what has this spiraled into


So, @arisuns (I TOLD U I WOULD POST IT XD) and I were in a comment box talking about Prince Ali (the upcoming character speculated to be the holder of the green kwami that may be a frog XD).

It spiraled from “omg what if he has a crush on Marinette” to “omg what if he falls for someone who isn’t Marinette.” I suggested Sabrina, Rose, and Alix… and we ended up brainstorming ideas about Prince Ali/Alix. (and yeah lol their shipname would be Alix? Alilix? HAHAHA XD)

  • Imagine Prince Ali arriving to school with most of the girls staring at him and sighing
  • He becomes classmates with everyone in Miss Bustier’s class
  • Chloe suddenly forgets Adrien is sitting across her
  • Hearts start surrounding Prince Ali in Chloe-vision
  • And when Prince Ali is asked to introduce himself in front of the class
  • A girl with beautiful messy cotton candy pink hair enters the room
  • With her hair under a cap
  • And before he could say anything, Miss Bustier says kindly and gently, “Alix, please remove your hat. We’re indoors, okay?”
  • Since Miss Bustier is nice, Alix decides to do so. Meanwhile, Prince Ali thanks the wonderful teacher for telling him the girl’s name
  • Cue break time, Chloe would of course introduce herself to the handsome prince while they are in the locker room. She advances… well, we all know how she advances XD
  • Adrien becomes fast friends with Prince Ali because of how they are both used to fame
  • Marinette, Alya, and Nino also become friends with
  • And while they are chatting, Alix passes by, chewing bubble gum with no fucks given about the new kid while girls from other classes are peeking from outside the locker room
  • Ali greets her grandiosely while Alix is just, “Cool. Nice to meet you, bro.”
  • And Marinette notices (because she knows how giddy people feel when they are with their crushes while they’re around)
  • And she invites Ali to hang with her and the rest of their class to hang out in the park after class
  • And Ali gets to watch Alix skate versus Kim
  • “What an exciting and refreshing girl,” he thinks (or whispers, and someone like Adrien and/or Marinette hears this)
  • After the race (guess who wins), Ali walks up to her and tells her, “I admire your gracefulness while skating, Princess.”
  • (Marinette tries to remind herself that Prince Ali came from another country and can’t be Chat Noir XD)
  • Alix suddenly turns very flustered while Kim falls on his derriere laughing
  • “H-how the hell am I a princess?”
  • “Yeah, I agree with Alix. How is she a princess?”
  • Alya to Nino: “Good thing Chloe isn’t here or more shade will be thrown around.”
  • And now Alix has to get used to having such a regal admirer who clearly “does not know what a princess is despite living as a prince his entire life”
  • Bonus if her dad and brother find out and congratulate her for having some lady charm to attract a boy being chased by lots of girls and who would possibly inherit a kingdom or country XD

(I am Kim/Alix trash but the potential of boy from royalty x tomboy “I dun care bout u” is gold XD)

I *love* that Mycroft is like, “I have no idea why Sherlock would be so upset,” and John’s like, “I don’t know why he’s so upset,” and Mrs. Hudson has this elaborate explanation, like, “Sherlock’s very emotional.” Which is TRUE, but, MYCROFT AND JOHN, it should be SO OBVIOUS: What’s on Sherlock’s mind is that his best friend in the world is no longer speaking to him. Mrs. Hudson even says it explicitly outside the therapist’s: Molly, other people–*they don’t matter.* It’s *John* who matters. And, also, Mrs. Hudson knew what was on Mary’s video so presumably she has the best idea of all what’s causing Sherlock’s downward spiral. IT IS ENTIRELY JOHN WATSON.


October Skating Challenge Day 28: Favorite move
↳ (Takahiko Kozuka’s) Spreadeagles


his health has spiraled out of control. ever since their last little ‘run in’ he’s not been the same. quiet. always looking like he’s thinking. but of what? no one knew. in fact everyone who saw him was pretty sure that not even he knew what he was thinking about.

why? why, why, why? after all that time. all that effort. he finally got to her and he just left. didn’t even try. she was leaving. living. breathing. sure, it was so she could live, suffering from the reminder of what she had done to him but since when did he ever do that? hell, he put a bullet between the eyes of the person who taught him everything he knew. 

because she was different. zach’s entire life is black and white. do this. do that. shoot him. fuck her. but there’s this little spot and it’s grey. he doesn’t know what to do with grey. so, like with everything else, he drinks away his problems. drinks away the thought of lucien and how he killed him without a moment of hesitation. drinks away the reminder that the person he killed him for wasn’t worth it.

he’s found in his home by jake, whom the night before was left a very odd voicemail of zach’s usual angry self followed by a sudden silence and the voicemail ending. the phone is in the kitchen sink, dropped in a glass of some kind of clear liquid. more than likely not water. there’s bottles scattered all over the place and zach’s found curled up to the toilet in his bathroom, pale as a sheet and a bit of bright red crimson stained to his mouth. 

somehow his friend manages to lift him up but he’s nearly completely passed out and freezing. the toilet bowl is just filled with red. nothing else. just red.  “ god damn it, zachary. ”  is all that’s uttered as he tries to get him to the couch to at least lie him down before he calls for someone to come in and look at zach. he knows exactly who’s to blame for this and it’s killing his friend. so, sitting down beside zach, a finger settled on his pulse the entire time as they both wait, he starts going through as many channels as it takes to contact koshka.

ok heres my opinion on something ive been seeing a lot thats bothering me: 

I feel this whole fandom movement to attack people for their problematic ships have gotten way way way out of hand. Like full stop. 
Look i get it, some ships are shitty. For numerous reasons. And we all have things that make us uncomfortable or piss us off and i won’t deny i too have ships i rather not see and would like to pretend don’t exist and just really truly HATE. Thats normal. Making posts and sharing it among likeminded people about how much you dislike it, thats normal and its ok. 

What’s happened however, is this has spiraled from ‘sharing posts with likeminded people and maybe some passive aggressive posts in the tag’ to ‘suicide baiting and harassing and doxxing young teens as well as forcibly outing abuse survivors and sending waves of antis after mentally ill kids for their problematic ships’. And its… really bad. 

Like ya, some ships are really bad and problematic.. but actively harassing people for shipping shit isnt helping anyone? Forcibly outing people as ABUSE VICTIMS ONLINE ISNT HELPING ANYONE. TELLING PEOPLE TO KILL THEMSELVES BECAUSE THEY SHIP FICTIONAL CHARACTERS ISNT FUCKING HELPING ANYONE. 
I don’t know when it got so bad that this is something that has become every day normal to say. But it has. Actively telling people to kill themselves for fictional ships is something normal and accepted now and thats horrific. 
And before someone says ‘well no one is going to do it!’. Yes. They will. I have seen the aftermaths of these attacks and its really bad. Yall are pushing vulnerable mentally ill teens and young adults to suicide and self harm and breakdowns because of their fictional ships. Thats not something to pat yourself on the back about. And its definitely not ok to go ‘well they deserve it’ or ‘they deserve worse’ (which i have seen people say btw). 

It’s also not healthy for the people attacking either. Look if you got a ship and you really hate it and feel sick seeing it.. then why… would you spend time out of your day going into the tags of that ship just to attack people? To see the art and fanfiction every day? Its not GOOD for you. At all. making entire blogs dedicated to that one ship you hate is not healthy. Its dangerous, especially if that ship is something that upsets you. Its obsessive and dangerous for your mental health. What’s healthy is to block it, to push it away so you dont see it, to not become unhealthily obsessed with something that makes you upset. 

I’m not going to go into the complicated reasons for why people hate a ship and why people ship problematic ships and the line between fiction and reality etc. etc. right now. Because thats a whole other can of worms. And thats not really the discussion here. 
 The discussion here is the way that for whatever reason, a whole bunch of people decided that they are going to do an incredibly unhealthy thing and then try to push people into dangerous situations because of fiction. And that is not good in any way. Its dangerous, its unhealthy for everyone involved, and its created a very very bad situation for a whole lot of people. And it really needs to stop.