what happens at coachella stays at coachella


“I live for nights that I can’t remember with people that I won’t forget!”

Coachella Weekend 2 was amazing with my 2 favorite loves @thecubandoll and @kyleenojenner 😘😘

I only remember taking the first 4 pics. The rest of the night was kind of a blur. But hey those are some of the best nights. Everything was lit from start to finish and I have you 2 to thank for that! 🔥🔥

& I put captions on the pics🗣💭🌴

English Love Affair - Prologue

Story Summary: Camila Cabello is a young photographer and journalist who runs a successful magazine with her best friend Dinah Jane Hansen. When Camila is assigned to do an article about Coachella and ends up having a weekend fling with the English rocker Lauren Jauregui, she’s completely assured that she’ll never see the girl again. That is, until she has to write about her.

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