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“You’re not coming with us.”

“You can’t tell me what to do.”

Thor watched the spectacle in front of him unfold. He knew better than to interrupt when you and Loki were arguing, a lesson he had quickly learned. One time he had tried both of you suddenly got so mad at him that you had teamed up against him and that was something he didn’t want to live through again.

“I’m older than you.” Loki says with finality in his voice as if that would settle the whole thing.

“You’re adopted.” You throw back, making him roll his eyes. If you had been someone else he wouldn’t have reacted that relaxed but despite everything Loki was just as fond of you as you were about him. He was your brother and you loved him deeply even when he took that whole big brother thing a bit too far sometimes. It was nice that he was worried about you but seriously, the avengers?  

“Just stay here.”

“No you two always get to visit earth, I want too it’s not fair!”

“You’re safer here.”

“Oh please, what do you think will happen. Steve throwing his righteousness at me or Clint hugging me to death?”

“Fine!” He almost shouts, “But you stay by my side, no strolling around the tower and stop flirting with everyone.” He finishes exasperated and gives you a warning look.

“Alright, deal.”

“Great, we can finally go then.”

The Final Experiment Chapter 5: How to Make Friends 101 (Reader x Avengers, feat. Loki)

Summary: The god of mischief makes an appearance. What will happen when the Avengers realize that he and Kaitlynn have more in common than they feel comfortable with?

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1,119

A/N: So sorry for huge delay. I finally managed to get around my writer’s block, and climb out from underneath a huge pile of homework. Thank you for your patience!

Previous Chapters: 1 2 3 4

After some uncertain shopping (which mainly consisted of Natasha and Wanda snatching up everything in my size that they deemed cute) we returned to the tower, stuffing my many bags into the elevator. My two companions insisted that I model a few outfits for them, seeing as I hadn’t tried anything on. It seemed Natasha was serious about casually spending Stark’s money.

So I blundered back to my room buried in the results of our shopping spree and (finally) emerged, deciding on a comfortable yet stylish pair of jeans and a simple top.

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Thor/Loki fanfiction recommendations

As usual, more under the cut or the complete list here

Title: Let slip the dogs of war
Summary: Loki is too far gone, and barely seems able to hear him. The air hums with the charge of his seidr, bottling up inside him, unable to escape so long as he is bound within the enchanted cuffs, and the beast in him is still battle-hungry and furious. He requires release, and since he is not safe to be set free, Thor has only one other kind to offer him. Thor/Loki PWP, in a world where mages must be kept chained and their magic bound: Loki is Thor’s dog of war, unleashed only in the most terrible of battles, and now Thor must deal with the aftermath of setting Loki’s seidr loose.
Rating: E
My comment: A really well balanced story that presents a unique dynamics between Thor and Loki. Very good smut as well!

Title: Sovereignty
Summary: Loki makes life into a lie. Thor refuses to live it. 
My comment: A post-Dark World fic about further mistakes and final fix. Beautiful. Piece of art. 

Title: the best you ever had
Summary: Thrym’s wedding is boring as fuck and Loki decides to have a little fun. He might get a bit more than he bargained for, though, because Thor is not amused.
Rating: E
My comment: Extremely hot and amazing and fun smut. It was a gift for me (thank you!) and I couldn’t be happier with it!

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