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Wrong Turn Highway

“Listen, the kids are tired, how about I take them home while you go home with your sister when you’re ready?”

Amanda snorted but I caught a glimpse of amusement in her eyes. “Like you’re mister innocence over here, trying to be a good guy,” She replied. But she didn’t object. “Go, you’ve endured my family long enough. I think Audrey’s about to revolt anyway. Do you have Donnie’s cold meds?”

I lifted them from my pocket.

“And did you take some of the leftovers?”

I laughed. “Amanda. I have enough leftovers in the cooler to feed your whole family all over again. We’re fine.”

My wife smiled and kissed my cheek. “Drive safely!” She said.

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iv-b. i knew i loved you then

but you’d never know

ft. midorima shintarou

This is the thing that made me want to rip my hair off my head because of my PC randomly blue-screening me. To those who responded to the rant, thank you for your understanding!

@ourneverendingpossibilities​ it’s nice that you have such a positive outlook in life!! I was so mad when it happened, but since it’s complete now I guess everything’s okay ヽ(*>∇<)ノ 

@squirrelsass13​ thanks for the encouragement! I rarely ever write on Word (it transfers weirdly when I copy and paste the text on tumblr) so I was typing straightaway on my Drafts… I click on “Save Draft” every paragraph now lol

Faint connections to the previous installation of Cantabile

Fem!Reader. Semi-NSFW. Long (2728 words).

I’m sorry if this sucks but… yeah.

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Why do you play?

Isn’t being a doctor busy enough for you?

I’d ask you to tutor my son if you weren’t so busy!

Wow, you’re very ambitious. 

Those are words spoken by housewives, small medium enterprise owners, and white-collar workers. Midorima doesn’t think that they’re somehow lower than him in any aspect—sure, they earnings are technically lesser than his, but how does that define someone as a person? He meets these people everywhere, the people that make up his community, his society: at the clinic, in parties, at the grocery store… It’s no secret that he’s seen as an outstanding person by these people. 

Twenty-seven, has the letters “M.D.” behind his name, helps people get over all sorts of sicknesses from light ones like a common cold to not-so-light ones like diabetes, plays piano as a hobby.

It’s not really surprising to the people who ask him “what do you do in your free time?” because, you know, doctors. They’re classy and smart and all. Sure they can play the piano—he can probably play the violin, too.

But you can see their eyes significantly widen when they know he has a diploma in piano, certified by the Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music. Where is that name from? The United Kingdom. Why did you take it?

He always tells them it was just for fun, but a small voice inside him knows the truth: somewhere deep in his heart, he wanted to be a pianist.

His first words to you are: “It’s a common cold.”

“That much I can see, Doctor,” you deadpan, holding a tissue against your runny nose. He sighs. 

Midorima is used to handling all sorts of patients: naggy, rude, stubborn people… he’s seen them all in the past four years of his practice. Today, however, it’s only after lunchtime and he already wants to go home already. Maybe attending Akashi’s party last night isn’t really a great idea. Sure, it’s not a DJ-inviting or dance floor grinding kind of party, so he’s not physically tired—he’s tired from all the socializing with fake people. “Meet new people,” was Akashi’s reasoning for inviting the doctor, and of course Midorima did, but none of them were enjoyable.

To be precise, he can’t tell if they’re really enjoyable or not through layers of faux talk. Akashi texted him earlier, expressing his regrets that it was somewhat an unpleasant experience for Midorima. He also wrote “but I won’t stop inviting you to these social events—I understand how you think they’re superficial, but I can guarantee you that they genuinely enjoyed your piano very much.”

Well, if there’s one thing Midorima likes about those parties, it’s that he’s presented the opportunity to play.

“As a doctor, I have to announce the diagnosis to you, don’t I?” He replies, scribbling a pen on his prescription pad. “I’m prescribing you to these basic medications, but since your cold isn’t a serious one—yet—I highly recommend that you consume home remedies before resorting to these medicines.”


“Turmeric tea, ginger tea, a mixture of lemon, cinnamon, and honey.”

“Got it.”

“Control your diet; you don’t want to eat food that’s going to worsen your cough.”

A sound of ripping paper. He hands the slip to you.

“You don’t remember me do you?”

That takes Midorima by surprise.

“Have we met before?” He asks warily as you take the prescription paper from his hand and fold it, putting it inside your handbag. Your lips form a small smile, and Midorima eyebrows furrows.

“You sang last night, didn’t you.” It sounds like a question, but his tone makes it clear that it’s rhetorical. He knows for sure that it was you who was dragged by one of your acquaintances that claimed you to be the best singer in a ten-mile radius—the expression itself is a horrible exaggeration, but when Midorima hears you sing, he has to admit that you do have an exceptionally lovely voice.

His first words to you turns out to be “what key?” instead of an illness announcement because he was the pianist accompanying you.

“You look different, Ms. Fly Me To The Moon,” he says aloofly, writing something on a document. You chuckle at the nickname, not knowing that the stoic doctor-slash pianist has the capacity to be somewhat playful, and towards the opposite sex, nonetheless. Midorima can only admire how melodious your laugh is, even when your voice is nasally from the cold. 

“At least you remember what I sang.”

“Like I said, you look different,” he repeats. You were clad in an elegant evening gown for the party last night, and although Midorima doesn’t have the eye to identify expensive clothing brands and such, he is able to appreciate how attractive you looked in the attire. Your hair was done simply in a style that matches your dress, and among the slight make-up you applied, he notices the suppleness of your colored lips first. 

The person sitting in front of him doesn’t carry the glamour of the party—you’re slightly pale, dressed humbly in a sweater and jeans—but the lack of make-up, fancy hairdo and dress doesn’t affect how beautiful you look, in his opinion. Your eyes still glows the same captivating way as he witnessed last night.

“Yes, well,” you sigh with a smile as you stand up, “you better engrave how I look last night deep in your memory, doctor, because I’m never going to attend one of those high-end social events ever again.” The first part was sarcastically said, but Midorima finds himself doing as you told, picturing the details of your gown and hearing your singing voice echo in his mind. Being a quite introvert doesn’t mean he’s immune to any of your charms.

“Shame,” he finds himself saying. You smirk, pausing right before you walk out the door.

“What, not being able to see me all dressed up again?” Ten years ago, Midorima would’ve easily flushed red at the teasing remark. He’s way past that now, and instead of reacting like the teenage boy he was, he looks straight into your eyes when he says:

“I was talking about how it’s a shame that I won’t hear you sing again, but that too.”

Two months later what you said proves to be a blatant lie. You’re standing beside Midorima, arms hooked with his, a casual sign that the two of you are attending together, presumably as a romantic couple. This time it isn’t Akashi’s, but a business partner of his—he nevertheless invited Midorima along to provide him the audience for his piano, and regarding yourself… well, you’re accompanying the pianist. It’s not like you’re crashing this party or anything.

It’s only your third “date” with the man, so to have the opportunity to see him up-close in a formal setting that requires guests to dress up is exhilarating, to say the least. Midorima’s handsome enough in his casual attire—having to stand next to him wearing a nicely tailored, dark-colored suit while having to keep your hands to yourself is almost some sort of punishment. And the collar button of his shirt! He always buttons his shirt all the way up and wears a tie to complement the outfit, but for some unknown reason he’s left it open this time and disregarded the tie.

If you didn’t know any better, he’s trying to tease you. 

“It’s rare to find you with someone by your arm, Midorima-kun.”

“Akashi,” Midorima acknowledges the voice. You turn to meet the redhead face to face, smiling softly.

“Good evening, Akashi-san.”

“Hello, _________. Good to see you,” he replies smoothly, as you reply in a similar manner. “Even more surprising finding out that you’re with him tonight. Are you two…?”

The two of you exchange looks as if telepathically deciding who should answer, and turns out you are. 

“Sort of,” you say, and the hint of mischief in your smile cannot be missed by even the most oblivious person in the room. Akashi surely isn’t one, but thankfully he doesn’t push you further.

“It’s a long story,” Midorima chips in, as if his relationship with you bloomed out of a blackmail kind of situation of some sorts. You chuckle, and so does Akashi —the latter is gracious enough to show the two of you to where the piano is.

“What are we?”

You are in his arms, as naked as he is, leaning your face against his chest and feeling the beat of his heart when you ask the question. It’s a summer night, and the sheets are loosely resting on your waist, the two of you too hot and sweaty from your previous activity to pull it all the way up to your neck. One of his hands is drawing soft circles with his thumb on your bare skin, while the other one that is untaped (very uncharacteristic of him, but it’s a sign of a good night) brush your hair in long, loving strokes.

He doesn’t respond. You snuggle closer into his chest, relishing the sensation of his nakedness against yours while you think of all the times you’ve spent with him. That one time you had lunch together, those meaningless parties you go to just so you can watch him play and he can hear you sing, the nights you stay together at his place. You’ve spent at least a hundred hours with him, though it doesn’t feel long or dragged—those hours are cherished and enjoyed to the fullest, arguments (petty or not) included.

But it’s his reserved nature that makes you feel insecure sometimes. Tonight is one of those nights.

You move up so that your face is right in front of his because you want to look at him in the eyes. He’s beautiful, the viridian undisturbed by the lenses of his glasses—the eyewear is carefully situated on the nightstand before all this began. You’re sure he can see you clearly from this proximity, your nose against his, your hand caressing his cheek. His hands drift down from the crown of your head to your chest, cupping your breast and playing with a nipple as his eyes grow half-lidded.

Midorima is the one to lean in first, engaging you in a chaste kiss, a perfect juxtaposition what with his hand groping your chest and the other slowly travelling down to your ass, stroking every inch of skin possible. You are the one to pull away, arms around his neck and eyes clouded with lust, thanks to the things he’s doing to your body.

“Do you love me?” The question comes out as a whisper.

“I’ll show you how much,” he answers in a heartbeat before he kisses you again, bringing your body under his. 

He never fails to convince you.

The afternoon sunrays shining through the high glass windows of the music hall are almost blinding, considering how dark it was just a few moments ago in the auditorium. You’re by Midorima’s side as per usual, looking around nervously with a bouquet of daisies and orchids in your arms. Your husband seems to be scanning the area like you are, and when you hear a shrill yell of a young child you know it’s who you’re looking for.

“Mama! Papa!”

The little girl, currently nine years old, runs towards the two of you with two or three large bouquets in her arms, the majority of her face covered by flowers. You laugh at the sight, crouching to hug her tightly once she reaches. Noises of plastic being scrunched can bother you less, as you feel your daughter burying her face against your chest. She pulls away to immediately look up at his father with bright eyes.

“Papa, how did I do?!”

“You did good, nanodayo,” he answers, a faint smile on his face as he fixes his glasses, “although there’s room for improvement in terms of arpeggiation—”

You gasp exaggeratedly, drowning the remaining of Midorima’s sentence. 

“Shiina! Papa says you did a good job! Do you know what that means??”

“No!” She replies, confused but ecstatic.

“I promised you we can go have dinner wherever you want if Papa praises you,” you reply, and the confused expression on her face melts into real unabashed excitement.

“Mama, are you serious!?” Shiina’s voice has become high-pitched from the bubbling enthusiasm that seems to have taken over her whole small body. “We can go anywhere I want!?”

“Yep,” you nod for further affirmation. “Papa has agreed on this, too,” this time you look over at Midorima, only to be amused to find the deadpan expression on his face. You give him a wink, and Midorima, witnessing his own daughter having such a great time just because you told her she can eat whatever she wants for dinner, can’t help but melt a little.

“Maji! I want Maji!”

“Sure, we’ll go to Maji tonight,” you say accommodatingly. Midorima can only smile down at the girl when she looks up at him, a face-splitting grin on her face. Even though her physical attributes are definitely inherited from him, she obviously takes after you in terms personality.

“And then I want to have ice cream after dinner! Can I, Papa? Let’s go home so I can prepare for dinner!!”

“You may, Shiina,” he sighs amusedly—what does a nine-year old kid want to do to ‘prepare for dinner’? “But before we go home you must meet Uncle Akashi first. He came to see you perform, you know.”

“Uncle Akashi is here!?” 

You chuckle. It’s a wonder how said man is viewed as intimidating and merciless among most adults dabbling in business, but is the opposite in the eyes of children. Shiina is almost obsessed with Akashi, what with his gentlemanly behavior that reminds her of Prince Charming. Shiina once even told you that since she can’t marry Papa, maybe she’ll marry Uncle Akashi instead—you have yet to tell Akashi this, but you have a feeling he already knows.

Speak of the devil, the redhead can be seen from twenty feet away thanks to his hair color, maneuvering amongst the crowd to approach your family. Shiina’s acting very much like an excited puppy, and you wonder if it’s immoral to compare the behavior of your human child to an animal (despite said animal being unbelievably cute as well), but that doesn’t matter anymore because Shiina is already in Akashi’s arms as he lifts her up in the air, chuckling amusedly.

Midorima looks at the scene with mild jealousy in his eyes—not that his eyes aren’t green in the first place.


The usually animated voice of your daughter is now tired and soft as you tuck her in. She must’ve been exhausted after the performance.

“Yes, honey?”

“Can you tell me a bedtime story?” This piques your interest a little, because she’s stopped asking for stories before bed for almost a year now.

“Sure. What would you like to hear?” 

“The other day… Mai-chan and Reika-chan were talking about how their parents met and fell in love,” she says shyly, hiding her face behind a beloved doll. “Can you please tell me how you and Papa met, Mama? You’ve never told me that story before.”

You chuckle.

“You’re gonna have to ask Papa for that, honey. It’s a long story anyways, and you’re tired. Best go to sleep soon.”

“Okay…” Shiina says, and it’s not hard to pick up the disappointment in her voice.

“Goodnight honey,” you kiss her cheek before turning off the lights.

“’Night, Mama.”

Truth be told, there is no ‘long story’. Midorima just called you one day to ask you out for coffee with a tinge of nervousness in his voice that you can spot even from the other side of the line. You ended up scheduling a lunch instead, and if Shiina asks him to tell her how you fell in love with each other, he’ll have no explanation except of how breathtakingly beautiful you look with sunshine on your skin and a smile on your face as you talk about music and food and the stars. 

He will ask Shiina to keep it a secret from you, of course, because if you know he’s been in love with you for that long, he knows you’re never going to let it go.

Miraculous Fic List

Short Fics - 

My Last Thoughts Are Of You

When a freak accident sends Marinette into critical condition, the only thing she can think about is Chat Noir. She wasn’t going to make it and someone had to tell him. Otherwise, he’d never know what had happened to her–why his lady had never returned. And, as it just so happens, Adrien is there with her near the end, so she decides that he can take the message to Chat just as well as anyone.

No character death, I promise.

Complete - Word Count: 15,298 

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I Do?

Marinette and Adrien are getting married! Unfortunately, Adrien is bothered by the fact that he didn’t invite Ladybug, while Marinette gets cold feet every time Chat Noir flits through her head. A story of mixed up love, rash mistakes, and two oblivious superheroes who should have figured things out a long time ago.

Complete - Word Count: 15,861

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I’d Fall With You Forever

Adrien confides in Marinette that he’s in love, which, naturally, upsets her. It’s only when Chat asks what’s caused Ladybug such distress that she admits to being in love with Adrien Agreste. It’s information that shocks Chat, and sends all types of revelations careening into his brain.

Reveal fic.

Complete - Word Count: 5,629 

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Seeing You

When Chat Noir gets knocked in the head a little too hard, something goes wrong. His eyes have remained cat-like, even as Adrien. Luckily, or perhaps unluckily, Marinette Dupain-Cheng notices and tells him before he can get into worse trouble. Yet, he can’t go anywhere–not with his identity threatened–so Marinette smuggles him up to her bedroom to hide. A decision that, after Adrien gets a good look at her photo-plastered walls, she might come to regret.

Reveal fic.

Complete - Word Count: 5,207

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When an akuma manages to take Ladybug prisoner, she’s closed away and unaware of what’s going on in the city. It’s only after she escapes that she learns all of Paris thinks she’s dead–murdered by the very akuma that captured her. That isn’t the worst, however. As it would turn out, Chat Noir was there. He saw the whole thing and is under the same impression as the rest of Paris. Desperate to rectify the misinformation, Ladybug searches frantically for her partner, but can’t find him anywhere. And, as if to make matters worse, Adrien’s seemingly disappeared as well.

Incomplete - Current Word Count: 3,426    

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Cosplay Kiss Fic with @i-wadako

Chat jokingly implies to reporters that he and Ladybug are more than friends, and so Ladybug decides to give him a taste of his own medicine. 


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Pick-Up and Chase 

After she accidentally trips into Adrien and apologizes about “falling for him,” Marinette learns that he’s no match for cheesy pick-up lines–whether they were unintended or not. And while she finds it flattering that he turns into a flustered mess with only a few words, Marinette comes to regret making him uncomfortable. That is, until she learns he’s Chat Noir. At which point the phrase “just desserts” becomes a permanent fixture in her everyday plans.

A story in which Adrien is flustered, Marinette is smooth as glass at dropping lines, and Chat Noir gets the romance he was always asking for–even if he doesn’t quite know how to handle it.

Based on a tumblr post by @thor-in-wonderland.

Incomplete - Current Words Count: 19,163

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Long Fics - 

One Thing After Another

Marinette notices that, sometimes, Adrien acts a little out of the ordinary–like the time he stood in a cardboard box for no reason, or when he actually hissed at Nino. It’s only when she starts to notice the similarities between Adrien and a certain feline that she begins to get suspicious.

Basically, Adrien acts like a cat when he probably shouldn’t.

Complete - Word Count: 103,882

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Serendipitous Fate 

Adrien is excited to reveal his true identity, while Marinette is terrified. But Master Fu says they can’t afford to be distant any longer. Chat Noir and Ladybug are meant to work in tandem both in and out of uniform, their strength stemming from the bond created between them. Yet, teenagers are sometimes better at dancing blind than running with wide open eyes, even with the steps laid out before them.

Steps in the path of an expanding world. Apart, they’ll flounder. But together, they might just stand a chance.

Takes place following season 1. 

Chapters 1 - 10

Incomplete - Current Word Count: 247,823

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Lady and the Tomcat

Tikki says it’s a mating cycle and once it’s passed, everything will go back to normal. But until it does, Ladybug has to avoid Chat at all costs. No lallygagging around after akumas, no patrols. She couldn’t even stand close to him for any great length of time. Yet, despite taking all the necessary precautions, both Tikki and Marinette are shocked when Chat seems to be suffering consequences anyway. How have his symptoms progressed, and for how many nights did Marinette have to listen to him howling through the Parisian streets, desperately looking for her?

Marinette and Adrien are both older in this fic–about to graduate.

Explicit Rating 

Incomplete - Current Word Count: 13,227

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Imagine This- PG Rated (Chris Evans x Reader)

Originally posted by lufelicity

Prompt: hello bby! I had another cute imagine Idea and was wondering if you could do it! I love your writing so much. could you do fluffy Chris where he catches you reading imagines while he’s been away filming?

Word Count: 1033 words

A/N: So I went and wrote a 2000 word smutty fic along the same lines as this prompt. Then realised the prompt said it was meant to be fluffy, and so wrote another one, a totally PG one. So this one is happening and then, tonight, I will post the smutty, R rated one. For now, enjoy the cuteness. Thanks to the sweetest @ilikebands23 for the prompt! Keep sending them in lovelies. 

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Dan falls ill with a bad fever, which worries Phil immensely. Includes phan, fluff, sickness, cuddles. 

The past two days have been a confusing blur full of pain. He’s shivering despite the blankets tucked firmly up to his chin, but at the same time the atmosphere just seems to burn. He wants to get rid of the heat and push the blankets off, but his body is too weak to allow him to move. He settled for a low whine of discomfort.

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@mlsecretsanta Secret Santa Gift time! Tumblr is being dumb and won’t let me tag @blancfortune so they can actually GET their gift, but I am sending a message so they know to look for it and messaged my contact to see if I can get advice on it (because God knows, me and this website could be the issue).

They wanted fluff and dealing with the love square, and I tried to hit every corner I could. ~_^

A Bug Caught a Bug

When Marinette woke up, she immediately knew something was wrong. Not that her alarm was going off, or the kwami that was floating overhead worriedly, or that even for once she’d pulled all her covers up and around her like a cocoon.

She hurt.

Sitting up felt like she’d been thrown into a wall—a feeling she was well familiar with by now. Her nose was so stuffed-up and all her sinuses felt swollen. “School is going to be awful,” she groaned, reluctantly throwing the blankets off of her legs so she could climb down from the loft.

“You aren’t thinking of going, are you?” Tikki said in obvious alarm, fluttering down to hover like an anxious mother-hen. “You’re sick!”

“Probably just allergies or a cold,” Marinette assured her, stopping to sniffle and grab a Kleenex to blow her nose. It didn’t help much besides making her sinuses pulse. Ick. “And besides, I miss so much school because of akuma, I really can’t afford to take a sick day.”

“I guess…” Tikki said reluctantly.

Marinette gave her a faint smile, cuddling her to her cheek. The kwami felt surprisingly cool to the touch. “I’ll be fine,” she said, then made a face in the mirror. “Ugh, bedhead.” Not to mention her nose was all red and puff. She pressed it like a button, making a face at her reflection. That at least got a giggle out of the little kwami.

Taking her hair out of her pigtails to brush out the rats made the pressure in her head feel so much better, Marinette recklessly decided to wear her hair loose today. If it would give her the tiniest level of relief, she needed to take it. Considering she didn’t wake up in her usual sprawl, she also layered up. Worse came to worse, she could take them off at school if she got warmer, but better to have them than to shiver.

Her mom had already gone downstairs to help her dad with the bakery. That let Marinette avoid any awkward questions. She managed to find some cold medicine, taking some and tucking the rest in her bag with Tikki to take later in the day, and grabbed some leftover croissants from yesterday to eat for breakfast. It tasted a little funny, but she knew that was just because she was sick.

The walk to school was miserable, but at least she wasn’t running late today. It meant she didn’t have to try and run with a stuffed up nose and cough. Rose and Juleka were the only ones in the classroom when she arrived, both deep in conversation. They both said good morning…and then stared at her.

Marinette waved and smiled, trying to be reassuring that she was fine, even as her nose itched. Sitting down at her usual spot, she quickly pulled off her gloves and scarf, digging out a tissue to cover her sneeze.

“Wow, you look awful.”

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Scarlet Vision Headcanons

Update: Scarlet Vision is Canon and I’m dead and also don’t look up Scarlet Vision on Tumblr because 1) it’ll only strengthen your feels and 2) if you scroll through as much as I did you will discover something that will shatter your heart to bits and pieces. FOR NOW SINCE I’M NOT WRITING FOR 22 MORE DAYS HERE ARE SOME HEADCANONS Y'ALL


- Pietro coming back saying he was busy “Waking it off” (Vision helped bring him back for Wanda, but he won’t say anything)

- Peter Parker flirting with Wanda, making Vision jealous and pissing of Pietro and Clint.

- Vision going to Clint and Tony to try and figure out what he’s feeling.

- Clint giving Vision the fatherly dating talk when he finds out they like each other… a lot.

- Vision doing tons of research because he has no idea what love feels like and doesn’t know if he really loves Wanda or not.

- Vision unsure of how to tell Wanda about how he feels. He keeps trying to tell her but every time he gets nervous and chickens out

- Wanda seeing Vision staring at her and she thinks something is wrong so she looks in his mind to find that he cares for her.

- Wanda and Vision cooking together. Vision almost burns the building down.

- Wanda and Vision having a food fight, which then leads to Wanda initiating their first kiss.

- “I love you, Vis.” “I-I love you too, Wanda.”

- Pietro giving Vision the protective fatherly talk. Vision waits patiently for Piet to shut up since he’s already had this talk with Clint.

- Pietro and Clint having protectiveness wars.

- Peter still flirting with Wanda.

- Peter avoiding Vision, Pietro, and Clint after they all ganged up on him.

- Vision asking Clint for Wanda’s hand in marriage so he can stick to tradition and he doesn’t know who else to ask.

- Pietro gets pissed because Vision didn’t ask him.

- Pietro and Clint arguing over who will walk Wanda down the aisle. They eventually agree on doing it together.

- Vision doing research on weddings and proposals.

- Vision taking over two weeks just to find an engagement ring, he finally picks one with diamonds and a ruby in the center.

- Vision trying to give a heartfelt speech for his proposal, and continuously tripping over his words. He eventually sighs and spits out “Will you marry me, Wanda Maximoff?”

- Wanda crying tears of joy for the first time since she got her brother back.

- Vision practicing his speech and vows for the wedding for hours on end, even though the wedding is months away.

- Clint and Pietro arguing over who will be the best man. (Peter tries to get in on the argument, but usually fails).

- Vision introducing Wanda as his wife; Wanda, Clint, Pietro, and Peter constantly correcting him.

- Thor and Sif coming back to congratulate the couple and stay so they won’t miss the wedding. Wanda is super happy about it, Vision becoming jealous (again).

- Peter still flirting with Wanda.

- Thor helping Peter understand that it’s never gonna happen (Peter still has hope anyway).

- Peter’s new favorite point of discussion and research: divorce.

- Vision getting frustrated with Peter.

- Bruce coming back, not mentioning where he was in the first place. The team was grateful to have him back anyway.

- Tony, Clint, Thor, Bruce, Bucky, Steve, Pietro, Phil, and Nick all trying to explain bachelor parties to Vision. They all give up and agree on a simple guys night.

- Natasha, Maria, Sharon, and Sif agreeing on a girls night out instead of an elaborate bachalorette party. (Peter doesn’t seem to understand the concept of “girls night out”).

- Peter flirting with Natasha, and then has to avoid hulk for a few weeks.

- Wanda losing her ring one night and almost destroying an entire floor from having a breakdown. Nat found in Wanda’s coat. (Vision doesn’t need to know about it)

- Vision at a suit fitting, annoyed that he can’t see the Wanda in her dress until their wedding day.

- Wanda going through umteen dresses until she finds the perfect one. (It shows some clevage, which Pietro hates, but Vision won’t mind).

- The wedding having a white, red, and gold theme. Decorations include red roses and gold ribbons. (Vision took forever to finally decide).

- Wanda and the girls taking a full day to set up for the wedding and reception. (Peter helped too).

- Peter flirting with Sif. Thor pinning him on the floor with the Mjolnir.

- On the wedding day, Vision starts speaking in binary code and changing densities. Clint has to help him calm down so he can speak English and actually stay on top of the floor. (Peter makes great joke, gets slapped).

- Vision wearing a traditional suit with a red and gold tie and Wanda having a simple yet elegant white dress with a red and gold ribbon across her abdomen. (Peter still tries to convince himself there’s hope. It’s a losing battle).

- Beautiful speeches and lots and lots of tears. The most perfect wedding in history. (Clint and Pietro may have cried… which they’ll never admit. Peter cried because he finally accepted the fact that it’s never happening).

- Vision flying Wanda to the reception. She gets cold, but Vision gives her the jacket of his suit.

- Pietro and Clint watching the Vision and Wanda closely so they don’t “cross any boundaries”.

- Peter flirting with Maria. She discreetly kicks him in the shin and walls away. He ends up limping for most of the night.

- Vision gets confused when everyone starts tapping their glasses with their silverware. No one told him about it, so when Wanda leans over and kisses him, he squeals a little bit from being surprised. No one’s dropping that anytime soon.

- Toasts with as many jokes as possible because they’re the avengers who don’t take much seriously.

- “Special thanks to Tony Stank for making all this possible.” “Does everyone know about that?” (Steve winks, enjoying the fact that Tony gets a taste of his own medicine).

- Vision being confused about the whole last name deal. Once they figured it out, he enjoyed his new name. Vision Maximoff had a nice ring to it.

- Vision taking a while to get used to having Wanda next to him when we wakes.

- Peter still flirting with Wanda.

- Pre-Mission kisses.

- “Mr. Maximoff.” … “Mr. Maximoff.” “Oh, right, sorry.”

~(ahem… I apologize for the following… my finger… uh… slipped.)~

- Wanda avoiding the mission with Thanos for as long as she can.

- On said mission: “Vis, no.”

“Wanda, I must.”

“No, no, please, just wait a little longer we can find another way if you just-”

“I am sorry, but this is the only way.”

“I can’t let you do this.”


“No! I refuse to let this happen!!”

“Wanda, just listen to me-”

“Vision, I have heard enough.”

“Pietro and Peter.”

Peter binds Wanda’s hands and Pietro lifts her up, carrying her away as she screams at the top of her lungs.


"I am sorry I have to do this. I love you, Wanda Maximoff. Goodbye”

Wanda desperately spends about an hour getting out of the webbing, leaving the jet, and finding the team who had been fighting the whole time. Running at full speed, she arrives only to see Vision’s infinity stone removed, laying on the ground as the life drains out of him.

“Vision!! Vis! Look at me!! Hey!!!”


“Vision! Vision you’re going to be alright. You-You’re still alive, you’ll be fine, just hang in there.” She said in a shaky voice, lifting his head into her lap.

“I am so sorry, Wanda. I only wanted for you to be safe. This was the only way.”

“You did great. See? Not a scratch. Now come on, let’s get up, love.”


“It’s fine I can use my powers to help just-”

He placed his hand firmly on her arm.

“Wanda, my love, I can’t. My life is almost finished.”

"Vision, please-” Her words became stuck in her throat as she choked back tears.

“It’s alright. I am at peace with it. You are here. That’s all I need.” His voice began to drop to a whisper and his body started to go limp.

“I… I love you so much, Vision Maximoff.”

“And I love you more than words can describe, Wanda Maximoff. Farewell, my love.”

As tears fell from her face rapidly, she leaned down and pressed her hand to her husband’s cheek.

Farewell, love.” She whispered before leaning down to kiss him, taking his last breath.

Natasha and Steve quickly backed the team away from the two, making sure there was enough distance between them that there would be no major injuries.

She could feel the last ounce of life drift from his body, and she reluctantly pulled away. This feeling was all to familiar. He could feel her heart shred once again as an important life drifted from her world. With a mix of Vision’s last breath and the air in her own lungs, she let out an ungodly, blood-curdling scream as every last but of energy in her shot out in all directions. Anything and everything around her flew hundreds of yards away. Vision was gone. She turned her eyes to his lifeless body and collapsed beside him, and everything went black.

She awoke in the tower in Med bay, hooked up to monitors and a nurse close by. Pietro was beside her, but Vision was still gone. This recovery would take much longed than anyone could ever expect, as not only did her physical wounds have to heal, but her emotional wounds as well.

Even then, she never fully recovered.

Takao always figured that getting sick when your mom was a nurse had its advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, he was always taken care of quite nicely. On the other hand, she always made it seem like it was a personal affront to her honor when he caught a cold.

“Did you remember to wash your hands?”

“Yes, mom,” Takao says in between coughs.

“You take your vitamins, don’t you? Did you stand near someone with a cold?”

“No, but I was licking pigeons the other day, you don’t think that had something to do with it, do you?”

“No need to be sarcastic, Kazu-chan, I’m just wondering how this happened. I’ll make you some soup.”


His mom never hovered when Takao was sick, and now that he’s older she mostly leaves him to his own devices because she still has to work. Which is not really a problem, except that sometimes he feels lonely.

Ok, fine, usually he feels lonely. He hates it, but whenever he’s sick he feels especially needy. He tosses and turns in his bed feeling wretched and miserable and pathetic.

Being sick is the worst.


“This was very careless of you, Takao.”

Takao blinks at the apparition standing over his bed. “Shin-chan?”

He thinks, perhaps, that he’s dreaming. He’s not sure why else Midorima would be here, frowning at him in his disgruntled and gloriously Midorima fashion.

“I have brought your homework,” Midorima says. “Also, you should have taken better care of yourself. Do you wash your hands regularly?”

Well, it certainly sounds like Midorima. And also like his mother, and Jesus Christ, that is not a comparison Takao ever wants to make again.

“Shin-chaaaan,” Takao whines. “Your adorable and beloved boyfriend is sick. That means you have to be nice. And spoil me. And take care of me.”

He’s not sure what exactly he expects—Midorima is not the most demonstrative of boyfriends—but he is rather pleased when Midorima pushes up his glasses and says, “Very well.”


Midorima is very efficient with his care, and Takao dimly remembers that the other boy is studying to be a doctor. He monitors Takao’s temperature, makes sure he drinks a lot of water, and administers the next dosage of medicine in a timely fashion.

When he’s finished, he sits in Takao’s room, and begins studying.

“You can do that at your house,” Takao mumbles.

“I am fine where I am,” Midorima says curtly.


Midorima eats dinner in Takao’s room when Takao is too tired to get out of his bed to eat his soup.

It’s…nice having him around, but strangely off-putting. “Shin-chan, you don’t need to stay,” Takao says, when Midorima makes no indication he’s planning on leaving after finishing his meal.

“I know that,” Midorima says.


Takao wakes and sees Midorima’s silhouette at his bedside, draped in shadows. It’s clearly the middle of the night, and Midorima sits there, fully alert, staring off at the window.

“Shin—?” Takao can’t fully croak out the words, and he’s pretty sure he must still be dreaming, because there’s no reason for Midorima to still be here.

“Go back to sleep, Takao,” Midorima says, and his voice is a strange mixture of stern and gentle.


“I don’t need as much sleep as you,” Midorima explains, understanding Takao’s unfinished question. “I was designed to go up to a week without sleep, if need be.”

Takao still feels drowsy and heavy with sleep. Midorima reaches over and takes Takao’s hand in his and this surely can’t be real because Midorima almost never initiates contact. But his hand is warm against his, and tight too, like Midorima is scared to let go.

“Shin-chan,” Takao says, fully awake now, and almost a little frightened by Midorima’s gravity. In the darkness, reality feels just a little bit altered, and Midorima is acting so strange Takao thinks there must be something deeper going on. Maybe even something dangerous.

Midorima bends down to place his forehead against Takao’s. “Please get better soon, Takao,” Midorima says, his voice low and hoarse and desperate. “I don’t like seeing you like this. I hate that you’re so vulnerable. I hate that you break so easy, I hate—”

It’s just a cold, Takao wants to say. If he was healthier, he’d laugh it off (but, of course, if he was healthier he wouldn’t be in this situation). He would laugh and maybe slap Midorima on the back and tell him he’s being silly.

But everything seems so different, now in the dark.

“OK, Shin-chan,” Takao whispers. “I’ll get better.”

“Good,” Takao says, but he doesn’t pull away.

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surprise - jongtae

~2k, pg-13, fluff. this is a part of tumblr au uwu

happy holidays to all of my followers! I hope you’re all having a good time. I love you all very much and I hope you enjoy this. <3

Taemin fucking hates Christmas.

Okay, that’s a lie. It’s not all that bad, honestly, conceptually. But he hates having to put up with whitewashed baby Jesus and consumerism and obnoxious family meals. It used to be nice – he used to like the holiday season when he was younger and less educated on how awful people are (“no, Salvation Army Dude, I will not give you a donation no matter how cute the dog you’re using to sway people is – also, I’m gay, happy holidays”). It used to be nice when he thought Santa was real and felt like everything with peppermint in it was magic.

It was nicer before he just wanted to cuddle up by the fireplace with his boyfriend, who lives in motherfucking Pennsylvania, while he’s stuck in motherfucking Colorado.

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