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Sorry I stumbled on a gif set the other day and couldn’t get this out of my head.

THEY BOTH DO IT. Who taught these boys this move? Do you think it was Peggy?

Peggy (1940s): If I tell them falling over is a Good Fighting Tactic™ do you think they’ll believe me?

Peggy (2010s): Huh.


[TianShan Week]

Day 3: Hunger

…a need for dumplings noodles!

Wow, look at all that dialogues– It’s scattered everywhere lol ^_^; I didn’t have time to draw so many panels so I hope it’s isn’t too confusing to read!

I wasn’t supposed to spend so much time on this but I really wanted to do a good job at it– ”Look ma, cleaner lineart!” XP I have added two extra panels. I was going to skip the “dumplings” part but I thought it was pretty funny so it had to be in there! :P

I haven’t really started Day 4 at all, I’ve only just finished this now! X_x Oh man, I don’t think I can keep up at all lol– I’m feeling very tired, staying up doing these so I’m considering skipping some~ There’s not enough hours in a day… TT_TT

Because everyone should love themselves, and they shouldn’t strive for perfection.
—  Harry Styles, after a brief pause when asked why the boobs on his mermaid tattoo were saggy. He could’ve been glib. He could’ve laughed. He could’ve just said, “I don’t know.” But he paused. And he thought. And he said this. And this is why he is so, so special.

“On My Love” -  Edited Scene from Yuri on Ice Episode 5 (Victor’s POV)

Because I’ve always been invested in Victor’s narrative.  Thank you episode 10, it’s all I could ever ask for.

English subtitled version on youtube!

Thanks for watching!

taeyang coming down the aisle at his wedding like


cant forget my best son

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Emma have you seen the post with those two giant looking dudes with a sign that says "If you feel safe on campus we'll walk with you"? Because all I can think about is Stiles doing that, and ok ok he KNOWS he looks scrawny on first glance but excuse you he has a BLACKBELT (au obvs) and so he wears really tight shirts to show off what muscles he has, tries to look intimidating, he starts getting a few people to come to him, mostly girls, a couple of much smaller, maybe more feminine looking 1/?

lgbtq guys and so far Stiles has only had to actually fight someone once wich is pretty good for a three-month period (it happened in the first month and apparently word got around that Stiles knows his shit, he hasn’t been bothered since) and then one day out of the blue this guy who’s bigger than he is and hairy and totally looks like a werewolf shyly comes up to him and asks if Stiles would walk him home and Stiles is just ??? 

Because this guy could EASILY intimidate people about seven thousand times better than Stiles could but he can tell that the guy is sincere and Stiles doesn’t discriminate, ok? That’s kinda the entire base for this thing, so the guy, Derek, becomes one of his regulars, and Stiles starts noticing that Derek is mostly ok… until they get to this one particular part of the neighborhood, around this one specific house, when he suddenly gets tense and quiet and huddles closer to Stiles and for about a month Stiles is just left sorta wondering about it until one day when this blonde woman comes outside to “greet” Derek, and Stiles recognizes her as Kate Argent, one of the professors at the local college. 

And it takes exactly ONE time of seeing how they interact- Kate taunting and barely containing her laughter, Derek practically shaking with fear- for Stiles to GET it, thus sets on the journey of getting Kate fired and imprisoned for what she did to Derek and when it’s all over Derek decides to join Stiles in the mission to help people get home safely and volunteers to start walking people around campus too, and he and Stiles still walk home together, but now it’s as boyfriends.

Alright, nonnie, this started off adorable and awesome and I thought it was going to be grumpy Derek Hale getting mad Stiles is taking over his territory or shy!Derek not knowing how to talk to Stiles and asking him to walk him home, only to admit months later he never really needed him to.


You had to throw the Kate Argent card in there and I went from this

to this

real quick.

Kate Argent can rot in hell. In hell. And not the cool part of hell where you get to hang out with the devil in one of his many hot tubs but in the part of hell where you have to shovel coal for no other reason than YOU SUCK. 

I can’t deny, however, protective!Stiles is my jam especially when it comes to Derek and I’d love a fic of this.

You brought smiles, you brought tears. You’re all rounder, nonnie, an all rounder.

There was a point, during The Rise, when it became abundantly clear to the disreputable denizens of Los Santos that unless drastic measures were taken the Fake’s were going to succeed in their play for the city. Some of those with a vested interest in maintaining the status quo, who wanted the city for themselves or at least the patches they’d carved out as their own, negotiated a deal. A temporary truce between a handful of the biggest names in the area. An alliance to bring down the ragtag upstarts before their unprecedented domination completely took hold.

It was a bloody uprising that had taken them all by surprise. The FAHC had slunk into Los Santos, established themselves well enough to bully their way into a modest little bit of territory but not nearly enough to draw attention, to cause alarm. Wouldn’t have been any different from any of the dozens of little gangs that rise and fall on the fringes of the godforsaken city if not for their leader. The infamous Geoff Ramsey, fallen so far from grace. 

Slumming it in Los Santos, Ramsey appears to have collected what could charitably be called a crew. The only other member of any notable worth is Pattillo; a powerhouse in her own right but too blindly loyal to see the sense in walking away from Ramsey’s downward spiral. The rest of the group is less inspiring. They seem to have contracted some nameless mercenary, a big guy who’s always wearing a ridiculous fur-lined coat and an ever-changing cheap plastic party mask like he thinks he’s some kind of Hollywood villain. That’s pretty par for the course with mercenaries though, melodramatic bastards.  

The other three unknown wonders appear to have been recruited right out of school; bright eyed, bushy tailed and babyfaced, a cacophony of garish bravado, unrefined talent and misplaced pride. Ramsey’s pet British import is a nosey brat with sticky fingers, the short-tempered Jerseyite can’t keep his cool long enough to let his perpetually bloodied knuckles heal, and the wanna-be sniper is more invested in feigning disinterest and painting his guns ironically vivid colours than he is in being more than a halfway decent shot.

Still, disaster or not, more than one group keeps and eye on them at first; Geoff might look down and out but no one just ignores a Rooster. The result of this surveillance is.. unflattering. A series of ridiculously low-level jobs with pitiful takes, messy out-of-sync teamwork, public arguments and complete disrespect; it’s pretty clear Ramsey has no idea how to run a decent crew, not even the kids seem to be scared of him. Even their base is a travesty; where the big gangs have bought up the penthouses of inner-city Los Santos, Ramsey and his menagerie are working with some sort of shoebox apartment somewhere out in the boonies. It’d be downright sad if it wasn’t so funny.

It takes a bit of time to confirm but eventually it is universally agreed that the FAHC were no kind of threat, that Ramsey had totally lost his touch. Eventually everyone stops looking any deeper than the occasional check in following some amusing flop, more a dose of schadenfreude than any true threat analysis.  

So when the ripples start no one thinks much of it; the Fake AH Crew take out and run off a couple of little gangs, not a big deal – the dregs are always snapping at each other, pushing for more territory, if anything the Fakes are overdue. It only makes sense that they’ve started to run bigger jobs, and no one notices the way they’re now pulling them off effortlessly, with no sign of their previous ineptitude, the way they’re starting to make waves.

It’s more or less a fucking tsunami by the time the penny drops, the FAHC crashing in on other crew’s jobs, taking out their warehouses, hitting their bases; maybe whatever dump they’re holing up in isn’t glamorous but the overcrowded rat’s nest of the outer sectors’ of the city prevent anyone from repaying the favour and trailing the Fake’s back home. They’re clawing their way up the ladder with alarming speed, expanding their reach so rapidly it’s nearly impossible to keep track, and Ramsey watches over it all. Dressed to the nines in an extravagant suit to match his shiny new attitude, reserved control and smug satisfaction, already patting himself on the back, celebrating his perceived victory.

Something had to be done. Individual attacks are mounted, of course, but the FAHC have grown wily, have revealed themselves to be more of a threat than any had anticipated. The trust-fund baby stops fumbling and shows his fangs, their loose canon gets his hands on a seemingly endless supply of explosives and out of nowhere the questionable sniper never misses a shot. Indisputably the worst reveal of all, though, is the mercenary. Dropping his ridiculous fur coat and plastic masks for a jacket he wears like a second skin and a skull no one could mistake, his name whispered all over the city like a collective gasp, a shared curse; Vagabond.

So all of a sudden those in power in Los Santos found themselves with a hell of a fucking problem on their hands. It was getting out of control, they were losing everything, so they band together. Four of the most influential groups in Los Santos’ underbelly, usually at violent odds over contested territory but prepared to set it all aside until this matter is dealt with. Until the Fake AH Crew have been taught exactly what happens to upstarts in their city.

The plan, when they settle it, is a basic as can be: divide and conquer. If they can seperate the group, keep the two in charge occupied then tell the rest their leaders have fallen it will all be over. Clearly Ramsey’s got something of the Roosters in him still, and Jack is a goddamn demon when she’s protecting her boss, but the remainder of the crew will surely crumble under pressure.

As horrifying as he is the Vagabond is still a mercenary, is still driven by nothing more than money at the end of the day, and when he hears that his payday is gone his facsimile of loyalty is sure to follow. After that the kids won’t last long, cocky little shits or not once they’re all alone they’ll flee the city with their tails between their legs or die trying, and there there will only be two. Ramsey might have more bite left in him that they’d thought but he’s made no friends in this city, has no nearby allies to fall back on, and veteran’s of the business or not two people can’t hold up against entire gangs for long.

But, of course, it doesn’t exactly work out that way. It’s all going to plan, almost textbook, but the one thing no one took into account was the ludicrous ingenious of Geoff’s ability to play the long game.

See Geoff wasn’t wasting those early months, tiny hauls didn’t bother him at all because the target had never been the money. Geoff had money for days, for years in fact, what he need was a crew. A crew who knew each other’s every strength, flaw and habit, who’d dealt with living on top of each other; forced through sheer proximity to start lowering walls. The little jobs let them feel each other out without much consequence, find their rhythm as a group, test relationships under pressure, boredom and frustration. Maybe they hadn’t looked like much, had been intentionally avoiding showing their true colours, but Geoff made himself a crew who not only worked as one but had come to actually care for one another, trust each other and were, above all else, loyal. That’s the kind of connection no amount of money can buy, no degree of fearful respect can fake, and no mere threat can shake apart.

So when they say Geoff and Jack are gone, torn away right at the precipice of everything they had been working for, the reaction is somewhat less than desirable.  

When the Vagabond hears he doesn’t cut and run, doesn’t consider himself duty-free, an impartial witness to the death of a client. Ryan thinks liars, thinks no chance in hell, thinks kill them anyway. His knee-jerk reaction is to leap into action, relish in the wholesale murder he’s been putting off for months, but he isn’t just the Vagabond anymore. Ryan’s got the Lads to think about, standing a few steps behind him in a move they’ll surely mock him for later but it’s second nature now, trying to keep them safe. For a given definition of safe. The FAHC has given back a part of himself that he’d thought was lost forever, shattered bone-deep loneliness and rekindled joy and security and meaningless affection. Ryan would die before losing that all over again; he might be more than just the Vagabond but Ryan has never been particularly forgiving.

There’s a choked off sound from behind him and in that split second Ryan has a choice to make. Geoff would call their bluff, demand to see the bodies; Jack would tell the Lads to be smart, to think about the flaws in the story; the Vagabond would execute the threat for their insolence before slipping off into the night, but Ryan just takes a deep breath. Smiles his nastiest smile and steps to the side, waving the Lads forward with a jerk of his head, bracing himself for the carnage.

Because rather than breaking their will, when the Lads are told Geoff and Jack are gone they flip their goddamn shit. Gavin loves this crew unlike anything he has ever loved, emotions so fierce he’s surprised even himself, the found family he’d burn down the whole world to keep. Michael breathes loyalty, has always done, but his devotion has never been unquestioning obedience and the FAHC is the first crew who have rewarded his refusal to be a blind pawn; for all he huffs and complains Geoff has always welcomed intelligent debate, no matter how irreverently it’s proposed. And then there’s Ray, who’s learning that having a crew doesn’t require the sacrifice of independence, that leaning on others won’t always be a let down and sometimes coming down from his perch and getting amongst the action is worth the mess; it’s a work in progress but he’s not ready to lose it yet.

It doesn’t matter how implausibly convenient the boasting sounds, how easily calm heads could pick apart the lies; the thought alone is more than enough to have all three seeing red. Things were going to get messy no matter what, but Ryan’s explicit blessing was fuel on an already considerable fire, and they don’t hesitate tear past him and into the fray. Ryan follows, of course, and there’s something almost cathartic in it, an assassin amongst a hurricane of fury, infinitely more efficient alone but surprisingly proud of their merciless bloodbath, an amused artist cleaning up after enthusiastic students.

It’s Ryan who gets them moving again afterwards, when street’s have fallen quiet and there’s no one left to punish, feeling very much the responsible adult as he herds them down the road, a shepherd with a particularly murderous flock.

It doesn’t take them long to track down Geoff and Jack, alive and well and just finished cleaning up their own mess. Geoff’s suit, proudly protected from all but the slightest singeing despite this ordeal of a day, is completely written off when he’s tacked into a filthy hug, Jack graciously allowing herself to be drawn into the mess despite grumbling about her aching ribs as Ray and Ryan stand to the side and share a look that is as much look at what we have as it is look what we put up with. They’re all bloody and bruised and strung out on too much adrenaline and too little sleep but they’re back together, they’re all alive, and it still tastes like victory. Like succession.

With the city’s former top dogs burning in the street, an irrefutable display of terrifying talent to overwrite all past assumptions and a ruthless reputation that’s spreading father in every passing moment, the FAHC couldn’t be in a better position to claim ownership of Los Santos. The infamous City of Saints, safe-haven of sinners, bowing under one supreme power for the first time in it’s less than illustrious history, newfound royalty slipping in like poison and bringing the city to its knees.

randoms: y’all just couldn’t WAIT to talk down about Justin, hm? since the show started, y’all been wanting to trash the black man and now you feel this is your chance, huh? this tag is racist against black men


*thinks back to when Justin was literally the fan favorite across the board. most popular posts on tumblr and twitter had to do w/ something positive about Justin. people blogged how much they adored Justin for weeks until he started acting funny and called the other black women hoes, started lying on Danielle and would rather cater to girls that laughed at racist jokes about him rather than dani who would AND HAS protected him and his name*

me: ….yeah u right we’ve been plottin against that mofo since the moment his black ass walked thru that door.

나 열나 (Fever) - Rap
NIEL (니엘)
나 열나 (Fever) - Rap

Niel’s rap in ‘Fever’



I don’t know why but i headcanon Yakov as a Wine Mom™️

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Can you do a post about what each RFA member's MBTI personality type is?

A/N: *404’s psychology senses tingling, slides into room in socks* Finally, a use for all those psychology courses i’ve taken *drops 6 different textbooks onto the table* i’ve got you my friend ~Admin 404


-Adaptable, friendly, talkative, very enthusiastic

-Enjoys life and being around people! Likes to work with others and experiencing new things

-Has trouble meeting deadlines and finishing what he starts

-Easily distracted

-Tolerant and spontaneous (i mean have y’all seen how many clubs he was in), as well as playful and resourceful

-Under stress, he’s withdrawn, distracted, and paranoid (he can get very anxious)


-Sociable and outgoing

-Understanding about what others need and expresses appreciation for their contributions

-Overly influenced by what they think others want when making a decision

-Warm and appreciative!

-Organized, realistic, and loyal

-Under stress, he can get rigid or pessimistic

-Extremely prone to self-doubt and insensitivity when stressed as well


-Patient individual who applies common sense and experience to help solve other people’s problems

-Responsible, loyal, traditional

-OVERLY CAUTIOUS (like seriously but es okay)

-Lacks assertiveness (for the most part she does, until she gets that confidence boost from others around her)

-Organized, practical, dependable!

-Under stress, she’d tend to think the worst, shut down, and become pessimistic


-Dependable and very systematic

-Traditional, task-oriented and decisive

-Can become set in his ways and is often seen as rigid and impersonal

-Thorough, conscientious, and realistic

-Usually can become stressed from challenges to his natural preference for structure and logic

-Under stress, he’ll withdraw and shut down, become pessimistic, or in extreme cases become slightly accusatory


-Individualistic, private, and mysterious

-Does his thinking in a vacuum, which can create an unrealistic vision that’s unrealistic and hard to communicate

-Enjoys finding a shared vision for everyone, inspiring others, and thinking of new ways to achieve the vision he’s made

-Compassionate, idealistic, imaginative and visionary.

-Can be sensitive and reserved

-Under stress, he can physically feel his stress and get intensely angry

-He can get obsessive on certain details and will overindulge in things


-Enjoys learning and perfecting a craft through patient application of his skills

-Remains calm when managing a crisis, quickly decides what (he thinks is best) to do to solve problems

-Focuses on what needs to be done immediately and fails to see the big picture of things

-Doesn’t always follow through on projects that requires to work closely with a group of people

-Analytical, practical, realistic, logical, and adaptable

-Under stress, he feels alienated and upset, prone to whingeing and hypersensitivity


- Able to define a compelling, long-range vision as well as innovative solutions to complex problems

-Comes across cold and distant

-Neglects to recognize/appreciate the contributions of others

-Strategic, conceptual, innovative, independent, logical

-He can be pretty demanding but every now and then can be a little reflective

-Under stress, he can physically feel the stress and get intensely angry. Will obtain an obsessive focus on certain details and overindulge in things

Monsta X hitting you during a fight.

Summary: How the Monsta X members would react when they accidentally hit you during a fight.

You’re screaming at each other, throwing your arms around. When you’re in each other’s faces, yelling about the issue, his hands fly up to express his anger and he accidentally let it hit over your cheek. Instinctively your hand moves up to cover up.

Shownu stops screaming, his face dropping when he sees you flinching away from him. He immediately thinks about what the argument has caused and starts feeling terrible His hand holds your wrists, pulling them down gently to see your cheek. His hand is trembling as he runs it along your cheek, his eyes watering. “Baby…you know I’d never do anything like that on purpose.” He mumbles silently and pulls you into his arms. “Let’s just stop this argument now.”

You’re standing behind him, yelling at him again for never taking a break from work. His dissapointment seems to raise by your voice getting louder with each word that escapes your lips.
“Why are you being so loud?!” He yells from his seat and turns around to you quickly. When he turns, his fist comes in contact with the side of your head harshly. You groan out in pain, feeling the tears prickle your eyes by the shock of it.

Hyungwon stands in front of you, looking at his trembling hand and not saying a word. It takes him a while to move again, taking a step towards you. He gulps, slowly placing his hand on your cheek and caressing it gently. “Jagiya…” He starts, a tear escaping his eyes. “You know I didn’t mean to…please stop crying.”

You and your boyfriend are practically at each other’s necks, yelling at each other for the most unncessary reason. He takes your wrist and holds you back against the wall to silence you. The force in his grip is a little too harsh and your head throbs a bit from being pushed against the wall that you aren’t even clear what he’s yelling about anymore.

Jooheon is sitting on the bed, nervously fumbling with his fingers while he waits for you to unlock the bathroom door again. For a moment, he even thinks about whether it might have been on purpose, causing him to shake even more. When the bathroom door unlocks, he looks up at you with pleading eyes, not being able to say anything about what has happened. He just opens his arms and waits for you to accept his hug, holding you thight. “I’m sorry jagiya…”

When his hand shots up to tell you to shut up, the last thing he expects is for it to hit you. “Jagiya…” He mumbles under his breath, slowly lowering his hand as he watches you with glistening eyes. You cover the spot on your cheek and he takes a step forward, causing you to flinch away slightly.

“Please…” He mumbles, chocking on his words. He takes another step towards you, placing his shaking hand over yours and locking eyes with you. “Let’s never fight again..” He whispers into your ear and places a gentle kiss above the spot. 

You’re argumenting again about his way of fans and Kihyun raises his hand to push back his hair when he sees you flinching away from him in fear of being hit. His eyes soften upon seeing you like this. He opens his mouth to say something but nothing comes out. He looks away from you, too hurt by the fact that you thought he would ever hurt you.

He pulls you into him with force and wraps his arms around you, caressing the back of your head. “Hurting you in a physical way never even crossed my mind, babygirl. Please don’t ever think of me that way~”

As soon as his hand hits your cheek, he freezes in his movement, watching you react in terror. He tries to apologize but no words would come out. He shakes his head at his own behavior, fighting the urge to break out into tears by your horrified expression.

He slowly walks over to you and smiles at you apologetic, biting down on his lower lip before speaking up. “Hurting you in any way was never my intend and I promise you, that something like that will never happen again. I love you.”


He’s trying to control himself not to grab you because your constant flailing around is pissing him off even more. When he reaches out to grab your shoulder in an attempt to silence you, his grip is tighter than expected and he pushes your body into the wall behind him. 

He doesn’t even notice that he’s hurting you until you try and shake him off with a pained expression. He immediately let’s go off you and takes a step back, re-thinking his choices. He geninuely starts worrying about you and tries to leave you alone for the rest of the night before confronting you about his mistakes later on.

Love, Youngmi~