what has become of my taste in music

‘Why do stars fall down from the sky
Every time you walk by?
Just like me, they long to be
Close to you’

As I said before, Noah sings in a choir while Jr plays the guitar. They got close when once Jr was playing in the hall of the hotel during a competition stay and Noah joined him by singing what he was playing (IT TOOK A LOT OF COURAGE FOR NOAH TO DO IT BUT BOY DID IT PAY OFF IN THE END!!)
They have very similar musical tastes. Playing together has become a tradition lately, they really get along well 

They’re playing Close to you by the Carpenters

Yuri on Ice Lovechildren AU

Hello, my name is Alex, and I have sensory processing disorder. Here is a link to a post I made about what that is. Anyways, I have a headcanon, that Tony Stark has sensory processing disorder, which can cause people to become overwhelmed with visual stimuli (See above), as well as sound, touch, smell, and probably taste. He finds the moving ornament (visual stimuli) too distracting to properly hold a conversation. 

External image

Now there’s a seemingly, kind of obvious rebuttal for this headcanon. The loud music Tony listens to in the lab. However, loud music can drown out repetitive noises made by hammering, and other things, and keep you from hyperfocusing on small sounds in the area.  I listen to loud music when trying to do homework because the squeaky noise pencils make on paper sometimes sets off my SPD.

This headcanon is obviously a big deal to me for personal reasons. It’s nice to see a character I can identify with. And Tony is not the only MCU character I view as having SPD.

When Tony asked Peter how he saw out of the goggles, Peter said that his heightened senses made it hard to focus and the limited vision provided by the goggles helped. A sentence that I have always related thoroughly to because of my SPD is “Sometimes I can’t do all of my senses at the same time they are too much much… I had to plug my ears to look at it, I had to close my eyes to listen.” (Andrea Gibson.) I feel like that’s what Peter is experiencing, and that the goggles help because they block out some of the stimuli. 

I wrote a fic a while ago, and posted it here, but I’ll link it Here again. 

I have some pretty strong feeling about these headcanons, they’re important to me. 

Today is the one year anniversary of my art blog ✨

I never expected much from this blog, it was just a place to post my Beatle doodles. The whole reason I made this it was because I had no friends irl that understood my obsession with drawing a 50 year old band, so I figured there might be one or two beatlemaniacs out there that might appreciate my ArtiNg. I could never have imagined that there would be such an amazing classic rock community on here! I’m so blessed to have been accepted by you guys 💛💛💛.

And I can honestly say that one year, 600ish posts and 2,600 followers later, that my life has truly changed for the better! I feel like my art has improved (especially in regards to likeness), my music taste has definity been expanded and I’ve become more exposed to other artists and groups. But most importantly, the best thing to happen to me has been all the new friends I have made through this art blog! Honestly I have made so many incredible friends and acquaintances through a mutual love of music, art and musicians ✨ I don’t know what I would do without you guys in my life, and I honestly can’t remember a time without you!

I love you guys and this is one of the best things that’s happened to me- thank you so much for sticking with me and putting up with all my shit, you guys are the absolute best! I couldn’t ask for more 💛💛

So thank you so much for an amazing year! And I hope this is the first of many to come! 🍋

Twelve is My Doctor

First of all, his arc. Starting out not really sure how to communicate. Bumbling a bit. Needing some help. Feeling a lot but not being able to show it so that other people would see. Learning how to show his care and compassion more. Reaching out to people who seem upset and learning the right questions to ask. All of that is so relatable for me.

Next, the way he decs his TARDIS. The old bookshelves with the armchair next to metallic, modern Console and dimmer, softer, more yellowy lights than in past TARDISes.

His clothes. First with the red and black and white thing going on. That is my thing. I once had a pair of shoes in those colors–only shoes I ever cared to keep clean. And then the hoodie under other, non-hooded jacket? That’s exactly what I wear??

His music. He’s got a bust of Beethoven next to an electric guitar. Nothing describes my music taste better. Give me that Fur Elise and then some David Bowie.

He also goes to a university and becomes a professor and talks about space and poetry?? And his office is exactly what I pictured my dream house would have? Just…everything. I’m in love and I’ll be heartbroken at the end of this series, but for now…I’m just really happy that Twelve exists and thank every writer and, of course, Peter for creating a character that resonates so much with me and has helped me learn about myself in the process. Twelve has really become my Doctor.

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1. How has your opinion of yourself changed over the years?
I used to think that I have to fit and be the same as everyone else to be accepted. Later I realized I just need to be myself to be happy. I’m kinder with myself now, I must say.

2. If you had to pick one book to read for the rest of your life, which book would you pick?
I would pick the Lord of The Rings series, if it is possible, otherwise Lestat.

3. What’s your favorite season? Do you have a particular reason for liking it? Autumn or winter. I feel more comfortable in warm clothes and more inspirational if I can be inside, cozy, reading or watching movies. I personally hate the high temperatures.

5. Do you consider yourself lazy? No, I may be slow but I’m very diligent and work hard, even to the point of stress, but I don’t like it so I prefer to organize myself to have work and free time healthy balanced.

6. What’s your view on morality? Everything is shades of gray. It took me a lot of time to realize this, but you can’t judge if you are not in the other people’s shoes. 

7. When are you most productive? When I’m inspired, I can make a lot of drawings in a row, but when I’m not, everything becomes slow and thedious. I’m most productive at afternoon, after lunch time.

8. Do you have any strong opinions about things most people don’t think much about? Paranormal activity, demonology, fantasy themes and worlds. And if we talk about real life, I have very strong opinions about human behaviour, gender roles, and relationship dinamics.

9. How do you handle stress? I don’t, lol. I usually freak out and do everything fast until the problem is solved. Lately I’ve been dealing with support of friends and family, but I’m reluctant and I always want to do everything by myself.

10. What would your ideal world be like? I don’t have an ideal world because I don’t believe in the utopian concept of it, I’ll just be happy in a world in which I can be myself and be with my loved ones.

Extra Questions:

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Me about your 'Harry's promo has lost fans' anon, what does his 'obnoxious pretentious' image says about my tastes, as I fell in love with him seeing his promo and had never even tiptoed into this fandom before?? Perhaps I'm snobby and boring too, but ya know, I thought I had pretty good tastes, and I had nothing to gain by becoming a Harry fan, other than his great music. I'm a bit saddened by this constant bashing, it's driving those of us who just joined the fandom *because* of HS1 away


I’m really sorry you have to see the dark side of fandom, but I suppose there’s always a dark side.

I hope you stay for what I like about Harry– his humanity, his talent, his quirkiness and charm and general originality as a musician and human being. Really, the boys of 1D are lightning in a bottle; it’s hard to find five like them once in a generation, let alone in one band.

Kill the boy genius.

Lately I have been struck by the overwhelming honor I have in communicating ideas that do not fall on deaf ears. Rather, in my efforts to communicate, I have been greeted by countless women and girls that claim to find solace and encouragement in me raising my voice. This is a privilege I do not take lightly, and therefore I will tread more heavily on it than ever before in this post. 

The creative world for young women can be tiresome to navigate. While some float atop a current coursing and moving in their favor, many women (myself included) must succumb to the inevitable fact that they are swimming upstream. That their creative endeavors are met first with adversity and an eye roll, instead of a willingness to listen and understand. As someone who is deeply immersed in a creative community, I have become attuned to my place inside of it. And I can see that I have been deemed a “girl-peer with good taste.” Good enough to know that what the men in my life are making, is good. And I tell you that this is not untrue, but it is also not all that I am. My opinion and presence has been validated because I have found likeness in my male peers interests, and I have grown to find camaraderie in much of the same art and music. However, there is an entire realm of my interest that I embark on completely alone, for I know that they would not go with me. Those are my “girl things” or my “guilty pleasures.” And if this is true, then my girl-ness gives me guilt. The single most prominent part of my identity, I have deemed incorrect and uncool. And I am not okay with this. I am not okay with the impossible trek I see women and girls who love art/music take all the time to be taken seriously. You are not the pretty face in front of the boy genius. He is not the secret to your success. And if I see this one more time in my city I am going to scream.

“I make music to get bitches.”

Take a moment and look at the female artists in your life. You are never going to hear the same sentiment from them. If a man has a hand in the art that she makes it is because she is biting it until it bleeds. And you think we are weak? The impenetrable ego and self assurance of a woman who knows herself, who’s confidence has been trained not to waver in the face of a man, and she is weak? She is the vessel that gave you life, but she is not the wind in your sails. What would happen if you inspired the women in your life to succeed and make art just as much as they have done for you? It is said that you cannot be what you cannot see, and when the path to creative license and freedom is harrowing, many women will never take it. 

I wrote a book of poetry that sold 32 copies. Only one of my guy friends bought one. The rest were purchased from the pockets of young women and girls who know the value of supporting one of their own. And who’s buying your concert tickets? I rest my case.

Women, we are not the wind in their sails. Sail back to yourself and re-emerge louder and brighter than before. Make them listen to you. And do not be afraid. Kill the boy genius, for he has been alive for too long. 

Support us as we have supported you.

*kill the boy genius is courtesy of my best friend and huge inspiration Hanna Sprout*


There’s no selfie here bc i dont take selfies as a silent protest to what our culture has become

my lockscreen is voltron fanart bc im trash

and my homescreen is also my gf but shed get all embarrassed if i posted it so that pic of Haechan was my homescreen before

my musical taste is a mess so it’s actually not kpop lmao

i can never choose between the two but my biases are Yuto and Wonho

anyway thanks @buttered-kpopcorn for tagging me even though I’m now forced to realize how depressingly lonely i am on this damn website so im tagging the only other follower I have

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Dear Anthony, I feel like my music taste became convoluted as I grew out of my teenage years due to interest in music websites such as 4chan, Pitchfork, etc.. The line between what I like, and what critics like ,has become blurry, and it scares me to think I'm losing my individual taste to some sort of hivemind. My plan is to delete all/most of my music, and start again from the 60's onward, exploring all genres of each time period with no outside input. Do you think this is a good idea?

why are you so worried about what you like being, like, what other people like? like, it’s not such a big deal…

My heart aches. I feel sick to my stomach when I am social media lately. Especially Facebook. I don’t how being hateful has become cool and acceptable. This election has become so tense and hostile. I don’t care if you despise Trump or dislike Hillary. Just because someone else is hateful, that doesn’t mean it is okay for you to be. It doesn’t make the world a better place. You can disagree with someone and still befriends. You can have different political beliefs, faiths, culture, taste in music and more and still be friends and civil. I don’t want unwholesome talk come out of my mouths or my actions to be hurtful, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs. I want all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice to flea my heart. I want to be kind and compassionate and forgive. I want all of these because I want to shine in the darkness. I want all of these things because I refuse to conform to a world that is being fueled by hate. I am praying for the world that preaches love, but shows hate.

I think, it was...

… in December 2012, shortly after I started this blog, when I got into contact with a person, who happened to become my best and closest friend I ever had (and still have) in my life. Some of you might already know, about whom I am talking: My friend Laura laurasilbermann.
The crazy thing is: We never met. She has become the “little sister that I never had” (well, I *have* a little sister, but not one like this ^^).
First we messaged on Tumblr, then switched to email, later we typed on Skype. I still don’t know, what a German geezer like me and a young Norwegian girl like her have in common. We live completely different lives, we don’t even have the same taste in music (well, not really), we never really *talked* or saw each other (apart from the occasional selfies on Tumblr) for years.
Yet we communicated, typed about life, the universe, society, how unbelievably unfair this stupid life is, about the beautiful and not so beautiful things, about what fascinates and appalls us.
I was so proud, when she managed to make school work, when she had this bit of success with her band. I knew, she would go her way. We even talked about meeting for a coffee or pizza during her planned short stay in Germany on Christmas 2014.

This all changed in autumn last year. She called me, while I was at work. The first time, I heard her voice. She was in hospital. Half her body paralyzed. Nobody knew why at first. It turned out that she has multiple sclerosis. A disease in which the body’s immune system is directed against the central nervous system and so leading to a huge variety of different symptoms.

The next months were hell for her. And I was fortunate enough to accompany her a bit on her journey. We spent hours and hours talking (and this time for real) on Skype. And I say “fortunate”, because I mean it. I learned so much from this crazy “stupid girl” (she knows, what I mean). I learned, how unimportant all those small little things are, we “struggle” in our daily lifes with. I learned, how important it is, to look a bit closer, to never give up. I learned to be humble. And I learned that how old we ever may be, and how young other people are, we still can learn from them.

Laura blogs about her life and struggle with MS on her side-blog we-become-who-we-are-meant-to-be, in case anyone is interested.

Laura is a phenom. She’s a singer, a bass-player, a crazy talented illustrator (check her art blog nekosboxofart with her drawings and photography), a model, and for sure one of the brightest, kind, funny, loveable, helpful, crazy, and loyal people I have ever met.

Today is her birthday. Happy birthday, rockstar-cutie!  You will go your way!

Thank you for everything!

We are infinite anyway!