what has this world come to

too good at goodbyes — prologue || stiles stilinski

author: @sincerelystiles
pairing: stiles x reader 
word count: 533 

authors note: the beginning of the soulmate au is here!! i’m so unbelievably excited for you guys to read this series!!! also, this part is set in 1902. 

index. // one. — (coming soon) 
series playlist. 

summary: the beginning of his hell has just began, now he must figure out what it means. 

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This Is What You Came For;

Prompt: A one shot based off This Is What You Came For by Calvin Harris and Rihanna sent by anon. 

Summary: It’s Riley’s 21st birthday and after a fight with her long-term boyfriend Lucas, Riley heads to the club in an attempt to forget her troubles. 

Word Count: 1658

○ ○ ○

♫ ♫ ♫  Baby, this is what you came for
Lightning strikes every time she moves
And everybody’s watching her
But she’s looking at you ♫ ♫ ♫ 

It’s no secret Lucas Friar can be a little jealous when it comes to Riley Matthews, even after dating for almost seven years.

The two high school sweethearts attend colleges two thousand miles apart but they’ve managed to survive the distance. Although they are still together the distance has put a strain on the long term relationship.

Riley is a person you either love or hate and there are very few people in the world that don’t love the quirky brunette. It’s her bubbly and positive nature that has people gravitating towards her and this means Riley is socially thriving in college.

With all the new friends Riley was making there came just as many jealous reactions from Lucas. The Texan isn’t jealous Riley’s making friends he’s just triggered by the all male attention she’s receiving.

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Please help me get my friend noticed.

Hey Taylor,

So I know you probably have a lot on your plate, what with a new album to be released. I’m sure you have been baraged with “follow mes” and all that jazz but I need a favor from you. My friend Amber-aka @redlipclassicswiftie13, has been a fan of yours since the days of your first album. She will continue to stick around for all the other eras to come because you have given her light. My girl is a remarkable person who has accumulated a rather large memorabilia stock pile and has attended 8 of your concerts.

It is because of you that I was able to find her in this world full of misfit toys and I hope you can find her too. She hasn’t been feeling too well and I thought a special post would bring some sunshine to her eyes.

Please give a little shoutout to my friend Amber as you will make her dream a reality. Honestly, if you sent her an emoji wave, she would pass out on the floor and then recuperate miraculously. You have that effect on so many of us you know.

Ok so here she is…

Please make her dream come true. Thanks.



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The World Turned Upside Down

Title: The World Turned Upside Down
Author: @phinalphantasy7

Artist: @alex-i-guess
Beta: @sophisticatedfandomtrash
Word count: 16k
Rating: General
Warnings: one use of ‘Gypsy’ as a slur

Summary: Emily Lester lives in idyllic Orkney, Scotland, with her father and little brother, far from the Border of the war with England which has made the Internet a distant memory. One day, the war comes to her doorstep and everything changes. This is a story about war, politics, and the Internet, but mostly about what family means to a teenage girl.

Author Notes: Thanks to beta @sophisticatedfandomtrash and artists @oceaneyespml and @alex-i-guess. Many thanks to fabulous mods @nataliadeluckah and @ib-student-99, and to the dedicated band of Word Warriors!

What a week this has been. The Harvey Weinstein scandal and the resulting #MeToo’s that appeared in masses on social media. The pussycat dolls and prostitution ring scandal. And now Reece Witherspoon is coming forward with her personal account of sexual assault she experienced at 16 at the hands of her director.

It is so sad to live in a world where #YesAllWomen…and meanwhile the collective responses from men…are apathetic at best.


The recent passing of Chester Charles Bennington has created a great movement for the awareness of mental illness, suicide prevention, and child sexual abuse. Individuals from around the world are reaching out to each other on social media and asking complete strangers to listen to their pleas for help. Communities and families have been created all on the common goal of doing what we all call, “make Chester proud.” Make Chester proud is a movement that occurred shortly after his death in which everyone is coming together and doing what they can to make change in the world. Chester Bennington was a man with a big heart. He loved his fans and loved the world. He gave countless time and money in order to help in any charity he could possible. Chester believed with all his heart that one day we could all live in a world of peace if only we could all just help one another and be there for each other.

Since his passing, many of Chester Bennington fans and followers have felt as though they need a place in which they are able to pay their respects to Chester Bennington and all the great things he’s done. Because there is no grave site in which fans can visit and pay their respects; many have suggested the idea of placing a statue of Chester Bennington at the Hollywood Cemetery in his honor. If this statue is created, the fans and followers of Chester Bennington will have a place where they can pay their respects to this amazing individual. This statue would be a form of closure for those that feel they still need it. Chester mentioned jokingly on camera that he would like a monument made in his honor when he died. Well we all heard him, and we did not see it as a joke. This man is deserving of such an honor as having himself immortalized into a statue for us all to see. Please consider this and give those that need our closure what we seek. Thank you!

‘Yandere Saihara and tall s/o that’s awkward and insecure’

Yandere Saihara will an insecure and awkward s/o (bonus points if they are taller than him)

Uhhhh This has been in the ask box for like forever but I keep forgetting to do it I’m sorry. But I hope you enjoy!

* He loves you more than anything in the world
* He’ll always find the positives in you
* You’re too tall? Hugs are the best
* Too awkward? He finds it fucking adorable
* Literally anything you could say to degrade yourself he’ll make positive
* And when it comes to others he’ll always point out their negatives
* Calling other girls/other guys dumb or ugly is what you’ve gotten used to
* And if any of those idiots tries to hit on you, pray for their soul
* Because the second he finds a chance he’s pinned them to a wall with a knife against their neck
* He’s got this poker face the whole time he’s threatening them, and it’s terrifying
* But he’ll let them go the first time, afterwards if it keeps happening they dead
* When you get home from that you two cuddle and he whispers in your ear how amazing you are
* He’ll do whatever it takes to make you believe that, because in his eyes, you’re an angel
* An angel surrounded by demons
- Mod Maki

The three women guided Lilith to the interior of the house, where a plumbob-shaped glass sculpture stood.

“We have a present for you” Juliette said, as Hermia signaled the plumbob.

Lilith didn’t really know what to say. Why were they giving her a present in the first place? Titania seemed so excited, it kind of intimidated her that she didn’t know what she was supposed to do with it, or what it was, at all.

“Ah, thanks?” She said.

“Juliette has taken a special interest in you” Titania started. “She brought it to my attention, and we have decided to invite you to join us. You might not know this, Lilith. But there are magical beings in this world. The Capps and Summerdreams, the Goths and other families, we are magical. We come from different branches of wizardry, but we all have a common power.”

“When I met you I knew there was something different about you, and I could feel that you had potential. I talked to Titania about it, since she is much more advanced in recognizing magical beings, and we have been keeping a close eye on you since.

rising sign pros and cons

Aries Rising

pros: quick mind that is full of fun ideas. have a lot of energy and enthusiasm. come across as very energetic and are good at motivating people. straightforward and honest. approach to life and situations is very sincere

cons: their immense energy may throw people off or people may dislike their energy. can be extremely restless, they always have to be moving or doing something. acts on impulse and rushes into things quickly, usually without planning or thinking it through

Taurus Rising

pros: approaches life and situations with patience and dedication. aren’t afraid of working hard or sticking with something. usually have a good routine in life. have a soothing, graceful presence

cons: are extremely stubborn with opinions/thoughts. are very cautious, and sometimes miss out on opportunities because of that. can be very single minded or focus only on one thing at a time, and hate to be rushed

Gemini Rising

pros: very friendly and adaptable. can talk to just about anyone, has very friendly vibes that most people are drawn to or will like instantly. has a quick and witty sense of humor. aren’t afraid of change or adapting, and are always willing to learn something new

cons: always wanting action and change. may change to fit someone else’s ideal or to get along with someone better. need a lot of space and freedom. don’t like being told what to do or to follow what everyone else is doing. can have a hard time focusing on one thing at a time

Cancer Rising

pros: people think they are sweet and adorable. very approachable and have a kind disposition. reads others easily and are good at picking up other’s emotions. feels a lot of emotion and sympathy for the world and others

cons: people think they are younger than they really are. people may not take them seriously. is expressive and can be read easily, especially with emotion. tends to take on others emotions and is extremely sensitive to vibes

Leo Rising

pros: radiant and exuberant. lives life in the moment, always wants to have fun and do whatever they want. has a noticeable presence. has a big heart that is full of love and wants to spread joy and entertain others, loves to make others laugh

cons: can be too honest or dramatic, doesn’t ever want to be serious or do anything serious. would rather just have fun all the time. it’s their way or the highway. can be extremely stubborn or set in their ways

Virgo Rising

pros: polite and humble, is very honest with themselves and always wants to improve. helpful and thoughtful, is always thinking of others and wanting to help them. intellectual and mindful

cons: can be very picky or nitpick a lot, extremely critical, especially critical of themselves. if something goes wrong they start to panic. can be too logical or practical. likely to have a nervous energy

Libra Rising

pros: has great manners and social skills. good at getting along with people and making a good impression. sees beauty and good in the world and others, and appreciates it. wants to make the world a kinder place

cons: may be too concerned with material matters or what people think of them, can be caught up in their own world for a while. sees people and the world through rose tinted glasses. can seem superficial

Scorpio Rising

pros: people think they are mysterious and cool. reads people like a book. has a great intuition and judgement of character. has stunning, soul piercing eyes

cons: resting bitch face. people don’t understand them, they may feel like an outsider or that they don’t connect with people easily. might come off strongly or more intimidating than they would like

Sagittarius Rising

pros: honest and genuine. love learning and doing new things, wants to experience everything they can. optimistic and enthusiastic, approaches everything in life with a good attitude.

cons: doesn’t like to be held down or put into a box, wants and expects freedom and space. can be flighty or hard to pin down. gets bored with routine easily

Capricorn Rising

pros: has a sarcastic, deadpan kind of humor. self aware and honest with themselves, they really know themselves. senses bullshit from a mile away. hard workers who approach life by working hard for what they want. extremely capable in everything they do

cons: always second guessing themselves and can be insecure of themselves or their work. is very concerned about their image or how they are perceived by others (or sometimes its the opposite and they care too little). puts a lot of responsibility on themselves, can seem really rigid or too serious

Aquarius Rising

pros: sees life as an adventure, always changing and growing. wants to bring change and excitement into the world. sees things with original and unique thoughts, has an amazing and intellectual mind. has cute quirks. very hard to forget

cons: inflexible and stubborn, wants everything done their way and the way they think is best. can be too future oriented, and forget to live in the present. can seem detached or uninterested, or can be hard to pin down and unpredictable

Pisces Rising

pros: dreamy and imaginative. caring and empathetic, they want to care for the world and others. sees beauty and good in everything, likes to stay positive. has a good eye for art and comes across as very sweet and kind. very creative

cons: idealistic to an extreme. can sometimes forget about the real world and how it works, they like to stay in their bubble. very sensitive to others vibes or emotions, especially negative emotions or criticism. sees things the way they want to see them, not as they are

Neo Yokio Quote Starters

Change pronouns accordingly

  • “What up city be-OTCH? Haven’t seen you in a long time.”
  • “What are you doing after school? Come to my apartment and we can get high and have a fashion show.” 
  • “I love being in public when my hair’s…WET. I feel like a gucci model.”
  • “You know what? you don’t deserve this big toblerone.” 
  • “I gotta go. Snacks are ready.”
  • “Her withdraw from society fills me with unease.”
  • “My world has become cold iron”
  • “I’m done searching for meaning in the aesthetic cycles of commodities.” 
  • “Couldn’t even find the body. He’s probably being dragged around the Atlantic in a tuna net, like a dolphin!”
  • Water. Ain’t. Weak. Yo”
  • “Sorry to disappoint you sales clerk. But the universe is dictated by forces far greater than field hockey.” 
  • “I don’t know what it is about a well decorated apartment. But it makes me wanna smoke.”
  • “Today’s special is squid ink fettuccine”
  • “Well, that IS the most melancholy pasta.”
  • “Dude that was creepy as fuck son.”
  • “Oh that is BULLSHIT. I’ve been waiting to get the house for YEARS. I’m gonna pimp it out it’s gonna be sooo flyyy”
  • “Hahah- My Style- is NOT conservative.” 
  • “Girl you are wearing khaki’s RIGHT now.”
  • “I could look for CLUES in his apartment.”
  • “The ONLY worthwhile thing about you… Is your taste in luxury chocolate.”
  • “I had a dream a toblerone was in trouble….and that toblerone was YOU”
  • “Do you have a PROBLEM with those swim trunks?”
  • “A run in with my ex and my uncles funeral on the same DAY? Good lord I need a drink.” 
  • “Fuck that and FUCK my dad.” 
  • “You think you’re so much better than me because you fight demons??”
  • “I LOVE water, without water there’d be no nautical fashion.” 
  • “YEAH. That’s your problem, you don’t know how to treat ANYONE well.”
  • “Well that’s enough vaping for me. I’ll see you around.” 
  • “Communism forever!”

me: i want to draw some self-indulgent pastel goth garbage

my goblin brain: make it mika

anonymous asked:

If Keith's Galra side is what makes him have this anger issues... How nice of a guy would he be if he was 100% human?

Actually–I don’t think Keith’s struggles with his emotions make him any less “nice.” If anything, I think he’s actually kinder because he’s hurting so much and still makes a conscious effort to try and control his temper and clearly regrets lashing out at others. Look at when he’s upset about Shiro’s disappearance–when he feels like Shiro left him and he know’s it’s not Shiro’s fault but he’s still so overwhelmed and says things he doesn’t mean. The reaction is immediate. As soon as he speaks, he looks devastated 

During his paladin vlog, he apologizes multiple times for letting his anger get the better of him. “I am…sorry. I am so sorry I, I guess—I have a bit of a temper, so…“ During The Hunted, he also expresses remorse for giving in to his emotions:

I think it’s also worth examining why Keith’s temper usually flares up. The common denominator is usually either 1) innocent people are in trouble (most likely under the rule of a corrupt leader)

2) Shiro in particular is in trouble, 

or 3) he’s grieving Shiro and his teammates don’t allow him that time to mourn or continue searching

Now, at the end of the vlog, Keith gets up and storms off. The only other time I could really think of where he actually gets up and leaves in a fit of anger on the spot is in Changing the Guard. All day he’s been tense and frustrated because no one else is willing to really acknowledge that Shiro is in serious trouble. “We don’t have Shiro either. Everyone seems to have forgotten that.” He feels like none of them cares about Shiro like he does, like they all just gave up on him and Keith is his only hope. And he can’t walk away from Shiro, not when he means so much. Anyway, what I’m getting here is–if in the vlog he storms off because he can’t hold back his tears anymore, does that mean he cried after this scene too? 

Even the way he slams his hands on the table before taking off is a thing in both these scenes

So anyway, what I’m trying to say here is–Keith’s anger isn’t from malicious intent. Not really. It comes from pain, compassion, love–it’s what happens when he cares too much and someone tears his world out from under him. He’s not a bad person, and I certainly don’t think Keith is even an angry person. Being galra doesn’t make him “meaner” or more aggressive, it makes all his emotions more volatile and passionate. Which would also explain his singularly devoted loyalty and adoration for Shiro, his sense of chivalry, his intense fear of abandonment, and so on. His feelings are all his, they’re just focused to such an intensity that he has difficulty managing them. He gets overwhelmed, and he lashes out. He’s trying his best to cope and I wish the universe was kinder to him 

anonymous asked:

Do you have more info about aspects to the ascendant?

I do!

Sun/Ascendent: Lots of physical energy. Self-esteem strongly influences self-expression. Father often played an important role in the development of the self and the self-expression, for better or worse. Independent, tendency to look at oneself instead of others to decide how to express themselves (this can be altered by other placements). 

Moon/Ascendent: Emotions are either actively hidden or naturally and openly expressed. Mother often played an important role in the development of the self and the self-expression, for better or worse. Prone to obvious moodiness. Tendency to shyness. Nostalgic. Emotional state heavily influences how they carry themselves and they may like to change their appearance frequently. 

Mercury/Ascendent: Come across as witty and intelligent. There is an air of juvenility around them. Often skilled with their hands and at crafting. Talkativeness is common and there’s a tendency to express oneself mostly through words, the attentionspan can be small at times. 
Aspects between Mercury & the Ascendent other than the Conjunction are usually of less importance as both are rather passive points when it comes to aspects.

Venus/Ascendent: Is viewed as beautiful and/or attractive, regardless of actual appearance. Very charming and well-mannered. A people person, sometimes with the tendency to be a push-over or people pleaser. Diplomatic and has a fine eye for beauty and aesthetic as well as other people’s talents. May be prone to shallowness at times.

Mars/Ascendent: Fierce and passionate, has an active and confident approach to the world. May at times come off as “too strong” or aggressive. Determined, assertive, and action-oriented. Doer instead of talker personality. Tendency to be competitive and approach people and things as challenges. Prone to be irritable and condescending towards those who are more passive.

Jupiter/Ascendent: Extravagant and noticeable expression. Loud and grande personality, even if not actually loud or tall. Tolerance and expansion are big themes, tend to not care too much about what others think or do. May be prone to a god or superiority complex. Curious personality and eager to see and experience a lot. Possibility to indulge too much in any form of abundance. 

Saturn/Ascendent: Disciplined and controlled. Mature personality. Tendency to be more quiet and take the role of the observer more than that of the actor. Can come across as intimidating and prefers to keep their circle small. Very resilient, tenacious, and reliable. Prone to pessimism that is perceived as realism by the native. Cold demeanor, may feel as if they aren’t allowed to be themselves. 

Uranus/Ascendent: Spontaneous, eccentric personality. Wants to suprise and shock people, may enjoy changing themselves and/or their appearance a lot. Prone to detachment and a feeling of being, or having to be, “above” others. Strong intuition and likeable but may be hard to get to know on an intimate level. Skilled at technological things. Future-oriented. Idealistic views and a strong wish to revolutionize their surroundings. Tendency to escape conflicts and push people away. 

Neptune/Ascendent: Very sensitive and incredible intuition. Has an exceptional imagination and skill of visualization but has a tendency to use these to escape reality by daydreaming excessively. Spaces out a lot and tends to feel “far away”. Intuitively spots dishonesty in others and very empathetic. May be unsure of who they are and can be unstable and easy to manipulate.

Pluto/Ascendent: Extremely ambitious in going after their goals and dreams. Tends to come off as unapproachable and someone who doesn’t show all of themselves. Resilient and tends to go through lots of transformative phases. May be autoaggressive or even masochistic. Strong willpower and urge to grow as an individual. Prone to paranoia.  


The FINAL Final Fantasy XV Active Time Report just wrapped! Most of the information was about the Multiplayer Expansion: Comrades. Here’s some details from the stream:

  • Single player aspect of Comrades has a RPG style
  • In multiplayer you can play with people from around the world or AI
  • Collect meter shards to help generate power in Lestallum
  • Cid can help customize your weapons
  • Appoint refugees different roles in the town
  • Each royal sigil has its own special abilities and players can choose one to help determine what role you’ll play in the DLC (tank, healer, etc)
  • Nobuo Uematsu did the theme for Comrades called “Choosing Hope”
  • A second VR game is being developed
  • Additional content coming in 2018 based off feedback from fans. The content will be aimed to help deepen the story.
  • This was the final ATR, the team will find another way to communicate with fans.
Signs Pros and Cons

pros: quick mind that is full of fun ideas. have a lot of energy and enthusiasm. come across as very energetic and are good at motivating people. straightforward and honest. approach to life and situations is very sincere

cons: their immense energy may throw people off or people may dislike their energy. can be extremely restless, they always have to be moving or doing something. acts on impulse and rushes into things quickly, usually without planning or thinking it through

pros: approaches life and situations with patience and dedication. aren’t afraid of working hard or sticking with something. usually have a good routine in life. have a soothing, graceful presence

cons: are extremely stubborn with opinions/thoughts. are very cautious, and sometimes miss out on opportunities because of that. can be very single minded or focus only on one thing at a time, and hate to be rushed

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