So long and goodnight

pairing: michael x reader

word count: 4,246 

aight, there were so many fucking tears shed while writing this because of how fucking sad it is ON TOP OF THE FACT THAT ITS INSPIRED BY HELENA BY MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE 

bitch.. im still not over the whole teaser shit mcr released because yall probably know that im one of the biggest mcr fans out there (been rocking out to them since i was 5 fight me) and theres just so many feelings i have for this band plus its a sad michael imagine and michael already gives me so many feels so just,,, im sorry if anyone reading this is the same way i am and probably thinks this is way sadder and more depressing than it should be

DISCLAIMER (is this even the right term?): theres drug use involved in this so if that makes you uncomfortable, read with caution :)

im not going to say hope you like this one because,, well how can you like something so sad and emo? idk fam just here it is

All good things must come to an end at some point. In life, there’s the good shit and the bad shit. And no matter how terrible the bad shit is, it’ll end at some point. Same goes for good shit: it doesn’t matter if you ended up becoming king of the world and got everything you wanted in life, it would end at some point. You would get old and people would stop to care about you, you’d run out of things that make you happy and ultimately life would be dull and boring. The sun rises, creating a beautiful sunrise in the mornings, but the sunrise ends, and a boring blue sky casts over the earth. The sun sets, creating a beautiful sunset, but the sunset ends, and a black canvas overcomes the atmosphere dotted with mistakes made up of stars and planets (Michael preferred sunsets to sunrises; he found them more beautiful). The good shit would turn into bad shit. And in the end, nothing really mattered.

At least that’s how Michael saw it in his eyes.

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sneak peek of how lucifer’s thought process went when he tried to act like cas around dean

Things go down when Chat Noire meets Chat Noir (sin)

dedicated to @rinrynren for reminding me of this ridiculous au

congratulations jensen ackles on your PCA! 

(or the one in which misha is a proud boyfriend and nothing hurts)

  • Harry:Oh Ginny, can we name him James Sirius Potter?
  • Ginny:*smiles kindly with a tear in her eye* Of course, love.
  • *one year or so later*
  • Harry:Ginny *puppy dog eyes* I want to honour two good men by naming him Albus Severus Potter.
  • Ginny:Um, well........ Okay?
  • *couple more years*
  • Ginny:I was thinking—
  • Harry:Lily Luna Potter, after my mum, Merlin bless her soul.
  • Ginny:
  • Ginny:You win this time, Potter.
  • *after an appropriate time period*
  • Harry:Oh, Ginny, I was thinking—
  • Ginny:Nymphadora Molly Potter.
  • Harry:Are you sure—
  • Ginny:Nymphadora. Molly. Potter.
  • *next time*
  • Ginny:
  • Harry:
  • Ginny:
  • Ginny:*opens mouth*
  • Harry:REMUS FRED POTTER!!!!!
  • *twenty years later, the Potter's are sitting around their dinner table and the youngest weaves through his various sibling to come before his father*
  • Harry:What is it, child?
  • Fawkes Sorting-Hat Potter:Why, Dad? Why?
  • Harry:That was a brave hat, Fawkes, you should be proud.
  • Ginny:*in the background* Hufflepuff! You leave Horcrux and Aberforth alone!