what has my life become

Things I Need People to Draw For Me: 

  • Kristanna sock sliding down the halls 
  • Kristanna feeding each other wedding cake 
  • Kristanna painting their hands on a mailbox Carl-And-Ellie-Style
  • Kristanna in a photo booth 
  • Kristanna harvesting ice together as kids 
  • Kristanna building a snowman 
  • Kristanna underwater kiss 
  • Kristanna in-the-rain-the-notebook-style kiss 
  • Kristanna 

I shocked the cafe staff lol


I got all the reaper coasters and badges, sadly missing a William rubber strap. And I got most of your purchase orders as well! Please wait for my message and I can show you a preview pic of the items you have signed up for.

There will be quite a few leftover items and I would happily put them up for sale later. But please don’t send me any requests just yet, allow me to process with the pre-orders and I’ll write another post on whatever is left for you to choose.

I happen to have another friend coming over next month, so I will take her to Youme Cafe AGAIN. So I can probably take some more orders then. But I’ll let you know later.