what i am reading now 2013

Injustice - Gods Among Us Years 1 - 3

When the game Injustice - Gods Among Us released back in 2013, I started reading the ongoing comic series. But due to a lot of other comics I read back then, I dropped it for the time being.

Recently I’ve started to pick it up again and am now up to date with what happened so far. I think this is one of the best ongoing comics DC has to offer at the moment. The characters are very well written, for example Green Arrow, who gives the whole story a light note and the occasional laugh and chuckle (Keyword Arrowcave/Quiver) and of course Superman and Batman. The story is super intense, they managed to get a shitload of known and beloved characters in it without it feeling forced or cluttered and so far I’ve not read a single chapter being bored. The atmosphere is really gripping. You can feel Superman’s grieve in the first year and Batmans disappointment of his actions.

One character who I was amazed of while reading this series was Harley Quinn. It feels like most of the character development, background and general effort are put into her. Her character is so well written, focusing more on the intelligent Psychiatrist she is and less on the love crazed lunatic. She has so many strong and emotional moments throughout the years it’s incredible. Only thing I don’t like about her, is the costume design until she finds her old jester suit.

The following are just a few examples of what I mean: