what have you done to me bryke


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“On Zaofu’s yonic imagery, I’ve done some poking around and I’m pretty…”

I think you shouldn’t look for facts to support your theory. The facts we have support that Zaofu is based on the Lotus Temple. Nothing more.

It’s not a theory that the Lotus Temple is yonic or that Zaofu is run by someone who was introduced to us as “the matriarch,” lol. I’m just talking about its implications in the grander scheme of what Bryke was going for. Zaofu stands in contrast to Ba Sing Se and Republic City. What were they trying to say with that?

Believe me, I could write a reaching essay on what it means that Kuvira turns the domes into Mega Maid, and point out how it’s Mako (Mr. Gendered Anxiety) who is the one that blows it up. But looking at Zaofu’s presentation (both architecture and seeming gender roles) and asking if this is consciously evocative of a matriarchy? It’s hardly a liberal reading.