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Bleach Chapter 686

(I posted this on my Facebook page, and now I’m going to put this rant out to tumblr.) Now that I’ve gotten over the initial pain of my notps happening, I would like to elaborate my strong dislike for Bleach Chapter 686. 

 First, Orihime is shown as a bubbly sweet girl with high creativity and a strong imagination. She’s very smart too. Remember her scores? Remember her five lifetimes speech? She wanted to be an astronaut, a pastry chef and many other things. What does she end up becoming? A housewife. She’s happy and I’m glad she is but what made her character was her ambition and her attitude. You took that away. Now what’s left? 

 Second, not one mention is made on what Ichigo is doing career-wise! Is a shinigami? Is he a human? Remember guys he hated his normal life and that is exactly what he is doing right now. That’s bullshit imo. What happened to his goal. His motivation? His motto of wanting to protect “truckloads” of people. You took away another aspect of a main character that made the base of their personality. Now what’s left? 

 Third. Remember when Chad swore to never use his power for fame and money? Remember when he swore to use his power only to protect. Folks that man is now the most famous boxer in town. Makes a whole lot of sense Kubo.(sarcasm) 👏👏

 Fourth. Ishida Uryuu. He gets barely one panel. He isnt shown with the people he called his ‘nakama’. He became a doctor. Like his father. When again he swore never to follow his father’s footsteps. Ishida Uryuu had a big heart. And where does Kubo leave him. All alone. Brooding like when he was introduced at the start. Great character development. 

 Fifth, where is Ishhin? Where is Urahara? Where is Nel, Grimmjaw? Where are all the major characters you introduced Kubo. What happened to them. I dont want a shitty closure with a shitty movie. I dont want that. Your fans dont deserve that nor does your story. 

 Why is Aizen still in jail? 

 What happened to Hitsugaya and Hinamori?

 Finally, all ships aside. Why the actual fuck would Rukia and Renji even have a kid?! They are dead! You can’t have soul babies for a reason. The balance of souls would be destroyed. And what was their hurry when they are basically immortal. Where they having some kinda competition? Like wtf.

 Why would you throw away amazing chemistry, built up over 600+ chapters only to throw it over some unrequited love bullshit.

 Married + kids + happy peaceful life trope. 

Please don’t shove that basic af ending down our throats. We wont accept it. This will never be my canon.

 (I’m trying real to accept the ending but man am I salty.)


It was Rukia that dried up the rain in his heart.

 It was Rukia who motivated him to become a shinigami.

 It was Rukia he trusted with his soul and his life.

 It was without Rukia he wondered whether he could keep up with the speed of the world. 

 The King Of Spades. The Queen Of Hearts .

 The Black Sun. The White Moon . 

Death and Strawberry.


 - Sam