what harm can it do

// okay. story time.

once upon a time, i was sitting around, browsing ebay for more Lupin the Third merch to add to my ever-growing collection. as i looked amongst the many listings, i came across a one-of-a-kind auction for some strange, weird-looking toy…

i wasn’t sure what it was. the title was “#C349 PRIZE Anime Character figure gun Lupin The 3rd” and that didn’t make a whole lot of sense, so i checked the description to see what it was, but there was nothing about the item, only information about shipping.

the pictures from the listing showed this strange toy, as such:

i thought to myself, what harm can this do? it’s only $4.99, i can afford that.

so i placed a bid, and won the auction. this was about a month ago.

today the item arrived. i picked it up from the post office, because the postal worker couldn’t bother to ring the damn doorbell to see if anyone was home, which–yes–we were home to receive the item. once home, i opened the box and pulled it out.

and i examined it.

looked at it from all angles.

“what the fuck is this thing supposed to do?”

then i pulled the trigger.

this toy.

with this friggin’ face…

when you pull the goddamn trigger…



cabezotapequeno  asked:

Do you have any advice if someone wants to create an entirely new mythology for their story?

Mythology is a human creation which serves as a way to make sense to the world, surroundings and, mostly, natural events. Mythology tells the story of origins of the world, of people, of elements, and such. My approach to the creation of new mythology will have the geography as the foundation for mythology. The reason for this is that we try to explain, or find a reason, to what we see, hear, or sense. I can not explain, even with a myth, snow if I have never seen it, or heard about it. I can not explain the Aurora Borealis if I don’t know it exists. This might be reductionist since mythology relies on more than meets the eye (aka symbolism, rites, traditions, roles, kinship, among others), but it is a starting point.

When creating a new mythology you have to know where the story will take place and the conditions of said place. The weather, the animals, the flora, the natural events, and so. How do the people of your story understand and perceive the sunrise, the sunset, the waves, the rivers, the eclipses, the storms. Is there a story behind the shape of the mountains, are the animals a representation of gods and godessess. What about the stars, do they mean something to them? Compile the geography of your setting, use mythology to explain what your characters can see, the vital elements to their survival, and natural events that can happen from time to time. The geography itself can play an important role in the developing of the story, take for example a city surrounded by mountains, the sun rises from the mountains and sets behind them. There are no hurricanes, no tornados, no tsunamis, nothing that can harm the population to a big extent. What role do the mountains play here? Are they protectors of the city? How do the people feel when they travel to a place where there are no mountains? On its counterpart, what about people living on an island, how do they feel about the ocean? What it means to them?

How did things begin for the people in your story? What’s the beginning of their world. What are the elements arround it? Did a powerful entity created it, was it because of a natural, yet untraceable event. How did the rivers become rivers, who or what created the moon, or is i tan entity on its own?

Is life given or is it created? If so, who, or what, gives it; who, or what, creates it? What is the definition of life to the people of your story? Is the ocean alive? Do the mountains speak to the people who can understand them? Is life a synonym of movement? Is the wind an influx of life? Are living organisms separated into body-mind, body-mind-soul, body-soul?

Some natural events can fall into the destruction category, such as volcano eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, among others. For your people, is the creator also a destroyer, or are there other entities besides the creator. Is the destruction seen as something bad or as something natural and even necessary?

Is death the opposite of life? What do the people of your story consider death? Is it given, is it earned? Who can die, who can live forever? Does the sun dies after it sets? What happens to the body after death? Is there an afterlife people can look up to?

Is time linear or circular? How is it measured by the people on your story? Do the days turn into weeks or do they remain days forever? How do people differentiate one season from another? Is there an entity that controls the time, or is it time an entity on its own?

Do the entities have a correspondece here on earth, are specific symbols associated to them? Are certain events a warning for something bigger?  Do the people wear objects that resemble the entities they worship? Is there any iconography for these entities?

Are there any prophecies in your mythology? It could be about the end of the world, about the arrival of a different group of people, about a natural event, among others.

Mythology also relies on heroes who have accomplished great tasks in order to prove themselves worthy of something. They are usually portrayed as role models for the society, as they embody the values of it.

Rites (also involved in religion)
Are there any rites involved in your mythology? This could be before eating, before hunting, before a birth, or after those above. A rite is usually a sacred act that allows people to go from one state to another within their society.

Traditions (like rites, they respond to a diferent structure)
These are a less sacred form of rites. Traditions carry the past on them as they rememorate an event of importance to society, to a family, ore ven to a single person. A birthday celebration can be labeled as a tradition.

Below you’ll find a list of books written by anthropologists and such, about mythology. Not all of them are explicit about it. Also this books were written by people outside the societies they wrote about, so read them with a critical eye.

  • Tim Ingold - The temporality of the landscape (paper)
  • Pierre Clastres - Chronicle of the Guayaki India
  • Claude Levi-Strauss - Mythologiques / How myths die / Many of his work
  • Mircea Eliade - Many of his work
  • Louis-Vincent Thomas - Anthropologie de la mort
  • Joseph Campbell - Transformations of Myths through time
  • Fernando Santos-Granero - Writing history into the landscape: Space, Myth, and Ritual in Contemporary Amazonia


  • Define what is sacred and what is profane for the people in your story.
  • The same goes for values and moral expectations. Think of archetypes here.
  • In many cultures, as well as in many mythologies, you can find a universal flood and universal fire myth. This is because both elements have cleansing properties. There can be mythological creatures associated to them or not. As well, these myths can be replicated when someone is born or when someone dies.
  • Mythology is part of the worldbuilding, and it plays an important role in society since it permeates to daily life.
  • As time passes, myths change, or are changed, to keep them alive. At the same time, they can be transformed to fit societal changes.
  • Mythology is not the same as religion. This being said, monoteism is not a higher or more advanced state than animism or polyteism.

I hope this works for you!


Below there’s a not-so-short passage of the book Blindness by José Saramago. It isn’t a major spoiler but it shows how much incidence we, humans, have on the gods we create and re-create. It’s rather long, so if you want to skip it, or read the book (which I advice), feel free to do it. Also, I cut off some parts, but it stills makes sense.

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anonymous asked:

When writing an asexual character, what can I do to avoid poor representation and harmful tropes?

For good representation I would actually have the character come out or greatly imply they are asexual, subtext works but usually thats all we, and other queer orientations, ever get. 

I would avoid having too many tropes like the cold, distant, heartless asexual, while an asexual person can be like that I think thats usually a negative stereotype.

I wouldn’t write a character as asexual just because you want them to seem innocent, we usually know whats going on we’re just not feeling it.

Asexual people can pick up on flirting or sexual advances, some may not and that can work well as a way to make your character come off as ace. (I know this can also be a trait of autism, but it can work in both cases).

Remember that many aces use the split attraction model but many don’t. Asexual does not mean can’t be in a relationship or even have sex themselves for various reasons though I’d be careful with writing a asexual character like that because it might be confused unless it’s explained well.

anonymous asked:

Social media is THE outlet of today's teen, and while already vulnerable, easy access to potentially harmful information can increase that vulnerability. What can teenagers do to promote more mental health support across social media in an informed, compassionate way?

I think that there is so much others can do to support mental health. No gesture (or post) is too small. You never know how a positive message will change someone’s day for the better. Yes, there are people who say that this is “slactivism” but when you go on Tumblr and YouTube and see these incredible communities of people coming together to support one another, there is real progress being made. These communities are starting to permeate mainstream culture and are providing a ton of visibility to marginalized groups and the experiences they have. I would say continue to share your stories, continue to identify spaces where young people can be their authentic selves, online and offline. Continue to share your gratitude when someone’s post turned your day around and share it with others who may need to see it too. This is how we can continue to grow our community and let others know what an incredible resource social media can be.

First, take responsibility for your own behavior online. Second, call out questionable or harmful behavior from people that you know online. Third, if you’re comfortable, model honesty and vulnerability in an effort to allow other people to feel safe.

The Basics:

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What is Self Care Anyway?

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BACE Method (now with venn diagrams.)

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Posts about Suicide:

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For Friends/Family/Partners of Survivors:

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Sometimes the easiest thing to say is the worst.

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Acute Inpatient: A brief overview

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Studying Tips

I walk into my patient’s room and their spouse immediately starts ordering me around and/or making demands...

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Oh, You Again - Tom Holland Imagine

Summary: A drunken night out leads to an awkward encounter on your first day as a photographer

Warning: Bit of swearing, mentions of sexy time, y’know the usual.


You were prepared to have a cozy night in the night before an early start. 6am you had your alarm set for. It wasn’t often people landed their dream job, but you had somehow landed the photography job of a lifetime.

You had worked so hard over the past 3 years to develop an outstanding portfolio, and somehow the editors of Brittish GQ got their hands on it.

The phone call was out of the blue and they asked to see more of your work, so you sent them some more recent photo shoot images you had taken, and they were blown away. They invited you to join them on their team of creative developers and begin working with them right away.

As you were just starting to get comfortable on your couch, your phone buzzed against the pillow beside you, and you answered after a few rings.

“Sooooo…..” your friend started. “You’re definitely coming out for a drink tonight”.

“No way in hell” you replied.

“Yes way in hell. It’s been forever!” your best friend pleaded. You rolled your eyes at their pathetic attempt to pry you from your cozy, warm apartment.

“What harm can one drink do? I’ll even buy you food” they said, in another attempt to convince you.

It was at that moment you heard a knock on the door. Whilst still arguing on the phone, you stood and walked over the door, surprised to see your best friend standing behind it.

You hung up the phone and looked at them with an are you serious? look.

It may have taken another 30 minutes, but sure enough you were coaxed into leaving the comfort of your home.

The bar down the road with your usual go-to, the comfy plush booths, good music and underground vibe was always something that picked up your mood a little. Although the bar was a little dark, you knew your way around pretty well by now so the two of you easily made your way to a table with some drinks.

You had a feeling that it wasn’t going to be just that one drink consumed tonight.

Three hours past, multiple empty glasses scattered around you, and your vision was so burry that you could barely make out the face of your best friend opposite you.

After that, you really don’t remember anything else that happened that night.

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Night of Days 

This is no way to be
Man ought to be free
That man should be me
Talk to the walls
Echoes down the halls
Dream of dreams
An allusion freedom seems
Write thoughts on paper by reams

Toilet flushes
Water gushes
Makes such a noise
Lack of privacy annoys
Nightime [sic] sounds
Jailer makes rounds
No freedom abounds
Prisoners are clowns

So the night slowly passes
No wine of wine glasses
No girls to make passes
Just us caged asses
Cards are alright
I play them all night

Sleep comes on slowly
Read the words of the wholly
The scriptures bring peace
They talk of release
They bring you to god
I’m here that seems odd
But His gift is so clear
I find that He’s near
Mercy and redemption
Without an exception
He puts me at ease
Jailer, do what you please
No harm can befall me
When the Savior does call me

I look back on this day
And what can I say
More of my life wasted
No freedom I’ve tasted
7:30 it’s chow time
At that hour who feels fine
Milk, mush, and toast
Not much of to boast

Sweep the floors
Talk of whores
Hear the thunder of prison doors
Do your chores
Listen to bores
How guys made scores
Or escaped distant shores

I wrote a letter
That made me feel better
Words to the outside
That’s how I keep my pride
I write words of hope
It’s really no soap
I mean what I say
Where there’s hope there’s a way
I’ll be free someday

I sleep quite a lot
Escape though it’s not
In sleep I don’t care
I forget the night mare
The bars and the screams
Are not in my dreams
I don’t smoke cigarettes
Or have sad regrets
This sleep liberation
Is tranquil salvation

- A poem by Ted Bundy sent to his friend and true crime writer Ann Rule.

There’s a saying that goes around that when you do what you love you start to hate it because it becomes work instead of fun, and that’s the problem I’m talking about, allowing people to work at their own pace on benefitting themselves and society only improves the world because they truly are doing things they love and not because they have to but because they want to.

Eliminated the need to work to survive actually allows so much more to get done, disabled people will be able to work and do what they can without harming themselves and without fear of losing their government benefits because they had a single good day. 

Eliminated the cost of education also further enriches the world because people can then truly study what they’re interested in, instead of studying for what they need a job in, or purposely cheating so they don’t lose scholarships, it would allow for people to actually learn and study what they find interesting which would lead to so many more scientific and artistic breakthroughs than what we have currently, and it would give access to this success to all.

The brothers and self harm

Before I do this, I want to say that self-harm is a really serious issue, and you should not do it- I understand certain reasoning behind it, but if you ever feel like you don’t have anyone to talk to you can come to me, I’m always open to help. Causing yourself pain, over emotional pain as well, just makes it worse, and it gives you a scar to remember the bad moment the pain momentarily helped you forget- I know it’s hard, but I promise it gets better. You are loved by many, and hated by some, that much you can’t change, but you don’t need to change yourself, either. You’re special, and you deserve more than that. Please, stay safe.

[ Sakamakis ]

Shu: He would hate it. Like most things, at first he would pretend like he didn’t care for whatever you did, but it would start really messing with him- you were the one telling him about it, but once he found you, whilst in the act, from then on he started doing everything to stop it- for both reasons. Firstly, he doesn’t want you to someday do something worse, meaning he would end up losing you. Secondly, the smell of your blood would travel through the entire house, and it would mean his brothers would try to get a taste, and he won’t stand for it. Overall, he’d try to help.

Reiji: He finds it ridiculous. Why would you even do that to yourself? This time, it wasn’t you who told him, merely one day when you got hurt on a piece of glass whilst helping him with chores, when he was going to take care of it he ended up seeing some cuts on your arm- he scolded you badly over them, and made you promise not to do it again. Part of him knows it’s really not your fault, and that you must have reasons to do it, but he doesn’t see the point behind it, let alone it’s messy. Overall, he would try to get you to stop, and get a bit angry if you do not- that’s his way of caring.

Ayato: He thinks it’s stupid. Not because he doesn’t care, quite the opposite. Humans are fragile creatures who die far too easily, why would you want to waste your life like that? He would always think something could go wrong and you’d end up dying, and he doesn’t want that. Also, why waste your precious blood? If you want it to pour out that much whilst having pain, all he has to do is bite you, and it doesn’t go to waste! In all honesty, he worries something may happen, and tries to keep you away from it- he found out once he smelled your blood, and was about to throw a jealous fit thinking it was one of his brothers.

Laito: He would be devastated. Although he enjoyed the idea of a small cut here and there for him to suck the blood out of, he didn’t like that you were harming yourself because of emotional pain, and would do anything within his power to help you fix it. He would become really protective of you and be sure to be next to you at all times- he would even try to be there during a bath, but you’d most likely kick him out. Without a doubt, he would poke fun at you on a daily due to his personality, but if he saw you the slightest bit sad he would move everything he could to make sure you wouldn’t do it- your life is too precious for him.

Kanato: He doesn’t care. This is really rude, but he doesn’t really care that you cut- he thinks it’s stupid, yes, especially when you told him he said that to you. He doesn’t want you to ruin your precious skin, because dolls aren’t supposed to be broken like that, and he does not get the reason behind it- he doesn’t really try to understand, either. There will be a rare time where he will comfort you if he knows you’re sad, both because he doesn’t want to ruin your skin but also because you’re his significant other, and he might understand that cutting can be bad for you- he’s just really clueless about this stuff and ignores it most times.

Subaru: No! He hates it. He’s terrified of it. What if you end up cutting your wrist and bleeding out? What if he loses you? He can’t afford to even think about it. When you told him, the generally ‘piss off’ vibe he gives off completely broke and he started crying, hugging you and wanting to reassure you that it would be okay. He would do his absolute best to stop you from doing it again, going against everything and everyone that inflicted the slightest bit of pain on you. He would be really sweet about it, even if he found out you did it again, he would clean up the wounds and just hold on tight.

[ Mukamis ]

Ruki: Much like Reiji, he finds it ridiculous. He doesn’t really see what good harm can do, especially when you’re causing yourself pain from emotional pain- now two things hurt, right? He’d find himself punishing you whenever you did it, except it would be in a loving way- let me explain. He would punish you, but not spanking or anything of sorts, he would just force you to say certain things, like you won’t do it again and that you’ll come to him- when you’re depressed, these are, of course, quite hard to say, but he would insist. Whatever could keep you safe, he would try to do.

Kou: He would get really emotional over it. He’d probably even cry, certain times- how could you be doing that to yourself? He would, at all cost, get you to stop. He knows it can be hard, especially seeing his brother do it all the time, but it’s way different- his brother can’t really die from it, his wounds will heal, but yours will not, and that’s what worries him. He can’t let anything happen to you- he won’t lose you, absolutely not! He would probably kiss your wounds very lightly, and suggest you let him bit you when you felt like self harming, because there’s the pain and blood loss- just way safer.

Yuma: He would pretend he was mad, but he was honestly very emotional about it. The last thing he’d want was to lose you, so when he caught you doing it once he freaked out and started yelling- this was to prevent tears from falling from his eyes. From then on, he decided to be with you at every moment, regardless of what you are doing- if said thing takes more than one minute, time he’s not looking at you, he’s tagging along.  He will check for new scars every day, and will try his best to take your mind away from doing such things. He just wants you to be happy and live a long time, with him preferably.

Azusa: He gets it, but hates it. He cuts himself, as we all know, and it helps him feel human again, for a few seconds- but he heals, he has no marks on his skin after a while, and it hurts him when he sees them on you. Being extremely sadist, he also kind of fantasizes about cutting you, but never for an emotional reason, and certainly not to leave a mark- more like small kitchen cuts that don’t stay for very long. He will kiss every single one of your scars and reassure you that you are beautiful and should not do that to yourself- he will probably cry a bit when you tell him, too.

The time Sana and Yousef spent last night really might’ve caused even more conflicting feelings for her. She wants to be in control and she wants to reason everything, but there might not be reasons why she feels attracted to Yousef. Showing that she thinks back to last night in a way that brings calmness and maybe even happiness is something that she can’t just ignore. And she knows that. But she also knows that she’s not going to go against her religion. 

anonymous asked:

oo i was wondering if you had heard the zaynxnicki collab, you think it's good then?? im so excited to get to hear it

anon it is fucking INCREDIBLE

so technically we signed an NDA-style agreement not to talk about it and frankly i had planned on upholding that but then other people at the event went and blabbed about it so like… what harm can i do now i guess lol

here are a few things i remember about it:

1) nicki comes in at the beginning - when we all immediately realized it was her, needless to say there was an absolute frenzy

2) the chorus includes the lyrics ‘woke up on the wrong side of love’ or something along those lines

3) the beat drop is AMAZING… yes the chorus includes a drop of sorts

4) it’s an IMMEDIATE earworm and banger, like in the course of the 3 or so minutes of the song i was already catching onto the chorus and singing it and everyone in the room agreed that it wasn’t just our z-loving bias, this is a song that (with the right radio deals and promo) can be THE song of summer. it has the potential to be everywhere if things go right.

i seriously can’t wait for you all to hear it and i cant wait to hear it again… no info was given to us about the title, the release, the anything except for that ‘this song is so new that it hasn’t even been mixed yet’ so other than having heard it once i’m as in the dark as you all

mattie-spiritwalker  asked:

What is the best way to differentiate whether a person uses Fe or Ne? I notice both functions in either dom/aux position radiate joy and energy oftentimes and like to share their ideas and opinions verbally and often. It sounds silly, knowing that there is a lot of difference between a judging function and a perceiving function, but behavior wise I sometimes struggle to pinpoint the difference.

Have you ever read, or seen a movie based on, Oscar Wilde?

Many of his plays are satires, open mockery of the absurdities of social norms; he mocked, maligned, twisted, and pointed out the shallowness of it, in comedic form. He mocks three-volume novels, shallow females, and many other things in The Importance of Being Earnest, and social climbing, deceit, and caring about one’s position in life in An Ideal Husband (among many, many other things).

In the 1500s, there was a scholar named Erasmus who thought it a great idea to write an “offensive” (for the times) satire in which a recently deceased pope threatened to force his way into heaven with his gang of banished sinners (he sold them worthless indulgences) after Saint Peter told him to get lost; in order to understand the magnitude of this statement, you must understand that in the 1500′s, common belief saw the Pope as “infallible,” and next to God, therefore to suggest that not only are his indulgences (get out of hell cards, which people paid for with actual money) rubbish, but he’s not going to heaven either, was a radical and offensive statement.

About a decade ago, Rob Bell came on the Christian Evangelical scene and caused a tremendous stir by announcing there is no hell, scripture does not support the concept of hell, and many common beliefs about scripture are fundamentally wrong and based on myth rather than serious study of the period, the people scripture was written for, about, and to, etc. He also caused a sensation by suggesting God isn’t who most people think He is – with the result that many have branded Bell as a heretic, but that hasn’t stopped him.

What do all of these people have in common?

They were/are Ne’s.

Ne is not a function that “radiates joy and energy” and wants everyone to share their ideas; its purpose is to take things as far as they can go, and then leap into the unknown, to challenge people way outside their comfort zones. Ne reads between the lines and essentially mocks that which fail to live up to its standard; it sees beyond the obvious to the intangible, to the absurdities of life, beliefs, practices, and so on. And because inevitably, Ne is either paired with Fi or Ti, it doesn’t much care at its level of potential offensiveness; it believes society should be moving forward at a steady pace and abandoning outdated ideals; Bell was naively “caught off guard” by how viciously traditional Christianity struck out against his radical ideas (he was also, as many Ne’s are, ahead of his time; the same movement has, in the last decade, grown astounding speed and started to turn up in multiple voices, supported by many different people doing similiar research; but like an intuitive, he “saw it” first).

Yes, Ne-doms can be funny – even hilarious. They often are, because they take almost nothing with total seriousness, and can see the absurdities in everything life has to offer; but with the ENFPs in particular (such as Erasmus) there is an underlining strong moral judgment, which often manifests in art or literature aimed at shaking your sensibilities and challenging you to rethink things; they want to frame reality in a different way, to provoke thought. Under the comedian is the dark, introspective but hopeful cynic, who believes nothing is too sacred to point out its flaws. Ne’s are comfortable with that; they encourage it, the more the rest of the world “resists” an idea, the more they are curious to explore it, because it’s just an idea… what harm can it do to think? It’s just an abstract discussion.

Thought drives the Ne-dom, not action, not social motivating in a Fe way (”we have a moral responsibility to drive society forward, join our movement!”) but in a disquieting, somewhat uncomfortable Ne way: “Let me show you through this idea how outdated, absurd, or wrong this belief system is.”

(This example is primarily Ne / Fi, but it should give you a general gist of how Ne decides to act on its beliefs – through an intangible object rather than sensory action.)

The Ne takes Jesus’ teachings about love, forgiveness, and compassion, and pairs it with scenes from movies depicting Christians persecuting each other, burning witches, fighting Muslims over Jerusalem, boycotting Harry Potter novels, or banning Moors… to point out, without words, how far removed Christianity is from Christ’s message.

IMPACT. Disturbing. Offensive. Things people don’t want to think about, but in your face. Ne is saying: deal with this. Look at it. End it.

Someone says, “Life owes me more than this,” and the Ne replies, “Life only owes you death, and it will pay up.”

Ne is not this cuddly thing, or a rainbow-pooping unicorn; Ne is introspective and disturbing and unnerving to those without it, because it threatens everything the world says is fine and is most comfortable when shoving people 100 yards outside their comfort zone.

Fe’s usually let people float in their comfort zone, because offending people gets you nowhere. Fe is about expressing emotion, accomplishing things through social harmony or recruiting others, collective motivation and support, creating emotional dynamics, and, in a healthy Fe, doing it in non-offensive ways that bring general wholeness and improvement to all involved.

If you just want an example of Fe vs. Ne… go to YouTube and watch an interview with Hugh Jackman (ESFJ) and then one with Jeff Goldblum (ENTP) and note the differences. ;)

- ENFP Mod

Supercorp tinder au: Swipe Right for a Super

Lena Luthor matches with Supergirl on tinder and she’s convinced that she’s being catfished.

“Kara, it’ll be fun,” Winn says, already reaching for Kara’s phone.

Kara’s face twists, she likes to think that she has a handle on the majority of Earth’s customs at this point in her life, but she’s never really understood the obsession of online dating. Sure, she supposes that it makes sense in a practical sort of way, but she much prefers to meet people face to face. It’s so much easier for her to figure people out when she can watch their features change and discreetly listen to telltale signs of life.

Starting at a screen doesn’t have quite the same effect.

“I don’t know,” Kara replies, sceptical, but she makes no move to retrieve her phone from Winn’s grasp.

“Come on,” Winn offers once more,  "after today you could use all the fun you can get,” he uses that pleading voice that causes Kara to shake her head, “and so could I.”

For the first time since returning home, Kara allows herself the time to reflect on the events of the day. It had started out just like any other, Kara suiting up and speeding off to some emergency to offer her assistance, but she had been wholly unprepared for the scene that greeted her upon her arrival.

Though, she doesn’t think she’ll ever really be prepared to see her sister under heavy fire. She’d done her best to intervene, but even with her super-speed she still wasn’t fast enough to stop the bullet from grazing Alex’s shoulder.

Alex had brushed off, of course, telling Kara not to worry, that her injury was merely a flesh wound, that she could stitch herself up if she wanted to. It had been enough to pull a smile out of Kara as she flew them back to the DEO.

Even by her standards, she has to admit that it’s been a particularly rough twenty-four hours.

Maybe she could use a little something to take her mind off things.

“Fine,” Kara concedes after receiving another pleading look from Winn that she’s not sure even Alex could resist.


“Winn, I really don’t think this a good idea.”

“Relax, Kara,” Winn can’t help but roll his eyes at the way Kara paces around the room, “I’ve already set it all up, you’ve now got a fake Supergirl Facebook account by the way.” He bumps his shoulder with Kara’s in a futile attempt to draw a smile from her, he knows how exhausted she is and he thought this would be the perfect way to take her mind off Alex for the night. He knows Kara still feels somewhat guilty for not being able to protect her sister and she’d only left her side because Alex had insisted as much. “It’ll be more fun this way,” he promises, “haven’t you always wondered what kind of reaction Supergirl would get?”

Kara imagines that it would be infinitely more intense than kind of reaction that Kara Danvers would receive. “That’s not the point, Winn”

Winn smiles at Kara’s lack of denial, “No one is actually going to think that the real Supergirl is sitting behind the screen, anyway. What harm can it do?” He presses, holding the phone out towards Kara and arching his brow.

She ignores the voice in the back of her hand that tells her just how much harm it can do and takes the phone from an excited-looking Winn.

Kara is quick to get the hang of things work, making sure she’s actually swiping the right way. She rolls her eyes when the one the first profile she sees belongs to Mon-el, “Of course,” she scoffs, swiping her finger hard across the screen and ignoring the way that Winn eyes her curiously.

“Okay,” he breathes, surprised by the way Kara frowns and seethes at the same time, “I’m guessing that one is a no”


“It’s not going to work if you don’t swipe right for anyone,” Winn complains, huffing as he watches Kara swipe left on yet another profile.

“I have,” Kara protests, shielding the phone from Winn’s attempts to grab it.

“That does not count!” Winn says, throwing his hands up in frustration, “It doesn’t,” he reiterates when he sees Kara shrug, “Kara, the only person you’ve swiped right for is me and we both know that’s just because I’m sat right next to you and you’re way too nice.”

When Kara doesn’t say anything, Winn takes his chance, lunging across her and scrambling for the phone. Kara is completely past the point of caring, she doesn’t put up much of a fight as the phone is tugged from her hands.

“Right. Let us see what we’ve got here,” Winn does a quick scan, swiping right on a total of five people despite Kara’s halfhearted protests and child-like sulking.

It’s not until Kara has completely lost count of the number of profiles that Winn has deemed acceptable, that she feels the need to voice her complaints. “Winn!” She chides

“It’s not my fault you’re popular. People really do love Supergirl, you’ve got loads of messages waiting for you.” Winn says unapologetically

Kara doesn’t hesitate to take her phone back, ready to inspect the damage that Winn has caused.

“Seriously, Kara, I know this was just supposed to be a bit of fun but when was the last time you even went on a date?”

If Kara is being honest myself, she knows it’s been a while. In fact, she’s pretty sure that she’d struggle to pinpoint an exact date but in her defence, she’s been kind of busy lately and it’s really difficult to find time for romance in-between her day job and saving the city from rogue aliens. “Does it matter? It’s not like I can date any of these people as Supergirl.”

“No,” Winn agrees, “…but, you can date someone as Kara Danvers,” he continues, adding a tentative jab to Kara’s shoulder for good measure.

Kara shakes her head, that’s been tried and tested and she has more than enough evidence to suggest that it just doesn’t work.

“Seriously, Kara. I’m going to hack your account and start swiping myself if you don’t just pick someone,” Winn whines, he had anticipated this little endeavour entailing a little more excitement than simply watching Kara stare at her phone.

Kara gives a noncommittal hum and proceeds to swipe left on the guy that bears a striking resemblance to her morning barista.

The next profile that appears is a little more enticing and Kara is caught in two minds as to which direction she should go.

She swipes right before she loses her nerve.


Lena is not entirely sure what possessed her to download the app in the first place and she’s even less sure about why she feels the need to browse through a selection of attainable date within her area.

At first, it had seemed like an okay idea, something to take the edge of her busy day. An easy way to find a stranger to pass the time with and provide a much-needed distraction. She certainly doesn’t have the time to go out and meet someone she’s actually interested in, especially when the only thing on her mind is to find someone to use as a form of stress relief.

Preferably with someone who won’t recognise her by her last name, or at the very least, they won’t be put off by it.

She knows the chances are slim.She knows that there’s always going to be something that people want, something that they need. There’s always going to be people asking for a comment on something or other, people are always going to want to know her opinions, especially when aliens are involved.

Lena knows that she’s always going to be tied to her last name no matter how hard she tries to sever herself from the Luthor name and everything it stands for.

She shudders when she stumbles across her secretary’s profile, swiping left as fast as humanly possible. As much as she considers Jess a valuable employee, perhaps the most loyal, she just can’t bring herself to go there. She needs someone forgettable, she needs a face she’s not going to see every morning as she walks to her office and Jess definitely doesn’t fit the bill.

The app soon becomes tiresome and Lena quickly becomes bored with the constant swiping left and the numerous 20-something boys that Tinder keeps suggesting.

She’s not that desperate.

Lena is just about ready to give up and admit defeat in her search for a distraction within this godforsaken city when National City’s very own hero pops up on her screen.

Lena can’t help but let out a little chuckle at the profile because obviously, it’s not really Supergirl. Why on earth would the girl of steel be on tinder?

And Lena knows better than to get sucked in by some middle-aged man masquerading as Supergirl. She really does. But,  she’d been lying if she wasn’t even the least bit curious as to how the stranger is going to explain themselves, or if they even explain themselves at all.

She wonders just how many people have fallen into this trap, how many gullible idiots have swiped right, fully expecting to match with the real Supergirl.

Still, Lena can’t deny that her interest is piqued, even if it is just to see how long the facade will last. In the end that nibbling need to just know, once and for all is what gets the better of her.

Before she can stop herself she’s swiping right.

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Happy Ending (2) Masterlist

part one

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Extra Ordinary (ao3) - lowlights

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Find Your Way Back (ao3) - jewelphan

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Let Me Down Gently (ao3) - INeverHadMyInternetPhase

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Mirrors (ao3) - pastelpunkdan

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Rebellion (ao3) - VegaPancakes

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The Summer - snowbunnylester, botanistlester

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Waiting, Hoping With Each Breath - botanistlester

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Summary: Dan’s high school football season is coming to a close. The only thing worse than having his archenemy Phil Lester on the same team is the fact that he can’t even play this season. But that’s just the surface problem… the secret Dan is keeping behind closed doors is only getting harder to deal with and he worries he can’t take very much more.

Another Episode Leaked Once Again

Not sure if anyone has heard, but it appears episode 8 was leaked. Damn it! Why do people do this? Anyways, if any Earpers see anything out of the ordinary (i.e. scenes that have not been legally released by Syfy or any of its affiliates). Please make sure to report it. Leaked material is NOT cool/legal.

Some might think “Well we got a Season 3. What harm can a leaked episode do?” The harm it could possibly do is reduced amount of episodes for Season 3 and even a far worse time slot. So please, don’t promote leaked material. See it. Report it.

Figure Skating and the Media

I’d like to build on @chibura​​‘s notes after Cup of Russia, which I shared the other day, and which I’d highly recommend you to go through if you have the time. My favorite part is her take on the media, which is as scathing as it is fair, and makes for an enlightening read. 

I am not trying to justify the media’s questionable practices, far from it. However, I want to point out that in this day and age, when the impact of an article is measured less by its ability to inform and more by the number of clicks it attracts, it should be to nobody’s surprise that sensationalism dictates a large part of the media’s modus operandi. The same is true for all kinds of sport journalism (if you can still call that journalism), but is even more prevalent in coverage of figure skating, a sport whose judging system is frequently viewed as esoteric, whose chance to be in the spotlight of public interest comes only once every 4 years, both of which factors serve to render it, at best, exotic, and at worst, incomprehensible and therefore uninteresting. 

It is no secret that skating, for all the rise in popularity it enjoys in the East, has gradually lost its traction in the Western world. There are many different ways one could take to revitalize interest in skating among the North American and European audience. It just so happens that among those, sensationalism is the fastest and overtly most effective, at least in the short term. It’s too much work to educate the public on the technical requirements and too highbrow to discuss the artistry. Perception of esoteric, remember? We don’t want to perpetuate that. Now the drama, the rivalry, the glory of the title Olympians, the honor that comes only once in a lifetime, the nationalistic pride, in short, the narratives, those are much easier to, yes, narrated, and, if need be, conjured up on demand.    

Moreover, from the media’s perspective, we are, as of today, already in the short term. The Winter Olympics is barely half a year away and that sets a definite deadline for them to rack up points for figure skating in the mass’ popularity index, that which would eventually transform into the oh-so-precious increase in viewership of TV broadcasts. The media might even manage to trick itself into thinking that it is doing good for skating. After all, what harm can come from attracting more viewers to the sport? The end justifies the means, right? Sure, once the Olympics is over, the adrenaline spent and the temporary curiosity satisfied, figure skating will recede once again to its obscure spot, but that would be somebody else’s problem. It is also easy, in between Olympic cycles, to pen heartfelt pieces lamenting the decline of a once beloved sport and berating the ISU for its inefficiency. It is even easier to find another non-mainstream sport to push into the spotlight. Look, isn’t that Tokyo 2020 rounding the corner? 

So, for this entire skating season, do please brace yourself for a barrage of historical trends being misinterpreted, statistics being misrepresented, rivalry being forged from the most tenuous of contexts, controversy being made up and then dramatized and then blown out of proportion, kings and queens and rising stars and has-beens being crowned and then denounced and then crowned again just as quickly after each competition. I have lived through Torino, Vancouver, Sochi, and I can tell you the exact same cards have been laid down in the past, are being picked up this year, and will be played again 4 years later. The only significant difference between now and Torino is in the speed at which (mis)information is being created and disseminated, and together with it, an ever-increasing pressure on journalists to strive for the latest updates, the hottest news, the most scandalous stories, and a corresponding deterioration in their sense of responsibility and their ability to care. Not all journalists are like that, but their reaches are being overshadowed by those who are.

So, for this entire skating season, as fellow skating fans, may I be so bold as to invite you to, together with me, look at everything the media reports with a grain of salt, to be more cautious with what we are being led to believe, and to try our best in discerning fact from alternative facts? 

I should also point out, however, that the media cannot be blamed for everything. They are for profit organizations, and their promotional strategy for figure skating, from a business point of view, is legitimized by the fact that there are not a small number of people out there who watch this sport for the stories and who are thrilled not by the jumps and spins and steps themselves but by the associative heroics and the dramatic undercurrents. I was pointed by @the50-person, the other day, to a post where the blogger essentially say that they don’t want to see Yuzuru Hanyu winning, through no fault of his own, but rather because him winning is boring and does not fit their preferred narrative (the original post has since been deleted, but as we all know, The ‘Net Remembers). 

If you happen to be one of those people, well, listen, may I politely suggest the possibility that watching real life sports is not the most suitable form of entertainment for you? I’d think what you are searching for is no sporting action, but a story with a sport background. Think about it and let me know if I am not wrong, and then message me, if you want, I’d be most happy to recommend you works of fiction in any form you prefer (books, TV shows, movies, manga, anime) which cater exactly to your entertainment appetite. If you are partial to a certain type of plot, say for example one where the underdog miraculously prevails against a challenging opponent, I can also point you to specific titles containing such story line. In return, I ask only that you say this out loud and then keep it in mind: real athletes are NOT fictional characters. See, it’s not that difficult, isn’t it, to stay sane, rational, and disentangle fantasy from reality?  

I’d like to make one final point, and I should warn you that this will appear entirely counter-intuitive: please, if you have the means, contribute financially to your sporting news outlet of choice, preferably a primary source. To echo John Oliver from one of my favorite Last Week Tonight episodes, the less we are willing to pay for the work of journalists, the more their business has to rely on ads revenue to survive, the more callous they have to be in generating contents whose sole aim is to attract the most number of views, which lowers the quality and in turn makes us even less willing to pay. It’s a vicious, toxic cycle which would not stop unless we consciously make the choice to break away.    

*please visualize an adequate apology for ranting and long post here because I have run out of them*

P.S. This week my updates will be sporadic and I’m not going to be very responsive to asks and messages *visualize another apology here please* because I’m rather tied up with selling my soul to capitalism (an activity more commonly known as working).