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Online drama

While I get as curious as anyone else and lurk in the background a bit when I see drama going on, I generally have found that when I actually get involved I end up feeling like shit.  I sometimes get angry, frustrated, or feel I can’t convey what I’m trying to and then I get stressed out and that triggers anxiety flares for me (any sufferer of anxiety knows how awful that is).  So, I decided around the end of last year I was done with it for good (hopefully).

A few steps I have taken are as follows:

  • I don’t comment/get involved. This actually is really hard sometimes.  I think it’s very much in our nature to want to weigh in on issues or speak up when we see something we feel strongly about.  I’ve mostly been successful with this.  I just try to remember how bad things got for me the last time I really found myself in the middle of drama and how far of a setback it was for my sense of well being. When I get tempted, I try to just close out what I’m looking at and distract myself with something more enjoyable.
  • Minimize exposure.  I don’t think a person can use the internet and never be exposed to drama or unpleasantness, but you can take some actions to lessen it.  For one, I distance myself from people/blogs that frequently engage in drama.  I may very well like the person and even agree with them often, but if there’s frequent drama surrounding them it’s much harder for me to keep myself level.  The good thing about tumblr is that I end up still getting to see content I enjoy from those people from other reblogs.
  • Kind of related to minimizing exposure, but I don’t go where I know very well there will be upsetting comments.  I used to look at comments under articles to read people’s opinions, but too often it’s full of either trolls or extremists that make my head feel like exploding. So if I see a news article about racism or sexism, I will read the article but skip browsing comments anymore (goes for Youtube comments, too).
  • Take a breather.  If there’s a lot of drama going on around something that has happened on a forum, facebook, tumblr, etc, sometimes I just take a break for a few days and wait for it to die down. Again, if I look at it too much I get too tempted to weigh in with my own thoughts and inevitably I end up regretting it.
  • If I feel a need to say something, I carefully consider it, state what I feel I need to say, and then don’t keep checking back for responses.  This one is hard for me too, but I’ve learned if I check back for responses I stay emotionally involved and much of the time end up getting more involved than I wanted to be.

So those are the general steps I take.  I don’t do it to be better than anyone else, I do it to take care of myself.  I’m too deeply emotionally affected by being involved in drama with people who don’t know me and are often all too eager to make things personal.

Bleach Chapter 686

(I posted this on my Facebook page, and now I’m going to put this rant out to tumblr.) Now that I’ve gotten over the initial pain of my notps happening, I would like to elaborate my strong dislike for Bleach Chapter 686. 

 First, Orihime is shown as a bubbly sweet girl with high creativity and a strong imagination. She’s very smart too. Remember her scores? Remember her five lifetimes speech? She wanted to be an astronaut, a pastry chef and many other things. What does she end up becoming? A housewife. She’s happy and I’m glad she is but what made her character was her ambition and her attitude. You took that away. Now what’s left? 

 Second, not one mention is made on what Ichigo is doing career-wise! Is a shinigami? Is he a human? Remember guys he hated his normal life and that is exactly what he is doing right now. That’s bullshit imo. What happened to his goal. His motivation? His motto of wanting to protect “truckloads” of people. You took away another aspect of a main character that made the base of their personality. Now what’s left? 

 Third. Remember when Chad swore to never use his power for fame and money? Remember when he swore to use his power only to protect. Folks that man is now the most famous boxer in town. Makes a whole lot of sense Kubo.(sarcasm) 👏👏

 Fourth. Ishida Uryuu. He gets barely one panel. He isnt shown with the people he called his ‘nakama’. He became a doctor. Like his father. When again he swore never to follow his father’s footsteps. Ishida Uryuu had a big heart. And where does Kubo leave him. All alone. Brooding like when he was introduced at the start. Great character development. 

 Fifth, where is Ishhin? Where is Urahara? Where is Nel, Grimmjaw? Where are all the major characters you introduced Kubo. What happened to them. I dont want a shitty closure with a shitty movie. I dont want that. Your fans dont deserve that nor does your story. 

 Why is Aizen still in jail? 

 What happened to Hitsugaya and Hinamori?

 Finally, all ships aside. Why the actual fuck would Rukia and Renji even have a kid?! They are dead! You can’t have soul babies for a reason. The balance of souls would be destroyed. And what was their hurry when they are basically immortal. Where they having some kinda competition? Like wtf.

 Why would you throw away amazing chemistry, built up over 600+ chapters only to throw it over some unrequited love bullshit.

 Married + kids + happy peaceful life trope. 

Please don’t shove that basic af ending down our throats. We wont accept it. This will never be my canon.

 (I’m trying real to accept the ending but man am I salty.)


It was Rukia that dried up the rain in his heart.

 It was Rukia who motivated him to become a shinigami.

 It was Rukia he trusted with his soul and his life.

 It was without Rukia he wondered whether he could keep up with the speed of the world. 

 The King Of Spades. The Queen Of Hearts .

 The Black Sun. The White Moon . 

Death and Strawberry.


 - Sam

i’m not entirely sure how many of my followers are aware of the situation in Venezuela right now, but i need everyone to listen up.

“there have been peaceful protests going on for over a week now that quickly turned violent when a student was killed. since then, many more have been killed, injured, jailed, tortured, and abused.

the government is using the national guard in order to violently retaliate against protesters. they are breaking into buildings and going into people’s homes. they are shooting into buildings. they are using tear gas. they are using grenades. they are using firearms. 

the protesters are not armed. they continue to peacefully flood the streets (and i do mean flood—they are taking up major highways and streets ALL over the country) in order to continue protesting the regime they are living under. the entire country is at a standstill. 

the opposition leader, Leopoldo Lopez, was arrested yesterday and is facing charges for murder, terrorism, and arson. the president, Nicolas Maduro, has also issued out arrest orders for anyone who continues protesting. just like in the united states, the venezuelan constitution outlines the right to assemble as a basic constitutional right. this right, along many others, are not being upheld. 

it doesn’t stop there. the government has also started to block all internet connections—people have no access to the internet and therefore cannot continue documenting the atrocities that are currently going on. they are taking down videos that civilians have been posting of the national guard firing at other civilians or brutally attacking them. they are blocking facebook, twitter, instagram, and any other social media accounts that people are using in order to spread the word. the country is facing such scarcity that even the national newspaper cannot report what is occurring as they have no paper to print the newspaper on.

not very many international news outlets are documenting what is happening because they simply have little to no clue about what is going on. some have just started reporting on these events today. 

that’s where you all come in.

if you’ve gotten up to this point and still have no idea what i’m talking about, simply type “#SOSVenezuela” or “#PrayForVenezuela” into any search bar (Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr—you name it, it’s going to show up). see for yourself what is happening in the country. 

by simply reblogging, retweeting, reposting, liking/sharing someone’s status, you will be helping to spread the word. the more people become aware, the faster we can end this.

the venezuelan people have grown tired of living under such an incompetent and oppressive government and it is time that the international community get involved. 

listen, guys. this is very important to me as venezuela is my home country. i, too, have been subject to the oppression of the government and have experienced first-hand what they can do. in the ten years that i have been in the united states, the situation in venezuela has only worsened. thankfully, my family was able to escape, but i still have relatives there and i worry very much for their safety.”

thank you and please reblog<3

(credit to http://queen-maryangel.tumblr.com for the information)

Stevie and Bucky or the Comic Wherein Little Steve Rogers and Bucky Bear Have Their Own World Like Calvin & Hobbes

For the past seventy years, generations of kids in the US and later on, around the world, have grown up with Bucky Bears. 

Bucky Bears have quietly stood watch in the night, keeping little ones safe as they dream.

Bucky Bears have defended kids against the monsters under the bed, in the closet and in that particular dark corner of the bedroom where sometimes, there’s a figure that’s blacker than black and the horror of it all is just imagining what’s underneath all the darkness. 

Bucky Bears have been brave and loyal and have listened quietly to childhood secrets, hidden tears, been hugged out of their stuffing, been patiently repaired, washed and passed on to the next generation. 

So really, it was inevitable that one of these kids would grow up to draw and write about Bucky Bear and his Steve, because one is never without the other.  And it helps that the artist - who hides her identity behind a pseudonym - is a big Captain America fan and she reads everything she could find about the real Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes.

So Little Stevie isn’t quite the angelic all-American model of perfect boyhood that propaganda would like him to be.  Little Stevie is tiny and scrappy, with a smart mouth.  He’s a bundle of earnestness and pure stubborn will and he hates bullies.  He gets into fights and swings with tiny fists and throughout all his adventures, he’s accompanied by Bucky Bear. 

Bucky Bear has swagger and charm to spare.  He generally gets his flirt on from all of the dolls and other stuffed toys in the neighborhood, a fact that makes Little Stevie roll his eyes but he actually listens when Bucky tries to teach him how to “treat a dame right."  This is usually Peggy Next Door, who thinks that Little Stevie is cute and often tries to drag him into make-believe games in which they are both spies on Super Secret Missions.   Bucky Bear is dragged along, complaining all the while.  

Bucky Bear doesn’t hesitate to take a swing against the neighborhood bullies that Little Stevie encounters and one memorable strip has him trying to teach Little Stevie how to throw a punch… except that Little Stevie ends up falling over most times and gets a little too beat up all by himself.  "You’ll get it, eventually,” Bucky Bear consoles him. 

Another noteworthy strip has Little Stevie valiantly trying not to cry after one particularly bad day and it’s Bucky Bear who tells him, “You ain’t a wimp if you cry.”

“Not cryin’.”

“I’m just sayin’.  Cryin’ helps sometimes.  Gets all the sad out.  And once you get the sad out, it’s all over.”

There’s a suspicious wobble. 

“I ain’t tellin’ no one, you know."  And then, Bucky Bear gestures down.  "It’s just that the flowers need waterin’ too.  They been lookin’ peaky, see?”

Little Stevie ends up laughing.  But the last panel has him coming out to water the flowers anyway. 

Sometimes, Little Stevie gets sick and there’s one unforgettable strip where Bucky Bear sits next to him on his sickbed.  The only thing that can be seen of Steve is his hand on the covers of his blanket.  Bucky Bear puts his paw on that little hand.

“You gotta get well, Stevie,” Bucky thinks.  “There’s so many adventures to get into today.  And I ain’t going on any single one of them if you’re not there.  So you get well, Stevie.  Don’t keep me waiting for you too long, okay?  Or I’m going to end up waterin’ the flowers for you.”

There are real tears in Bucky Bear’s eyes. 

The strip was so affecting that the artist was flooded by emails and PM’s and asks checking if Little Stevie actually died. 

When the real story of what happened to Bucky Barnes comes out, the Artist inevitably can’t help but tell the story in the comics in her own way.  There’s a panel that gets constantly reblogged in Tumblr, tweeted in Twitter and passed around in Facebook.  It’s Little Stevie, still in his normal kid clothes but holding on to a miniature shield.  His expression is a mixture of hope and wistfulness.  And the caption is:

Bucky, please come home. 

Some time later, the Artist - who is finally revealed to be a young lady named Terri Morita - receives a drawing from one Steven G. Rogers.  It’s a sketch of two little boys.  The taller boy has his arm slung around the smaller one, whose face is nearly taken up by his blinding grin.  The caption is simple:

Bucky’s come home. 

- end -


Hey guys!

The time of GiSHWheS is fast approaching, and Team Quidnunc is recruiting! Unfortunately, a third of our team can’t compete this year, so we need to fill up their places.

We currently have FIVE AVAILABLE SPACES.

You might know some of our team members from around tumblr, so allow me to introduce the team.

I’m Lena (damn82much/castielplusmisha), and my lovely team mates are:

Sasha (armellin)
Tabi (profoundestofbonds)
Jill (jagger231)
Sarah (geekygirl221)
Sophie (fbi-angel-in-a-trenchcoat)
Heather (stainlesssteelrat89)
Marina (teyaross)
Kristina (mybluetie)

We also have the wonderful Jenny, but she doesn’t have a tumblr, so you’ll just have to take our word for it that she’s awesome! You’ll meet her soon enough if you get into the team. I’ve linked everyone so you can check us out as individuals and see if you like us, as well as seeing the kinda people you’d be working with.

We are a fun-loving team made up of all girls (although that could change, who knows!) from the US, the UK, Russia and Germany. We’re a massively diverse group, from full-time mothers to students, and we have a pretty tight-knit friendship too!

The team was formed last year when Sasha, Sam (who can’t compete this year *SOB*) and I decided to try something new. This year will be our second year – 2014 went pretty damn well (if I do say so myself) and we even made it into the GiSH Hall of Fame!

We are primarily about enjoying the spirit of GiSHWheS, as well as connecting together as a team and making some wonderful memories! However, this year we plan on kicking it up a notch – we’re playing to win, and we’re gonna do the best we can!


- YOU NEED TO BE OVER 14 AT THE VERY LEAST. Not our rules, it’s the rules of GiSHWheS. Please be aware of the age restrictions concerning the Grand Prize. We’re aiming to win, and if we do it would be a damn shame if something prevents you from going because you didn’t read the rules. Which brings me to –

- READ THE GiSHWheS RULES. Just go on the website and read the rules, please. When everyone is on board, it’s just a lot easier.

- YOU NEED TO SPEAK ENGLISH FLUENTLY. It is a massive strain on the team when people can’t understand what’s going on, and when stuff gets lost in translation. Although if you’re following this you’re pretty solid.

- YOU NEED TO BE A TEAM PLAYER. This is gonna be a week of fun yet hard/crazy shit, and communication between members needs to be key. It keeps things running smooth and we can get through as much as we can. There is no time to be shy around your team – this is why we’ve set the deadline below like we have. It’s so you have time to get to know us! We’re very friendly and don’t bite, unless it’s an item on the list…

- YOU NEED TO ACT LIKE AN ADULT. Kinda stupid considering you want to participate in a hunt devised by Misha Collins of all people, but I mean that you need to be mature in how you present yourself. We are a drama-free team who just want to have fun and do our best. If you have problems in your life that you need to chat to us about then HELL YEAH we’ll be there for you, but we do NOT TOLERATE bullying, bitching, whining, cheating, and moaning. This is supposed to be enjoyable. Let’s keep it that way.

- IF YOU NEED HELP ASK. I know all these requirements come across as borderline dictatorship, but we are there for you whenever you need us. If you’re on our team, you’re ON OUR TEAM. We got your back for anything. Hit us up.

So now all the nitty gritty shit is out the way, if you’re all about playing to win, having fun, and having the weirdest conversations of your life at 3 o clock in the morning then by all means, apply!

The application is just below, so read through it thoroughly, fill it out and send your filled application to teamquidnunc@gmail.com.


We will read through them as a team and put it to a vote. The five applications with the most votes will be contacted to join the team. If you don’t reply within the week, we will retract our offer and go with the next closest application.

SO, without further ado…


NAME/AGE/1ST LANGUAGE: Please be aware that GisHWheS DOES NOT ALLOW PEOPLE UNDER THE AGE OF 14 TO PARTICIPATE, and it has specific guidelines regarding people under the age of 18 in terms of the Grand Prize, so we highly recommend that you consult the GisHWheS rules first before applying. Fluency in English is preferred – last year we had a team member translating for so many people that it was very hard for her to do a lot. It wasn’t fair on her, and it wouldn’t be fair now.

EMAIL/TUMBLR/FACEBOOK/TWITTER: Our facebook group was the main port of contact last time and we still use it even now (guess that’s what happens when you get thrown in with a bunch of people to do random shit – you actually end up becoming tight friends), so we will need at least a FB for communication.

LOCATION: Our team is from all over the world and as such this is important to know so we are aware of people’s timezones and shiz.

AVAILABILITY: Student? Part-time shift worker? Parent to two kids? On call? We need to know a rough availability so we know when it comes to certain items on the list and so that you do what suits you.

TALENTS: Can you roll your tongue? Put that in. Can you speak 4 languages? We wanna know. Can you draw with all the talents of Michelangelo? HIT US UP. Anything you can do (seriously, ANYTHING), we wanna know! Note: this is NOT a self-esteem thing. Please do not feel like you can’t do anything – EVERYONE CAN DO SOMETHING AND WE ARE DYING TO KNOW WHAT IT IS.

CONNECTIONS: Know a pilot? Know someone who works in theatre? Know someone you think can help us with tasks? TELL US. We don’t need to know this person’s details, but a vague description of your connections will help us and the team, because, as we know, our lovely Overlord has an affinity for odd tasks…

GisHWheS: Have you ever done it before? If so, we’d love to see pics of the work you’ve done before! NOTE: YOUR work, not necessarily your old team’s. We want to see what you’re capable of.

EDITING EXPERIENCE: Can you use Photoshop/Illustration/Paint Tool Sai? Can you make gifs? Can you do animation? Can you edit pics? Can you make short videos? WE NEED TO KNOW – some of the items on the list include the ability to do these things.

ABOUT YOU: Tell us a little about you! Describe yourself, your personality, your skills, your history, anything and everything! We’re gonna be spending a lot of time working together as a team doing crazy shit, so we wanna know about you!

That’s about it from us, and we hope to hear from you all pretty soon!

Get your kale and glitter ready… :D












Dear osomatsu fandom:

we have something to ask of you.

Did someone make a video out of our translations and post it on facebook??? 

Oh my god…;;; no, don’t do that please;; Okay, there’s one thing you did well, you did link the video to the artist. BUT


ALSO, YOU DIDN’T ASK THEM IF YOU COULD POST IT ON FACEBOOK. NO FACEBOOK. YOU CAN’T POST OUR TRANSLATIONS ON FACEBOOK. Sorry, you can’t reupload our translations on facebook, or anywhere else. Was that not obvious enough?

no… that’s not alright, AA I’ve mentioned this already, but the artist wanted their arts to be under control.. I may have to take down my translations, this is getting out of hand.

+OKAY LET ME TELL YOU WHY THIS IS NOT OKAY. The artist may have to terminate their account if their art gets spread on facebook. They just tweeted this now and I’m panicking wow please don’t make me regret for having translated these comics

many things happened after I posted these translations on tumblr (like unauthorized reprints) and I apologized several times to the artist I have to apologize AGAIN for this I’m not feeling bad for my own sake

but the artist

they don’t deserve this treatment. You’ve seen the angel they are. Protect them. They need respect. If they end up terminating their account, I won’t know what to do;;;