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A lover is one who gives, who simply gives, who goes on giving, who keeps no account, who never remembers what he has done. Then love is returned a thousandfold. It is not a result, it happens on its own. If you ask, you hinder it.
—  Osho

And it’s not about being not here for the angst. I’m a million percent here for angst.

But I literally couldn’t even fully embroil myself in that fight bc all my brain kept thinking is ‘But how did Killian use an item that requires magic? What would burning it have done when he still quite clearly has the memories? How does Emma know what Robert looks like to the point where she can pick him out from a split second glance?’

I want to be emotionally invested, but that kind of sloppy, lazy shit takes me right out of the game.

i wanna know the back story of that clerk who sold jonathan and nancy the bear trap. like what has he done/seen in his life that he doesn’t question the fact that two high schoolers are coming in to buy weapons meant to take down a large creature?

I am honestly so worried for the boys and also very angry at the fact that there are people out there who think it’s funny and okay to continuously send death threats to Jimin. NO ONE - idol or not - should ever be treated so cruelly. I don’t fucking understand why haters would go as far as wishing for Jimin to leave BTS and send pictures, texts, tweets that threaten to kill him, what has he done to deserve this?! Jimin (along with the rest of Bangtan) has been working so hard and is always showing how much he loves ARMY and how grateful he is for our love and support so I don’t get why these shitty rumours about him and the others are being spread.

ARMY, let’s all make sure that BTS stays safe and protect our kind, beautiful, talented and warm-hearted ChimChim. Let’s all make sure that these haters back the fuck off because they don’t deserve any of this shit.

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Sorry for the whole race discourse going on but imma join the boat and say this: people of color aren't mystic animals! "Oh i wanna learn more about poc i dont wanna be racist" wtf what are we, exotic plants? If you're gonna act racist then we'll correct you, don't worry! We aren't gonna bite you for asking things. Geez, what has Tumblr done to these kids. You're not racist if you don't portray poc incorrectly. Such a thing doesn't even exist. What are you trying to portray (1/?)

? The skin color, the culture, the language? We aren’t just “black people”. There are literally thousands (maybe even millions) of different cultures in Africa. You shouldn’t worry about our skin color, but to represent things right. You shouldn’t “learn more about PoC” as if only PoC have one, homogeneous culture. In fact, as a black woman living in Europe, I’ve seen more misrepresentation of the various European cultures because americans love to sum (2/?) an entire continent to “medieval castles! fantasy! magic! uwu” *that* is wrong. That is misrepresentation. Culture doesn’t have anything to do with skin color. Like the other anon said, stop treating us as if we were ‘delicate’. Jesus. (3/3)

i think from a white standpoint it’s more… if we can prevent saying or doing anything racist, then we’re going to. culture-wise it’s like learning about any other culture in school, just do your research. for art if youre wanting to create ocs who arent white then do research and look at different features of different people.

i obviously dont speak for all, but i think it’s less white people trying to treat someone delicately and more wanting to prevent racist portrayals or again, perpetuating harmful stereotypes. 

this is a good point tho– i think there’s definitely a line

I mostly liked this until you made it into a politically correct Social Justice Warrior’s paradise story. Funny how your SI has typical SJW whiny complaints about things in her new life but doesn’t seem to have much a problem with brainwashed child soldiers running around, murdering people on nothing more than a command while many getting killed themselves in the process. Actually, that sounds exactly like a real SJW so never mind. Whining and throwing redundant tantrums about BS issues all the while willfully ignoring your own hypocrisy and all the real issues in the world. Both of which your character has done. But what really made me officially call this story quits is you making ITACHI “trans”. It is Itachi you did that to of all characters! No explanation should be needed for that one. The very name itself should explain why you commited such a terrible sin doing that to HIM. The SJW’s/irrationally neurotic LGBT’s have now invaded Fanfiction of all places now. There officially is no escape now. Except death. Hopefully. Excuse me while I go and put a bullet in my brain.

Guest Review on Chapter 1 of The Universe’s Newest Puppet

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When will the transphobia end…

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I'm curious on your views on the Sheikah culture with the Hylians. So, um, can I see warrior sheikah s/o and Link, please?

You betcha sweet heart!

-Mod Pinks

Warrior Sheikah s/o (Link)

  • First off, Link is just so impressed with his badass s/o.
    • They’re just so hard-working, and Sheikah warriors know so many battle techniques that leave him mouth-agape.
  • Is fascinated by their traditions
    • Loves to hear the tales of the artifacts of past, of the shrines and even of the Divine Beasts
  • Is shocked to find out that the Yigah clan used to be Sheikah, and is curious about his s/o’s views on them
    • Comforts them when he finds out what they have done to the Sheikah.
  • Has a new person by his side as they travel together
    • discover all sorts of secrets together.

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I just rewatched Freelee and you on The Jenna and Julien podcast. It's so crazy what a 180 Freelee has done and won't even mention being Vegan on her Insta Bio. She helped so many people. She was really getting the word out there and now just nothing. It's such a bummer. I know there's a lot of Vegan Youtubers but nobody like she was. You really were the fire behind her for being Vegan??

The way she ditched the vegan label like she ditched Figsy was pretty alarming I must admit.

I thought I knew her after 9 years almost every day but FL keeps her cards close and even though I know her better than anyone else I still can’t predict what crazy irrational shit she will do next.

She his made it overt all she cares about is money and her self. What causes that deep level of insecurity I don’t know.

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My theory is that, with how the show is going, he's gonna ultimately kill Ashi to survive. He doesn't have the sword and has to realize that good will (as in not hurting organic creatures and being selfless) can't work when it's do or die. That's just my take though.

nah i don’t think he’s going to kill her. she def did not die at the end of the episode. she’s going to go on her own for a bit and find what jack has done (not a prediction, a future episode summary talks about this) and mostly likely team up with jack. but


we’ll see :-)

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What's the cutest thing kitkat has done lately? did she miss you while you were gone? how long is your hair? do you have a favorite hairstyle to do if you're having a good day? (can you see the ADD on my end too? XD)

1 - Cutest thing Jessamine has done lately is that thing where cats streeeetch all the way out while on the floor, showing off the soft fuzzy tummy for pettings until they curl up and attach themselves to the hand petting them (gently, and I was inviting her to wrestle at the time, but without gloves, so she knew to be gentle and not use teeth or more than a little bit of claw).

Oh! Also, she apparently, while I was gone, when given the opportunity to look out the door, decided to growl at the entire concept of outside. *very big grin* That, or the local tom cat, or the local squirrels. Because the local tom (a tuxedo cat, called, unimaginatively, Tux) has decided he likes climbing partway up the stairs. And every time she gets to watch a video with squirrels on my phone, she attempts to eat my phone, or at least kill it.

2 - Judging from how much she was purring like a little motor, and stropping all over me and then generally pointedly ignoring me unless it was for food, I think she did miss me.

3 - When dry and loose, the tips tickle the backs of my knees. When wet and loose, the tips ignore my knees in favor of ticking my calves. Granted, only about two inches down, just above the thickest part, but still. It’s as long as it’s going to get at this point, and is sometimes inconvenient, but not enough for me to have any lasting desire to cut it when I can’t regrow it in an instant.

4 - If my hair is cooperating and it isn’t too soon after washing (I can’t do anything with it the first two or three days after it dries, so most of a week out from washing, because it takes two days to dry fully), than I’ll braid it in two braids and wind the two around each other, pinned in place with two hair forks. I should have pictures posted somewhere, give me a moment to find where I put them. Provided I tagged them, of course.

Hee! Here - https://morgynleri.tumblr.com/post/142202927479/i-like-the-two-that-i-took-to-see-what-the-sides - this is the best set of photos that I’ve posted. I’m going to have to get new photos the next time I do it up like that, because I like having the pictures.

(*another very big grin, and raises a glass in salute*)

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The fool the empress and the world

  • The Fool: What is the stupidest thing your muse has ever done?

Fall in love

  • The Empress: What would your muse name their children?

Well…I already technically have three kids kinda, and if we adopted anymore (pls no) we probably wouldn’t get to name them…but if we did, we’d probably name a boy after Oda, or a girl after Kouyou

  • The World: What has been your muse’s greatest success?

Making executive at my age. Not the youngest in history exactly (>.>) but still sort of impressive. 

  • Lefou: Noooo oooone's slick as Gaston, no one's quick as Gaston, no one's dick is incredibly thick as Gaston's!
  • Gaston: ....
  • Villagers: ....
  • Lefou: *neck haha autocorrect wow sorry lmao
  • Gaston: You are singing