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DORIEN GREY AND ME: “GOLDILOCKS” aka the source for the RBB porridge photo

Just a photo, right? WRONG! 

The source for this photo comes from a blog called Dorien Grey and Me, which is run by a gay man named Roger. His most recent post is called, “Growing up Gay” in which he says, “I talk so much about being gay because for the first nearly 2/3 of my life I was, out of very real concern for the possible subsequences, unable to do so.”

“Dorien Grey” is of course a nod to infamous homosexual writer Oscar Wilde’s novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray, and this photo is from his post called “Goldilocks” which begins:

The little golden-haired moppet of the children’s classic had to deal with a series of three choices: too much of something, not enough of it, and just the right amount. When it comes to thinking, people tend to favor Goldilocks’ second choice; they either think too little, or do not think at all, which is the path of least resistance. Very few tend to think too much.

The post is about people that don’t think too much and let others do the thinking for you. “They must know what they’re talking about, or they wouldn’t be on TV or writing articles, right? So just go along in whatever direction they point you and never, never ask questions.”

It is a very good analysis of the convenience of hate and how it can sway opinions easily and you can have a read for yourself if you like.

Given the extreme detail with which those bears are decorated, I don’t see why they would just randomly choose an image. Although this is a popular image for “three porridge bowls” it isn’t the first one, and it isn’t even the best looking one. 

Coincidence? Who knows. 

smutty jeanmarco fics - a playlist comprised of music to listen to while reading jeanmarco smut fics

gold ft. yuna adventure club // there i was soulero // move slow felxprod // all the time keys n krates // loose ends cna ft. sacred // everything to me (christian strobe remix)lips // collect call (adventure club remix) metric // memories (elipsis k remix) sparkle & samlion // bully (still alive remix) fusk asker // one night (vicetone remix) matthew koma // if this is a dream grand staff // less means more cma // shattered koda

{listen} {art by theicarustheory}

So I was casually scrolling through my OnS screenshots, right?

Minding my own business.

When I came across two particular frames.

And I noticed something.

I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, so I kept alternating between the two.

And as I was trying to figure out what it was about them that had caught my attention…

Suddenly I realised

They are freaking colour-coordinating

this has been your pointless midnight mikanoa announcement. good day.


here u will receive the following benefits!!!!

  •  absolutely breaking down over the soundtrack 
  • endless crying over illya and gaby
  • added medical benefits including (but not limited to) treatments for:
  1.       multiple heart attacks after staring at solo and illya for too long
  2.      cataract surgery after you realise you spent 12 hours on tumblr reading through gallya fanfiction
  3.     a stroke after you watch all the interviews and fall in utter love with solo/illya/gaby (i’m talking all at once)
  • the crushing moment when u realise that we’ll probably never get another installment of tmfu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

have fun and enjoy your stay!

(because you won’t be getting out any time soon)