what happens when your high

Lab Partners Pt.1 (M) | Yoongi

Part 1Part 2 | Part 3

Genre: Smut + High School AU 

Word Count: 2,240

Description: What happens when your dreams get taken over by your newly assigned lab partner Min Yoongi?

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You could feel the sweat pooling at your forehead, because of the intensity at which your bodies were connecting. You felt his teeth rake down your thighs, causing you to moan in desperation. Your fingers find his hair, and start pulling, to try and relieve some of the pressure building up inside of you.

He pulls your underwear off, and positions his face between your legs. You look down at his animalistic eyes, and you see him about to bring his smirking lips to your wetness, when you suddenly hear a beeping.

Oh god please not again.

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What happens when your ships... (Part 2)
  • …spend a whole morning in bed
  • …go sightseeing in another country
  • …stay up too late watching old movies
  • …get caught making out despite “not being together”
  • …take a ballroom dance class together
  • …build a blanket fort
  • …meet in college
  • …go to and get lost in IKEA 
  • …get in a water fight
  • …realize they’ve fallen for each other
  • …try speaking each other’s native language
  • …go on an undercover mission together
  • …run into each other at a bar
  • …protect each other
  • …sing karaoke together
  • …get lost while hiking
  • …decorate their first house/apartment
  • …go on a double date with another one of your ships
  • …find out each other’s darkest secret
  • …forget their own wedding anniversary
  • …watch their child graduating high school 

pardon my impatience i can’t wait until friday to post this (●´ ▽ `●) alternative outfit because why not

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Okay, so I've seen that prompt about the child from the future going to the past to change things/see their parents before they die thing. Can I have one for Nyx please? Thank you! ~nyx15imagines


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Read Noctis, Ignis, Gladio, and Prompto here!

{2,573 words}

When you meet him, unbeknownst to you, it’s the first day of the end of days.

A day that begins not unlike the rest.

“Do you have to go?” You murmur the whine against Nyx’s lips as he pulls back and sighs.

“Unfortunately, yes. Drautos wasn’t too happy with the stunt I pulled at the border.”

You trace the side of his face with your hand as your brows draw together in antipathy. “Your stunt,” you scoff, “yeah, saving Libertus’ life who’d be dead if it weren’t for you.”

Nyx leans into your touch, his eyelids fluttering closed, and growls, “And that’s where the captain and I don’t exactly see eye to eye.”

You let out a sigh and rest your forehead against his. You’re sitting up in bed, the sheets pulled around your bare form as he leans over you, Kingsglaive uniform on and ready to go.

“Babe,” he begins reluctantly, pulling back, but you clutch him tighter.

“Just one minute,” you beg, yanking him down for another heated kiss. “Just one more.”

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true disillusionment is the first time you notice that there is no glass in jessica day’s glasses

there’s a lot of tropes that permeate high fantasy

like. a Lot

but listen. listen closely.

fuck them. fuck the tropes.

take any seemingly quintessential aspect of your high-fantasy world, and do your best to invert it.

(or i guess in my case edit it slightly for the sake of a weak pun)

“the elves are long-lived” fuck that. the elves are long-livid. ain’t a fucker alive who can hold a grudge longer

“there’s no technology, only magic” fuck that what happens to your high fantasy world when you got all these fuckin elves and dwarves and shit and they’re all on smartphones wishing magic could exist

DERIVATIVE OF THAT “there’s very little technology, and what there is is extremely new and freshly invented. meanwhile magic is old as balls and highly developed” fuck that, take your elf and her smartphone, and apply new, unknown, near uncontrollable magic to her world.

every little tweak you make creates a butterfly affect. you can use these wirlwinds to create incredible, unique worlds that will be fun to explore

Okay but…

Kuroiwa Sr. has spoken more in RE133 than he ever did in all the previous volumes put together.

Sheesh, Furuta is going to f*ck them up, right?

…You known TG give some shonen vibes when MC is talking intelligibly while wearing a tight leather mask perfectly zipped up. Like, HOW?! This is the Real Mystery.

…This is what happens when you underestimate your high risk prisoners.

…RIP TagoBell and all the random ghouls Kou-chan killed in RE133. You won’t be missed but, oh well.

…Hajime’s fetish confirmed as Hardcore Dentistry.

…Fuka was mah boi idc if his shark teeth are in pieces! His scars/tattoos are awesome! Fuka, don’t go where I can’t follow!

…Don’t you hate it when English spoilers play with your feels like Hide Hide?

The Army of 9S cosplayers is here! Everything is fine…right?

…Touka is still wearing her clothes of doom (dark jacket and white shirt). The only thing missing is the “blood” on her stomach, am I right? HahHAHA (HELP)

…Nth prayer circle for Touka, little Touken of Love and the ghoul kids.

…Where’s Yomo? Where’s Nishiki? Where’s Hinami? *worried AF*

…Sheesh, Furuta IS f*cking them up! I hope Urie & Co have a backup plan or a good escape route. Mah boi Suzuya, where are you?!!

…Thanks Ishida for a glimpse of “Shikorae”!! HYPED!

On another note…

…Can you believe Ayato still doesn’t know sh*t about what’s going on? At this rythm, Mr. Handsome is going to miss the whole War! All because he played Ayato the Explorer for 5+ chapters…smh

I’ll show myself out

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so i’m really sorry that i havent updated theory of liminality in like a month- as a lot of you know, i came down w/ some pretty bad/serious health issues that i’m just starting to get over with and wasn’t able to write much. i’m back hard at work on it tho and plan to have the next chapter done by this coming week! sorry for the wait and thanks for sticking with me!

Your Comfort

Pairing: Aaron Burr x Reader

Warnings: verbal fighting, one curse word.

Words: 915

Summary: Y/n’s parents have a rocky relationship, so they go to Aaron for comfort.

This was requested by @callingalltrash !

Bam: my dudes, after a summer of almost no writing it feels great to be back in the game, so pump in those requests!


You were just sitting on your bed scrolling through your phone when it happened. You knew something was wrong when you heard shouting. Then there was shuffling. Fear shot through your body. Your parents have had a rocky relationship your entire life, but you realized what was happening when you were 11. Fresh into your high school years, it had only gotten worse. Emotional abuse was not only being administered to your parents, but you came to admit to yourself that it had been directed toward you also.

Stomping from the stairs broke you out of your thoughts and paralyzed you with terror. They were right outside your door.

“Don’t bring them into this!” One of them shouted.

“I’ll do what I want. Both of you seem to have already made your decision, so I just have to go along!” The other screamed back.

“This was my choice.”

“Fuck off and grow up.”

Your vision started to go blurry and your body went rigid. You quickly scribbled down a note and put your shoes on. Carefully, you crawled out the window and onto the fire escape. You tried to squeak it as little as possible going down, and ran as soon as you felt the floor beneath you. You couldn’t break down just yet. You sent a quick text to him before your feet took over and went on autopilot. Soon you were met with a familiar old-fashioned door and it’s steel knocker.


“Aaron, I-” your voice cut short as sobs wracked through your body. Your lungs were burning from crying and running at the same time. You felt his arms gently wrap around you and he carefully guided you to his room.

“Aaron, I’m so sorry-”

“Shhhh. Talk less. Now excuse me while I get you some tea. I’ll be right back.” Aaron lifted your chin up and raised his eyebrows as a statement of comfort.

You sat quietly in his room and waited for him to return. The little knick-knacks on his shelves made you feel a slightly better and your shoulders unwound a little. Aaron interrupted your viewing party and presented you with a cup of warm tea.

“Thank you,” you croaked. Your vocal chords felt shredded from holding the tears. As soon as you took a sip the tea gently coated your throat and relieved your pain. Aaron rustled around in his cupboards and pulled out a few movies, laying them neatly in front of you.

“Pick one,” he said.

When you tapped the cover of your favorite, he put it in and turned off the lights. He pulled extra blankets out from under his bed and you two sat in the middle of your new nest. Nuzzling in to him, you felt his arms around you once again.

“Do you want to talk about it?” He said softly. You shook your head.


Slowly but surely, you felt yourself nod off.


Aaron rubbed your arm in a feeble attempt to wake you up. You stirred but opened your eyes after more coaxing. His lips stretched into a smile when you looked up at him.

“It’s almost twelve a.m. You should get home so they don’t yell.” Aaron helped you stand up and held your hand as you both walked to the door. You sleepily got into the car and tried to stay awake. The ride home was comfortably silent, only filled by the gentle hum of passing street lights.

Soon he was pulling into your driveway and escorting you to the front door.

“Thank you so much Aaron. I don’t really know what I would do if you weren’t here sometimes.”

You turned to face him and-

His lips were on yours. Your hands instinctively cupped his face and he pulled your body closer to his. But just as quick as he was there, he wasn’t. He pulled away and left without a word. You quickly and quietly went up the stairs to your room.

He didn’t answer when you called.


Three days had passed, and it was now Sunday. What happened between you and Aaron had been eating away at you. You were trying to figure out how to approach him about it when the usual Sunday activity between your parents ensued: fighting. Great. Now you HAD to text Aaron.

Y/n @3:30 pm
They are fighting again. Please talk to me.

There was no response for ten minutes.

Aaron @3:41 pm
Come over.

You left as soon as possible. Your feet practically flew you to Aaron’s house, and soon you were waiting impatiently at the door. It slowly opened and you were met with a red eyed Aaron. Your mood switched from excited to concerned.

Hesitantly, you hugged him. Hushing him gently, you led Aaron to his room. You both sat down on the bed.

“I should have told you.” He spoke to you, for the first time in three days.

“Aaron, it’s fine. I really don’t mind.” You comforted, taking his hand in the process.

You watched as Aaron furrowed his brows. He was having an internal battle right in front of you.

“Hey, stop that, look at me.” He turned toward you. You cupped his cheek and gently brought your lips to his. He picked you up by the hips, careful not to disconnect your lips, so that you were straddling him. Both of you pulled away.

You giggled softly at his dazed look.

“Y/n, thank you for letting me be your comfort.”


Phanfic recs

For the anon who asked for phanfic oneshot recs.

Sorry this took so long and it’s not even a very long list. But when I had almost finished before, my browser crashed so I lost everything. Isn’t that fun? So I took a little break so I wouldn’t damage my computer, and then spent a while getting distracted by Dan’s liveshow.

Anyway, I don’t know what genre you prefer, so the list might not be great, but here’s some of my personal favorites (not really any angst because I prefer fluffy stories or hurt/comfort)

~Texts to Louise by danalingphil. Dan’s slightly drunk texts to Louise asking for advice about Phil.

~Clutz by danalingphil. Dan’s clumsy and everything is cute.

~Actually anything by danalingphil. Here’s her fanfic page.

~Anything by placentaandllamas - her oneshot page is here. My personal favorites are Tummy Ache (featuring sick!Dan, caring Phil, and a hospital) and Meeting the Parents (self explanatory - embarrassing baby photos)

~The Wrong Window by phandabbydosey. Dan breaks into the wrong house one night when he’s drunk and trying to crash on his friend’s couch.

~If you love fluffy sick!Dan as much as I do (it’s my absolute weakness) you’ll love any of awesomesockes’ oneshots. Her oneshot page is here.

~Broken Doors and Open Hearts by phansomniac. Dan and Phil get stuck in the office.

~The Road Trip - A Drabble by littlelioncats. Very short but really funny. I actually laughed out loud.

~Dog Days by adorablehowell. Dan and Phil watch a friend’s dog (and also lie to their landlord - Phil’s a shouter, apparently).

~Scientific Curiosity by cityofphanchester. What happens when you write your number on a bathroom stall door. High school au.

~Also you’ll find plenty of fics on phanfic.tumblr.com of course, and it’s really easy to navigate.

There’s probably a TON of other fics that I’m just forgetting at the moment, but there’s a short, very incomplete list of phanfic oneshots.

You tell me how you are addicted to my kiss,
How you cannot live without my breath.
But what happens when the high you get
when your flesh collides against my own
begins to wane and you need another hit,
just after a few minutes of not touching.

What happens when every shot of me you get
does not satisfy your burning need of love,
What happens when my kiss can no longer
raise you to the clouds for as long as it used to,
What happens when I’m no longer able
to even get you to those beloved clouds.

Addicts have a habit of raising their chemicals,
of moving on to a new drug, a better drug,
a drug that can get them to a whole new high.
You seem to not understand that time is fluid
and that it has a habit of changing minds,
that it builds up barriers to a drug often hit.

I’m often left to wonder if that’s all I am to you,
If I am just a stronger drug feeding an addiction
that’s older than our first kiss, our first touch,
that all I am is a way for you to touch the clouds.
And maybe I am, and that should hurt right?
Possibly, if you weren’t a drug to me as well.

Now we must find out together just how far
an addiction can stretch out, hand in hand
Because you are the light in my sun rise,
the kick in my coffee, the soothe in my tea-
You lift me when I’m six feet under this earth
And I’m starting to believe that will never end.

—  Fredrick Musadye (just-a-penis-with-a-dream) I cried rereading this even though I wrote it
  • Percy: What if-
  • Annabeth: No.
  • Percy: Annab-
  • Annabeth: No.
  • Percy: Please-
  • Annabeth: Percy, no!
  • Percy: Come on, it's just one giraffe!

hi im a 5sos twitter stan :) ashton stop tweeting songs you like :) calum start talking more at singings you rude fuck :) luke it’s you’re* this is what happens when you don’t finish high school :) michael let me use your cum for frosting on my cupcake :p