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in the spirit of halloween what do you think each batfam member does for it + fave candy? does the wayne manor pass out nice stuff for kiddos?

I’m so excited to do this request bc I just got done spending an entire weekend doing halloween stuff with my best friend I love halloween let’s go

  • Bruce doesn’t really Get Into holidays, but he does have a sense of humor – he always dresses in a very shitty homemade Batman costume. He thinks it’s hilarious. He’s worn the same costume every Halloween for years. 
  • His favorite candy is anything with dark chocolate in it. (He thinks milk chocolate is too sweet.)
  • Dick is pretty festive. He has a whole drawer full of Halloween-themed socks and boxers that he will wear every single day in October. He’s that millennial who gets really into watching the Halloween movies that he loved as a kid?? Every year on the weekend before Halloween he invites all the other batkids over to watch Hocus Pocus, Halloweentown, The Nightmare Before Christmas, ect. It’s a family tradition.
  • He loves those candy bars with filling and stuff inside, like Snickers, Milky Way, Butterfingers, ect. (He doesn’t like Three Musketeers though because they are too plain, not enough happening inside.) 
  • Barbara really just likes decorating for it?? She has a huge collection of decorations and loves planning out displays and putting them up. Her apartment is always full of spider webs and plastic skeletons all October. She really enjoys doing DIY decorations and decorating spooky cupcakes with Stephanie. 
  • Her favorite candy is Heath bars because she really likes toffee. 
  • Jason doesn’t believe in spending an entire month celebrating a single holiday, but he’s not a total grump either. He’ll carve a pumpkin with Roy and maybe let Steph drag him to whatever terrible horror movie is playing in theaters this October. Every year on Halloween night Red Hood hits the least pleasant areas of Gotham and delivers a pumpkin full of candy to any kids who can’t safely go trick ‘r treating in their neighborhoods.
  • His favorite candy is KitKats. He buys several giant bags of them every November 1st, when all the leftover Halloween candy is on sale.
  • Tim hates horror movies because they get to him so easily but he always watches a bunch of them every October?? He loves the ones with a psychological twist to them like The Others, The Babadook, A Tale Of Two Sisters, ect. He tends to spend his Halloween nights fighting crime, but even if he didn’t he’s not all that into Halloween parties and would rather stay home and watch movies and eat Stephanie’s cupcakes.
  • He’s not a big chocolate fan but he likes non-chocolate candies! Twizzlers are his favorite.
  • Stephanie is the queen of Halloween, always goes all out and drags everyone else into her festivities. She’s gonna carve all the jack o lanterns, bake all the cupcakes, decorate her whole house, spend weeks on her costume, and watch every spooky movie she can get her hands on. She owns a bunch of cute sweaters with like ghosts and skeletons on them, and wears them a lot every October.
  • She doesn’t have a favorite candy. She loves it all lmao
  • Cassandra isn’t used to celebrating holidays, but she’s more than happy to go along with Stephanie and Dick when they do Halloween stuff. She really, really enjoys carving pumpkins. 
  • Her favorite candy is M&Ms! She loves how colorful they are more than she likes the taste.
  • Damian doesn’t really get that into holidays, but he always eats the cupcakes Stephanie sends him and he never says no to Dick’s movie nights. Dick takes him trick ‘r treating every year, usually wearing matching costumes that Damian complains about all night. 
  • His favorite candy is Reese’s peanut butter cups. 
  • Of course Wayne Manor passes out nice stuff! The kids always decorate the front yard with one of those giant graveyard displays + some life-sized plastic skeletons. Between all the kids, there’s like two dozen jack o lanterns lining the front porch. Alfred is the one to answer the door when trick ‘r treaters show up – he always buys gourmet candy and he gives every kid a huge handful. Wayne Manor is the most popular house in the neighborhood for tick ‘r treating.