what harry potter means to me

hp houses as text posts

slytherin: no mom I don’t want a boyfriend I want a kingdom (x)

ravenclaw: Remember when Netflix and Tumblr didn’t exist and you read like 10 books a week? Good times. (x)

gryffindor: i’m really glad “fight me” has replaced “sue me” in the common vernacular because i don’t have any money but i do have Fists and am always angry (x)

hufflepuff: what do u mean we’re not friends, we follow each other (x)


Okay I had this sitting about since December. I should have shared it sooner but well. I love this movie so much it reminded me why I do what I do

There’s a peculiar Ravenclaw. They are failing practically all of their classes. They barely even do homework. They basically just sit in an oversized armchair in Ravenclaw tower, reading fiction novels almost all hours of the day. The students don’t understand why they’re there, why not Gryffindor or Slytherin? But they soon discover that this strange ball of quietness and lack of academic brilliance is possibly the best advice-giver in Hogwarts’ history. Be it relationship advice, friendship advice, personal life decisions advice, existential advice, they provide the most profound answers. They aren’t gifted in the arts of magic or even in the regular studies of muggles, but even without these book-smarts, they’ve grasped the attention and respect of everyone attending the ancient school. They grow on to be a counselor in the school to help students with special needs, anxiety, depression, ptsd, or anyone that seeks after an ear to listen and sincere advice. Once this Ravenclaw grows old and weary, they pass peacefully in their sleep. The school is devastated….that is until a few days later when they pop back up in their office, continuing on as if death was simply a minor inconvenience. They go on to help students for generations to come, never swaying in their abundance of wisdom, always sure to remind students that a lack of academic brilliance is not a death sentence, just a reminder that we can’t all share the same path in life, and that’s not bad. No, that’s not bad at all.

I’m imagining the epilouge but with Neville’s kid instead of Harry’s.
  • Sensibly Named Child: Dad, what if the hat puts me in Slytherin?
  • Neville: Then it means you really are a Slytherin. Do you have any idea how hard I begged to be a Hufflepuff? How hard I argued with the hat against Gryffindor? And you know what, it turns out the hat was right and I pulled the sword out of the hat and killed the snake. It's a magical hat and you're an eleven year old who thinks Axe works to attract girls. You know nothing, listen to the hat.

if you’re gonna shit on ginny because she was a mary sue / “overrated” at least acknowledge that we saw her from the perspective of an incredibly biased person (aka the inventor of denial), of course she’s not actually perfect but there’s a reason she goes from ~ron’s little sister that i do like but isn’t rly relevant to my life i’m sorry also i’m actively ignoring her crush on me so it’s a tiny bit awkward~ to !!! good god what an angel?? like ginny’s beautiful?? and plays quidditch!!! and she’s popular and so funny holy fuck ron would KILL me but.. worth it tbh is this.. … what some people call love??? and that reason is called harry potter who spent a good portion of the final books internally combusting whenever ginny did anything what a nerd

Okay so you know that trope in fics where after Harry comes out, Ron asks him if he ever looked at him that way? Usually his response is relief but like, what if it wasn’t? What if it went like…

Ron: What do you mean you’ve never?
Harry: Well, you’re like my brother. It would be too weird.
Ron: Not even once?
Harry: Nope.
Ron: But you’ve thought about Malfoy?
Harry: Um, recently, yeah.
Ron: I’m gonna need a 20 inch essay on what Malfoy has that i don’t.
Harry: It’s not like that! Hermione, help me out here.
Ron: Is it the hair?
Hermione: I doubt that’s it, he used to like Ginny. Maybe it’s more about posture.
Harry: *hitting his head to the desk and groaning*
Ron: I’m taller than he is Harry and he’s a bit skinny to be honest. I have more bulk, you know? Wait, where are you going? I’m a bloody catch, come back!
Hermione, snickering: There there, Ronald. I know you are.

the times my son, harry james potter, was the sass king

  • there’s no need to call me ‘sir’, professor
  • it’s just, you can’t break an unbreakable vow. I’d worked that much out  for myself funnily enough.
  • wow, I wonder what it’d be like to have a difficult life 
  • whatcha fell ova for? I didn’t do it on purpose
  • the task is two days from now. really? I had no idea 
  • did you think we’d be staying in five-star hotels? finding a horcrux every other day?
  • but I am the chosen one
  • tell them I mean no harm. I’m sorry, professor. but I must not tell lies.
  • listening to the news! again? well, it changes every day, you see
  • yeah, you can have a word. good-bye
  • I know what day it is. well done. so you’ve finally learned the days of the week
  • just do what I did, harry! what, drop my wand?
  • an interview? what do you mean? I mean a reporter asked me questions and I answered them
  • It’s time you learned some respect! It’s time you earned it.
  • they stuff people’s heads down toilet the first day at Stonewall. Want to come upstairs and practice? no, thanks. The poor toilet’s never had anything as horrible as your head down it — it might be sick
  • Sure you can manage that broom, Potter?… Shame it doesn’t come with a parachute — in case you get too near a dementor. Pity you can’t attach an extra arm to yours, Malfoy. then it could catch the Snitch for you.
fantastic beasts themed asks

new york: what do you dream of becoming?

rain: what is something you wish you could forget?

no-maj: if you were a no-maj, would you want to know magic exists knowing you’d never be able to perform it?

freckles: what imperfections do you find beauty in?

demiguise: what does friendship mean to you?

suitcase: if you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

queenie: would you want the power to read minds?

mooncalf: what color are your eyes?

wand: stars or moon?

hogwarts: what is your favorite book?

pickett: describe your perfect partner.

obscurial: what is your worst fear?

jacob: most embarrassing moment?

fog: what is your favorite quote?

niffler: would you rather be given diamonds or flowers?

nightfall: what color is your hair?

newt: are you introverted or extroverted?

giggle water: describe your sense of humor.

swooping evil: do you believe in true love?

tina: are you more perceiving or analytical?

clouds: what do you daydream about?

ilvermorny: what is your favorite flower and why?

thunderbird: would you rather be able to breathe underwater or fly?

england: describe what home smells like.

phonograph: favorite song at the moment?

credence: what is your star sign?

✯ feel free to ask me any of these ✯

  • what she says : i'm fine
  • what she means : in the new harry potter movie, when Credence Barebone is literally begging Graves to help him after the obscurus wrecked havoc on his home, he is in shock and he is fucking terrified,terrified of himself because he KNOWS, he must know that HE is the one responsible for what happened, he must be, and he doesn’t know what to do, he doesn’t know how to control his magic, he just knows people have been killed because of him, he thinks he’s a freak, he’s a monster, no one will ever love him, and help me, Graves, p l e a s e - and then the only person he trusted, his only hope, the only one who gave him some semblance of genuine affection, casts him aside like a broken toy he doesn’t need anymore.
  • Harry: Ron, what I've been meaning to tell you all this time is...fuck, why is this so hard? Um, well I guess I should just say it. I'm gay
  • Ron:
  • Ron:
  • Ron: are you fucking kidding me?
  • Harry: I'm sorry if it makes you uncomfortable. I totally understand. I promise I'd never-
  • Ron: All this time I've been worried about you stealing Hermione or Ginny when really I should've been worried about Fred or George? This makes things so much simpler. Hell yeah
  • Harry: Wait, you don't mind? I just thought since-
  • Ron: So, Fred or George?
  • Harry: Actually Bill is pretty damn fine

Imagine 8th year harry and draco getting past their animosity

and one night when harry can’t sleep he’s wandering around the castle and stumbles upon draco who also had nightmares, so they kind of just start walking around the castle together at night when they both can’t sleep, and at first they walk around silently but eventually they start stilted conversations that turn into hesitant smiles and then easy banter

and then one night during their walks they come across the mirror of erised, and harry automatically knows what it is, even if the mirror’s image has changed to include a blond standing beside his parents. It makes his heart ache, that he desires something else that is so out of his reach, so he tries to ignore the ache and instead he asks draco what he sees, just a little curious, and draco just gives him a droll look and says “what do you mean, what do i see? it’s a mirror, potter, obviously i see you and me”

  • Remus: Okay.... Lets go over this one more time... If you bite it and you die, it’s poisonous. If it bites you and you die, it’s venomous. Got it?
  • James: I think so....
  • Sirius: Wait, I have questions! What if I bite it and it dies?
  • Remus: That means you’re poisonous.
  • Sirius: And what if it bites itself and I die?
  • Remus: That’s voodoo.
  • Sirius: Okay, but What it is bites me and someone else dies?
  • Remus: [getting annoyed] That’s correlation, not causation.
  • Sirius: Alright, and What if we bite each other and neither of us die?
  • Remus: That’s.... kinky?
  • Remus: Could you not stand so close? You're making me claustrophobic.
  • Peter: What does 'claustrophobic' mean?
  • James: It means he's afraid of Santa Claus.
  • Remus: No, it doesn't!
  • Sirius: Ho ho ho!
  • Peter: Stop it, Padfoot! You're scaring him!
  • draco: harry
  • harry: hmm?
  • draco: i still can't believe that weasel-bee and granger ended up together.
  • draco: i mean according to you; they hated each other. It's hard to love someone you once hated.
  • harry: wow draco. are you saying that it's hard for you to love me?
  • draco: what? I never hated you scarhead.
  • harry: ferret. my. heart. that's the nicest thing you ever said.
  • James: Lily, I’ve sort of said this already. I mean, I’ve half said it. I’ve tried to say it, and I’ve said it badly. So this is me. Just saying it. I’m crazy about you. I think we should be together. What do you say?
  • Lily: Yes. No. Maybe.
  • James: Those are the three options

RAVENCLAW: “Recently, my son said to me after seeing a ballet on television: ‘It’s beautiful, but I don’t like it.’ And I thought, Are many grown-ups capable of such a distinction? It’s beautiful, but I don’t like it. Usually, our grown-up thinking is more along the lines of: I don’t like it, so it’s not beautiful. What would it mean to separate those two impressions for art making and for art criticism?” –Sarah Ruhl (100 Essays I Don’t Have Time to Write)

"ground rules"
  • Draco: Nothing's going to change, okay Potter?
  • Harry: *kisses his head* Mhm
  • Draco: we're still going to pretend we absolutely hate each other
  • Harry: *nips his ear* yep
  • Draco: just because we're exclusive to each other doesn't mean i'm giving you preferential treatment
  • Harry: *nuzzles his neck* of course
  • Draco: You need to keep at least a three foot radius away from me
  • Harry: *steps back* Like this?
  • Draco: What? No. What are you doing? Get back here and keep kissing me.
  • Minerva: Is it just me or do the fifth years seem exceptionally angry this year?
  • Severus: Well... they are fifteen now and you know what that means..
  • Minerva: Puberty?
  • Severus: [sigh] Yes... but they also hit that great age where they've finally realized that the world is not actually pretty... well except Potter... he seems to have known that for a few years now...