what has my life become man


Brother! I have not become downhearted or low-spirited. Life is everywhere life, life in ourselves, not in what is outside us. There will be people near me, and to be a man among people and remain a man for ever, not to be downhearted nor to fall in whatever misfortunes may befall me — this is life ; this is the task of life. I have realised this. This idea has entered into my flesh and into my blood. Yes, it’s true ! The head which was creating, living with the highest life of art, which had realised and grown used to the highest needs of the spirit, that head has already been cut off from my shoulders. There remain the memory and the images created but not yet incarnated by me. They will lacerate me, it is true ! But there remains in me my heart and the same flesh and blood which can also love, and suffer, and desire, and remember, and this, after all, is life. On voit le soleil! Now, good-bye, brother! Don’t grieve for me!

…When I look back at the past and think how much time has been wasted in vain, how much time was lost in delusions, in errors, in idleness, in ignorance of how to live, how I did not value time, how often I sinned against my heart and spirit, — my heart bleeds. Life is a gift, life is happiness, each minute might have been an age of happiness. Si jeunesse savait! Now, changing my life, I am being reborn into a new form. Brother! I swear to you that I shall not lose hope, and shall preserve my spirit and heart in purity. I shall be reborn to a better thing. That is my whole hope, my whole comfort!

From Dostoevsky’s letter written at the Peter and Paul Fortress in St. Petersburg to his brother Mikhail on December 22, 1849. He had been condemned to death (only to be revealed as a mock execution at the last moment) and had written a farewell the day before his supposed execution. 

BTS when their daughter (you) tells them they have a boyfriend {REQUEST}

Kim Seokjin/Jin: 


“Bring him over so your mother and I can meet him, sweetheart” “*mutters to himself* That boy is dead,”

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Min Yoongi/Suga:

“No…she’s growing up…I wasn’t expecting this so soon,”

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Kim Namjoon/Rap Monster:

Becomes protective Rap Daddy.

“Y/n..I don’t want you seeing him,”

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Jung Hoseok/J-Hope:

*gif, but you’re the award*

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Park Jimin/Jimin:

*nodding to himself*

“I can handle this…I’m not jealous that my baby girl has another man in her life…I am not jealous at all,”

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Kim Taehyung/V:

“You what now?”

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Jeon Jeongguk/Jungkook:

“Oh no…congratulations…I guess?”

“Dad, could you at least sound happy for me?”


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This was fun to write


  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: phoenix wright and miles edgeworth are literally the gayest characters I have ever seen like what straight man says to another straight man that he causes him "unnecessary feelings?" what straight man who isn't harboring any latent homosexual feelings for his childhood friend actually switches his major in college for the sole reason of meeting back up with his childhood friend? what kind of straight man charters a private jet in the middle of night to a country halfway across the world for another man? what kind of straight man pulls every string he's got to pull to get another straight man his badge back when only a few years ago he was saying that he never wanted to see his face again? what kind of straight man fills in for another straight man in court and arranges for a judge and prosecutor of his choice despite knowing how much trouble both of them could get into? what kind of straight man defends another straight man for two murder charges that seem like open and shut cases with absolutely no hesitation whatsoever even after being told by the aforementioned man repeatedly said he didn't want his help? what kind of straight man is so upset and distraught by another straight man's apparent suicide that he doesn't even want to hear the man's named mentioned? what kind of straight men have so much canon courtroom flirting that it is literally ridiculous? what kind of straight men's dialogue consists largely of the men just sighing and mutter each other's names repeatedly? what kind of world are we living in where we are still debating about phoenix wright and miles edgeworth's sexuality when they are so blatantly, obviously, painfully gay for each other?
My interpretation of Shizaya Fanfic

Shizuo: *walk over to Izaya*
Izaya: wut do u want m8
Shizuo: lmao u has nice face
Izaya: aren’t u going to throw a vending machine at me or sum shit
Shizuo: no
Izaya: wut
Shizuo: *begin passionate make out session*
Izaya: oh my god I am suddenly abandoning all of my character traits and deciding to become your boyfriend, hold me you muscly milk-loving man
(I have never even watched Durarara in my life this is what I understand from my friend ranting about this ship)

There is something esthetical about his creature. It’s not his physical appearance or his way of speech. It goes far beyond what the human brain comprehends. He has the mind of a young man, but the soul of an elder tree. My mind’s interest in his may lie in the vision of our skin merging together and our spirit’s becoming one.
—  3 am
My favorite out of context quotes I’ve heard from people at school:

“I’m not lonely, you hoe, I’ve got my kazoo and that’s all I need” (he actually did have a kazoo)

“Do you like feet?”

“Stop being gay with my brother, that’s not okay”

“I’m not boss, I’m daddy”

“Prostitutes on a train”

“The amount of times hooker has been said in this class period is concerning”

“The early bird doesn’t get the cookie”


“I can kill you with a slice of pizza”

“It’s just making me hump you, I’m sorry”

“Whales are weirdos, man”

“Is spongebob real?”

“You need to stop calling me dad, people are going to think something kinky is going on”

“My son..forehead shinier than my life though..I love him, but”

“I’m scared, dog”

“Is it too late to give up and become a stripper?”

Gency: Arhi debates Ship Hate (once again)

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Please, if you’re going to read, read all the way through.

The base of this post is mainly- Guess what- Fan Speculation.

A link to the first one; http://immortalarhiart.tumblr.com/post/155855740484/gency-arhi-debates-ship-hate

Here we go kids, Spread the word if you agree, add anything you think I missed- but please don’t be rude about it. If I sound angry in my arguments, it probably wasn’t intentional.

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On this day in music history: December 3, 1965 - “Rubber Soul”, the sixth album by The Beatles is released (US release date is on December 8, 1965). Produced by George Martin, it is recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London from June 17, October 12 - November 11, 1965. Recorded in just four weeks following their second world tour, the album is a major artistic milestone in The Beatles’ career, demonstrating yet another great leap forward in the bands’ material both musically and lyrically. The influence folk rock (particularly Bob Dylan and The Byrds) is apparent on several tracks. No singles are released from the album, but nearly every track becomes an airplay staple over the years including “Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)”, “Michelle”, “Drive My Car”, “In My Life” and “If I Needed Someone”. The US version of the album features a slightly altered track listing, removing the songs “Nowhere Man”, “What Goes On” (the first two are held back for single release in February of 1966), “Drive My Car”, and “If I Needed Someone” (first issued in the US on “Yesterday And Today” in June of 1966), with “I’ve Just Seen A Face” and “It’s Only Love” (from the non-soundtrack side of “Help!”) being added. The albums’ iconic cover shot is taken by photographer Robert Freeman. He changes the original picture to its distinctive altered state after showing the band slides of the photo session projected on an LP sized piece of cardboard. When the cardboard falls backward it slightly distorts their faces into the now familiar image. The stereo and versions of the  album are remastered and reissued on CD in 2009, with the original UK releases being reissued on vinyl in 2012 and 2014 respectively. “Rubber Soul” tops the UK album chart, spending eight weeks at number one on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified 6x Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

My Criticism Towards Season 20 Episode 10.

Okay but I am very disappointed with the last episode of Season 20.

No. It wasn’t because Kyman did not become canon.

No. It wasn’t because all who had broken up did not get back together.

The episode was, to me, the product of a man who has been lazy for his whole life.

Like it’s good that the whole Trolltrace fiasco stopped but

Isn’t there still a big gap between Kyle and Cartman in terms of friendship?

What happened to Stendy?

What about the member berries?

And there are still so many questions left from the previous seasons that haven’t been answered yet.

The ending is just so hidden. I mean I’m not saying that hidden endings are good. But it’s only appropriate when the creators have already planned and announced a next season.

Here’s the thing.

Season 20 will probably (and I mean probably) will be the last season of South Park because the creators have planned on ending the show by 2016 (I’m not sure about this one because that’s what I heard).

So to end the show with this is not good.

You started the show as something anyone can watch and enjoy at the same time, and then you end it with this.

I am just disappointed.

What makes Geralt and Yennefer perfect for each other in my opinion

Ok, so this won’t be as long a rant as the previous ones, just some thoughts that crossed my mind yesterday evening while I was trying to sleep.
We all know Sapkowski didn’t write a book about some shy teenager being forced to become a hero. Instead he wrote a story about Geralt, a grown man who has already been through so many things and has been hardened by life long before the story even starts. He is powerful and charismatic already, he knows perfectly well who he is already. He is an idealist who has lost faith in life and is now resigned to do mercenary work instead of changing the world for the better. And yet Sapkowski wanted this fully accomplished character to grow and he wanted him to grow through a romantic relationship. So how could he do that? Certainly not by involving Geralt in a relationship with a young, nice, innocent, pretty girl who would be in awe everytime she saw him. Sapkowski needed to introduce a woman who was just as strong a character as Geralt was, who could be his equal in every way, who would understand perfectly who he is, and who could have a strong enough impact on him so he would change everything he was and believed in for the last few decades.

And so Sapkowski wrote Yennefer. He wrote her specifically to be the perfect match for Geralt. Yennefer is as dark a character as Geralt is, she has been through so much as well, she has suffered enough so that she can understand Geralt perfectly from the start. And yet she is a very positive character and her strong determination about everything will be a perfect counterpart to Geralt’s pessimism and resignation. She will be the reason he will stop feeling sorry for himself and start acting and fighting for what he wants. She is strong enough that he will never overpower her and yet she has enough weaknesses of her own that she won’t appear superior to him either. The intensity and strength of her love, the way she cares about people unconditionally and with everything she has will be the perfect opposite to Geralt’s witcher mutations and his beliefs that he can’t love anyone.

And as Sapkowski was writing Yennefer to be the perfect match for Geralt, Geralt himself became the perfect match for Yennefer. He is that man who will respect her strength and power and will admire her for it, and yet won’t let her hide behind it. Geralt’s impulsiveness and idealism will be the perfect counterpart to Yennefer’s pragmatism. He will teach her that reality is not all that she has, he will teach her to dream and to want more.

And on top of that, Sapkowski gave them both the same wishes for the future, something they will both dream of and want, a common ground upon which they will be able to built a strong relationship.
Sure their relationship won’t be easy because they are both very strong, very different characters, it doesn’t make them wrong for each other, at all. Fact is, they ARE perfect for each other, they can bring out the best in each other. And that’s what they will do, they will grow thanks to their relationship, the exact way Sapkowski intended them to. And because actually Sapkowski wrote that in a better way that I could ever hope to, I’ll just put this here : ‘And even though both were so different, they realized, as always, that those weren’t differences that divide, but that bring together and bind, bind so strongly and so tightly, like siting of spars and the roof ridge, siting from which a house is born.’


My favourite awfully drawn frames of Charon in Pokemon Galactic Battles.
Man, when you’re trying to gather character references you really start to notice these things…

Charon casually discards his entire elbow and replaces it with a miniscule shoulder-hand…


sMokE wEEd EvvRydY

The pathogen has become airborne! ITS SPREADINGGG

If Ichigo were stuck in a Groundhog Day loop...

As requested by anon. :)

The movie Groundhog Day is about Bill Murray repeating the same day over and over again. What if that sort of thing happened to Ichigo? How would he cope?

1. Loop #1: Ichigo can’t shake the deja vu feeling.

Ichigo: I just….I could have sworn I killed that same hollow yesterday.

Ichigo: The animators sure have gotten lazy.

2. Loop #2: Ichigo worries that his life is in too much of a rut.

Ichigo: Man, my life has gotten so repetitive. Kill hollow on way to school. Kill hollow during class. Get jumped by dad after school.

Ichigo: Even the lesson in school seemed the same!

Ichigo: I might be in a rut.

3. Loop #3: Ichigo becomes suspicious

Ichigo: Wait a sec….shouldn’t it be February 4 by now??

Ishida: What are you talking about, Kurosaki? It’s February 2!

Ichigo: …

Ichigo: Something weird is going on.

4. Loop #4: Ichigo tells his friends everything

Ichigo: Guys, I’m serious! This is the fifth time I’ve lived this same day!!!

Orihime: Oh no! What does that mean?

Ishida: You believe him??

Chad: You don’t?

Tatsuki: Yeah, Ichigo isn’t an elaborate prank sort of guy.

Ishida: Well….fine then.

5. Loop #5: Ichigo tells his friends everything…again

Ichigo: I told you all this yesterday. You don’t remember.

Orihime: Were we able to help??

Ichigo: No. Not at all.

Ishida: So why don’t you try something new, Kurosaki?

Ichigo: Well…I can’t fight a repeating day.

Ichigo: And other than fighting, the “power of friendship” is all I got.


6. Loop #6: Ichigo talks to Urahara

Urahara: Sorry, Kurosaki! I don’t know anything about repeating days!

Ichigo: So this isn’t some sort of elaborate training thing?

Urahara: I’m afraid not.

Ichigo: Well now I have no more ideas.

7. Loop #7: Ichigo begins to grow bored

Ichigo: Yeah, yeah, you’re here to eat my soul. I swear you hollows need some new material!

Hollow: …

8. Loop #8: Ichigo gets creative

Ishida: K-Kurosaki, how do you keep answering the teacher’s questions before she asks them?

Ichigo: Maybe I’m just smarter than you?


9. Loop #9: Ichigo gets….really creative

Ichigo: So anyway, I finally realized I can do literally anything I want without consequences.

Ichigo: So here I am in Soul Society, asking Byakuya to give me noble lessons.

Renji: Even if what you’re saying is true…..why would THAT be your prank?

Ichigo: I just love Byakuya’s shocked expression so much.

10. Loop #10: Ichigo asks everybody if they have a crush on him

Ichigo: I know I’m not good at sensing it, so I figured - why not ask?

Ichigo: Everybody said no.

Ichigo: Except for Kenpachi.

Ichigo: Who misheard and said he’d love to crush me.

Ichigo: But I’m pretty sure some people were lying.

11. Loop #11: Ichigo challenges Kyoraku to a fight

Kyoraku: You want to what?

Ichigo: Fight you! I mean, haven’t you ever wondered which of us would win?

Kyoraku: I’m not gonna fight you, Ichigo.

Ichigo: What if I….knocked off your hat?

Kyoraku: Eh.

Ichigo: Dude, come on!

12. Loop #12: Ichigo declares himself the King of Hueco Mundo.

Ichigo: Aaaaand….nothing.

Ichigo: I thought at least Grimmjow would come running.

13. Loops #13-28: Ichigo tries to find a way to kill Ywach

Ichigo: So maybe you really are immortal.

Yhwach: W-where did you even get a rocket launcher??

14. Loop #29: Ichigo steals a mercedes and drives it into Soul Society

Hisagi: I have a new hero.

Hisagi: Tomorrow I tattoo a strawberry onto my face.


15: Loops #30-35: Ichigo doesn’t get out of bed

Ichigo: A month.

Ichigo: A month of the same day.

Ichigo: I am so over this freakin’ day!

16. Day #36: Ichigo shaves his head

Ichigo: I always wondered what I’d look like with no orange hair.

Ichigo: And the answer is…bald.

17. Loop #37: Ichigo fights Kenpachi



Kenpachi: I love this new you.

18. Loop #38: Ichigo goes to see Aizen

Ichigo: Please tell me this repeating day is all part of your plan.

Ichigo: And that the next part of your plan is for it to END

Aizen: I have no idea what you are talking about, Kurosaki Ichigo.

Ichigo: OH COME ON

19. Loop #39: Ichigo asks Rukia to stab him

Rukia: D-did you lose your powers again??

Ichigo: No, but you stabbing me has always solved everything in the past!

Rukia: What

Ichigo: Stab now, questions later!!

20. Loop #40: Ichigo talks to Hitsugaya

Hitsugaya: Uh….you know that Squad 12 has been experimenting with time drugs, right?

Hitsugaya: It’s probably them.

Hitsugaya: Just saying.

Ichigo: …

Ichigo: KUROTSUCHI!!!!!!

Kurotsuchi: …

Kurotsuchi: Busted.


“Daughter, your little baby hand has grown this big. You used to cry in my arms so often. Now you’ve grown to be this man’s wife. Going from daughter to wife, and to a mother, your life will continue itself again. But Daughter, no matter who’s wife you are or who’s mother you become, don’t give up your happiness. No matter who’s wife you are or who’s mother you become, don’t forget that you are a precious daughter to me”.

HEY BACK THE FUCK OFF STEPHEN AMELL’S WIFE. Don’t start fucking insulting people and their marriage because you want your ship to become canon in real life. Damn man, just chill. He’s married and has a kid, what is wrong with you?

There’s a line that’s been crossed, so stop. It’s not all the Olicity fans, but a select few, mainly Stemily fans that are being complete asses.

Sit the fuck down son and realise that they are actual people, with actual relationships, and if you if you want to ship it (no matter how wrong it is) FINE. Be my guest, but don’t go giving Casandra Jean (Stephen Amell’s wife) a hard time because they chose to be together.

Also, keep your fucking opinions about secret love to yourselves. Don’t involve yourselves in the actor’s personal lives.They’re human beings, you can’t set them up with people you want them to be with because they choose who they want to be with. You don’t.


Soooo… Dirty Laundry has finished… Ok im gonna put it out there now. I CRIED! GUYS I HAVE NEVER CRIED ON A FANFIC IN MY LIFE! Like yeah I have cried on novels but NEVER ON A FANFIC. IT WAS SO GOOD. SO BLOODY AMAZING. Seriously though, @gibslythe has a gift and I feel so sad to know that this fandom gave her such a hard time. And she still WROTE IT! She wrote and took time out of her life and completed this fic even when this fandom didn’t deserve. I salute her, man. She didn’t abandon it. Just.. WOW.

Also. I have read so many. LIKE SO MANY fanfics that I have lost count of them but this fic. THIS FIC. It was so brilliant that now it has become my favorite. The top fic in my list of fics that I have read of any fandom. And also. This fic is what made me ship Klance in the first place. You guys, when I started to read this fic, I hadnt even watched Voltron yet. So I wanna give a shout out to her! Seriously she deserves so much more. And I wish her all the BEST in her life. And I hope she won’t stop writing fanfics or things, in general. Coz God. I loved her writing and she has SUCH talent that I would regret knowing that she didnt continue. So I hope if you are reading this Hannah, I just wanna say I loved it. I loved your writing. And BEST OF LUCK! ^-^


Okay I wanted to do this in like forever. Imagine a Late teen!Loki working at a gasstation as a parttime job and Thor is this big muscled biker. He never says anything and is always in a hurry, grunting in annoyance whenever Loki is slow. Loki however started to have a crush on this man, even though he doesn’t know his name. Thor then again has noticed Loki and for some reason always sticks around the building in the late evening to see that Loki get’s home save. Then one night when Thor couldn’t be there, Loki’s closes up the gasstation and there is an attempt on a robbery, Loki ends up hurt, badly. When Thor hears about it, he’s beyond furious, determined to catch these criminals no matter what.

This sounds cheesy… what has my life become…  ʅฺ(・ω・。)ʃฺ??