what harm can it do

// okay. story time.

once upon a time, i was sitting around, browsing ebay for more Lupin the Third merch to add to my ever-growing collection. as i looked amongst the many listings, i came across a one-of-a-kind auction for some strange, weird-looking toy…

i wasn’t sure what it was. the title was “#C349 PRIZE Anime Character figure gun Lupin The 3rd” and that didn’t make a whole lot of sense, so i checked the description to see what it was, but there was nothing about the item, only information about shipping.

the pictures from the listing showed this strange toy, as such:

i thought to myself, what harm can this do? it’s only $4.99, i can afford that.

so i placed a bid, and won the auction. this was about a month ago.

today the item arrived. i picked it up from the post office, because the postal worker couldn’t bother to ring the damn doorbell to see if anyone was home, which–yes–we were home to receive the item. once home, i opened the box and pulled it out.

and i examined it.

looked at it from all angles.

“what the fuck is this thing supposed to do?”

then i pulled the trigger.

this toy.

with this friggin’ face…

when you pull the goddamn trigger…



anonymous asked:

When writing an asexual character, what can I do to avoid poor representation and harmful tropes?

For good representation I would actually have the character come out or greatly imply they are asexual, subtext works but usually thats all we, and other queer orientations, ever get. 

I would avoid having too many tropes like the cold, distant, heartless asexual, while an asexual person can be like that I think thats usually a negative stereotype.

I wouldn’t write a character as asexual just because you want them to seem innocent, we usually know whats going on we’re just not feeling it.

Asexual people can pick up on flirting or sexual advances, some may not and that can work well as a way to make your character come off as ace. (I know this can also be a trait of autism, but it can work in both cases).

Remember that many aces use the split attraction model but many don’t. Asexual does not mean can’t be in a relationship or even have sex themselves for various reasons though I’d be careful with writing a asexual character like that because it might be confused unless it’s explained well.

anonymous asked:

Social media is THE outlet of today's teen, and while already vulnerable, easy access to potentially harmful information can increase that vulnerability. What can teenagers do to promote more mental health support across social media in an informed, compassionate way?

I think that there is so much others can do to support mental health. No gesture (or post) is too small. You never know how a positive message will change someone’s day for the better. Yes, there are people who say that this is “slactivism” but when you go on Tumblr and YouTube and see these incredible communities of people coming together to support one another, there is real progress being made. These communities are starting to permeate mainstream culture and are providing a ton of visibility to marginalized groups and the experiences they have. I would say continue to share your stories, continue to identify spaces where young people can be their authentic selves, online and offline. Continue to share your gratitude when someone’s post turned your day around and share it with others who may need to see it too. This is how we can continue to grow our community and let others know what an incredible resource social media can be.

First, take responsibility for your own behavior online. Second, call out questionable or harmful behavior from people that you know online. Third, if you’re comfortable, model honesty and vulnerability in an effort to allow other people to feel safe.

tenderqueerbutch  asked:

Confession time! I use to be something of an ace skeptic. Not that I didn't think ace people existed, just that I didn't think they face oppression or marginalization. But instead of running my ignorant mouth, I shut up and listen and I learned so much. So to anyone that feels the need to spew their opinion on things they've never experienced, just don't. Anyways, happy pride to all my ace/aro lovelies! 💞

omg ily tysm and happy pride month to you too!!!!!! 

Night of Days 

This is no way to be
Man ought to be free
That man should be me
Talk to the walls
Echoes down the halls
Dream of dreams
An allusion freedom seems
Write thoughts on paper by reams

Toilet flushes
Water gushes
Makes such a noise
Lack of privacy annoys
Nightime [sic] sounds
Jailer makes rounds
No freedom abounds
Prisoners are clowns

So the night slowly passes
No wine of wine glasses
No girls to make passes
Just us caged asses
Cards are alright
I play them all night

Sleep comes on slowly
Read the words of the wholly
The scriptures bring peace
They talk of release
They bring you to god
I’m here that seems odd
But His gift is so clear
I find that He’s near
Mercy and redemption
Without an exception
He puts me at ease
Jailer, do what you please
No harm can befall me
When the Savior does call me

I look back on this day
And what can I say
More of my life wasted
No freedom I’ve tasted
7:30 it’s chow time
At that hour who feels fine
Milk, mush, and toast
Not much of to boast

Sweep the floors
Talk of whores
Hear the thunder of prison doors
Do your chores
Listen to bores
How guys made scores
Or escaped distant shores

I wrote a letter
That made me feel better
Words to the outside
That’s how I keep my pride
I write words of hope
It’s really no soap
I mean what I say
Where there’s hope there’s a way
I’ll be free someday

I sleep quite a lot
Escape though it’s not
In sleep I don’t care
I forget the night mare
The bars and the screams
Are not in my dreams
I don’t smoke cigarettes
Or have sad regrets
This sleep liberation
Is tranquil salvation

- A poem by Ted Bundy sent to his friend and true crime writer Ann Rule.

The time Sana and Yousef spent last night really might’ve caused even more conflicting feelings for her. She wants to be in control and she wants to reason everything, but there might not be reasons why she feels attracted to Yousef. Showing that she thinks back to last night in a way that brings calmness and maybe even happiness is something that she can’t just ignore. And she knows that. But she also knows that she’s not going to go against her religion. 

There’s a saying that goes around that when you do what you love you start to hate it because it becomes work instead of fun, and that’s the problem I’m talking about, allowing people to work at their own pace on benefitting themselves and society only improves the world because they truly are doing things they love and not because they have to but because they want to.

Eliminated the need to work to survive actually allows so much more to get done, disabled people will be able to work and do what they can without harming themselves and without fear of losing their government benefits because they had a single good day. 

Eliminated the cost of education also further enriches the world because people can then truly study what they’re interested in, instead of studying for what they need a job in, or purposely cheating so they don’t lose scholarships, it would allow for people to actually learn and study what they find interesting which would lead to so many more scientific and artistic breakthroughs than what we have currently, and it would give access to this success to all.

anonymous asked:

oo i was wondering if you had heard the zaynxnicki collab, you think it's good then?? im so excited to get to hear it

anon it is fucking INCREDIBLE

so technically we signed an NDA-style agreement not to talk about it and frankly i had planned on upholding that but then other people at the event went and blabbed about it so like… what harm can i do now i guess lol

here are a few things i remember about it:

1) nicki comes in at the beginning - when we all immediately realized it was her, needless to say there was an absolute frenzy

2) the chorus includes the lyrics ‘woke up on the wrong side of love’ or something along those lines

3) the beat drop is AMAZING… yes the chorus includes a drop of sorts

4) it’s an IMMEDIATE earworm and banger, like in the course of the 3 or so minutes of the song i was already catching onto the chorus and singing it and everyone in the room agreed that it wasn’t just our z-loving bias, this is a song that (with the right radio deals and promo) can be THE song of summer. it has the potential to be everywhere if things go right.

i seriously can’t wait for you all to hear it and i cant wait to hear it again… no info was given to us about the title, the release, the anything except for that ‘this song is so new that it hasn’t even been mixed yet’ so other than having heard it once i’m as in the dark as you all

mattie-spiritwalker  asked:

What is the best way to differentiate whether a person uses Fe or Ne? I notice both functions in either dom/aux position radiate joy and energy oftentimes and like to share their ideas and opinions verbally and often. It sounds silly, knowing that there is a lot of difference between a judging function and a perceiving function, but behavior wise I sometimes struggle to pinpoint the difference.

Have you ever read, or seen a movie based on, Oscar Wilde?

Many of his plays are satires, open mockery of the absurdities of social norms; he mocked, maligned, twisted, and pointed out the shallowness of it, in comedic form. He mocks three-volume novels, shallow females, and many other things in The Importance of Being Earnest, and social climbing, deceit, and caring about one’s position in life in An Ideal Husband (among many, many other things).

In the 1500s, there was a scholar named Erasmus who thought it a great idea to write an “offensive” (for the times) satire in which a recently deceased pope threatened to force his way into heaven with his gang of banished sinners (he sold them worthless indulgences) after Saint Peter told him to get lost; in order to understand the magnitude of this statement, you must understand that in the 1500′s, common belief saw the Pope as “infallible,” and next to God, therefore to suggest that not only are his indulgences (get out of hell cards, which people paid for with actual money) rubbish, but he’s not going to heaven either, was a radical and offensive statement.

About a decade ago, Rob Bell came on the Christian Evangelical scene and caused a tremendous stir by announcing there is no hell, scripture does not support the concept of hell, and many common beliefs about scripture are fundamentally wrong and based on myth rather than serious study of the period, the people scripture was written for, about, and to, etc. He also caused a sensation by suggesting God isn’t who most people think He is – with the result that many have branded Bell as a heretic, but that hasn’t stopped him.

What do all of these people have in common?

They were/are Ne’s.

Ne is not a function that “radiates joy and energy” and wants everyone to share their ideas; its purpose is to take things as far as they can go, and then leap into the unknown, to challenge people way outside their comfort zones. Ne reads between the lines and essentially mocks that which fail to live up to its standard; it sees beyond the obvious to the intangible, to the absurdities of life, beliefs, practices, and so on. And because inevitably, Ne is either paired with Fi or Ti, it doesn’t much care at its level of potential offensiveness; it believes society should be moving forward at a steady pace and abandoning outdated ideals; Bell was naively “caught off guard” by how viciously traditional Christianity struck out against his radical ideas (he was also, as many Ne’s are, ahead of his time; the same movement has, in the last decade, grown astounding speed and started to turn up in multiple voices, supported by many different people doing similiar research; but like an intuitive, he “saw it” first).

Yes, Ne-doms can be funny – even hilarious. They often are, because they take almost nothing with total seriousness, and can see the absurdities in everything life has to offer; but with the ENFPs in particular (such as Erasmus) there is an underlining strong moral judgment, which often manifests in art or literature aimed at shaking your sensibilities and challenging you to rethink things; they want to frame reality in a different way, to provoke thought. Under the comedian is the dark, introspective but hopeful cynic, who believes nothing is too sacred to point out its flaws. Ne’s are comfortable with that; they encourage it, the more the rest of the world “resists” an idea, the more they are curious to explore it, because it’s just an idea… what harm can it do to think? It’s just an abstract discussion.

Thought drives the Ne-dom, not action, not social motivating in a Fe way (”we have a moral responsibility to drive society forward, join our movement!”) but in a disquieting, somewhat uncomfortable Ne way: “Let me show you through this idea how outdated, absurd, or wrong this belief system is.”

(This example is primarily Ne / Fi, but it should give you a general gist of how Ne decides to act on its beliefs – through an intangible object rather than sensory action.)

The Ne takes Jesus’ teachings about love, forgiveness, and compassion, and pairs it with scenes from movies depicting Christians persecuting each other, burning witches, fighting Muslims over Jerusalem, boycotting Harry Potter novels, or banning Moors… to point out, without words, how far removed Christianity is from Christ’s message.

IMPACT. Disturbing. Offensive. Things people don’t want to think about, but in your face. Ne is saying: deal with this. Look at it. End it.

Someone says, “Life owes me more than this,” and the Ne replies, “Life only owes you death, and it will pay up.”

Ne is not this cuddly thing, or a rainbow-pooping unicorn; Ne is introspective and disturbing and unnerving to those without it, because it threatens everything the world says is fine and is most comfortable when shoving people 100 yards outside their comfort zone.

Fe’s usually let people float in their comfort zone, because offending people gets you nowhere. Fe is about expressing emotion, accomplishing things through social harmony or recruiting others, collective motivation and support, creating emotional dynamics, and, in a healthy Fe, doing it in non-offensive ways that bring general wholeness and improvement to all involved.

If you just want an example of Fe vs. Ne… go to YouTube and watch an interview with Hugh Jackman (ESFJ) and then one with Jeff Goldblum (ENTP) and note the differences. ;)

- ENFP Mod

I really hate this environment I work in.

I work in a family-owned vegan restaurant, and I thought it would be fine, but shortly after starting I realized that I do not belong here. And it’s not just that I don’t belong here, this place, it’s customers, and it’s workers (owners and all) have a lot of fucked up mentalities. 

They’re classist, healthist/ableist, fatphobic, pretentious, shaming, and apparently have no problem with PETA. I have to listen to everyone talk about and sell a lot of bullshit about vegan~raw~healthy~organic~detox~juice-cleanse shit because “That’s just science!” because it easily aligns with their mindsets already, but can’t be bothered to do any actually research about why the bullshit they think and say is wrong and/or harmful, probably because they’ve been so steadfast and preachy they’re afraid of being wrong. So much of what they tout is considered disordered eating as well. Obsessing over food like this… These already-healthy people I work with portraying an ideal of “fitness” and health with all this “If it worked for me it’ll work for everyone! And you’re an idiot if you don’t behave like me.” bs. (AND they only focus on just physical health and not mental health, and it should be obvious why that is also bs). It’s all so bad. It’s just all really gross.

And it especially really bothers me because this is a restaurant… and it seems like the owners just buy into the labels on the shelves and the next health fads just like their customers without doing extensive research, which is necessary ESPECIALLY FOR THEM because this is a restaurant and they can really harm people. This is a “health food” restaurant where a lot of gullible people trust what we say; it can (and does) do some real harm. (And their gullibitlity isn’t their fault. All this “healthy lifestyle” bs culture plays on and takes advantage of people’s insecurities and fear, which is fucked up). They’re selling people bullshit and people cannot live off of bullshit (but they sure do try to).

It’s like so much of what they say is a 180 from what I believe in. Like, I may be a vegan but I know better, and I know a hell of a lot more than them because I don’t have an ego that I let control me, my thoughts, words, or actions, and I actually seek the truth, not just what I already agree with. And I wish I could say something, but they won’t be likely to believe me because I don’t have all the books/time to counter them and they’ve built their business on falsehoods and I just, I don’t know. I am not one of them and I do not belong here.

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Sam: *coos* “Guess who isn’t having a boyfriend until she’s 30? Yes, you… you are, mo chridhe!”

Cait: “For God sake Sam, she’s 9 months old.” 

Sam: “She grows up to be a beauty like you, we’re in a big trouble, love.”

Cait: “What are you even about? She’s not even in a kindergarten yet.”

Sam: “Oh God, it’s just 2 years away, isn’t it? Those little f*ckers better stay away from my baby.”

Cait: “Exactly what harm can 3 years old boys do, Sam?“

Sam: “Trust me, my nephew used to kiss girls in kindergarten!”

Cait: “Jesus… they are kids.”

Sam: “Well nobody kisses my princess but me!”

Cait: “I give up…”

Sam: *smirks*

Anyway age differences for teenagers is much more drastic than age differences for adults. The amount of brain and body development that happens in a year when people are going thru puberty is /huge/ vs people above the ages of 24-25. Teens who are uncomfortable being in relationships with a single year difference are completely sound in their reasoning and feelings. Don’t let adults in big age gap relationships push their opinions on you if it makes you uncomfortable, especially if those adults met their partners during their 20s and beyond.

This also applies to adults who are uncomfortable being romantic with people who are younger. If discomfort is there, the relationship won’t be good.

All this is coming from someone with personal experience dating older people in their teens and got royally messed from it, so please don’t underestimate what a year can potentially do to harm a relationship

Lunchtime Drabble: No Rest

Pairings: Jim x Pregnant Reader, Bones x sister reader
Words: 574
Warnings: cuteness?
Summary: Jim calls Bones in the middle of the night to check on his very pregnant wife.
A/N: this might get a second part written for it if there’s enough interest. Let me know if anyone is interested in being on a lunchtime drabble or permanent tag list!

Y/N woke to a noise by her head. WIthout opening her eyes, she knew it was a tricorder in the hands of Dr. McCoy.

“What are you doing?” Y/N grumbled.

“Just checking,” came the rough response as Bones knelt next to her on the bed.

“It’s the middle of the night!” Y/N whined, rolling over to bump into yet another person kneeling on her bed. “Jim, why?”

“I just got worried, Y/N.” her husband responded, one arm wrapping around her swollen belly. “I called Bones because you were making some noises in your sleep.”

“Noises?” Y/N finally opened her eyes and looked at Jim. “What kind of noises?”

“Sounded like normal snoring to me when I came in.” Bones replied for him.

Y/N groaned. It was hard enough being pregnant, about ready to pop, and still trying to work in the medical lab. But with a paranoid captain husband and annoying doctor brother, this baby needed to make an appearance sooner rather than later. For everyone’s sanity!

“Is Y/N okay, Bones? Is the baby okay?” Jim asked nervously, rubbing a hand on Y/N’s belly.

“They are both fine Jim, same as last time you called. Y/N, honey, your blood pressure is just a little high, but I’m pretty sure that’s Jim’s fault.”

“What? High blood pressure?!” Jim jumped out of bed. “That’s bad, right!? Y/N you have to rest. You are relieved of duty until after the baby is born. Or maybe forever, I haven’t decided yet.”

“JIM!” Y/N called tiredly over his rant. “Please calm down and shut up. Leo, everything’s really okay?”

“Yes, darlin’. You and baby are fine. But we might need to talk about you taking leave from the lab.”

“All I do it sit at the computer! What harm can come from that? I don’t touch any of the chemicals. Besides, at work I’m literally right next door to the Medbay, what better place to be when I go into labor?”

“She has a point, Jim.” It’s about time her brother took her side on something.

Jim scrubbed a hand down his face as he paced at the end of the bed, evaluating the siblings and the situation.

“Alight. But I will hold you personally responsible, Bones, if anything happens.”

“I think I’m capable of watching out for my little sister, Jim, even if she does make idiotic choices when it comes to men.” Bones kissed Y/N’s head and told her to go back to sleep and headed back to his own bed, grumbling as he went out the door.

“Come here babe,” Y/N held her hand out to Jim, pulling him back onto the bed next to her. He gently rubbed her belly with one hand while the other went into her hair.

“Are you sure you’re feeling okay?” He asked, his eyes searching hers. “I know I’m driving you crazy but I just need to know that you’re okay.”

“Jim, I promise you, I will tell you if I feel anything other than what’s normal.” Y/N smiled into his worried beautiful eyes. “Now, snuggle me back to sleep.”

Jim finally allowed himself a smile as he laid down behind his wife, pulling her to his chest, resting a hand where their child grew. As he felt her drift off to sleep, he promised himself he would protect them both until his dying breath.

taglist: @writingwithadinosaur


summary: Dan has a guilty pleasure: phan blogs. It’s a mixture of conceited arrogance and morbid curiosity, really. And really, it’s a mixture of these two things that lead to him catfishing members of his phandom and becoming a headcanon blog. After all, what harm can one headcanon do?
word count: 2,134/20,000
warnings (this chapter): recreational drinking, kissing, light fantasy


A couple of weeks pass where nothing noteworthy happens. Dan doesn’t have a big metal breakdown, comes to accept that his life now involves writing headcanons about himself and his best friend. They’re all platonic, domestic things, though, and nothing that their viewers couldn’t work out by watching enough of their videos. So it’s innocent.

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