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I swear every time I see mon-el being a toxic asshole, the karamels immediately post about how cute and funny it is??? Like??? Mon-el not respecting her enough to keep their relationship quiet, Mon-el verbally attacking her in public, Mon-el being overly and aggressively jealous, Mon-el not even respecting her enough to not just barge into her own home when he knew that wasn’t what she wanted, and a shit load more???? Like this isn’t cute or funny or romantic, it’s an unhealthy and toxic relationship which is being shown as the ideal on a family show, and that scares me.

i can’t believe i swore i was done with this hell of a show like literally two seconds ago and then the news broke and i sold my soul again

just like that

one headline and i’m back

Katie McGrath everybody. this is what she does to people

would’ya look who it is

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I don't know if you know but Gillian doesn't have a plan for the USA this year. Yes, weird, isn't it? Or maybe not. She has time off right now, her movie Andorra not gonna happen either. She has a full year of spending time with Peter. She doesn't need David for anything right now. Also, I don't believe there will be xfiles, she will not agree to do it now when she has a man. Because why she didn't agree for the xfiles this year if she hasn't any plans, no projects? Nothing.

Oh, anon. Leaving messages like this in Gillovny blogs inboxes isn’t gonna make your wish true. I know you want the best for Gillian (although I don’t know if spending a whole year with PM will be the best for her LOL), but believe me she knows what’s right for her, and her decisions won’t be affected by PM or any man for that matter. So Season 11 is a sure thing in my opinion, it’s gonna be announced in May at the Upfronts and they’re gonna film it this year, probably in the fall or winter. And how do you know what her plans are? Are you her assistant or her best friend? Sorry but you must be very young, when you say she won’t work because she has a man now. Even if she has someone, what’s that has to do with anything?? She cannot work, because she has a man in her life??? Grow up anon, and try to listen to what Gillian has to say about this matter, and about feminism too.

Oh, and yes she needs David too. They are meditating a lot lately.

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If you could marry anyone in the BNH world, who would it be and why?

I’ve been thinking about this question for a while now. To be honest, I find that question hard to answer so please bear with me here. (I hope what I’m going to say makes sense)

A lot of characters have grown on me and a lot of characters still have (big) pieces of character growth ahead of them so I’m kind of waiting how that will turn out.

And then there are characters like Mirio (damn, that boy grew on me a lot) who I don’t know much about. The newest chapters revealed some things, but not enough that I can say I understand how he thinks or what makes him tick. (I do imagine that his hugs are The BestTM)

None of the teachers are really my type, though I love these guys (I feel Aizawa so much, I’m tired as hell way too often).

Then there is the fact that I’m introverted and I have a clear view of my goals that I won’t change for anyone. I’m still learning new things everyday and I keep growing and strengthening parts of my personality and working through my insecurities. (Mostly I would say that, at the current time in my life, I love having all my time for myself and my problems and my goals and the things I love.)

If I would have to pick someone right now though, it would be either Mirio or Todoroki for various and similar reasons. Both have their own goals, which is just great since I have some trouble with people who can’t accept that what I work for is the most important thing in my life, and in return, I respect the goals of other people.

I think both of them are fine with and able to respect that I need time to myself to think, which doesn’t mean that I don’t want to have them around, I just don’t talk then. I’m a cuddle bug when I’m not disappearing in my own head and I think both of them wouldn’t mind that either (especially since I always make sure if people are okay with me touching them)

I like that Todoroki is more on the quiet side and I like that Mirio seems to be rather positive.

Both strike me as people who are able to have deep conversations or listen when someone needs to talk with them.

So I guess my answer would be that I would date either Mirio or Todoroki, though I wouldn’t wish to marry anyone at the current time in my life.

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Hello! Long time no see! So my friend wants to make a comic, but wants to add the underfell au in it, but before she does that she wants permission from the creators. I was wondering if you knew that person who made the underfell au! Also you are a great person and I love your blog and it never fails to brighten my day!

Ohmigosh hello!

Well! The original creator of Underfell kind of uh, threw the AU to the community and took off, so to speak ((The blog is locked too so yeah…)), so “Underfell” as a whole is community-owned, you can do whatever you want with it… Which is why there’s so many diverse stories related to it lol

… And oh gosh thank you, you’re way too kind, and also a fantastic person! >w>;

EDIT: OH RIGHT. If you were planning on adding a particular rendition of Underfell in it ((IE. Kaito’s Underfell story is glorious, or ManiaKnight’s fangame version of the characters, etc etc)) you may want to ask those particular blogs for permission tbh. But they’re a quick search away so no sense linking >w>

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Give me tycutio and “just tell me something, was it really worth it?”

“Just tell me something.”

Tybalt grunted, both to indicate that he’d heard and to communicate that he didn’t appreciate the blatant falseness of Mercutio’s airy, nonchalant tone. He hadn’t expected either of them to live, and times were he - and Mercutio as well, though the latter never showed it - wished that they hadn’t. Particularly when the greyscale hush that had befallen Verona grew too overwhelming. Mercutio’d insisted it was the only way, and yet…

“…Was it really worth it?” In stark contrast to the sound of his voice, Mercutio’s face was haggard, bereft of the fey cunning that was once his hallmark, and he rarely smiled anymore. The transformation made Tybalt question whether the love he felt was still for Mercutio, or for the memory of the man he had been. There was a gulf of difference between the two - one Tybalt wasn’t certain could be breached. Nevertheless, he had to pretend the distinction didn’t exist, for without Mercutio he would be alone.

“Does it matter? There was no other way. You said so yourself.” There was a seed of cruelty buried in his reply, but cruelty and truth often held hands. He searched Mercutio’s face for some change, some hint of feeling, but there was none: he just kept gazing out at the emptiness they had wrought. He said they, for although it had been Mercutio’s idea and his spellcasting that had done the deed, Tybalt was complicit in the act: his had been the hand which had spilled the blood Mercutio needed for the spellcraft to work.

Somewhere, a clock struck the hour, and just like every day, people moved quietly through their daily business, perfunctory as automatons and with about as much awareness. He and Mercutio alone were exempt from the spell’s workings, and for that, they bore the weight of the consequences. No one saw them, no one spoke to them: their existence had been erased entirely from the memories of Verona’s inhabitants, in exchange for something that passed for peace.

He caught a glimpse of Romeo in the street, and glanced sidelong at Mercutio, hoping that his eyes were somewhere else - but the telltale furrow of his brow and the purse of his lips told the truth. He knew that there was still (would always be) a part of Mercutio’s heart, worn-out though it was, that beat only for Romeo Montague. A person could love more than one, and Tybalt had accepted the fact long ago, but sometimes it ached just a little.

“Do you think they’re happier now?” The nonchalance was gone from Mercutio’s voice, replaced by a softness that was nearly wistful. “Do you think they even have a concept of it? Or did we just damn them to a life of unfeeling monotony for no reason?” His hands shifted in his lap, picking at the beds of his fingernails; Tybalt reached out to still them, knowing that he’d pick them bloody if left alone.

“There’s no changing it now. What’s done is done, and at least this way they won’t all murder one another. We saved them from themselves.” Mercutio nodded, but didn’t say anything. He curled his fingers lightly around Tybalt’s, a rare act of affection, and Tybalt responded in kind. It was something, at least. The terms of the spell bound them to Verona until every person under its thrall was dead, but so long as they had some scrap of a feeling left between them, Tybalt hoped that it would be bearable.

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What moments are Marcus and Caius?

Marcus is like - Turning up to a dress up party in a costume when everyone else is in really nice clothes. You immediately regret being there. People compliment your costume and have good laugh and all you can do is smile at them. As much as you want to leave, you’re there for your friends and you don’t want let them down. You stand with your friend group holding a cup of punch, making small talk with the people around, trying to make the most of it. You spend the rest of the night counting down the minutes until it’s considered an acceptable time to leave. This whole thing was a mistake.

Caius is like - Sitting outside a cafe trying to relax and drink your latte. You casually scroll through your phone, taking a sip of your latte here and there, when the table next to you starts getting louder. You briefly look up to see a fight between what seems to be two best friends start to break out. You are both severely annoyed that your down time is being ruined yet incredibly interested to see how this plays out. You’re pretending not to listen in but everything being said just sounds too juicy. Secretly, you want a full blown fight to break out. You cross your leg over your other and sit back looking elsewhere with a smile on your face casually sipping your latte. You did not want this. You did want this.