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omg what is dead chicken i haven't seen it i'm curious now. but i do hope he wears the costume from 4cc at worlds. it belongs on a runway it's the most beautiful costume i've ever seen

you sweet summer child whose eyes have never been sullied by the sight of the chicken costume…i almost feel bad for answering this because your innocence will forever be gone. but you asked for it.

imagine the betrayal. going from one of the best costumes of the season, to this:

i can’t believe i had to go take these screencaps, i need to cleanse myself now

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David smells amazing. WHAT does he wear because I absolutely need a bottle of that in my life.

I don’t know what he wears but I need a pool of whatever it is.

A date with Son Hyunwoo

ㅇMade sure he told you all of the details of your date 

ㅇPanicked because he didn’t know what to wear (everything he owned were only t-shirts ,jeans and a massive collection of snapbacks ;he wanted something special to wear)

 ㅇ(He still ended up in a t-shirt,jeans and a snap back)

 ㅇWhen he knocked on your door, he expected you to open it but instead,your older sibling did and he was just (΄◉◞౪◟◉`) 

ㅇHis eyes practically popped out of his head when he saw what you were wearing(you wore one of those cute mini skirts and he cant help blush because you looked so cute)

 ㅇMade sure he held your hand tightly 

ㅇThe kind of gentleman that makes you walk on the inner side of the pathway. ㅇLet’s you choose where you eat. 

ㅇYou guys eat in a diner that makes big ass smoothies that you two ordered and shared.

 ㅇYou clinging to his arms and intentionally squeezing them because ur thirsty af 

ㅇ"(Y/N), did you have to do that?"                                                                        "( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)“ 

ㅇA random store suddenly plays a chris brown song and you had to contain him from body rolling but as if you want to stop it (be honest, you don’t) 

ㅇWhen it was time to go home, he wrapped his arms around you on the way of home.

 ㅇGives you a kiss on the forehead but you told him you wanted more so he gave you a chaste kiss on the lips but you pouted and told him you still weren’t satisfied so he gives you a long, heated kiss that made you stand still contemplating about the earth even after the kiss.

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The Same Anon With The SepticCrank Hc. Ethan is non binary so it's always fun for him to make silly videos with Jack. Like, 'Me doing my boyfriend's makeup' or a vlog of their date. Ethan dresses up cutely for EVERY video and Jack gives him kisses or cute gestures in EACH video while the fans are just going CRAZY in the comment section. Both of them even forget the camera's on. But Ethan sometimes gets sad because of the hate comments but laughs when the comment just gets roasted by their fans

whatThe hekc

ethan always loves to go on those carnival dates or filming them in the local market, and ALWAYS films jack getting excited over the different homemade candles n spices bc he keeps showing ethan all these nice ones uwu

and jack picks out sweet sweaters for ethan and ethan always hugs him rlly tight bc heck man, jack knows exactly what he likes to wear

sometimes, jack gets distracted by ethan’s rlly sick makeup skills when he’s doing it in a video, n doesn’t realise he’s staring and gets embarrassed when fans point it out (but ethan says it’s cute and gives kisses owo)

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if u truly like him u wouldn't care what he wears or what his hair looks like

yeah i care because even tho “what’s inside is what matters” which is like the most ironic thing someone can say btw but that’s another topic i will talk about soon or right now probably, your appearance is important and i want him to take care of that and i know yall going to think “you should accept him the way he is” but caring about someone is not only accepting but being honest with people because you don’t realize things until someone tells you 🤷🏻‍♀️


“So, He didn’t give you any hints at all where he’s taking you?” asked Lizzie

“Well, when I asked what I should wear, he said the place was formal wear so..” 

“Ooh, this is so exciting Kins, My baby is going on her first real date!!” 

“What am I going to wear, I don’t do formal.. I’ve never done formal, I wouldn’t even know HOW to do formal, Mum!?!?.. Oh I”m so nervous!” Panicked Kinleigh 

“How about tonight after the kids are in bed we’ll have a look at what you’ve got? I’ll help you find something?” offered Lizzie

“Would you? that would be awesome, I Have no idea what I’m doing!” 

“You’ll be fine, Honey.. You’re going to look amazing!” 

a million people have probably noticed this by now but the red sash around jaune’s waist in v4 is new so like.. it can’t be from pyrrha’s outfit since that kinda disintegrated a lil bit but what if he started wearing that as a tribute to pyrrha

update: yeah apparently the wiki says it so i’m definitely not the first person to notice but in my defense my unobservant ass didn’t even notice the sash until i started drawing him so like. eh

i like to imagine that clark kent’s search history is mostly normal but then there’s stuff like “improved superman costume concept art” because he wanted ideas

save dan’s butt 2k17

@danisnotonfire ‘s butt got stuck in a kids ride
and i decided to immortalise it in art >:)
(ft. a great friend @amazingphil )

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My small wish: Benedict and Martin filming a cop movie.
I want Benedict as a new, enthusiastic stubborn cop and Martin as a bad dirty cop. They hate each other at first but soon realize they’re actually good partners.


Okay, so I’m assuming that the human looking female in the white armor is Cora, who I think was described as a blonde biotic in that old leak that reveal Drack’s name and species to us, but looking at their character icons what is Liam supposed to be? Cause I thought he was human and maybe I’m just reading the icon wrong but it almost looks drell?

Piper and Annabeth talking and the topic of their boys cooking comes up and pipers like “yah Jason’s pretty hot when he cooks” and Annabeth has flashbacks to Percy wearing a revolting blue apron and those ugly fish oven mitts and she’s just like “Percy’s can be hot sometimes I guess”