what happens when im to lazy to color

anonymous asked:

Hello! I hope this isn't a too weird question. But I kind of wonder how you make your drawings so clean? Like your lines and colours are always so fine?? Idk if I even make sense with that. But I wonder how you do that.

oh thanks for thinking so! altho i honestly think im the last person for “clean” art ahaha 

anyways, there’s really no special technique or anything i think–

I mostly just do single strokes as much as possible (not pressing too hard on my tablet!) and i think it’s also about finding the right brush you’re comfortable with. for me, it’s a default pastel-ish brush in photoshop! 

but mostly, i get really lazy– my lines really arent that clean!!!! (sketchy very sketchy)

so when that happens (which is 100% of the time) I cheat it through coloring ahaha! compensate it thru coloring yes

i somehow make the coloring sketchy as well?? to match the lineart so its SUPPOSED TO LOOK LIKE I KNOW WHAT IM DOING. so its all just an illusion im tricking everyone everything is a lie. (anyways i hope this made sense? ahaha)