanding that the way the people of Daxam were treated was wrong + plus accepting responsibility for his role in it

*Mon-El saying that thinking about the person he used to be makes him ill

*Mon-El saying that even if he can’t be with Kara being around her makes him better and that’s what matters

*Mon-El calling Earth home

I know there’s more but my cable’s out so I couldn’t record and go back but these are the ones that are burned into my very soul. This was everything I have been waiting for.

welp I hope this fandom appreciates shitty quality art.

this also looks like Ned wears eyeliner because I fucked up Big Time with my old ass school watercolors so lets just run with it


Originally I was just gonna stick Yato’s face onto Bokuto, but then I decided Bokuto’s face was just too great so I made a slightly horrific faceswap instead

home || nolan holloway smut

request: Hi! I’m in love with your writing and I was wondering if you could write something for Nolan based off these two from the dating headcanon (late night drives to the middle of nowhere and looking at the stars, soft sex)
pairing: reader x nolan holloway
warning(s): SMUT (please don’t read if you aren’t comfortable)
listen to: faux - ed tullett, novo amor
word count: 2.887
note(s): this is my first time writing smut so please FORGIVE ME BC IT’S PROBABLY TRASH, and also nolan isn’t a bad guy he’s just a scared little puppy fite me on thiS.

Originally posted by fytwolf

“Look at him! Look!”

You were jolted awake by a yelp, followed by the sound of a young male yelling and people murmuring. Quickly moving the book off your lap, you stood up from the library floor and made your way to the where the commotion was coming from. You see Nolan, your boyfriend of almost a year, gripping Corey’s wrist in one of his hands, and a pen with blood covering the tip in his other.

Your eyes widen as you understood what Nolan had done and without a thought you quickly walk over to him. Nolan’s attention was averted from Corey’s ability to heal from a stab in less than 5 seconds to the sound of your heeled boots clicking against the wood floor, as he looked up at you. On your face he noticed a mixture of emotions; fear, worry, anger.

“Nolan, what the hell?!” you pried his hand from Corey’s wrist and dragged him out of the library, to the parking lot where you stopped, pinched the bridge of your nose and took a deep breath. “What were you thinking? You’re gonna get suspended!”

“(Y/N), you don’t understand! I’m trying to prove it.” Nolan stuffed his pen into his backpack and took a step towards you. But just as he took a step forward, you took one backwards.

“Prove what?” you shook your head as you scoffed.

“Corey isn’t just human. You’ve seen him disappear and then appear out of nowhere. Neither is Liam, haven’t you seen him throw a lacrosse ball into the net and it just– it just pierces through? And you know that the “wolf” on the lacrosse field the other night wasn’t just a “wolf”. And what about the thing in the lib-”

“Nolan, just let it go, please.” You stepped forward until you reached him and took his hands in yours, rubbing his fingers gently with your thumb. He roughly broke out of your hold and slammed a fist against the school wall.

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I love how Washington can shut down Hamilton so fast. Like the whole show everyone’s like Hamilton is a fORCe OF NaTURE he can dO ANYThing and then

“sir, entrust me with a command” “no”

“dont call me son” “go home”

“what do i do” “figure it out”

“you could continue to serve” “no”

Gwenvid Week - Day 1

Sirens or AND Mermaids

Thud thud thud. “Hey! Do you fucking mind?”

David’s mother had told him that sirens had achingly beautiful voices. And while that was certainly true …

THUD THUD THUD. “I’m not leaving until you open this door, fish boy!”

… they weren’t quite as enchanting as he’d been led to believe. At least, not in David’s experience.


David pushed aside the seaweed that served as a curtain to his cave, watching as his intruder’s hand fell, the rock she’d been using to bang on the side of the cave entrance slipping harmlessly into the water. “Uh, there’s no door, ma’am,” he said after an uncomfortably long silence.

The siren glanced from him to the damp green-black strands. “You don’t have a door?” she repeated incredulously. “How the fuck are you even alive right now?”

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a modern patsy to go with the others  

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Robot Boyfriend 2

Part two of my Hephaestus story! You can find part one HERE.

   You come back to the garage, slinging your luggage down on the ground as you mother comes up and greets you.

   “Welcome back home, how was the conference?” She asks, taking you inside.

   “Fine, fine,” you sigh, “I have swag for everyone in one of my bags.” You look around, the garage is closed but it seems so quiet. You had expected some fuss upon your return. You were expecting Heff to come running but then again you knew it was more likely for him to play aloof.

   “Are you hungry? You father made a huge pot of his special spaghetti,” your mother says.

   “No, I think I’ll just go to my room,” you mutter, “and get some sleep.”

   You mother sighs and reads your expression, “Heff is getting some work done,” she says and your heart starts to hammer. “Nothing bad, just something cosmetic he’s been worried about.”

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anonymous asked:

prompt where Izuku got AfO instead of OfA, but instead uses it for heroics / doesn't use it at all / uses it as a vigilante / uses it to mess with villains? (basically any non villain AfO!Izuku as all of them are evil WHY MY GREEN SON WHY)

A.N - I see Dadzawa and Dad Might in this AU’s future. Copious amounts of it.


“I think,” Nezu says as the teachers wind down their meeting concerning the construction of UA Heights dorm facility. “That it would be best to include ‘him’ in this roster of students.”

Immediately, a good portion of the teachers straighten in their seats. The rest look confused by the suddenly serious mood in the room.

“Nezu sir, who is ‘him’?” Midnight asks politely.

Nezu smiles. “You’ve never met. His existence only came onto our radar about three years ago, and since then its been on a strictly need-to-know basis. Especially with our little mole friend still running amuck. However–” He looks to All Might, and then to Aizawa. “I think it best to at least give you an outline of him. Not the whole picture, but an outline. Perhaps you two would do the honors?”

All Might nods. “I’ll explain. Three years ago, during my fight with All For One, I encountered the boy he’d chosen as his heir.”

Shocked breaths spattered the room. “Did you capture him?” Cementoss asks.

All Might surprises them all by smiling. “There was no need. The boy had been forcibly taken from his home - he was Quirkless, you see - and made to inherit Sensei’s Quirk. However, as far as the boy was concerned, he simply wanted to go home. He had no interest in the lessons Sensei and his cohorts attempted to drill into him, or in battling me or any of the other heroes. So I took him home.”

“You did what?!” Calls of outrage fill the air, but Nezu shushes them, and gestures to Aizawa.

Shota sighs. “He’s been under our surveillance for the last three years. Not once has he been in contact with any source of villain life - in fact, several of these last month’s missions have been because of his intel. He doesn’t use All For One unless it’s by our request, and even then he’s extremely belligerent in which Quirk from the roster he uses. He’s a brat that mutters and strategizes, and yet hopelessly throws himself into battle if it’s for the good of someone else. He’s as far from villain material as you could possibly hope to get, so don’t go thinking you’re going to get some kind of evil creepy twirling his mustache.”

“He’s also something of a hermit, sad to say,” All Might continues. “A lot of people hear ‘All For One’ and immediately assume the worst. Shota and I are pretty much the only ones besides Nezu-sensei here he trusts. I know it’s a lot to take in, but just wait. You’ll see for yourselves he’s absolutely no threat to us or the children, or the community at large.”

“And if you can’t look past his Quirk,” Aizawa picks up, and this time there’s an undercurrent of steel in his voice, the same steel he shows when fixing to launch himself into battle, or when he’s about to smack someone down for saying something stupid about his students. “Then say so now, so I can remove your presence from his line of sight. He scares easily, and I won’t have you spooking him back into his shell when we’ve worked so hard to coax him out even this much. You want to make him a villain in your head? Fine, but leave the rest of us out of it.”

There’s a long silence at that. Its rare for Shota to be so openly protective of anyone - but the fact that All Might is looking much the same paints a portrait everyone’s learned to recognize. This student, whoever they are, is respected and protected by both men.

“I wouldn’t mind meeting him,” Midnight breaks the silence after a minute. “So long as he doesn’t slack off in class or try to cheat, I’m fine with him being here.”

“As am I,” Cementoss agrees. “If he wishes to learn, he is more than welcome here.”

Several others murmur their agreement as well. 

“I’ll hold my judgement until after I meet him,” Blood King says, not unkindly. “While I will agree not to look at him as a potential villain, even you must agree that knowing we have a student with the same Quirk as that man is going to take some time to get used to. But I will do my best to treat him the same as any of the others.”

Snipe and Hound Dog both agree with Blood King. It’s not the ideal situation, but it’s clear everyone in the room is at least willing to give the boy a chance. It’s the best they can hope for.

“Well then,” Nezu says, warmth filling his voice. “Eraserhead, would you do the honors?”

“Don’t I always?” The man asks, pushing up and heading for the door.

“Where’s he going?” Mic asks.

“To retrieve our new student.” Nezu claps his paws together. “Eraserhead is the only one who can truly unroot our boy. All Might comes close, but he still has a long way to go before he can get there.”

All Might smiles. “Aizawa and he share much in the way of personality. I’m afraid I’m too much of an extrovert for him and I to really click the way he and Aizawa do.”

“Ah,” several teachers say.

“Introvert,” Mic mutters, a grin on his face. “That’s what they’re calling it now?”


The walk to Izuku’s apartment is short. The boy had agreed, during one of their first tense meetings together, to live close to U.A High in case Nezu or All Might needed his assistance with something. It makes it easier for Shota to reach him, but it also makes it harder at the same time, because the boy seems to fight that much harder to be left alone when he’s living so close. Plus, he’s complained more than once that the noise levels just drive him mad. 

Well, if he doesn’t like noise levels now, he’s really going to hate them in UA Heights. 

When he reaches the apartment, he doesn’t bother knocking. He reaches into his belt for a hidden compartment where he keeps a key Izuku had pressed into his hand a month after that first meeting, muttering something about trusting his judgement before shoving him out the door. To say Aizawa was shocked by the show of trust, especially given what he’d learned about the boy personality-wise was… a pale word, to tell the truth of it. 

He unlocks the door, and opens in. He frowns when he sees the electricity isn’t gone. Flipping the switch does nothing. The room next door has light, which makes him frown even harder. The electricity bill should have been paid - UA was the one paying for it, after all. 

“Izu?” he calls. He hears something shuffling in the dark. It sounds like a familiar sleeping bag. He crouches down - it goes a long way to make Izuku feel better without someone looming over him. “Come on little hermit, Nezu wants to see you. Where are you at?”

A groan penetrates the darkness. “Close the door,” a voice orders. “S’too bright.”

Aizawa huffs at that, but obediently steps inside and closes the door. A second later, there’s a weak clap, and light comes on. And that’s when Aizawa’s eyebrows shoot up.

The apartment is a mess. There’s no food cartons or anything like that, but blankets are strewn about, the lamp’s been knocked over, the TV’s overturned (and fried, by the look of things) and there’s paint splatters all over the wall. Or at least those had better be paint splatters - they look like blood at a closer glance.

And sitting in the middle of the room is Izuku, looking like he hasn’t gotten any proper sleep in days. “What in the name of All Might happened here?” Aizawa asks.

“A shorter question would be what hasn’t happened. And the answer to that is murder. Murder hasn’t happened.” Izuku, inchworm like, wiggles along in his sleeping bag, green eyes hopeful as they land on him. “Did you bring any coffee?”

Ah, he knew he was forgetting something. The bribes. Getting Izuku to go out and deal with people is the hardest part of this whole thing. Because the boy just doesn’t do people. Aizawa can’t really blame him, but still. “I was more concerned for your well-being. We can go get some if you want. It’s still early.”

A gusty sigh. “I suppose,” he mutters. “Okay, so what do you need this time?”

Aizawa’s words are interrupted when Izuku’s stomach growls loudly. Izuku grimaces, and the movement in the bag suggests he’s pressing a hand to his stomach. Aizawa’s intuition pings.

“When was the last time you ate?” he demands.

Izuku’s eyes slide over to the far wall. “…a while ago.”

“Izuku Midoriya, look at me. When was the last time you ate?”

Izuku, rather than answer, attempts a retreat in the form of wrapping back up in his sleeping bag and inchworming his way towards the next room. Aizawa, recognizing a delay tactic when he sees one, snaps Izuku up with his scarves and then charges for the kitchen.

The fridge is empty. The cabinets are empty. There’s no cookware, no food, no non-perishables, no nothing.

He rounds on Izuku again, so furious he could spit. “Why didn’t you call?!”

He knows Izuku has difficulty going out. So they’d agreed on at least a call once a month for a grocery run if he needed it. Izuku certainly had the funds - just not the bravery. 

Izuku wiggles in his hold, and mutters something beneath the cowl of the bag. Fed up, Aizawa crouches down and flings the cowl off, snatching his chin between his fingers and jerking his head up. “Eyes up here, Izuku, and speak clearly. Why didn’t you call me?”

Izuku whines softly, but Aizawa doesn’t let up. “…didn’t want to bother you…” he finally mutters softly, a pink tint to his face. “…saw the news…you were busy…”

“Not too busy to come drop off food and make sure you were alright. Damn it Izuku, I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t want to be!” God save him from frustrating brats that don’t know how to think of themselves. He stands, grabbing the back of Izuku’s hoody and peeling him out of the bag. “Get your shoes, and grab your clothes. We’re going to get you something to eat, get you your coffee, and then you’re coming with me. We’re going to swing by Recovery Girl on our way in.”

“But Nezu–”

“Nezu won’t mind, trust me on this.” His smile is thin, more of a threat than anything. “If anything, he’ll insist. Now go get your things. You’re going to be staying with us for a while.”

“How long is ‘a while’?” Izuku mutters as he trudges up the stairs. 

The rest of your goddamned life, if I have any say in the matter, Aizawa thinks, sighing explosively once the boy’s up in his room. “God save me from self-sacrificing idiots.”


They reach the campus twenty minutes after Shota left, which considering the walking distance there and back, is a long time. So it’s no surprise to find All Might and Nezu standing by the gates, watching the crowds. When they spot Aizawa and his errant fledgling, Yagi waves them over. He’s clearly fixing to ask what took them so long, until he sees the coffee Izuku’s clinging to, and the bag of food items Shota’s holding in the hand not holding Izuku’s. “Ah,” he says, clearly recognizing what’s happened. 

Nezu puts on his ‘sad principal face’. “Izuku, you should have called.”

Izuku flinches like he’s been bodily struck. “I-I know, I just… didn’twanttobotheranyone…” he trails off muttering about Aizawa’s time and his importance and the current villains and–

“Calm down,” Aizawa says, and Izuku’s jaw snaps shut. “We’ve already gotten the guilt trip out of the way, Nezu. I’ve told him what’s going on. We’re going to drop his stuff off, and then I’m taking him to see Chiyo. Any updates I need to be aware of?”

“Nope!” Nezu chirps, clearly happy that Aizawa is looking after another ‘trouble child’. “I’ll introduce the teachers to him later, when he has time to settle in. Go on ahead - second floor, last door on your right.”

Aizawa knows that door very well. He’s not surprised Nezu’s putting him there. “Alright. Come along little hermit, let’s get you settled.”

Izuku presses closer to him the further into campus they get. It nets him some strange looks, and Shota can tell by the tightness of the hand wrapping around his own that the boy really wants to bolt. He gently squeezes back. “Breathe,” he orders quietly. “Nobody’s going to hurt you. They’re all students, same as you. Relax, little hermit.”

Izuku glances over at him, and then around, and after a few second sucks in a quiet breath. Some of the panic ebbs back, but its still lurking.

“Good,” Aizawa praises. “You’re safe here. Remember that.”

Izuku gives an aborted little nod, but the small distance he puts between them speaks volumes.

They reach the room without much fanfare. Aizawa prepares himself for a reaction when he opens the door - he gets it too. Izuku sees the furniture, sees the particular decorations of the room that speak of personal touch, and says quietly, “I think we’ve got the wrong room.”

“No we don’t,” Aizawa gently urges him in. “This is my room. You’ll be staying here with me.”

“B-b-but–work…busy…don’t want to bother…”

“Izuku, chances are if we leave you alone, you’ll do the same thing you were doing. You won’t call on us if you need anything. This way, we can keep an eye on you, and help you if need be. And if it makes you feel any better, there’s two bedrooms in here, and I rarely ever sleep or do anything besides work. You’ll be fine.” He reaches out and gently ruffles the green curls. “Now come on, we should get you to Chiyo.”

andreil: here

this was inspired by something @key-called-home said, but i don’t remember what. i dont know if it makes any sense bc i just kinda put everything out there and it made me cry but oh well enjoy

Here he is. With his back against the wall, face turned towards Neil, here he is. There’s a cat in between them, and one at Andrew’s feet, the window must not be closed all the way because cold, biting wisps of air hit Andrew’s face, but here he is. Neil’s eyes are closed, and it’s a rare occasion when Andrew gets to see him like this. He looks, for all intents and purposes, like he shouldn’t be here. Fast asleep he looks a lot less like the smart mouth Andrew knows and a lot more like someone who should never have been with The Foxes to start with, but here he is.

He is here.

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Tickles || Baekhyun

This oneshot is a mess and so am I.

Rating: M.

Word Count: 2428

Tickles are meant to be innocent though…

Another day of work was finished. After hours of running around doing errands for people, sitting in her cramped office cubicle, typing, printing, meeting clients, [y/n] was spent. She made her way back to her apartment complex, where the sun had long set over three hours ago. There was still a faint orange and periwinkle lights casted on the walls of the building, but otherwise, the dusk was setting in and people were returning to their loved ones. She ambled over to the navy door she had become oh-so familiar with as her little sanctuary and unlocked the door into the lobby.

She traipsed inside to her living room and was greeted by the familiar sight of Baekhyun lying there.

“Baekhyun…” she breathed.

This was also his sanctuary. Nobody knew of their relationship save a few trustworthy people they could count on - such as a close friend and EXO - nor did any of the fans catch onto where she lived.

Her boyfriend had woken up as soon as he heard the familiar click-clack of his girlfriend’s heels against the lino floor.

“Hi, baby,” he mumbled, stretching.

She tackled herself into him, having not seen him in over two months. This was surprise, he had been telling her that he would have been gone for much longer. She was disappointed by this but she was used to being long-distance to him most of the time. There was a point when they hadn’t seen each other in over eight months!

He pushed her up, allowing for better access. He rubbed her back up and down as he inhaled the scent of what he called home.

“God… I missed you so much,” she whispered. “You must be so tired, when did you come back?”

“Yeah, I took a nap just there. And only a few hours ago, I kinda dumped my suitcase in your room, haha. Hope you don’t mind. I made a pot of coffee, it’s on the kitchen work top.”

Baekhyun, when not in the dorms, lived here and was welcomed to make himself at home. Which he, nor his girlfriend, had a problem with - he needed some down time where he could just be the Baekhyun that wasn’t in the limelight.

[y/n] immediately felt awakened by the aroma of coffee that was still drifting in the cool air. She walked over to the set of cupboards above the oven in this cramped kitchen of hers. It was cramped, but cozy. A breakfast bar-like area for eating meals at and there were tiny, cute potted plants on the windowsill. She walked back over to the countertop where the pot laid and unbeknownst to her, in midst of her exhaustion, she didn’t realize the pair of arms snake up behind her that started rocking her from side to side.

“You seem off today, baby. Was work troubling today? I hate seeing you down when I’ve been away for some time.”

She mumbled an apology but he assured that he didn’t mean it that way. She allowed herself to melt into his embrace. “Oh, just tiring. Nothing particularly bad, though.”

Baekhyun rested his head into the crook of her neck and continued to rock her for a few seconds before turning her around. He then affectionately bumped his nose against her forehead, securing her by her hips. “I know what makes you smile, though.” He teased.

With fingers like spiders, he attacked her and she immediately burst into a fit of giggles. Usually this ensued with a cat and mouse chase around the apartment, acting like children without a care in the world. It was a matter of jumping over obstacles, - obstacles being discarded bags, shoes and furniture - trekking through the wilderness - the wilderness being the piles of laundry in the spare bedroom.

It was a gruelling task.

She was chased into her bedroom that was joined to a balcony.

“Stop it, stop it! Truce!” she cried.

“Not until you admit that you’re happy!” Baekhyun laughed.

[y/n] was now hunched over, her stomach in knots as she tried to calm down. “God… you’re so mean at times.” She chuckled.

Again, he wrapped his arms around her. “My sincerest apologies, my dear, but it’s all because I love you,” he said. He heard her mutter ‘idiot’ under her breath and he let out another breathy chuckle, planting a kiss to her neck. “What ever could I do to amend myself and my wrong-doings?”

She scoffed, fluttering her eyelids down to the ground. “Nothing,” she whispered, her voice a little hoarse from the laughter and excited yelling.

He cocked his head up towards the ceiling before a smirk made its way onto his lips. “Nothing, really?” She nodded. There was something akin to a growl only to realize it was a chuckle. He trailed his lips up her jawline, rubbing circles into her hips with his thumbs. “Not even this?”

She knew what he wanted and in truth, she wanted it too, but this was a new tactic of his. Tickles were meant to be innocent. She swallowed, voice becoming firm. “Nope.”

“Is that so? Hmm…” He craned his neck around and planted sloppy kisses along her chin and cheeks, purposely missing her lips each and every time. “You sure?” He whispered.

Her resolve began to crumble into smithereens as his gentle touches made her crave more and more. She leaned up against his chest as she felt his hands shift downwards, beyond her waist and at the small of her back. His movements were graceful and oh-so delicate, but that was his special talent: the smallest of touches could reduce her to a puddle. It wasn’t always like this but she could always mould to him, just like how he could mould to her. Tonight was his turn. “Ah… Baekhyun.”

“Something wrong, baby?”

“You’re doing this on purpose.”

“Can’t you forgive me?” he whispered darkly. She felt his fingers press into her sides and she was prepared to jump out of his grip; she could not handle any more laughter from this boy tonight.

He chuckled, and a hearty chuckle at that. “What am I doing?” She felt his hand fly down her thighs and under her skirt, her eyes turning wide as plates. “Not even if I do that, huh?”

“A-ah, no, not if you do that! Just let me go, Baek,” she whined, thinking he was being ridiculous, “Don’t you have to go to the studio?”

“I don’t want to,” he grumbled, “Can’t I stay here and have sex with my girlfriend?”

“Maybe if you aren’t so perverted about it and ask me nicely, but other than that, I don’t know.” She retorted.

His hand still under her skirt, he began moving, rubbing gentle circles against her hardening bead, sending shivers down her spine. She let out a squeal at the sudden contact, followed by a titillating sigh. “Ah, sorry, baby. How about this?”

She shook her head.

“You’re quite feisty tonight, normally you’re not like this.” His index and middle fingers started sliding up and down against her slickness. “Of course, I’m not one who’s going to force you to do anything you don’t want to do, though. Let me know if I should stop.” He whispered huskily. He was met with silence. Of course he had his answer, she was as desperate as he was, but he just had to have the last word like the child he was.

His hand moved rhythmically against her lower region and she let her eyes flutter shut, submitting to the intoxicating pleasure. His speed was growing with every stroke, making her let out garbled moans only to be silenced gently by his lips. She would feel his excitement press against her lower back and it was mirrored by the speed of his fingers and the initiative he took with this.

He let his two fingers dive into her warmth and she opened her lips to let out a groan only to welcome his tongue in. She pulled away, pants making it too difficult to kiss him back as his fingers worked magic within. Her breathing was uneven and the soft whines served as a warning that she was nearing her limit, but that meant nothing to him.

“Ah, Baekhyun, I-I’m…” she gasped, the coil in her stomach winding at an alarming rate. “I’m gonna–”

“I can tell, you’re so tight, baby.”

She whimpered.

“Baekhyun, please…” she mewled, “Please…”

“Please what, baby?” he asked, suddenly slowing down causing her to gasp.

“Please, baby, please make me cum…”

“Louder, I can’t hear you.” He began to trail kisses down her neck again and stopped at that familiar spot, showing no hesitation towards biting or sucking. She was melting into a puddle underneath her and he wanted this sensation to last. “Louder, or I’ll stop and neither of us want that.”

“Y-you wouldn’t-!”

And as soon as she uttered those two words, his fingers had left. He brought these two fingers up to his mouth and let his lips encircle them, sucking with deliberation. He opened his mouth again and had the audacity to say, “What was it you wanted?”

All common sense had dissipated at this stage, flown down the drain.

“Fuck me and make me cum, Baek, please make me–”

She yelped suddenly when his fingers plunged back into her wet warmth, the coil in her stomach rewinding as he thrusted his fingers into her without mercy. Her mouth hung open, ajar and her body went completely numb with pleasure.

“Ah, ah, yes… B-Baekhyun…!

With one last squeal, the knot in her stomach burst and her muscles released and contracted. Baekhyun held her close, rubbing her until she completely rode out her high. In his arms, she jerked in random spasms, writhing within his grasp. He continued to rub her pulsing core, forcing more moans out. He watched her completely relax into this haze of beautiful delirium.

She was lifted up by her armpits and this was a gesture to swing her legs around his waist. She was met with a fiery kiss. Neither of them couldn’t help but groan. [y/n] could taste the faint remnants of herself and coffee from earlier upon his lips. He sat her down onto her bed and began to unbutton her shirt while she removed him of his top as well. They pulled away as they looked deep into each other’s mesmerizing eyes, completely breathless.

He pushed her bra up and over her head to reveal the the handfuls of flesh that swayed slightly with movement. He gently pushed her back onto the bed as he loomed over, eyeing her as though she was prey but in his eyes, she was the definition of all that is beauty.

She got chills down her back when he felt the tip of his tongue move against her breasts all the while burying his fingers into the hem of her panties. His middle finger flicked over her clit once again and she stirred beneath him. This time, she wasn’t so shy about it. Though she was still sensitive from her last orgasm. He removed her of her soaked panties and she was greeted with chilled air against her mound. She unbuckled the belt of his  jeans and in a quick motion, he was left wearing his boxers. He swept his hair back and admired the sight before him.

He lowered his face down to plant kisses against her thighs. He could see her tensing, trying to stifle her moans.

“You have a lovely voice that I haven’t heard in over two months,” he mentioned, pressing a kiss to her clit and she let out a moan, “Yeah, like that, baby, let me hear you.”

She squealed in delight as his tongue made contact with her bead before he plunged his tongue into her cavern. He worked miraculously on her, her body moving in the most delicious of ways. All the while doing this, he pulled his boxers down his legs simply because he just couldn’t take it anymore - the suspense was getting too much to bear and his hard member throbbed.

He pulled away and pumped himself with a shaky hand before positioning him at her entrance. He placed a chaste yet loving kiss to her lips before guiding himself in, stretching her out and causing her a few seconds of discomfort. He pushed in a bit deeper, feeling her tightness envelope him. It was slow and arduous work at first, but it had been practically three months, basically, since they had last done this. He pulled himself out only to thrust back into her slowly, filling her up.

The movement started off gentle but he really couldn’t keep it up any longer. Unconsciously, it got faster, it got hotter. His mouth hovered over hers, letting out grunts and low moans of his own. She let lewd noises escape from the back of her throat, sharp and high, with nearly every thrust he gave. He memorized her body and never beat around the bush when it came to this… usually. Today was an exception. The sound of skin slapping against skin began to numb their senses as they became desperate to feel each other. She felt herself beginning to tighten again and her wailing signalled this to him. He ploughed on and on, trying to last as long as he could. Her face scrunched up and his brows creased as he let out exhausted pants, his chest heaving.

She let out a final scream, coming undone in his arms for the second time that night. The feeling was nothing short of electric. She clamped around him violently and he cried out in raw pleasure. With one last slam of his hips, he felt himself collide with whiteness, spewing his essence into her core, coating her pulsing walls.

In the aftermaths of their escapades, he collapsed next to her, pulling her into her chest.

“Sorry I was so forward at the beginning. You  just… have that effect on me.”

“It’s okay,” she whispered into his chest, “I’m surprised it was tickling that spurred it on though.”

“Tickles always make you smile after a bad day of work… they don’t normally lead to sex though so that was a plus.” He pressed a kiss to her forehead. “Goodnight, baby.”

He pulled her close once again.

Though she could have sworn she felt those long fingers tapping at her again. “Don’t you fucking dare, I will bite you.”

“Do it then,” he mumbled as sleep took over him.

idk what this is

Reunited - (Loki x reader)

A/N: I told myself I was going to cut back on writing, but I’m having a bit of a bad day, so have a (really) short Ragnarok drabble :D

Summary: Imagine being on Asgard when Hela takes over Asgard and reuniting with Loki when he and Thor return from Sakaar.

Originally posted by lokitty

*Gif not mine, all credit to the creator*

You felt a substantial amount of relief run over you as you saw the golden horns moving towards you through the parting crowd. Heimdall had been keeping you regularly informed of Loki’s movements, but that was nothing compared to seeing him in person, finally back in Asgard with you.

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Imagine Lucifer being in the cage and visiting you in order to tell you how much he loves and misses you

Word count: 920


Warnings: This is fluffy, you have been warned.

You sighed flinging your exhausted body down onto the sofa as you dropped your bag on the floor. It had been months since Luci, your boyfriend, had been locked in the cage by Sam and Dean. You missed him so much and every day when you woke up without him beside you was a constant reminder of how alone you felt.

Sighing again, you closed your eyes wishing you could get at least a minute of sleep even though you knew it was useless without him beside you. The silence of the room almost lulled you asleep until it’s eerie quietness was broken.

“Hey beautiful.”

You instantly shot up recognizing the voice which you had missed so much.

There he was stood in front of you, his deep red eyes illuminating the dark room and you could barely make out the slight outline of his wings.

“Luci?” you whispered in shock as you slowly raised from the sofa, “no… you’re not here.”

You slowly reached out to grab him but your arm just phased through him. You knew it was too good to be true.

“Y/N.” Lucifer murmured softly with a sad tone to his voice causing you to look up at him directly into his enticing eyes.

“No it’s not you,” you whispered slowly not believing he was there.

“Y/N,” Lucifer repeated, “It is me, I… I’m still in the cage. There was a crack I managed to reach you.”

You watched as Lucifer moved his hand slightly as he was desperate to touch you, to hold you in his arms and wrap his wings protectively around you.

“I-I miss you,” you choked out as your eyes glossed over and tears fell from them.

“Father, I miss you too,” he stepped closer to you so that you were almost touching and hovered his hand close to your face. Even though he wasn’t physically there and couldn’t actually touch you, just being as close to each other as you could be was comforting to both of you due to the extensively long, agonizing period of time you spent apart.

Another sigh escaped your lips as tears continued to blur your vision, you wanted more than anything to be with Lucifer and seeing him but knowing he wasn’t truly next to you was torture.

You watched as Lucifer’s figure began to fade away slightly knowing he must have only had a limited amount of time to speak to you.

“Y/n,” Lucifer spoke again but all sadness was gone from his voice and replaced with determination, “I promise I will find a way out of this cage and return to you, I love you Y/N.”

He stretched out his hand as he began to fade and you reached out to grab it. You could swear you felt your hands connect for a second before he fully disappeared leaving you once again alone in the eerily quiet house.

You still felt a slight sadness that he had gone but a small smile made it’s way onto your face as you knew that Lucifer would stop at nothing to find a way out of the cage and make his way to you again.

A few days had passed since you had last talked with Lucifer and you were beginning to think that he wouldn’t ever turn up again.

You got out of bed only wearing only your pants and one of Lucifer’s shirts not bothering to put on any leggings as you made your way to the kitchen for a drink. Pressing play on your music, you began to pour yourself a glass of orange juice as your hips swayed to the rhythm of the song.

“Now that’s what I call a good welcome home,” You heard a voice from behind you say, startling you almost causing you to drop the drink.

You instantly spun around as you saw your boyfriend behind you his tongue licked his lips and his eyes roamed over your uncovered body.

“Are you… actually…” You paused not wanting to ask in case he was still in the cage but Lucifer managed to catch onto what you were asking.

“Yeah, I’m here.” He whispered as he smiled.

Immediately after he spoke you ran up to him, throwing your arms around his neck and jumped into his body as his arms snaked their way around your waist to hold you tightly into his chest.

The moment you felt his arms and wings wrap around you, tears of happiness filled your eyes.

Lucifer stared deeply into your tear glossed eyes before leaning down and locking his lips with yours. The kiss was filled with so much passion as it made up for all the lost time you had spent away from each other, one of Lucifer’s arms reached up and cupped your cheek as he deepened the kiss and your hand snaked its way up to his head and your fingers ran through his soft hair.

Eventually, you both pulled away from the kiss but you still were closely embraced with each other, foreheads still touching. The only sound which filled the room was the quiet panting, from the long kiss, escaping your mouths.

“Promise me you’ll never leave again Luci,” you whispered quietly.

“I promise Y/N, I love you so much, I missed you so much. I spent every day thinking about you,” Lucifer admitted as his thumb reached up and wiped away the stray tears of joy leaving your eyes.

“I love you too Luci, I love you too.”