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Galra Keith: A Bonding Moment

It was just Keith and Lance alone, the rest of team Voltron went to invade Galra ships and they need two people to stay behind just in case of back up later. Of course Coran was on the ship too, but far too busy maintaining the controls. He didn’t want the boys around the controls, they argued too much, far too much.

So of course they went to do their own thing until they were needed. Lance chilling in his suit since he wanted to be prepared while eating some chips and sipping on his diet coke. Keith, however, disagreed with Lance, thinking the rest of the tea, didn’t need help, it was just two Galra ships, Keith thought, surely he alone could stake it out. Obviously Shiro wouldn’t allow it being the leader and all.

So Keith decided to nap, in his normal everyday wear, well, he was napping right up until he felt a pain right above his waist, in the middle of his lower back. Quickly, the pain spread, to his legs, arms, neck, face, everywhere. He yelped in pain, screaming for help or for it to stop, maybe both. But nobody could hear him. Lance blasting classical music from down the hall drowned the agonizing pain Keith was releasing.

It took a moment before the pain settled down and Keith could gain control of his body again. He tried to stand but quickly collapsed on to the ground due to the lack of oxygen in his head. He looked around, what he could use to help himself stand. The only thing he saw was one of his Galra swords. He had to choice but to take it.

As he reach for the glowing sword, he had noticed the how purple his fingers are. In fact, the purple everywhere on Keith reflected off of the sword. “W-what the h-ell?” That was all he manage. Completely overwhelmed by how Galra he looked. In fact, he is Galra, half, but you would think he’s full Galra. A very short Galra, but still Galra.

He immediately took the sword and prompted himself up and down the hall where Lance had stop the music. Keith turned into the room. Lance was already facing him, but once Lance had saw Keith, he lifted up his bayard to his face.

“L-lance..” Keith forced out as he tried to step forward but Lance yelled at him, warning not to move.

“But, buddy-” Keith whimpered out before getting cut off.

“I said, ‘stay back’!” He was getting ready to fire. Lance kept glancing down, avoiding eye contact.

Keith couldn’t believe this was happening. When he revealed himself as part Galra, Lance took it surprisingly well, other than Hunk, of course, but still Lance was understanding, didn’t ask much questions about it like Hunk, but still over-dramatic.

“Not. Another. Step.” Lance was ready to fire, at any second Keith could have a huge hole in the middle of his chest. Keith had no choice but to act in his own, he lifted his sword and began to charge. Keith took about two steps before Lance fell to his knees and cried out in fear and agony mixed together. As Keith continued to dash towards Lance with his sword, Lance stood up and ran in fear.

“AgrhhhhhHhahgfghh! KEITH, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!” He shouted, trying to get around the table, away for Keith.

Everything struck Keith at once. Lance haven’t noticed how purple and Galra Keith had gotten, or he has notice but just didn’t care because he was busy worrying about something else. But what exactly?

Keith turned around to see a small powered donut with some pinkish red goo spilling out. Then back at Lance, he was trying to catch his breath but Keith had noticed the small amount of tears on his face.


“Keith! What the hell was that for-! What the quiznack? Why the fuck are you purple?”

“Are you saying you didn’t notice before?”

“Wait. Are you finally embracing your inner furry?” Lance asked with a smirk. “But enough of that, you stepped on my delicious sweet goodness!”

“You pointed your bayard at me! What was I supposed to do? Let you pierce a bullet to my heart?”

“Relax, Pidge added a feature on it. Now I shoot out nerf bullets.” He said it with so much pride, Keith almost felt sorry for him.

Without realizing it, Keith slowly turned back to his “original” form. A human.

The team came back and Lance and Keith decided to keep what had happened to themselves for now until they know more. They shrugged it off as a bonding moment, some weird twisted bonding moment, but still, a bonding moment.

Although time to time, Lance still bring up about his jelly donut like it was the most tragic thing that happened to him.

I had a real good idea for an art this afternoon but now I can’t remember it at all and I’m kinda mad. Should have written it down.