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Original setting, world, and story? Do you mean the setting you've already created or do you mean taking the squid kids out of their original world and into something you've created yourself? Either way I'm interested to see what happens next.

Yes, i’m working on turning my squid ocs into something original and make my own world for them. I have a sketchbook full of notes and drawings already and basic world building settings done but there is still a lot to do.


all of u out here with ‘yeah bts did well but let’s not forget that without tvxq, big bang, etc etc they wouldn’t be here’

guess what?????? no one’s forgetting them. we all know that the reason any of the groups now are known outside of korea is because shinhwa, h.o.t, sj, tvxq, big bang, wonder girls and psy invented the hallyu wave, as it’s called. bts (and other groups) grew up with these idols as their inspiration, so yes, we can’t forget them. no one’s forgetting that super junior went big in china, or that tvxq went big in japan and that’s how the newer groups have it easier in these markets. 


let’s be real. what bts has achieved is something no group has done before. please stop trying to take credit for what they have done just because you think your group or fandom is superior. fact: everyone thinks their fandom is the best. bts’ marketing strategy to have an active twt account and youtube channel since before debut is one thing that worked out extremely well for them. couple that with other things such as writing socially-aware lyrics, producing and composing their own songs, having kick-ass choreographies and showing off their dorky sides on social media, you can’t say that they didn’t deserve to go to the bbmas just because your faves couldn’t. 

bts broke boundaries that weren’t broken before, just like YOUR FAVES broke boundaries that weren’t broken before. older idols didn’t even have the full use of social media to promote themselves, and YET they broke into the asian market. bts had it, and they broke into the global market. just because they had the advantage of a better technological era doesn’t mean that they didn’t deserve the win. it just means that they used their assets very well, and deserved it even more. 

moreover, as the rolling stones said, bts write lyrics about loneliness (whalien 52), having a difficult time in life (lost), female empowerment (21st century girl), being confident in yourself (cypher pt 4) and so many other songs. this makes them relatable to not just a teenage fanbase (although yes, that is the majority), but an older fanbase as well. the catchiness of their songs makes them popular amongst the pre-teens. so you see, they have their reasons and validity for being where they are now. they deserve their fans, wins, and attention. 

therefore, before you go around saying that fans of bts need to respect what older idols have done, know that we do. we appreciate everything that has been done in the past that has made bts the successful band that they are today. but also know that we are proud of our boys, and that we will celebrate and rejoice. so for some reason, if that makes you bitter, by all means use the advanced technology we have today and mute us. 

because no, we’re not discrediting your faves. but we’re asking you to credit our faves when they deserve it. 

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1/2 Hi. When do you think Touka started to feel something towards Kaneki? In ch.122 it's clear that she saw his heart-eyes towards Rize. Do you think she saw him as a boy("-friend material") but didn't realized it because she is always so guarded?

2/2 So what could she felt all those years? She looks a lot calmer now, what could time have done with those feelings? And do you think people around her are aware of her feelings for Ken? IDK why he was so surprised that she could have liked him.

Touka’s feelings for Kaneki were something that gradually built up after he showed great kindness to her on several key occasions. I think the moment she first realised them was when he was captured by Aogiri. Her worry for his well-being is palpable for the whole arc.

At the end of the original series, Touka realised the failings of the more humane, passive existence she had adopted as well as those of the Ghoulish, violent life she had lived before, and worked towards welding those two sides of her personality together. Balancing her yin and yang made her into a much calmer and wiser person, but a person nonetheless, and she must have felt a great deal of heartache having Kaneki come to her shop and know that she couldn’t be with him. On top of that, she must have still mourned the destruction of Anteiku and the loss of Koma, Irimi and Yoshimura, and surely had a few doubts about Kaneki’s survival despite her faith until she saw him again. But she was strong and resolute besides, and she had Yomo and Nishiki to support her on her mission to do what was right by Kaneki.

Nishiki is definitely onto Touka’s feelings since he teases her about them, and Ayato seems to have an inkling too given that he knows how much Touka would miss Kaneki if he died.

As for Kaneki’s surprise, part of the reason Kaneki desired love so strongly is because he was incapable of realising that he was already receiving it. His abuse by his mother led him to believe love was a one-way street - as much as he may love people, they would never love him in return. So finally understanding how Touka feels about him was a great shock to his system and a massive game-changer for his psychological convictions. 

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Alba: "Oh my what lovely feathers you have, so very soft and shiny. It must be quite a task to keep them in such a condition for I too have difficulty keeping my tails just as fluffy."

Aingeal: Aaaah, thank you so much! And I see what you mean, your tail’s are SO FLUFFY!!!

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*Screaming* (*≧▽≦)

Okay…  I should have done this before but here goes…

  • First of all, I never thought that my artworks or doujins would get so many likes and attention. I am still disbelief of what just happened. I am just an ordinary artist and a potato. Q_Q
  • Second, I never expected that most of my NaLu (especially the Nerd and Gangter and The Neko Lucy AU) and Dragneel brothers doujins were everywhere in YouTube. Some of them were dubbed and translated by amazing people in their own languages. And some of them were montage by the talented and amateur people. It’s so beautiful. OMG. (Thank You so much for your support and time, and thank you too for the credit guys! *cries*). I don’t know what to say. I’m crying when I type this. (Okay, I’m being OOC.)
  • Third, I want to thank especially those people who work hard and taking time to work on my doujin. I really really appreciated it. You guys are the best and you guys work so professionally! You guys rock! (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*
  • And last, these guys doing voice acting and they catches my attention so I want them to give publicity. (I should have done this before)

(❁´▽`❁)*✲゚* (⁎⚈᷀᷁▿⚈᷀᷁⁎)


He’s voice acting Natsu. (I’m in love with his voice. Okay, don’t get wrong) I really love how he voiced Natsu. It’s so funny and lovely. He’s the perfect role for Natsu. xD He’s soo good and amazing. OMG. °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°


She’s voice acting Lucy. I love her voice. It’s so beautiful. She’s also amazing and talented. She’s also the perfect role for Lucy. Why is she so good? I’m so jelly. (*・▽・*)

Isamu Mamuro

He’s the one voice acting Zeref. Glob, he’s voice is so perfect for Zeref. Aahh, I love it so much! He’s amazing.

I FREAKING LOVE THEIR VOICE. I wonder why these guys haven’t in the company yet. ;-; Go and subscribe them! They are so nice and awesome people!

And before I finish, there’s one doujin AU dubbed that melts my heart. It’s Neko Lucy AU. They really put effort and feelings to it. I was totally shocked when they dubbed this. OMG. It makes me fall in love with this doujin all over again.

Go and check this out!

Part 2

Part 3 

PS. I don’t know why you guys like this doujin. OMG. xD

Other doujins

(there’s so many of them and I’m pretty lazy to put them xD)

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Speaking of Victor's dumb foot thing, when do you think Yuuri gets his first pedicure? During the season it would be pointless, so maybe after he retires? Or as a treat during the off season? Does he get it done at a salon or does Victor insist on doing it himself? Does Yuuri have it done in secret as a surprise?

i would actually say that they both get pedicures at least once a month, and i’m just saying this as someone who used to run half marathons on a regular basis.  your feet get FUCKED, yo.  i can’t imagine what victor and yuuri’s feet look like, except it’s probably TRAGIC.  whenever i’m actively running, i get a pedicure once a month.  you want to keep your nails short on your toes, because otherwise you could lose them from the force of them hitting the front of your shoe.  you want to regularly exfoliate them and treat them so no gross bacteria is building up.  also, wax treatments feel fucking incredible and i love having my feet inside bags of wax, and if i have to run 120 miles a week to put my feet in bags of wax, i will do that.  so i think that victor gets weekly pedicures, and yuuri gets monthly pedicures, and then they meet each other and they go together and drink champagne, and victor tells the girl who is rubbing the dead skin off his feet with a salt scrub about his husband, ISN’T HE BEAUTIFUL, he says pulling up a picture on his phone, and the girl is like, that guy is literally sitting right next to you.

Love is so annoying now days. Everyone has to make it so complicated. If you love someone, you hurt them. You push them away. And when they’re finally moving on, that’s when they appear and realize what they’ve done. They would rather live with a lifetime of regret then actually showing their feelings and going out and getting what they want. It shouldn’t be like that. If you love someone you should go get them and quit being scared. In reality, isn’t everyone scared of love? You’re giving someone everything and trusting them. Yeah sometimes it doesn’t work out, but sometimes it does. Or you have the ones that self sabotage. They ruin it because they’re afraid that they’re going to ruin it anyway. Or they’re “not good enough for you.” Well make yourself good enough for that person. You’re in control of your own actions. People are so full of excuses now days. Everyone makes things so much harder than they need to be. Yeah, you can get hurt, that’s life. But sometimes, the risk is worth what you gain in the end.
—  Chapters from my life

look i’m keeping my hopes buried six feet under here because lbr it’s the cw.

but like. what if the steady, solid relationship that everyone looks up to … is gay. 

i dgaf if sanvers moved fast because we all know gays and hets who have done this and been just fine. sanvers has demonstrated a kind of communication and willingness to forgive and overcome that i can’t recall ever seeing in my many many years of existing in fandom, and that seems like a “when you know you know” setup if i ever saw one.

so dear supergirl season 3: give us the bullshit angst-free sanvers that you all but owe us, and let their friends and family see them as the role models they are.

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So, I'm new! Cockles is a ship name for Jensen and misha? Y'all actually believe they're a gay thing or is it more for fun? Super curious.

Hey! Yes, cockles is taken from Collins and Ackles and is their ship name! 

Well, I can’t really speak for everybody but from what I’ve gathered very few people actually tinhat them (believe that they are together). 

The rest of us, myself included, want to believe, and there are a lot of things that either them or cast members have said or done that seriously suggests that they are together, but can’t really believe until they come out like making out and being like yeah we’ve been together this whole time. 

But all in all, whether you believe or not, shipping them is so much fun because of the amount of stuff that suggest they are together or shows how adorable they would be as a couple. 

Hope that helps! <3

Okay but why are y'all so melodramatic talking about how you can’t forgive Ciel for his disgusting horrible actions like what are you even talking about

Shitty things he’s done

-fire in BoC. Already discussed that. Had problematic aspects like it would have been better to kill them in a painless way but under the circumstances, that part is understandable. The act of killing them itself was literally mercy and that was literally explained in a canon scene, on the train. Could go into it further but I’m lazy. Happy to pull up screenshots if needed though. Either way, had problematic aspects but wasn’t inherently bad or evil.

-people he kills as watchdog. A) they’re all people who frankly deserve to die. I’m not saying vigilante justice is good but it’s not like he’s being a serial killer for shits and giggles. B) y'all know the queen told him to do it in the first place right…like you always jump to Sebastian’s defence like “oh but Ciel told him to so its not his fault” so isn’t this the same thing…maybe we should talk about a grown woman hiring a thirteen year old to kill people…js…yet none of y'all ever bring that up…

-being sarcastic and rude to his friends, pushing them away. Look I’m sorry that you can’t understand mental illness but. Give him a Fucking break. Not even gonna say more on that. Jesus Christ why are you all literal shit sticks. Why does everyone have to be all happy sunshine and rainbows all the time for y'all to not consider them a villain.

-lying to snake. Okay this one was entirely selfish motive but also like. What else was he supposed to do. Not lying to him would probably have ended with snake ending up dead. Not an ideal situation but honestly what happened was the best case scenario.

-Killing doll. Technically Sebastian could have detained her and took her to jail instead. So I’d say out of all of these, that one was his worst action. In his defence, he was pretty messed up at the time and not thinking clearly, plus he had just found out that she had a part in the baron kelvin stuff so like he was understandably a little pissed at her. Never the less, not an excuse, and probably the most problematic thing he’s done. Fine, I’ll give y'all a free pass to call that one disgusting.

-the meat pie thing in Weston. I saw someone say he he’s terrible because of that and like. That’s the most stereotypical sit com style meme with the laxatives in the food, why are you so extra about finding reasons to hate him. I swear to god.


My thoughts are with you tonight, Manchester.

I keep trying to imagine what I would’ve done in this situation because it usually helps me cope with things, but I cannot with this. These kids, happy children and parents happy to see them happy, all at a concert to have the best night of their life. What kind of person would want to take that from them?

I can’t imagine what these people are going through. All of the “what ifs” that might be running through their mind. All of the “that could’ve been me” creeping into the backs of their brains.

I watched a truly heartbreaking video of people running down these steps and just hoards of parents at the bottom, looking for their children. It made me physically sick to my stomach and I had to stop watching because I was crying. To go through that….

Hug your loved ones tonight, please. I love all of you.

GIF  Imagines 13

This one is a long one so I hope you don’t mine and also thing get hot, not too hot, but hot <3
so I hope I have done a good Job on this please tell me what you all think.


Connor and Murphy Macmanus for @reedusteinrambles because I Love ya so much, Hope you like it…

I sat in McGintys slowly drinking my jack and coke trying to think of what I am going to do, I was always told there is always one person out there for you no matter what but I guess in my case it was two, who happened to be the Macmanus twins, I loved them both and well they loved me to, and no not in a sister way, I have dated both of them on and off and well we may or may not have had some interesting night together,

“Are you all right girl” Doc asked me as he came over, guess seeing that I have not had much of my drink since I got it, “No really Doc, love life messed up” I tell him, making him smile at me “am sore you will sort it out love” Doc tell me before going off to tend to people,

I sat for a little more now on my second drink, and mostly everyone was out the bar, I was thinking of heading home when the door opens and in come the Twins and Rocco “Hey Fuck Ass get us some beers” Rocco shouted out, as the boys say Hi to Doc, before coming over to me,

“Hey Sweetheart, how you doing today” Connor asked me as he kissed my forehead, as Murphy gave me a hug with a kiss on the check, they make is so hard for me to want to stop loving them, I thought that would help at first but turns out you can never stop loving them, “Am doing fine” I them as the take a set on both sides of me,

We talked about random shit and laughed at Rocco bad jokes, all the time I could fell Connor hand on my knee drawing patterns with this fingers but nothing sexual, Connor always been more of the hands on one of the two, but not in a bad way he just likes to do it. And Murphy he more of sweet words in my ear, guess I could say you have the best of both worlds with them, slow and sweet and rough and ready.

Rocco had left us to go head home to his girlfriend after he calling him all drunk and high am shocked she even know how to work the phone when she is so high, now it was only me and the boys in the bar, Doc was just cleaning up he never kicks us out “So thought anything on it” Connor asked me making my look at him then to Murphy who had that puppy dog look his some time haves in his eye, “you two never make anything easy for me do you” I said out, Connor moved closer to me moving my hair from my neck before placing soft kisses along my neck before biting it softly.

“never said we were easy, love” he then said agents my neck before pulling away, “I can’t chose” I finally said out looking at them both “So I guess you just have to share me” I then tell them making them both smile at me “and hey it’s not like we have not had threesome before, so if won’t be any different, be just offices, and people don’t need to know” I added as I feel Connor running his hands up the inside of my thighs as he tunes me around to face him, I then fell Murphy come behind me.

“I think I can work with that as long as I get to have you to myself sometimes as well” Murphy said in between kisses on my neck, I hate that they know all the tight places to kiss and touch me “maybe first we could have a little fun first brother” Connor said as he pulls on the side of my knickers down from under my skirt, making me jump stopping his hands looking to the side to Doc still cleaning,

“Hey Doc why don’t you head home, we will finishing cleaning up” Murphy said as he moves over to Doc taking the cloth from his hands “Are you sore lads” Doc asked as Murphy walked him out as Connor still working on pulling my knickers of smiling at me and he bends down to pull them over my heels he kisses over my knees,

I was so lost in what Connor was doing I did not know the Murphy had come back “starting the fun without me I see” he voice came in my ear as I feel him pull my the straps of my dress down but not all the way to show of to much, not that they have not seen it all before.

Connor kiss more up my leg but stopped before getting to the one place I really wanted him the most “Don’t want to go to fast now do we” he said coming back up kissing my lips hard as Murphy went to town on my neck, as their god-like mouths did their work on me, I started work on Connor jacket pushing it off his shoulders and he does the rest to take it off, pulling his shirt over his head before kissing me again, I ran my hand up his hard toned chest loving the feel of it, I then felt Murphy move away and the sound of cloths been taken off,

“we are going to love you so good girl, in all the way you love it” Murphy said as I felt him pull done the zippier of my dress finally exposing me to them.

*I’ll let your own mind take over*

I lay on the floor, sweat covering me, I lay half on Connor with one of his arms around me making them pattens again with his fingers, as Murphy lay behind me placing soft kissing on my back, “So you really want to do this?” Connor asked I guess to make sore I am wanting to go along with this all, “I did just let you two fuck me, in Doc pub, which by the way we still need to clean up” I said laughing at the end “So your already with us both wanting you,” Murphy added in, I moved my head around to look at him,

“I love you both, and I want this, and it not like it’s our first time doing something like this” I tell them, “Good because I am very much liking this, but just so you know, you were mine first and always will be” Connor said before kissing my hot and hard on the lips before letting Murphy have his away as well,

Let’s just say things than on for a little longer that night in the bar before making are way home….

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Why do you think Jace is helping Liliana? He literally has no reason to: she's killed his friends, lied to him, blamed her mistakes on him, and refused to cooperate with what he wants to do. Why didn't he inform the Gatewatch about Razaketh right away?

It’s pretty textbook toxic relationship. Also, Jace may have erased parts of his memory about what she’s done. And it’s not like he has many other friends or allies (given she had them killed).

Also, sex.

If I like it, I’ll draw it! FREE REQUESTS OPEN

So I’m taking a break from revamping/renovating my room and working on stuff for my original story for my senior exhibition and I wanted to draw some more Miraculous stuff but idk what to draw ;o;

SO I am temporarily taking requests for (preferably Love Square and/or DJ Wifi) Miraculous Ladybug-related stuff. If you want to see me draw a specific scenario or scene or you have a certain prompt or thing you want to see done, just shoot me a message and, as I said, if I like it, I’ll draw it! 

No NSFW or questionable stuff. I also can’t promise I will draw every suggestion right now (because I have to have at least a little muse and inspiration) but it doesn’t mean I won’t draw them sometime later :D


characters: Arme Thaumaturgy, Erbluhen Emotion (+ Apostasia)
pairing: ^
words: 873
summary: (college!au) Arme takes care of a sick, clingy Erblu.

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Hey! I know we ask you when you're going to post new chapters or new works in general even after you say you're going to queue them. I'm sorry if we pressure you to post whatever you have done. We can't wait. Don't let us make you feel like you should post whatever you have done as soon as it's done. Sorry if I'm overreacting. I just seems like that's what we've been doing lately especially with Red Velvet

no, i understand! i personally don’t get upset when people are like “when are you going to post omg when are you going to post?” bc to me it just shows me that you’re excited. as long as there’s not 20 messages about it and as long as people aren’t being rude about it, i’m fine with it!

if you want to be like “hey, how’s chapter 24 coming along?” i’ll tell you! but please don’t be like “you haven’t posted in a week when is the next chapter coming out”

(this is different for every writer, so some other users on tumblr might not be okay with it. be respectful of other writers! they don’t have to be writing fan fiction on this site, but i’m glad they do! don’t be rude to them.)

i’ve learned that i’ll post a chapter when i’m proud of it. i rushed a chapter for five’s company bc so many people were like “uh it’s been like 3 weeks summer, when are you posting?” and i hate that i kind of gave in. it’s one of my least favorite chapters looking back. 

that being said, i don’t mind if you guys ask as long as you do it in a polite way. half of the time, the fics are finished and i’m kind of just waiting to release it. 

if i take a long time on a chapter/series/fic, it’s because i want it to be really good (and i hope it shows!)

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Just so you know, Taako isn't a sun elf. Being a high elf doesn't mean he's gotta be white - they can have all sorts of different skin tones just like humans - but the sun elf thing is something people made up and spread with no source to bully artists.

yeah a couple people pointed this out. i dont think it has any effect on whats been discussed here tho

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So I've heard that lining up toys instead of playing is an autism thing. When I was younger I would organize all the little toy people and animals on all the play sets I had (which could take at least an hour because I had so many) and not play with them until that was done. I didnt usually have a specific order to organize them though. I wold usually choose my favorite toy to interact with but barely move the others. Is this the same thing? Sorry if this seems oddly specific.

The lining-up-toys thing is a stereotype/example of ritualistic behaviour and compulsive organisation in young kids. Some kids do actually do that, some do what you did, some do something completely separate, some don’t have rituals or compulsions at all. The closest things I had to that stereotype I think was having to eat my dinner in a Specific Order (starches, veggies, meat, but save one veggie for last) and Always having to rearrange store displays if they were messy.

In short, yep!

-Brother Cat


“You can make your own alien species to play” the dm said. “Can it be a mushroom?” I asked. “Of course you can play a mushroom alien.” He said, not realizing what he was in for.

“The mushroom will be a blob and try very hard to be a seductress.”

The DM has regrets. I have none. This is Vmmm and i based their look off of some shroom people designs I snatched from Stellaris and Dark Souls, and my favorite mushroom. I wanted them to look more bizarre but he had the stipulation they must have a recognizable head, a way to speak, and arms.

Their species has hundreds of sexes and while they don’t understand human sexuality they are fascinated by it and the way humans use it to get what they want. So Vmmm  dresses “sexy” and flirts with everyone they meet.

They have no boobs so they fill their bra with their stuff like guns and bioscanners. Vmmm also got a free fur bikini last session because the shop keeper didn’t want them coming in her store with all those oozing pods but she didn’t want to turn them away either.