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Just another Camren Theory

Things to be clear before I begin this theory:

  • All the facts are assumptions. 
  • All the facts are of my own mind (you are not required to agree).
  • I’m definitely not good with specific days/months/years.
  • My native language is not English… so… sorry about some mistakes!

Well…despite not being good with the timeline, let’s start! Let’s do this!
Fasten your seat belts and stay comfortable.

Every-fucking-time I read questions and theories about Camren, everyone has the same impression: They had a relationship for almost ¾ years. We could all see that in all those years, the one who seemed most comfortable in giving us “hints” and talking a little more quietly about Camren, was Camila.

We have all seen that Lauren didn’t deal well with the situation about this relationship in the beginning. She always seemed to be in conflict with herself, with what she felt and what or whom she liked (boys/girls).

Starting from the assumption that Camren had a relationship for almost 4 years, I began to think about these facts that I will present below.

This theory doesn’t have much to do with Camila’s departure from the band, but some facts inevitably intertwine.

At the beginning of 2016, everything looked fine between Camren. The M&G pictures in Brazil showed that everything seemed to be okay. The concerts in Brazil were from 28/June to 05/July of 2016.

I believe they were together and happy at the time, but some conflict had already begun.

Camila already showed signs of tiredness, but not of sadness. Lauren looked very happy and comfortable nearby Camila.

Okay, another point I’d like to say, in that theory I’m not going to involve Lucy, because Laucy as a love relationship isn’t something I believe, so all the trips that Lauren made with Lucy, for me it was like “best friends time”.

Not only in Brazil, but throughout the beginning of the 7/27 Tour they were looking at each other at the concerts and seemed to be okay.

And the M&G things just seemed to be fine too…

At some point, things started to change. The soundcheck began to get increasingly weird, the girls increasingly separated from Camila. Camila was getting more and more depressed, sad and tired.

So what happened? Lauren betrayed Camila? Camila betrayed Lauren? Did they fight? Did they split up? Well… Several times we saw that Lauren was trying to remain happy while Camila had a miserable look of sadness. They were getting farther away in the soundchecks, Lauren disappeared and they said she was stuck in traffic and they did not interact anymore. They did not even sit together anymore.

Of everything I believe about Camren, it’s impossible for me to think about betrayal. At least the way I see this relationship. Pure, crazy, dependent, strong, intense and REAL! No, I don’t think there was betrayal, we know our girls, can you imagine Lauren doing that with her cute bow-girl? Can you imagine Camila doing that with her planet-green-eyes-girl? Well, call me naive or whatever, but I can not!

Camila had a problem with her anxiety and the problems began to be exposed. I think she began to feel the pressure of having to choose and decide about her future and their relationship. 

It seems that things have gotten complicated and they have been moving away. Camila was the farthest.

Ok … here comes what I think happened. Camila expressed her willingness to leave the group, arguing perhaps that she needed more freedom to write, to show her art the way she always dreamed. I believe that all this, in a way, they already wanted her to be a solo artist because they acted to make it happen naturally (they could have double money with this). I also believe that part of the Fifth Harmony team didn’t want that. This includes the parents of the other girls. Of course, everyone knew that the band would be able to continue without Camila, but that would certainly shake a certain structure they already had.

I think Camila wanted and had enough courage to assume Camren, but when the idea of going out as a solo artist came along, I believe it has retreated in her mind. I think this was “offered” to the Camren couple, like “okay, you guys will have more freedom, you can get out of this fucking closet and be freer, but you have to stay in the band”.

I think Lauren accepted this agreement because we saw that along the Tour, she was getting out of the closet gradually and we saw that Camila was running away more and more.

Lauren seemed very happy, after all, had come to the possibility of getting Camren out the closet and finally be TOGETHER.

But she seemed to be always doing all this alone…

I believe there was a conversation where Lauren made it clear that she was going to jump out of the closet, but Camila backed off because somehow she was warned by her “solo team” that if she was really leaving the band, she couldn’t assume her sexuality. On the contrary, they would have to reaffirm and reinforce her sexuality as HETEROSEXUAL!

Lauren kept doing this on her own and obviously gained the support of the other girls. I think what turned the girls away from Camila might have been that. For years dating Lauren, giving hints all over the internet, making love statements and when it comes time to assume…she leaves the band and let Lauren all alone with this ship to pursue her own dreams. 

I remember when Normani’s mom tweeted something about selfishness.

Well… and Clara seemed to be always posting things to defend Lauren and leave doubts in the air.

Camila’s parents no longer helped with the things about Fifth Harmony. Camila’s solo team was more active than ever and she was making it clear throughout the Tour that it would be the last one with the girls. She was making it clear in pictures, social media, reactions and trying to keep her image as straight as possible.

I think at the end of the day, Lauren still hoped that Camila would stay and assume Camren with her, and I even think Camila thought about it, but she has warned again, that if she assumed Camren, Goodbye solo career!

So I guess everyone remembers what happened when a fan asked her (Camila) if she identified herself with the sun or with the moon (Theory of the Sun & Moon) and she said that she identified herself with the MOON, BUT SHE DID NOT KNOW WHY SHE PERSONIFIES THE MOON AS “SHE”.

And I think everyone remembers Lauren’s reaction, right?

For me, Lauren’s reaction on that day was something like: “okay, I’ve already seen that I’m going to do it myself! No Camren for Camila today (or tomorrow)!!”

I really think Camila kept trying to make Camren continue hidden. I guess she didn’t want the relationship to end, but Lauren wanted to assume her sexuality. I think in a way, they initially reached an agreement, after much talk, including and especially between the two 5H X SOLO teams. Like: "she’s going to leave, Lauren can assume, but she can not put Camila on it.” … and for me, that’s how the idea of giving an “up” in Laucy showed up. I think Lucy knew everything and tried to help her best friend. I think Lauren and Camila came to some agreement between them. I think Lauren refused to continue dating and hiding the relationship and that’s what made Camila sad. 

Pursue my dreams or give them up for love ??? 

She was practically between the cross and the sword and she had to choose.

They knew she would leave …

I think that after Lauren realized that Camila was not going to go back, she was not going to stay, she was not going to assume Camren, she started trying to get away for a bit … but I also think that Camila continued trying to make Camren survive inside the closet. 

That’s when Lauren collapsed on stage…

But Lauren seemed strong after that day. She started going out, going to parties, traveling and also fulfilled her “part” in the “agreement” that was to increase Laucy’s popularity as a couple.

For me, it was something like: “Okay, Camila … you want to leave and you will not assume? I’ll make it easier on you! I will not speak about you and I’ll help you kill Camren if that’s what you need/want.”. I think Lauren was really angry and asked Lucy for help.

That’s why I think everyone started giving indirect through social media … especially the Jauregui family. I think they got mad with the feeling that: “then she says she loves my daughter, they live all this craziness and then my daughter gets alone in this whole shit and carry on her back?? As their daughter leaves the band to make her happy solo career??? What the fuck???”.

Call me crazy, or call me delusional, so we’re more accustomed to this term … but I really believe that’s how came from the drama of Clara unfollowing the Cabello family on social networks, Taylor leaving some twitts, Chris deleting his picture with Camila, Lucy unfollowing Camila, Vero no longer supporting Camila (and Camren) … anyway, summing up …

Camila and Lauren fell in love, even with everything a little confused, they started a relationship, they stayed together a long time, Camila wanted to assume, while not thinking about pursuing the solo career, Lauren trying to hide. Finally, Lauren wanted to assume, but Camila was introduced to the idea of having a career the way she had always dreamed, but for that, she would have to deny and kill Camren for good. Lauren tries to assume with Camila, who decides for her solo career. Jauregui family get extremely angry, the other girls upset (For having followed their relationship for all these years), Lauren’s friends gets upset and angry. Camila with just a little of support, always walking with her mom or with Ashlee Juno, who was practically her only “friend” at the end of the 7/27 Tour in 2016.

What do I think about the present time?

I think Camila keep all this time trying to get back with Lauren and trying to talk to try to keep Camren alive, but hidden from the audience. I really think she keeps trying. 


Because of everything she posts on social media, for all the hints, for the way she’s been directed to talk more about boys, but at the same time, she still leaves roses on the way to certain "you” that we already know who it is!

No, I do not think Camila is the villain and Lauren the angel. Maybe in the heat of the moment, they hurt too much themselves the way this relationship went. For some time we could see Camila very sad and post things like:

Maybe Lauren hurt her before, maybe they ended up fighting because of jealousy … (Because if you believe Lauren betrayed Camila, what reason would her family have to ignore or “attack” the Cabello family? They could not “complain” if their own daughter had done this to Camila. They would not have the moral for it.)

Maybe Lauren is starting to give in, maybe not. Maybe she still thinks that Camila’s departure and the fact that she was “abandoned” with Camren in her arms was some kind of betrayal. Maybe she’s still hurt. Maybe the Laucy kiss was purposely like: “She does not want me to kill Camren? So that’s how I’m going to do it!” … maybe it was a way to hurt Camila how she felt hurt. I can not really tell what happened, but that’s all I believe in. Obviously, it should not be 100% that way, but this is just another theory, like so many others about Camren.

But Camila seems very happy lately … and Lauren is more beautiful and radiant than ever. Camila smiled again like she did before. Camren ship seems to be sailing again … and we stand strong in this (delusional/crazy) sea!

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Cris, since as you've mentioned we probably won't get official band announcements (new mgmt, label etc.) until they are ready to come back, what do you think we should be looking for in terms of signs that they are no longer tied to Syco? Obviously the end of BG and Elounor for Louis, but what else?

I think the big sign will be when Louis breaks ties with Syco & JGG (or at least Rusty if he stays JGG and goes with a Deckstar manager). The thing is, as much as I’d LOVE a Louis solo album, I’m not sure we’re going to get one. He may continue writing and collabing and choose not to do a full on solo career that would require a label deal.

I know that’s blasphemy around here and I’m not saying that’s what I want, but I’m not sure what to expect from him right now. So waiting for him to announce a deal may not be something we’re going to get. If it happens, hell yeah, it’ll be HUGE and it’ll mean the end of Syco!  But if it doesn’t happen, I don’t know that necessarily means he’s still with Syco if other things play out - like the end of bg and maybe dissolving Triple Strings or launching the allegedly unnamed band and not remaining involved with them.

We’re just going to have to wait and see how this all plays out. Every time we think we know what to look for, they do a switcheroo on us, so it’s really hard to make predictions.

Undercover & Undone 4

A/N: Yall I had to hold back bc tbh i was like yall need to kiss but its all good. Anyways sorry for being kinda MIA, I’ve been busy with school so it’s been a little difficult for me to write, but now that I’ve got the hang of things, I should be able to get more content out. Thanks for being patient, hope you guys enjoy!!!

Warnings: None

Word Count: 4.8K

Tagging: @stressedoutkylo


You felt stress bubble up inside you as you waited for Matt and Ben to arrive. They were going to wish you good luck before you headed to the Cortenshis Estate. Thinking about how tonight was the night filled you with more anxiety than anything ever had. You kept fiddling with your fingers, unable to stay still as you waited for your two closest friends to arrive before you had to get ready. You couldn’t think of any way that this could go any easier, especially since you were terrified. What would you say? How would he react to seeing you again? Would he be happy or angry? You were making yourself sick just thinking about it. You had to find some sense of relief for your stress before the start of the Gala.

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Someone sent me this ages ago but I still think about it Every Single Day: Simon and Raphael being aggressive cuddlers and trying to out-cuddle each other for so long they basically waste their whole day in bed

 i’m such a sucker for fluff!saphael 

  • ok so it’s like 3pm when raphael wakes up and he notices that simon is still asleep so he just looks at him because how can this beautiful boy be real? how can someone be so beautiful????
  • he starts touching simon’s hair and he tries to not wake the other up but suddenly simon makes a strange noise??? and complains about something but raphael doesn’t understand
  • “i’m sorry i didn’t mean to wake you up” raphael says and he keps touching simon’s hair because his hair is so soft “i just wanted to say hi before i leave for work” 
  • simon turns around and looks at the clock on the phone “raph… it’s 3pm! also we’re supposed to sleep because you know the whole sun and sleep during the day and party all night thing i mean you should now it more than me” God… he just woke up and he’s already babbling… how the fuck can he do it i’ve no idea, raph thinks. “i know but i’ve a lot of work to do” he just says
  • “mhhh no” simon says and he wraps his arm around raph’s waist “no what?” raph asks and he’s also smiling because simon’s holding him so tight and he’s so cute
  • “i can’t let you go to work” simons says and he hugs him more and puts his head on raph’s chest “i’m afraid you have to, cariño” raph says touching simon’s back!
  • “you’ll not convince me to let you go by calling me with cute names, raph. it’s counterproductive. no, you can’t go to work. that’s it, we’re going to stay in bed for the entire day” he closes his eyes and his head is still on raph’s chest and he’s literally wrapped around raphael and he can’t move!
  • “i thought you had to see clary” “yeah but i’ll call her later and tell her that i’ll not leave my bed and that i kidnapped my boyfriend because he wanted to go to work instead of cuddling me” simons says pretending he’s offended and he’s just so cute and his voice is so soft and raphael could stay like this forever
  • “ok you know what? let’s do it! we’re going to stay like this for the entire day that eventually you’ll beg me to leave this room” raph says wrapping his arm around simon’s back
  • “impossible! this is not going to happen, i could never do it. i’m sure about it!” 
  • “we’ll see it!” raph winks “also you don’t have to tell clary about the kidnapping…. im 100% sure it’s not kidnapping if you wanna be taken by a sexy cute man with an embarassing han solo shirt”
  • simon is shocked ????????? like what ????????????? is this really happening???? what’s going on????? he immediately gets up, shocked “RAPHAEL! first of all: han solo didn’t die for you to tell that this shirt is embarassing, thank you! and second… was that… a joke??? raphael santiago, leader of the new york clan, have you just… made a joke? omg i can’t believe this i’ve to call magnus!” simon says and he’s already taking his phone when raph stops him by wrapping him and he takes his phone away “no raph, let me go! i’ve to tell him!”
  • “Dios, i can’t believe i’m in love with you”

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hiiii! i'm a relatively new fan of shinhwa and even if I've watched Shinhwa Broadcast, I'm still wondering about eric's style as a leader? can you tell me stories about how he is as a leader? as well as his relationships with the members? thank you! shinhwa 화이팅!!!!

  Hi~! Welcome to Shinhwa Changjo Orange world :D

Eric’s style in leadership can be summarized by Nelson Mandela’s quote:
It is better to lead from behind and to put others in front, especially when you celebrate victory when nice things occur. You take the front line when there is danger. Then people will appreciate your leadership.

Eric is the best leader we could ever ask for! A loyal, reliable, trustworthy, a man of his words.
He has always been supporting Shinhwa from the back since debut. Never been bossy. He always stays away from the limelight, happily giving it to the members. You’ll find him standing quietly in the interviews. So humble & quiet to the extend that many people are still not aware that Eric is the leader of Shinhwa. This is because he is a man with few words and does not stand on the front of the group. His true features of taking care of his people shone brightly as him working behind the scenes.
“Eric isn’t a leader for nothing. His role as the eldest isn’t easy. Instead of standing in front, he has the kind of leadership where he takes care of things by the side. That is what made Shinhwa now” . -Minwoo

Eric is a leader that thinks of Shinhwa before himself. When he earned a large sum of money in commercials, he split up his pay and supported other members who had financial difficulties. When he was dominating CFs, he called the members to his house and gave them bonus money. He’s also filmed CFs originally meant for himself but he got the company to include the rest of the Shinhwa members. During their China gag concert,  there was a whole segment assigned to have Eric as the only guest, but he refused & told the production team that if it wasn’t a SHINHWA segment, he wouldn’t attend. So, Shinhwa as OT6 was casted instead.
When Minwoo had financial difficulty, Eric gathered money from the members to help him out of troubles & gave that sum of money as the members’ birthday present to Minwoo.

Before pursuing any solo activity for himself, Eric will first get the opinions & the agreement of the members. Like what happened with his most recent drama “Discovery Of Love”. And such an attitude of his sets an example of what made it possible for ‘Shinhwa’ to promote separately and together.

A Leader who thinks of “us” before “me” while having solo activities.

When Shinhwa’s contract with SM Entertainment expired, Eric refused to sign a solo contract with a company that offered him a FORTUNE and decided to take the same path with Shinhwa members. He turned down that offer IMMEDIATELY, while others would think about that offer for a month.

“Eric rejected very high solo contract offers to ensure that the group stayed intact.“ To this Eric replied, “My choice wasn’t a sacrifice, it was the best decision I’ve made in my life.”
 Couldn’t he be any more loyal & humble?!!

in 2003, following their contract expiration wz SM, SM wanted to sign wz only some members as solo artists, but Shinhwa & Eric refused & insisted on continuing as a group. Eric took the lead & negotiated wz other agencies alone to choose the best contract for Shinhwa (note that he was only 24 years old back then!). But moving to a new agency needed Shinhwa to gain the rights to their name “Shinhwa”. Eric really went through hell during that period, forking out his own funds to buy Shinhwa out. He even studied law after the contract expiration in order to find a way to continue being active under the same name & went to court against SM. In 2015 Shinhwa finally gained full rights to their name, & the members expressed their gratitude & thanks to Eric as he was the one who struggled the most during the progress.

  In 2004,  A journalist once wrote an article heavily criticizing Shinhwa & blatantly used personal attacks on the Shinhwa members implying that they are failed musicians who try too hard with solo activities. Otherwise laid back, Eric, as the leader, was unable to sit still and made a powerful reply to the reporter on his website, asking for a more meaningful review. That reply of Eric found its way to the official school books in Korea, marking him as the 1st & only artist to have such feat.

Eric & the members :). He is like the big brother to the other members, yet the youngest of them when it comes to playing pranks & joking with his members :). A caring, thoughtful, & dependable big brother whom the members always show their love & gratitude to. 

He always helps his members in their solo careers. Showing ultimate support & encouragement to them & happily agrees to feature in their albums. & always expressing how proud he is as his members doing great in their solos. While staying at home, he keeps on monitoring their performances & giving them very useful feedback & advises. Like what he did recently with Junjin, Wan, Syung.

& what does he gain in return for his massive help & as feat. fees? Pizza or sunglasses :D

  Eric is truly the man of his words. In 2008: “Shinhwa will come back, please wait for us”. in 2012, Shinhwa came back, thanks to Leader Eric who gathered the members again & solved any misunderstandings between the members, in order to keep their promise to the fans.

  Even during games, he keeps his promises.

Not to mention him seizing every chance during his solo activities to mention Shinhwa & the other members, and promote their solo activities as much as he can.

& Just recently, Leader Eric defended Shinhwa’s signature color Orange, which some other group tries to use as their fandom color. Eric made a decent tweet asking other artists to please refrain from using Orange. Then he showed up at Junjin’s fansign event, as a Bodyguard while Jinnie wore Orange. It was like he was conveying to others & to us that “don’t worry, I’m your bodyguard. I’ll protect you with all my might, heart & soul.”, like what he said. Such smart & dependable Leader!

Eric gives an example of no matter how famous you are, you should be always humble & down to earth. Leader Eric always bows 90 degrees to fans & other artists, even to rookies.

He’s indeed the Leader who lives up to his position the best.

Who lives for Shinhwa

Sorry for it being a long reply, but I even tried to make it as short as possible & didn’t even include everything :D. Talking about Leader Eric needs pages :D. & those underlined are links for more details :)



Me in all my metas about Kylo Ren and redemption:

“I expect to see… Finn basically justifiably being like, “U R AN ASSHOLE” and Kylo being… an asshole.”

“I, for one, have always seen Star Wars as the pinnacle of kid’s stories BECAUSE it is dark, and BECAUSE it challenges our notions of morality and what “good” really means, and how we find compassion.”

I don’t think Ben - or the audience - can expect for him to be a Beacon of Light character… He cannot ever fully go back to the “old Ben Solo” - there is a looming darkness that I think will stay over him because of everything he has done.”

“All of this can really only happen if Ben stops being an asshole evil and decides to do (at least some of) the right things. I’m not saying Anakin 2.0 Ben Solo is gonna be a warm and fuzzy character who ends up BFF ALWAYS AND 4EVR to both Rey and Finn…”

Just because he’s a total dickhead villain right now.”

Finn, on the other hand, has every reason to think Kylo is an absolute jack ass…”

“Kylo Ren is going to have to pay for what he’s done - sure.”




::sigh:: Can y’all read, or am I being punk’d?

'Soul Mate's First Words' - Gerita

This is the ‘Soul Mate’s First Words’ fic I wrote for my-five-meters, as thank you for all the great (and in one case heartbreaking) 'Soul Mate’s First Words’ they have written.

My writing isn’t at its best yet, so if anyone has advice I’d love to hear it.



Ludwig wasn’t sure what to think of this ‘soul mate’s first words tattooed on your wrist’ business. Sure, it seemed to work for everyone around him, his parents had their respective tattoos of ‘Heirate mir, Liebe’ and ‘Auflammen, Saukerl.’ which also showed how bad his father was in flirting with ladies, something he inherited. But he was worse.

He could not talk to a lady without blushing or stuttering or just not knowing what to say. Sure, if it was for work he could manage just fine, but small talk was impossible. So if his soul mate was a woman he probably would disappoint her and himself.

Not only that but his tattoo itself was odd as well. Most people had a short sentence, their own language and just something normal. He had nearly half of his lower arm covered in a squiggly handwriting. In Italian.

So Ludwig was beginning to be quite sure he never would actually meet his soul mate. But he wasn’t like his brother who packed his stuff, took his college money and moved to the country where the language of his tattoo was spoken, in order to meet whoever he was meant to be with.

No, if soul mates were meant to be, they would meet by fate.


So Ludwig lived his life normally, not minding his tattoo. He finished High School with perfect grades, went to a high standing university and got himself a job at a good company. No signs of Italians in all those years.

But when he was called to his boss’ office to discuss a business meeting abroad, Ludwig thought his time had come. Though he had doubts about the whole thing, he did hammer on studying English just in case.

But his hopes were immediately crushed.

“I need you in Austria for a very important business meeting, Beilschmidt,’ his boss grumbled at him. “ Your flight leaves tomorrow morning at 11, make sure you’re there”

“Yes, sir.”


Vienna was beautiful, of course. Gorgeous architecture with rich history, yes, Ludwig would enjoy his trip after all.

The meetings went well, their Austrian partners were well civilised and did not bring forth any trouble (unlike some Spanish business partner Ludwig had to work with once, what kind of person takes a nap in the middle of a meeting?), so that also gave Ludwig some rest of mind.

Now, after finishing all his work, Ludwig enjoyed one last stroll through Vienna before he had to go back home.

Unfortunately, his luck seemed to be running out again.

Ludwig frantically looked around for shelter as rain started to fall from the heavens in large quantity. By the time he found a dry place he was soaked to the bone and quite irritated.

Cursing himself for not checking the weather report before going out, Ludwig studied the sky to see if the rain would stop anytime soon. It didn’t seem so.  There wasn’t anything else to do than wait for the rain to let up a bit.

Ludwig had just resigned himself to his fate when another man came skidding around the corner, ran to the shelter, slip on a pool of rainwater, and throw his coffee over Ludwig.

Ludwig stood bewildered, now soaked in coffee and rain, as the stranger realised what had happened.

“Mi dispiace moltissimo, non intendevo, e’ solo Che sono solo cosi’ distratto, oh non il tuo cappotto, te lo ripagherò, scusami, stai bene?”

Ludwig blinked and stared at the stranger with a dumbfounded expression.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.”

He met him. Here. In Austria. He actually met him. This was too much. What was he supposed to do? He was not ready. He’d never been more ready. Oh lord.

Ludwig held up his wrist to show the man, no, his soul mate, his tattoo, containing the exact same words he had just said.

The man looked from his wrist, to Ludwig’s face, to his wrist, to his face.

He then groaned loudly, crouched down and grabbed his hair.

“I already screwed up! You don’t like me! I threw coffee on you! And I had hoped our meeting would be totally romantic and I ruined everything!” he rambled.

Bewildered, Ludwig tried to soothe him but he had a hard time interrupting him. Eventually he just crouched down as well, took his hands and helped him up.

“It’s alright,” Ludwig said. “Romantic wouldn’t have worked with me anyway.”

“You don’t hate me?

Ludwig shook his head.

The stranger’s face lit up with joy and before Ludwig could comprehend what was happening the man was hugging him tightly, laughing and crying at the same time.

Ludwig eventually awkwardly wrapped his arms around him loosely, patting him on the back and not being quite sure what else to do.

Luckily, he was released soon. The man stuck out his hand and grinned up at Ludwig.

“I’m Feliciano Vargas, it’s nice to finally meet you!”

 Taking his hand, Ludwig smiled.

“Ludwig Beilschmidt”

And as they talked underneath their shelter until the rain stopped and the sun finally showed itself from behind the clouds, Ludwig started looking forward to his future with Feliciano more and more.

Perhaps this soul mate business wasn’t that bad after all.

D&E 2nd Tour - Osaka Day 2

Introduction ment: donghae made a mistake saying ‘menna meccha sukiyanen’ (should be minna) and then he laughed and said that he was cute And hyuk was like 'yeah yeah you were cute’ AND PINCHED HIS CHEEK SAYING 'CUTE’

hae: good morning everyone
hyuk: what are you saying, it’s night already!
hae: i’ve been wanting to meet everyone since morning~

hyukjae did his usually greeting and donghae added '동꾸 동꾸 니’ and went to grab hyukjae’s jacket to wear LOL

hyuk took off his jacket and threw it on the floor, then donghae ran to the back and took off his jacket too, then he came back and put on hyuk’s jacket

hyukjae keep trying to touch Donghae’s right hand but donghae doesn’t let him and suddenly they are fighting LOL

Hyuk: This is my very important clothes, change it back quick. Hae: You are someone very important to me, so you just keep MC-ing

Hae was doing Aegyo and Hyuk threw the piece of tissue he used to wipe his sweat to Hae’s head

Hyuk laughed like an idiot, Hehehe, hehehe, am I sweet? Hae despised him and didn’t say anything

HJ: do u think im pretty?
DH: you’re crazy~

Hyuk said he wanted to tell us secrets about Hae, Hae didn’t let him, they started fighting with each other using both hands n legs

During intro, hyuk said 'it rained all day today didn’t it? Did u all bring umbrellas?’ Then donghae said if we didn’t, he could shelter… with his shirt and then he lifted his shirt up exposing his abs showing how we could go under it. Hyuk knelt and stared at his abs DEAD

When Hae discovered the big screen was focusing on his exposed belly, he pulled the shirt back down immediately

Symphony Hae on the moving cart shaked hands with every fan who sat at the first row

When hae was on the little car going around ELF he could touch ELF’s hand and he was so close. When he came toward us, he kept touching and even kissing all the hands on the frot row TT and smiling like crazy !! TT so sweet !!

Hae on the little cars touching ELF hands again awww
He also saw a little girl and made a cute face ~~^^

Hyuk said elf were cute and asked if we tought they were cool ! Hae did handsome faces to the cam and a kissssss

middle lcd had technical issues during mother. so during Kimi Ga Naitara eunhae rode the carts and performed at the stage at the back

Also hyuk made a sign to “eat” our love… i dont know what hyuk drank before LOL

Eunhae went to the cam, kneeled down and while hyuk was talking hae put the Whole mic INTO his mouth.. YOU KNOW THE ROUND PART ALL IN HIS MOUTH. And did it again, hyuk did it too but opened wide and didnt put as much as hae…. WTF GUYS OMG

hae said he’s hungry lmao and ate his mic again xD
then hyuk learn from him

When fans watching VCR, they sat tgr and analyzed the mics, when VCR finished, Hyuk wanted to get up, but Hae pulled him to sit down, Hae wanted to say sthg, but the pronounciation was wrong even Hyuk taught him many times, Hyuk laid on the floor looked helpless

Then they both found the camera and sat down right in front of the camera for the ment. IT WAS SO CUTE ARGH. donghae said he wanted water, and passed the water bottle to hyuk. Hyuk showed us that their water bottles are labelled with ’D’ and 'E’ (ehhh) Then donghae put down his water bottle AND TRIED TO SUCK WATER FROM HIS MICROPHONE Then he prob sat there laughing with the whole stadium for like five mins And hyuk took up the water bottle and microphone and was like 'this is water. This is microphone. Ok? This, you drink. This, you speak into.’ Donghae was like ok and started drinking from his bottle and hyuk pointed to the Mic again and said 'this is microphone’ HE WAS LIKE TALKING TO A BABY

they were about to choose which video of super show to show on screen, both eunhae were sitting down then donghae threw the draw papers on stage. hyukjae didnt look satisfied so he grabbed more papers and threw them on stage ㅋㅋ in they end, they /picked/ instead of randomly drew a paper from the box xD the song chosen was superman from ss4 tokyo haha they are really fond of it.

EUNHAE dancing to superman, Hahah hyuk made us sing superman and hae sang a little :) they were doing the superman strong poses ^__^

At the beginning of wine when they arrive in the big bottle hae was alone waving… Then a few sec after hyuk popped out XD he was hiding XD

eunhae were sitting at the small stage behind and fans in front all turn towards the back. eunhae asked those in front to face the front, so fans faced the main stage and sat with their necks turned to the back to look at eunhae.
hae: you all look so scary!! your necks turned to the back like this after that eunhae imitated them

during kiss kiss dynamite Hyukjae made a kissy face towards donghae but donghae pushed him away

Kiss Kiss Dynamite Hae tried to pull up hyuk’s shirt, didnt succeed the first time and he did it again

Hyuk Why can’t you even speak korean well? Hae Bos…l speak Japanese better.. Hyuk: But you don’t look that way. Hae: then you do it to show how to be fluent!

HJ: let’s go hotel~
HJ: its finish oh my god…

IWD, Hyuk chased after Hae wanted to blow air to Hae, but Hae pushed him away

During teenage queen hae on the little car took two flower that an ELF gave him and put him under his ear~
On oppa oppa eunhae didnt do the rock paper game and instead told us to do it together :)
During oppa oppa encore hae dis a big move and hit hyuk who was laughing !
At the end they came back on the main stage and started bowing and trolling us saying “goodbye” “its over”…
They were breathing so loudly and so sweaty hahaha
Hae damn hips move in front are sosjslsbskslsksms *dying*

Hae gave a signed ball directly to a little girl hands awww

after hello, both eunhae were frozen on spot. camera focused on hyuk who was standing still but doing cute expressions ㅋㅋ then suddenly
donghae shouted to the mic loudly, and hyukjae was surprised hahaha he patted his chest few times saying donghae surprised him ㅋㅋ

Hyuk is talking abt the meaning of present. Its also the present time :) they were thinking abt the 2 meaning when making the album :)
Hae said really really thank you for coming

Saturday Night, Hyuk said it was not Sat and wanted to sing Friday Night, but he couldn’t pronounce it, Hae did it for him, then Hyuk said it was not Friday Night, should be Saturday Night!

hae was talking while holding his mic slanted (like how heechul held during sry2), hyuk followed too and imitated heechul in sorry sorry then fans continued singing up till “baby”.
donghae: because it’s “baby” so fans are able to continue
then hyuk sang bonamana  everyone was singing well up till “will you look or not look” and it became softer then they started laughing

after that, they sang Saturday Night, fans sang softly until the “oh oh oh oh” part then suddenly sang very loudly and eunhae laughed super hard. then they imitated fans singing softly in front and super loud at “oh oh oh oh” part xD

They are making fun of us because when we sang saturday night we did the “oh oh oh” very strong but not the lyrics XDDD
We did the “huh huh” and hae was laughing at us because we were making it like boys XD He then asked us to make it with a very low voice

Hyuk said we are so perv and sang “you are like a sexual alien” and stopped the move his hand on his crotch and said “perv” lol

hyuk said 'you are all perverts. I know everything that you guys like.’ Then he pointed at us and said again 'I know everything’

Hae said thay he was strong and hyuk weak then actually hit him and hyuk complained that he was hurting

hae: it’s ok if you can’t remember the lyrics, but when there’s a joint concert, you must sing out loud~
hyuk: uh, so we’ll only sing motorcycle and teenage queen, the songs you all are good at
hyuk: i finally know the reason behind our popular songs, it’s all 2 syllabus, easier for fans to chant

They danced choki wa several times though they were tired and at the end hyuk flopped and said 'it would be better if we didn’t have it in the album’

During intro, donghae said his heart was doki doki (beating hard) and hyuk started to sing the doki doki part from kiss kiss dynamite

When they aired the new year video, we were looking at EunHae on the back stage instead of at the screen. So they kept gesturing to us to look at the screen haha

During intro donghae was trying to do aegyo but he failed soooo badly loool baby it’s okay

Before encore, they kept saying 'this is the last song’ but hae was dallying and finally hyuk yelled 'hurry up we need to prep for encore!’
When choki wa started, donghae was startled and made the cutest surprised face ever

donghae solo for choki wa
hae did choki wa but fell on the floor XD he hit his head stayed a but on the floor but stood up and smiled loool that baby

hyukjae solo for choki wa
when hyuk did his hip trust, he didn’t face fans, he kept facing lee donghae XDDDD i see…………… ;)))

Hae was caught yawning on the big screen and fans starting screaming. only then, hae knew he got caught and turned to the big screen. hyuk didn’t know what happened so he turned to the big screen too but the screen only showed their backs. so hyuk turned back doing the choki wa move … and choki wa started playing and they started dancing again hahaha. they did

They asked us what song from the Japan album we wanted to be tested on. Ppl were shouting and EunHae tried to understand but couldn’t, Then they were like 'all we can hear is shouting’ and started imitating us shouting away HAHA

when eunhae introduced the dancers, we were shown a hidden cam of the dancers being scolded by masao-san, the director. the clip ended with the dancers all dancing choki wa ㅋㅋ donghae said that this video can become choki wa’s PV (promotional video) haha

cr.trulyhae, ohnoeunhae, eunhaes_, Mininin_87, moaningEUNHAE, smackhyuk, imgoodnight

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Hi I actually vomited in my mouth we don't need a second Babygate like if I see Liam was by my office again I'm grabbing Jim

Why can’t Cheryl just go have a baby on her own don’t do that to Liam


The fact Dan Wootton gingerly placed his hooves to the keyboard and gave you an exclusive straight from a close pal (Simon Cowell’s left breast implant) tells you everything you need to know too:

The narrative is totally balls, I agree. They’ve been seeding the baby daddy Liam narrative since March , roughly just two weeks after Cherliam began (and through the 1DHQ mouth pieces to exactly no one’s surprise whatsoever):

But in the last month and a half, they’ve gotten really aggressive with the rumors. There are almost as many baby rumors as there are rumors for their breakup:

Ever the vigilant stunt queen, Cheryl’s been wearing loose dresses while her hand is placed ever so delicately on her stomach in a old hoe move i have intimate knowledge of and call “Trying to get a ride on the subway car during rush hour”. She’s been doing it since Cannes, and has been carrying on with it the last few times she’s gotten papped:

For what it’s worth, even though I’m very much sea otter who hates watermelon but eats it anyway about this, do I think a second full blown babygate will result? I don’t. Do I think that we’re going to have to endure some real shit for awhile and that i’ll probably need stress snacks? Yeah.

The seeding for this accomplishes several things, most of them in Cheryl’s favor, as per the usual:

1) it distracts you from Cheryl’s divorce and shady business dealings. Cheryl is a stunt queen with a lot of baggage in the middle of a messy divorce from her last fakelationship, and her team (which also happens to have a lot of members from 1dhq, natch) want you to forget about all that, especially since she’ll have new music out later this year. 

2) Cheryl is very much doing her part to stay relevant, and Liam’s fame in the US coupled with his extremely large, loyal, and dedicated 18-30 female demograph is exactly what her and her team want and hope to poach while Liam is still under 1DHQ.

3) This helps kill Liam’s solo career hype. If he’s home playing hausfrau and learning how to decoupage while watching his afternoon stories, he can’t be recording solo music for you to eventually sprinkle your ashes on. That’s a very purposeful strategy.

@paynegerouslyinlove pointed out earlier today in his excellent post that Cherliam and Zigi’s stunting is having diminishing returns. The GP and media aren’t buying its validity, yet it seems as though, especially in the case of Cherliam, they’re trying even more desperately to sell the relationship, and this baby seeding is part of that. 

The important thing for all of us to know though is that I have purchased a new bra on the interwebs and it cradles my boobs as if they are being held by the most blessed of gilded clouds.  It is the bra equivalent of Seal’s classic late 90s ballad “Kiss From A Rose”. Sensual, yet full bodied and classy. It has nothing to do with the subject, but I just wanted to end this on a positive note from everyone involved. It’s something new I’ve been trying. 

What happened during B.A.P Carnival Vring U countdown:
  • Yongguk: Faked angry by throwing the CD booklet onto the table + pulling Jongup to nowhere
  • Himchan: Pinching & headlocking Daehyun & Jongup + comforting Yongguk by touching his hand when he acted angry
  • Daehyun: Showing painful face when Himchan pinched him + praising Bang PD & maknaes throughout the 1 hour
  • Youngjae: Praising Bang PD & maknaes together with Daehyun + praising Daehyun's solo performance (OK, also Himchan's & Jongup's & Zelo's solo... so basically everyone)
  • Jongup: Trying hard to stay awake and made Happy, Sad & Mad faces by squishing his own face (face too tired to cater Hyungs' requests)
  • Zelo: Making playful aegyo faces \(//∇//)\ + playing with his cap & glasses

I just know that this solo is gunna ruin me. Im going to die when teasers come out. I knowww he’ll look fucking amazing no matter what concept. Im probably gunna bawl my eyes out when songs get released and never be mentally ready for anything. I’ll never be bored and jjong will constantly be on my mind. I hope all you blingers/shawols out there stay safe for the upcoming month. Prepare ur hearts!!!

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Are you guys not noticing #zayniscomingback on Twitter?😂😂😂😂 (sending this to other people as well)

#zayniscomingback is currently a worldwide trend on twitter. what happened?

I dont know if you saw, but there are multiple articles on 1d staying together but doing solo stuff. www(.)ew(.)com/article/2015/06/12/one-direction-solo-people/article_2217698 you can even just google “one direction solo projects” and a few will come up. What do you think about this? Like is there a chance these could be real (and because of the new team)?

Well, I saw last night, but I’ve got to sleep sometime.  Sleep is such a conundrum.  I like how the act of sleeping feels, but I don’t want to give up that time I could be doing other things either.

Anyway, last night someone noticed that the Zayn leaving statement on Facebook was missing.  It turns out it’s still there, but it’s hidden on the timeline so you can’t get to it by scrolling, only by searching for it directly or using a link.

See ^ not on the timeline.

Some people also started claiming Zayn had been re-added to the One Direction profiles on their official site (not the tour one), but Zayn had never been taken down as far as we know.  He was definitely there on May 21st and I’m pretty sure he’s been there all along.

I’m guessing fans ran with this and that’s what started the Twitter trend which is now being reported on.  Since this is the second big trend in this vein and it’s being reported on again, if you add in the sad Liam stuff that was also reported on recently, the increase in the frequency and blatancy of the OT4 is a mess reporting, and the fact that we’ve suddenly started seeing Zayn again after an absence, it looks like we may be nearing the end of the stunt.  

These trends shouldn’t be happening if Zayn really left because attention should have been focused on the boys only, papers shouldn’t have been mentioning Zayn in every article and headline related to the boys possible, and the fans should have no reason to even jump to conclusions.  Zayn isn’t even supposed to be having a solo career anytime soon, so there’s no excuse for him still being mentioned constantly, for things as trivial as dying his hair no less.  Yep, normal 22 year olds get attention and stories from Billboard when they dye their hair. *sarcasm*

The fact that they made the Facebook statement private was deliberate.  No one knows when it happened for sure, but I’m thinking it was fairly recently. I’m also not sure who supposedly noticed it, but I bet you someone got anonymously tipped off if the fandom didn’t notice when they wanted us to. 

Niall seemed to hint Zayn would be back for the US tour with his excessive dramatics about Mark not joining them for the European tour, and the US leg seems to be being treated as the main focus of the tour as it comes up in the interviews a lot.  There were only 7 shows in Europe, so thinking about it, it actually makes sense that the US is seen as more important.

I’m sure the solo stuff is real.  We’ve been hearing that since Simon said it was okay for the boys to do solo work as long as they remained with the band.  He said that before Zayn even left tour.  The fact that articles are popping up now is another thing to keep an eye on though.

We’re not there yet, but personally I think we’re gonna see the end of this before 4 weeks are up.

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Oh ok. I'm sure you will reveal what really happened in today's episode once you watch it.

I will tell you now. I don’t need to watch it to remember.   We all fought with Brigette.  She demanded that we stay away from her child.  we did but we also did not want our children near her.  She was mean to all the kids.  She called Melissa, or she claims Melissa called her, and told her that McKenzie’ had a sol and what type it was solo it was before the competition.  In order to insulate ourselves from her lies, we separated our kids from her.  

Right before solos, the makeup artist came to get McKenzie for her solo make up.  I stayed in the room to tape.  McKenzie came running in hysterical.  She said Abby yelled at her. I was later advised that Abby walked right up to McKenzie cornered her, put her fat finger in McKenzie’s face and her fat face right up to McKenzie’s and said “I am going to tell the whole world what a horrible little girl you are!”  Verified by McKenzie and an adult there.   NO CAMERAS WERE FILMING so cannot say it was all for show.  Cathy had enough and kicked Brigette and Lucas off the team.  The end. 

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Illya, Gaby, and Napoleon are stuck with a terrified toddler who was kept by the villain until Waverly or someone else can come and get him/her in the morning. The kid starts crying and freaking out and Illya just steps in and is like "I've got this"

Author’s Note: This was an interesting prompt to try and figure out how to handle! I hope you enjoy!

Drabble 009 - Words: 536

“We should do something,” Gaby said, her hands on her hips as she watched the UNCLE agents struggle with their biggest handful yet. A child, dirty face and unkempt hair, extracted from a THRUSH facility. Why they were keeping her was unknown. Who she was and what would happen to her now, also unknown. “She’s terrified.”

Solo kept one hand in his pocket, as he looked on at the spectacle. “Not my area of expertise, I’m afraid,” he told her. “I try to stay away from small children.”

A smirk on Gaby’s face. “You’re afraid?”

“Terribly so,” Solo gave her a sidelong glance, a joke but with a hint of honesty in the words.

The clucking of Illya’s tongue reminded them both that he was there. He stepped in between them. “I will handle this,” he grumbled and started towards the child and the exasperated agents. Gaby and Solo stood with brows raised, curious looks on their faces.

“This is not a good idea,” Gaby whispered.

“Should be entertaining, at least,” Solo mirrored her sentiment.

Illya came to stop in front of the agents. He bent, leaning down to take the girl beneath her arms and lifted her up. It wasn’t anything personal or comforting, he held her out in front of him, dangling there for a moment as they regarded each other. Small blue orbs stared at colder icy ones and Illya’s face remained impassive the entire time, calculating. He turned, holding her out away from him, like were carrying something dirty or infectious instead of a small child. He set her down on a crate, making sure she stood on her own before pulling his hands back.

As soon as she did, she started to cry and he held up a hand, “Uh, uh,” he scolded, firmly, waggling his finger back and forth. Surprisingly, she stopped. Gaby scoffed and Solo just tipped his head to the side.

Reaching inside his jacket, Illya pulled out a small rag. He waved it in front of her and then balled one hand into a fist, making a show of stuffing the rag into his balled up fist with his thumb. Once it has disappeared from sight, he held out his hand for her. The little girl looked down at it, but then wrapped a tiny hand around one of his fingers, trying to pull it away. He opened his hand, revealing just an empty palm.

With his other hand, he made a reach behind her ear and when he pulled it back, the rag was dangling between his fingers. She stared at it and he tucked it into her own hand, waiting until she had a hold on it. He gave her a smile, patted her on the head, accompanying it with a, “Very good, tiny child,” and then started back towards Solo and Gaby, looking a little impressed with how he’d quieted the girl.

Only then, the child had leaped off the crates and hurried over to stand next to Illya, who’d stopped to look down at her. She silently reached up to take hold of his hand. Illya was comically frozen at the gesture.

A snort escaped Solo. “Peril, you make the most interesting friends.”

Current thoughts on the stunt

In a post I made yesterday showing how much positive press Simon is getting right now, I am convinced everyone is working together. 

Zayn was moved to RCA Records but Simon is still getting so much press, that I can’t see any other option than they are working together. 

I would not be surprised if Syco will be Zayn’s UK label, while RCA will be his US label (this little detail was only mentioned by Billboard, probably on purpose, as the solo news wouldn’t have been so big if it was just ‘Zayn signs with RCA as his US label, but stays with Simon as his UK label’). This could be the same for the boys when they hopefully sign a new deal later in the year.

You can’t see it as coincidence that every time either OT4 or Zayn does something the opposite does something too. Here is a perfect post explaining this. 

The best example though is this what just happened. Zayn officially goes solo and BAM OT4 release a single early which was scheduled to release on August 7th.

I have a feeling the Zayn solo news was dropped to early, because reasons I don’t know, which will explain why RCA was so slow to announce the news themselves. 1DHQ wasn’t prepared either, so they worked fast and got the single released today, and pulled a Beyoncé. 

Irving Azoff seems to be on board as well. This is explained in this post.

My current theory is that, Zayn was ‘told’ to go solo (maybe he wanted to himself) to drop a massive PR bomb. OT4 will soon follow and sign with RCA as their US label, Simon will still be their UK label, they will all ditch Modest! (doesn’t seem like Simon would mind this one bit, as Modest! isn’t the XF management by default anymore indicating he wouldn’t mind them changing management) - they will either stay OT4 and Solo Zayn, or they will reunite as OT5, and do solo stuff on the side.