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Prompt # 146

“Don’t look at me like that! Say something, please!”

“I just found out my best friend and love of my life isn’t human and you’re criticizing me for being shocked?! What do you want me to say; ‘That’s nice honey, what do you want for dinner, pizza or tacos?”


There was a time before the Pocket Mortys craze when C-382 and D-416 actually got along pretty well. 


Here’s my breakdown of what happened at C2E2!

I spent Friday attending professional panels for the comics industry, which probably deserves a post of its own, but I don’t think anyone is interested in me talking shop. But Saturday was devoted to Agents of SHIELD stuff with Iain and Liz. I had an amazing time and so many awesome things happened. Truly it was the best con experience I’ve ever had and, as @bigfunnywords (HEY Tumblr finally let me tag you!) said, I lived my best life. I’ll try to do the tl;dr version but this will probably get long.

Putting the rest behind a cut for your scrolling convenience.

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Hi, I’m pretty comfy inside my trash can

I am quite obsessed with this musical (watched the movie too but JD and Veronica were just too hollywoody for me). Honestly I wish things could have been different for these two ;n; but JD had to go full on yandere and blow shit up.

The 7/11 scene lol you can see how I gave up in both bg’s XD

Sex Bet

Barry walked into the room and sighed heavily, his eyes glued to Iris’s smooth legs spread propped up on the couch cushions as she scrolled her phone screen.

She was wearing an oversized sweater and her hair was swiped across her right shoulder, leaving the nape of her neck on her left side open to his viewing.

It had been three days since Cisco had frustratingly stalked out of his workshop, whining about how he was tired of walking in on them in promiscuous positions. Barry had flushed, while Iris defiantly told Cisco he couldn’t possibly be scarred THIS time, since not a single article of clothing had been removed.

‘Your hands were places!’ He’d shot back, clearly agitated.

Iris had rolled her eyes and raised an eyebrow. Barry had stayed mum. Then Cisco issued the challenge of all challenges and Iris, ever willing to put that boy in his place for objecting to her love life with her FIANCÉ, had INSTANTLY risen to the challenge.

'I bet you two couldn’t last one day without having sex with each other.’

'Maybe you forgot that we were broken up for a week at one point and didn’t fuck AT ALL during that time.’

Barry’s face lit up fire engine red at her language, his eyes widening noticeably, but Cisco remained unaffected.

'Hard to fuck when you’re barely on speaking terms, let alone in the same room.’

Barry swallowed hard, worried about more than the language now. He had instinctively BAD feeling of the direction of this conversation.

Cisco and Iris stared each other down for a full minute before the tension for Barry became unbearable.


'One week.’

'What?’ Barry’s mouth went dry but neither acknowledged him.

'I bet you couldn’t go one week without having sex with each other,’ Cisco said. 'You’re…’ he glanced briefly over at Barry, clearly annoyed, 'insatiable.’

Barry had no time to be crushed by Cisco’s disgust b/c the next word that came out of Iris’s mouth shattered his very existence.


He’d protested immediately and had promised all matter of things to both of them if only they’d undo this stupid bet, but neither relented. Iris was determined to win & Cisco gloried in the promise of a week long reprieve of witnessing Barry & Iris sexy times. And twenty bucks.

In fact, he wanted it so badly that he frequently egged Iris on how they wouldn’t able to make it that long that it only made her more determined to remain celibate.

When Barry tried to seduce her that first night - which was usually remarkably easy - she refused, reminding him of the bet they’d made.

'YOU made,’ he retorted. 'I was highly against it from the start.’

'Do you have no self-control?’ She shot back.

'None,’ he said instantly. 'Not where you’re concerned.’

Then she’d cupped his face, and he’d thought she would cave or at the very least tie him over with a kiss. But she denied him even that.

'Just give me this one thing, babe. We can have a sex marathon when the week is up.’

He blinked. 'But we’re not even at STAR Labs. We’re at HOME. Cisco won’t know if we have sex at home. And it’s hardly fair for him to be-’

'It’s the deal we ma-’

'YOU made,’ he corrected again.

She’d smiled serenely, which didn’t make him feel better at ALL.

'It’ll be easier not to slip up in public if we’re keeping ourselves in check in private too.’

'Says WHO?’ He’d squeaked. 'I’m jacked up already and it’s been less than twenty-four hours. You’re hot as hell, Iris. There’s no way I’m going to last sleeping next to you every night.’

'You do make a good point,’ she’d said contemplatively.

He’d wanted to be relieved, but he knew she wasn’t going to cave that quickly.

'Maybe you should sleep on the couch,’ she’d said, and gotten off it to retreat into another room.

Well, Barry had been so shocked that he’d ended up insisting to her that he wouldn’t seduce her in her sleep. He had enough self-control for that. She’d smiled that unsettling smile again in response.

'I know you do, babe,’ she’d said. 'And don’t worry, you’ll get through this.’

It worried him that she didn’t say 'we’ll.’ As if she had absolutely no problem not sleeping with him for seven days straight.

Today that was being put to an end.

Barry sauntered over to Iris. When he was in front of her, he said nothing, only waited for her to become aware of his presence.

'What is it?’ She asked, not looking up from her phone.

'I’ve had enough, Iris,’ he said, putting as much stubborn demand as he could into his voice.

Iris’s finger stilled. She lifted her head to look up at him.

'Enough of what?’ She asked.

It bothered him that she actually seemed to not know.

'Enough of you having absolutely no problem resisting sex with me.’

A coy smile started to spread across her face.

'I have been going out of my MIND,’ he squeaked. 'But you have been just FINE. Just so…so…’ His eyes drifted to her smooth legs that he ached to run his hands over.

And then wrap around his waist as he thrust into her.

'I wouldn’t say that…’ she teased, taking his hand in hers and pulling him onto the couch beside her.

She sat up so she could pull her legs back and then draped them across his lap. His hands hovered above them, afraid this was a trap. He looked to her for direction.

'Go ahead, Bear.’ She nodded to her limbs laying across his. 'Touch.’

That word alone gave him a hard on, made him shiver.

Iris smirked. 'Or maybe you don’t need to.’

Barry closed his eyes and reverently laid his hands on her legs, then squeezed gently, caressing them with exquisite care and barely controlled need.

And then the unthinkable happened.

A quiet moan emerged from the depths of Iris’s throat.

Barry’s eyes flashed open, and he turned to look at her.

Her eyes were closed, but they opened slowly, lust evident in them. Barry gulped.

'See,’ she said. 'I’m suffering just as much.’

Hesitantly, unsure if this was the right move, or smart by any stretch of the imagination, Barry started to lean towards her, retreating a couple times even as his hands started to move up to her thighs.

Then without warning, Iris impatiently grabbed a fistful of his t-shirt and pulled his toward her until their lips collided and a second moan was released the moment his tongue came into contact with hers.

'Wh-What about the bet?’ Barry asked, a century of making out later, well aware how dumb THAT move was.

Iris was breathing heavily as she tilted her head back to look into his eyes.

'Let’s just say I’ve found CISCO in compromising positions multiple times with CYNTHIA during the past three days, and I finally got him to fess up as to why he was so irritated about running into us.’

'We were stealing his make out spots.’

She grinned. 'We were stealing his make out spots.’

Barry was giddy with delight.

'So…does that mean…?’

Iris reached down into her pocket and pulled out a twenty dollar bill.

'That means we won the bet, baby.’

He grinned. 'But that wasn’t-’

'I called him out on his deceptive motivation and he caved.’

Barry’s eyes sparkled. 'I love you.’

'We have to try very hard not to fuck in his workshop, but otherwise we’re home free. He will not harass us in the future for any excessive PDA.’

'What’s the twenty for?’ Barry asked. 'You guys never discussed numbers.’

Iris laughed.

'That’s to keep us out of his workshop for the rest of the week.’

'A failsafe,’ he concluded.

'Mhmm.’ She started to pull him in again.

He moaned into the kiss. His hands started to wonder.

'Touch me, Barry,’ she begged, a hot whisper on her tongue.

He groaned and sped them upstairs to their bedroom where he revealed himself as fully erect and frantically searching for a condom.

They both came fast, a result of their short-lived celibacy. But then they made love slowly, torturously, and more than once that night.

'No more bets like this,’ Barry whispered against her breast where his head lay resting after their final time that night.

Iris absentmindedly played with his damp locks and pressed kisses to his skin.

'I’ll try not to agree to anything sex-related,’ she said.

'Only if it involves ABSENCE of sex,’ he clarified. 'Otherwise…’

Iris smile spread into a wide grin. She bit her lip at his thirst, hers too.

'Agreed,’ she said. 'OTHER sex bets could get interesting.’

He mumbled something incoherent in agreement and tightened his hold around her wait.

'G'night, Iris.’

Iris smiled tenderly, closing her eyes as well as she relaxed deeper into the pillows.

'Goodnight, baby.’

Beach Prompt continued

This is my “I really need to go to bed, but I also really need to finish this prompt” post. Ok? Ok.
Here’s the first part.

“Jesus H Roosevelt Christ!” I exclaimed, extremely frustrated with myself. “I forgot the blanket in the car.”

“Which is why I packed a second, Sassenach.” Jamie commented calmly, nibbling at my collar bone.

I pushed at him, raising an eyebrow. “Where? In your back pocket?”

“No,” he grinned, nodding to my lightweight jacket on the ground. It was August, yes, but it did get a little nippy in the mornings and evenings. We had set out this morning from our hotel in Duluth and wouldn’t make it to the cottage we were staying at in Grand Marais until after nightfall… making my jacket a nice thing to have around. “Check the inside pocket.”

Scooping it up, I unzipped the pocket he indicated. I took out a small rectangle a little bigger my hand and held it up. “You brought a hand towel? How gallant of you, Mr Fraser.”

He rolled his eyes and took it from me. With one fluid movement, he had opened the package and was shaking out a decent sized blanket.

“How –” I started to ask.

“Nae more questions, mo nighean donn,” he cut me off as pulled me back against him. His thumb slid up the zipper of my jeans, then fiddled with the button.

“Mmm,” my lips found his, “That feels like a question to me.”

His eyes twinkled with humor, “And your answer?”

“What do you think?” I asked facetiously, unbuckling his belt without breaking eye contact. I slowly pulled the warm leather from his belt loops and dropped it with a dull thud at our feet.

His chest resonated with the deep, comforting sound of his laughter as he gently unfastened my jeans, inching them lower and lower.

Jamie’s grin widened as he lowered me onto the crumpled blanket. “Did ye ken ‘tis considered rude to answer a question wi’ another question?”

“Is it?” I tilted my head, smiling playfully, as I shifted to avoid laying on a pine cone.

He caught the movement and reached under the blanket, tossing the offending seedpod aside. I slid my feet out of my jeans and nudged the inside of his knee. My hands traveled under his shirt, tugging it up and over his head.

Jamie deftly unzipped the zipper on the back of my blouse, then cursed under his breath when he realized it was just for show. “Christ, Sassenach, why do they make zippers if they dinna really work?”

I let go of him and took it off, letting it land in a heap beside us.

“Enough questions,” I murmured into his ear as he lowered himself onto the ground beside me.

“Tha’ squirrel is staring at me.” Jamie’s breath tickled my neck.

I moved my head to look in the direction he was and couldn’t help but smile.

“Its a chipmunk, Jamie.”

My husband could identify any woodland animal by its tracks alone, yet somehow this particular furry creature always baffled him.

His eyes narrowed at it in contempt, “‘Tis wee an’ brown an’ troublesome, aye? Might as well be a squirrel.”

Oh, God, Beauchamp. Not that joke.

“I’m sure he’s just jealous.”

“Jealous?” Jamie echoed, brows raised.

Am I really going to go there? Who’s the one in third grade? Me or Bree?

Bursting into laughter at my own joke, I barely got out the punchline.

“Of your nuts.”

Jamie rolled away from me groaning as the chipmunk scampered back into the forest.

I am really sorry to all of you

I’ve been away for a while now and I have some explaining to do. 
I have recently relocated to Australia and I’ve been dealing with some wild emotions lately. To be completely honest with you all, I’ve been a little sad lately. 
This blog has been and always will be about positivity, cheer, joy, Christmas, family and you all. I haven’t wanted to get on here and just start blogging again without an explanation, and I did consider just to not come back again. Which now I realise is a really selfish and completely unreasonable thing to do.
Since I have moved away from my family things are starting to improve for me, both mentally and physically. My family was the reason I moved out this way, I couldn’t be around them anymore, I knew I was being held back and trapped from doing big things, the things I’ve dreamed of doing for a long time. When I said goodbye to my family at the airport I felt this entire world just fall off of my shoulders. Yes, it was incredibly hard to say goodbye to the people who have surrounded me my entire life but it also felt so good. I’m still actually trying to come to terms with having this freedom.
When I lived with my family things were hard for me, to a point where I felt completely isolated from everything. We lived 20 miles from the nearest town and up a very steep rocky road. That’s just the last 2 years living wiht my family, before that we didn’t stay in one place for very long, we moved from county to city to state to state and it seemed never ending. But as I was moving from state to state, I found someone, someone who didn’t understand what I was going through, but wanted to know how I felt and wanted to be in the details of my life. He came back and forth from Australia just to see me and he taught me that people aren’t supposed to be treated the way I had been treated, he showed me a pure and unselfish love that I had only seen a few times in my life. 
He did leave to go back to Australia, and we applied for a visa so he could come back and live with me and my family. This meant he was gone for about 8 months, I declined rapidly in this time frame. just a couple of months after he left that last time, I began exercising and becoming extremely healthy, I went vegan and all of my weight melted off of me like candle wax. I became anorexic within 5 months of him being gone that last time. I was able to hid this from my family for a while, another couple of months went by and no one noticed I hadn’t been eating, I’d been working out constantly and I didn’t want to go outside. I would sit in my room and scroll though photos of foods I wanted to eat so badly but wouldn’t dare touch it. It was one of the hardest times in my life. 
I told my mom I was having problems, she told me she was happy I told her and she wanted to find me a nutritionist, but I knew that wasn’t something I was up for. Not long after that my step-dad employed me as an “office manager” In his new business. I accepted and worked for him in our own home. This made me even more isolated and put me deeper into this hole. 
My fiancé finally came back and my family thought I would get better instantly from him being back. I now know that they pushed him to come back so much that he almost didn’t have a choice. He came back expected the absolute worse and it must have been even worse that I thought. Even when he was back I didn’t want to gain weight, I didn’t want to give up loosing 5 more pounds. So I kept going all through the summer and into the start of autumn.
After long talks with Daniel and my family moving us out of my bedroom in to a camper next to their home I finally started realising the severity of my situation, and I began to eat more, slowly more and more. During this time my mid had to recover as well so I made this blog to find some comfort and it grew so fast and so many people came to support me and the message I was sharing.
I started to feel better, a lot better, I gained all of my weight back and then some. But at my job that now my whole family was working for I was feeling left out. I felt I was there just to keep me happy, and Daniel became employed with them after I had a complete meltdown about the whole family working there besides him.
We both continued to work there for a couple of months until I couldn’t take being thrown to the side and taken advantage of. So I quit. And I was able to work on this blog full-time and really dive into anything creative I wanted to do. After a month or so went by Daniel found the job was giving him a lot of stress causing him to get sick so he decided to quit as well. 
So here we were, both jobless and confused on our next step. We spent a lot of time trying to get out of the house when we could which was close to impossible, we had to depend on other people to get us out because neither of us could drive, my parents seemed as if they didn’t want me to drive so I never got the chance. After a few months of us both being home, blowing through our savings very quickly we decided to move out, and we came to the conclusion going to Australia might be a good change and we might see something there that we could see in the place we were at. 
We decided not to tell my family we were leaving because, I was honestly very overwhelmed with how I was being treated and I was very sad over being left out of the family. No one wanted to talk to me after I quit work with the family company so I went a few months of not being able to go out, and only really being able to talk to Daniel. So, I did make the decision to not tell anyone about this move. We bought our flight, got rid of a lot of unwanted items, and I got my passport, and no one really had any idea. Until, I started asking if people wanted some of the things I wouldn’t usually just give away. 
Then, my parents came to talk to Daniel and I and we laid everything out on the floor, my mother didn’t want to hear it so Daniel and I were left talking to my step-dad and he started angry but finished agreeing with us and being understanding. 
After that Daniel and I went with my family to visit my grandparents on the other side of the country and less than a couple of weeks later we were in Seattle getting on a flight to Hawaii with Daniel’s parents. After we got back from Hawaii we cracked down on getting things packed. It took us a couple of weeks and the morning came when I had to say goodbye. 
As I said before, it was really hard and I had waited for a moment like this for so long it felt really surreal. But I also know I needed this in more ways than one and as soon as I got on that flight there was an enormous weight that fell from me.
Since being in this new place I’ve been deal with the “backlash” of everything that went on the last couple of years. So, right now I am a little lost. I’m slowly trying to find myself. I told Daniel yesterday that I need change, I feel like I really need it. Feeling that was has made me want to change my appearance very badly. I’m thinking of cutting all of my hair off again and getting new specs, changing my wardrobe. All of the materialistic things that I was taught to love by. So I guess the point of this post is to tell you I have been a little lost in my own head lately, and thats why I haven’t been around. I’m trying to reassure myself that it’s a good reason to not be around and I needed the time to try and figure things out, but it’s hard for me to feel confident in anything I say.
But with everything negative that has happened there is some positive. I got to move to an incredible place and really get the freedom I’ve been wanting. I’ve also learned a few new things about myself, one of the being I do want to go back to school next year and I’m really looking forward to doing that.
So, that’s where I have been and that’s how I’ve been doing lately. I’m really angry with myself that I have been able to keep this blog up during travelling and settling in but that’s one of the things I’m trying to work on lately, not the beat myself up over these type of things. 
So, yes, I am back right now and I will try and keep you all close to me and let you in on how things are going. 

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I just… fuck man.

I am in the mood for doing moodboards; however, I feel like following another idea (which means that I’ll finish the old requests).

I’ll do an archive moodboard based on your blog if you send me an ask with one of these:

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