what i call home

I love how Washington can shut Hamilton down so fast. Like the whole show everyone’s like Hamilton is a fORCe OF NatURE he can dO ANYThing and then

 “sir, entrust me with a command” “no” 

“dont call me son” “go home” 

“what do i do” “figure it out” 

“you could continue to serve” “no”

I’m still screaming

*Mon-El emphasizing woman when his parents kept trying to call Kara a girl

*Mon-El communicating with his own words (not just a repeat of what Kara said but his own views and perspective on what was wrong with his old life and his part in it) and fully understanding that the way the people of Daxam were treated was wrong + plus accepting responsibility for his role in it

*Mon-El saying that thinking about the person he used to be makes him ill

*Mon-El saying that even if he can’t be with Kara being around her makes him better and that’s what matters

*Mon-El calling Earth home

I know there’s more but my cable’s out so I couldn’t record and go back but these are the ones that are burned into my very soul. This was everything I have been waiting for.

Friday 11:56 p.m.
my lips are tangled into
his and my body is full of
life while we are exchanging
love on an empty mattress,
but kissing you on the floor
of the kitchen was by far
the best part.

Saturday 4:56 a.m
his being was born of woman
and embodied poetry. he was
the type of art that was hard
to forget. he was the type of art
I saw in museums, and parks, and monuments. he could destroy me
in the most beautiful way possible.
he knew how to decorate space
and he was the symphony that
decorated my time.

Sunday 2:31 p.m.
I’ve learned I like you.
you’re eyes are full of
language. I will learn
his anger. I will lick
his sadness. I will
feast on his hunger.
this is the place I want
to call home. I want to
learned what it means
to dance alone to the
hymn inside his chest.

Monday 8:43 p.m
it was kind to love on you
yet I cold heartedly to nibble
on your neck as a gesture
of a million stars burning
for you as if i didn’t want
to forget this the next
morning, the moment
you let go.

Tuesday 4:28 p.m.
he leaves today. I cried in
his arms. I buried my face
into his chest. love, teach
me how to be a hero. show
me what it means to stay
and I’ll write you a tragedy.

—  a weekend love

Kin Ishi

Summary: you text Nate cause your horny.

Requested: yes

Warning: smut, daddy kink

Nate came bursting through the door while I was sitting on the couch in one of his shirts. I smiled to myself knowing what was going to happen.

“Y/n I’m home.” His voice called out through our house.

I didn’t acknowledge him, knowing it would make him mad.

He stood by the couch looking down at me.

“Why would you do that. I was with my parents. I had to tell them you got sick.”

“Sorry babe, I just miss you”

“Well why don’t you come show daddy just how much you missed him.” He said taking a seat on the couch.

I crawled over to his lap and looked at him. He had a smirk on his face. I took the hat that he had on and placed it on my head.

“I woke up and you were gone. I was going to surprise you with morning head.” I said fake pouting.

“Sorry babe. I had breakfast with my parents. But just know I was thinking about you the whole day.” He says slowly moving his hands up and down my sides.

I bit my lip looking at him. He looked so good. I could see all of his eyes because he wasn’t high. His hair was in a neat bun and he was dressed in nicer clothes.

“Don’t bite your lip babygirl. You know what that does to me.” He brings his hand up to my jaw and pulls my lip out of my teeth with his thumb. He rubbed my bottom lip before bring his thumb into my mouth.

I closed my eyes and gently sucked on it. I opened my eyes and saw Nate with his mouth slightly opened and his eyes trained on my mouth. I could feel his hard member underneath me.

I slowly began grinding on him, causing him to groan and grab my hips. This felt amazing seeing as all i have on is underwear and Nates shirt.

I full out moaned and tried to move faster.

“Does this feel good princess? Are you getting yourself off on daddy’s lap? Tell me princess are you gonna cum in your pretty panties?”

“YES DADDY FUCK. I WANNA CUM” I yell throwing my head back.

“You know the rules. Beg for it. No cumming without daddys permission.”

“Please daddy can I come on your lap. Please daddy I’m so close. Let me feel good daddy.” I say squeezing my eyes close because of how close I was. Nate had me moving really fast.

“I don’t know babygirl”

“Please daddy I’ll do whatever you want. Please please please.”

“Let it go princess”

I screamed and stopped moving on Nates lap. I placed my head in the crook of his neck.

“Such a dirty girl. Getting yourself off on my lap. I want you to get down and suck daddy off.” Nate said takin off his shirt.

I crouched down in front of Nate. I rubbed him through his pants.

“Y/n” Nate warned. He always hated when I teased him. I loved it.

“Yes daddy?” I said looking up at him while unzipping his pants.

“Don’t tease me” he said gritting his teeth. His hand made its way to the back of my head grabbing my hair.

I let out I small giggle at his reaction. I kissed his bulge once I got his jeans down(which was kinda hard considering how tight his skinny jeans are). I looked at him to see his eyes screwed shut and his head thrown back.

I pulled down his boxers and kissed the tip. I licked a stripe from the bottom up and took him in my mouth.

“Fuck baby. Just like that. God yeah” Nate was encouraging me from above. Now Nate isn’t one to stay still. He was bucking his hips and practically thrashing around.

“Daddy you have to stay still or I can’t keep going. You want me to take all of you right?” I say using my hand while I look at him.

“Excuse me? Nah. You don’t get to tell me what to do.” His grip tightened on my hair and he shoved me down on his dick.

“Open wide baby” he said thrusting his hips in my mouth. His tip was having no problem reaching the back of my throat, causing me to choke a little.

“Shit I’m close.” Nate was whispering to himself. I grabbed his thighs to keep steady and looked up at him, only to see he was already looking at me. Our eyes lock and he lets out a long moan. I felt his cum go down my throat.

“Good job princess.” Nate says pulling me up kissing me. He placed me on the couch and took off my shirt. He kissed down leaving a trail of hickeys down to my underwear.

He rubbed me over them for a little bit, driving me crazy. He finally took them off with his teeth. He kissed back up my thighs which caused me to grab his hair and try to push him closer to me.

“Patience ma” he mumbled from in between my legs. He blew cool air right on me so I threw my head back moaning at the sensation.

“Please Nate. Do something” I said looking at him.

“Fine” I sigh and lay my head down, expecting Nate to finally taste me. I open my eyes cause I don’t feel anything yet when Nate rams into me. I let out a scream.

“Fuck your tight y/n” he says moving slowly. I pull him down and drag my nails down his back.

“Faster, harder Nate please” I say in his ear. He dips down and bites my neck while going faster. Our hips were slapping together and our moans were filling the house.

“Shit baby tell me you’re close y/n” Nate tells me looking at me.

“So close Nate. I’m almost there” I say looking in his eyes.

“Cum for me babe” he says his thrusts getting sloppier.

I let out a loud moan and buck my hips up. I feel Nate release into me. He pulled out of me and flipped us over. I pulled the blanket over us and laid on his chest.

“Yo guys we- what the fuck. Y'all are nasty as hell” the jacks, Sammy, swazz, Kyle,skeez, and Tez walk in. I just laugh and lay back on Nates chest.

“Aye bring me those boxers” Johnson threw a clean pair of underwear at Nate who slipped them on. I took the blanket and went to our room. I put on a tshirt and shorts. I walked back downstairs to see everyone smoking.

I sat on Nates lap and whispered in his ear

“Happy Fathers Day daddy.”

“I love you too” Nate says out loud.

“Did y'all atleast use a condom?” Gilinsky jokes from the floor. Everyone refused to sit in the couch.

My eyes widen. Fuck.

“Oops” Nate says kissing my cheek.

“I guess I’ll actually have a reason to call you daddy in public” I say popping a snack in my mouth.

Nate laughs but the rest of the boys look petrified.

“Don’t be surprised guys. You know I got it like that” Nate says leaning back in his seat. I give Nate a kiss before cuddling into him. Hanging out with the boys for the rest of the day.


Maggie/Rick crackship (requested by anonymous)

I’ve been trying to keep this blog extra positive today, but I feel like I need to say something. I’m an American, I’ve lived in the Midwest my whole life, and it scares me to see what’s already happening in the small liberal city I call home. But seeing all of you beautiful, wonderful sapphics here, reblogging happy photos at nearly twice the rate I’m used to makes me feel so much less alone. It may seem like the odds are against us, and it’s absolutely terrifying, but one thing we cannot lose is this supportive community. We have built something beautiful here in the wlw part of tumblr and this inclusive community of positivity and empathy gives me so much hope that maybe things aren’t as bad as they seem. Thank you.