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Have they said anything about Anna and Sakunas relationship? Also on the dvd blu ray thats coming out I know theres supposed to be a bonus clip of scepter 4 and homra. Do you know what the bonus clip will be about?

GoRA originally didn’t have any plans regarding them meeting one another. GoHands added the image during the episode 13 credits themselves. 

It’s around 5 minutes and shows what happened to the two clans after the ending. Nothing else has been announced about it.

Only lies have detail: what if Sherlock didn’t really need an ambulance after the Baker Street confrontation?

There’s always been something, ‘off’, about Sherlock in the altercation with Mary at Baker Street.  Between his flat-out lying about what happened at Magnussen’s and the strange face he makes at John when he insists that they can trust Mary, there’s always been something there that John is possibly supposed to read between the lines.  Certainly something the audience is supposed to see is off.

As we can remember MHR was mostly a piece about seeing how destroyed John still is about Sherlock’s death.  But, we get this juice tidbit from Sherlock, seemingly a throwaway line: ‘only lies have detail’.  He’s chosen his lie to be as vague as, ‘I’ve got a thing’, and insists that anything else may seem like he’s trying too hard and give away his fib.  Maybe Sherlock is being overly complicated here to lie to John but so that he can see through the lie, as well.  So he can understand to go along but that it’s not really true.  Either way, if he believes the lie, he’s safe, for now, if he sees through it and knows to play along, he’s safe for now, too.

Now, we know that Mary thinks that John can’t tell when Sherlock’s lying.  I’m not sure if this is always true but let’s say that Mary is more astute at seeing under the surface than John when it comes to Sherlock.  Maybe the fact that Mary is convinced that John can’t read Sherlock protects John from Mary knowing that he can see through these lies.

Sherlock is lying his ass off at Baker Street I think, greatly in part, to keep John safe from his own temper.  To prevent provoking a hardened agent who probably sooner shoot them both and leave than have a conversation, he has to pretend to be on her side.  It’s pure politics and I think Mary can see through this and is just staying to see what he’s going to say next.  John, on the other hand, may be buying it or he may be reading between the lines, it isn’t clear to me.

Now, Sherlock does look tired and pale in this scene, granted but I’ve always wondered about the level of detail in his ambulance story.  Let’s think of it this way: Sherlock has just plastered the atmosphere with the avalanche of bullshit that is, ‘she saved my life, we can trust her’, and now what?  Now a fast, dramatic exit strategy closes this absurd conversation and ends this confrontation.  This immediately stops any questioning from John and breaks up this meeting so that John and Mary may part ways and John can be safe from her, at least from highly volatile moment.  He wants to do this fast not because he’s on the verge of collapse but because it’s a situation that cannot afford to go on.  It’s just barely working and must be put to an immediate end.  He says that this conversation needs to end quickly twice, once at Leinster Gardens and once when he first comes into Baker Street.  

He says that Mary called the ambulance and that it wasn’t John’s call that saved him, I doubt this is true.  Here’s a great post that I think shows that Magnussen called, not Mary.  In his flashback she’s wearing gloves while using a touchscreen so it doesn’t even look like she could’ve called, even in his own story.  This lie leads right into his statement about the ambulance that’s just arrived. 

‘The average arrival time for a London ambulance is…  eight minutes.  Did you bring any morphine, I asked on the phone’.

‘We were told there was a shooting.’

‘There was, last week.  But, I believe I’m bleeding internally (takes his own pulse).  My pulse is very erratic.  You might need to restart my heart (collapses)’.

Now, he uses this very emotionally stressful moment to drive home his lie, here he recaps his position while John is freaking out, a good way to cement this in his mind.  A man on the verge of collapse wouldn’t lie about something like this, would he?

As we will see later in the Magnussen, ‘canteen’, scene Sherlock may have a, ‘problem’, with morphine.  CAM observes his behaviour and makes the mental not that morphine is a possible pressure point for Sherlock.  The first thing that Sherlock asks as the paramedics come into Baker Street is?  Do they have any morphine?  If Sherlock were trying to appear ill and afflicted during the Baker Street confrontation he could have skipped the dose of morphine he was supposed to have had.  This would create the symptoms required to pull off this lie: pallor, shakiness, pain, etc.

Now, I’m not saying that I believe that Sherlock is lying here, only that some of his behaviour reminded me of his line in MHR.  The amount of detail in his set-up about ambulances.  The fact that his explanation begins in a lie about Mary.  The amount of detail given to the paramedics.  And how convenient this is as a way to bookend this conversation.  

Realistically, we don’t know if Sherlock’s pulse really was erratic or if his collapse was genuine.  We know that he looks ill and shaky and really wants morphine for sure.  We also know that his, ‘you may need to restart my heart’, line, as he collapses and his voice wobbles is a very dramatic moment.  We also have Mary’s attitude as he collapses.  We can easily chalk up her seeming indifference to the fact hat she doesn’t care but also, maybe she sees through this part of the ruse, as well.  

Note here that she doesn’t look worried and is also watching John to see his reaction: ‘is he buying this?  He never could tell when Sherlock was lying’,

This act of drama may well be Sherlock’s last attempt at getting John to believe him.  Sometimes, if you can sell a big lie then the smaller lies sort of sell themselves.  Emotionally, this incident may sort of trauma-bond John to his other lies, as well.  

We have seen Sherlock acting in front of John to get what he wants in TBB, TGG, ASiB, THoB, TRF and TEH.  In TEH specifically his lie is to manipulate an emotional response in John.  He engineers a moment of drama that will allow John to consider his apology.  Maybe, here, too, he’s engineering this moment of high emotional intensity to sell John on this necessary lie that will protect him from Mary by having her think that John believes it and from himself, to keep him from confronting the most dangerous person they’ve ever dealt with.  Remember Mycroft’s comment about, ‘the bravery of the soldier’, in ASiP?  He also called it, ‘stupidity’, and while Sherlock doesn’t think John is stupid, he knows that as a man of action he may act hastily and have this situation with Mary escalate.

Thanks to @monikakrasnorada for reminding me of this with the post about Sherlock’s line, ‘I planted the information for you to find’.  <3

Olicity Fic Challenge 4: The Cold

I don’t even know what happened here. I took some liberties with the prompt.

Prompt for the @olicityficchallenge: …‘You came to take care of me after my surgery but now you’re sick and what are we supposed to do now?’


“Are you sure you’re alright?” Felicity asked, standing in the doorway.

Thea would not allow her any closer, not with “the cold from hell” Felicity was currently battling.

“I’ll be fine, Felicity,” she assured her for the hundredth time. “It’s just a broken leg—”

“A broken leg that needed surgical intervention!”

“Hey,” Thea said, struggling to sit up and take her pain meds. Felicity made a move to help her, but Thea held a hand out in warning. “No, no closer than that! And you are in far worse condition than I am.”

“I have a head cold, Thea,” Felicity deadpanned, as her roommate swallowed her pills with a gulp of water. “You can’t move.”

“Well,” Thea smiled, cheekily, “imagine how worse off I’d be if I couldn’t move AND had a monster cold? Look at you, you’re carrying around a box of tissues!”

Felicity glanced down at the pack of tissues in her hand. “It’s not a box,” she muttered. “It’s a softpack.”

Thea gave her a very pointed look for someone on pain killers.

“Can I, at least, get you something to eat? You’re supposed to eat when you take your pills and Roy won’t be back until after five. That’s a long time and a lot of drugs to not eat anything.”

“I’m fine,” Thea assured her. “I don’t want your germs. Besides my brother’s coming over soon to help me out.”

Felicity froze, straightening up from where she leaned against the door. In her pajamas.

“Oliver’s coming over?” she asked, slightly embarrassed about how obvious she was being, but it’s not like Thea didn’t know about her crush. From Thea’s smirk it was obvious Felicity wasn’t fooling anyone.

“Oh,” Thea said, tapping a finger against her lips. “Did I forget to mention that?”

“Yes, Thea!” Felicity’s eyes widened as she glanced down at herself. “I’m in my fluffy bunny pajamas, you didn’t think to mention Oliver would be here today?”

Thea laughed. “I don’t think the bunny pajamas are gonna hit his radar,” she assured her roommate. “Not with that rat’s nest on your head.”

Felicity’s hand flew to her hair—her tangled, dirty, sick-day hair. How could Thea do this to her? Just as she turned toward the bathroom, ready to jump into the shower, there was a knock at the front door.

“No,” Felicity said, turning back to Thea with a shake of her head. “That’s not him.”

“Yes, it is,” she laughed. “Go let him in.”

“You go let him in,” Felicity said, feeling panicked.

Thea gave her an incredulous look and glanced down at her leg in the brace.

“Ugh,” Felicity complained, turning to walk down the hall. “Why don’t you just give him a key?”

“Because you live here,” Thea called after her. “He doesn’t need to walk in on you when you’re a hot mess. Like right now!”

She could hear Thea’s medically induced giggling as she hurriedly tried to pull her tangled hair back into a ponytail, using the elastic band on her wrist. She checked her reflection in the mirror by the door, before taking a deep breath and letting Oliver in.

“Felicity. Hey.”

Oliver Queen looked, as always, completely gorgeous and put together. He was still wearing his suit, having obviously come by straight from Queen Consolidated. He looked her up and down—bunny pajamas not on his radar my ass, Thea!—and smiled.

“I heard you weren’t feeling well. I brought you some soup.” He held up a brown paper bag from one of her favorite diners. In his other hand he held a bag from the Italian place Thea was always going on about.

See, that was the other reason Felicity’s crush on her roommate’s brother had gotten a little out of control. Besides the obvious he’s a solid ten out of ten with muscles to spare reason, he was nice. Just a genuine nice guy who did things like go out of his way to pick up soup because he heard she was sick, especially since he had already stopped to get Thea something for lunch.

“Oh, Oliver,” she said, gesturing for him to come inside. “You didn’t have to do that.”

“I wanted to,” he said, dropping the bags off on the kitchen counter before taking his suit jacket off and hanging it up in the hall. “Besides, I was already getting something for Thea.”

She wanted to call him out on the diner being halfway across the city from Thea’s Italian place, not to mention from their apartment, but she kept quiet. It was what they did. They didn’t talk about how he did things like this for her, because that would inevitably lead to discussions of WHY he did things like this for her.

It just wasn’t a topic either of them had ever broached before, and she wasn’t about to start now while she was high on cough medicine.

She hovered near the couch, trying to smooth down her wrinkled pajamas and make sure she didn’t smell like sweat, while he plated some food for Thea. “Do you feel like eating right now?” he asked, glancing over towards her.

“Uh, sure,” Felicity said, smiling and stepping up to the counter. “Since you went through all the trouble…”

“It was no trouble, Felicity.”

The look in his eyes was back. The look she’d seen more and more over the past few months, when they were alone and it was quiet and they could just… be them. Felicity looked away, reaching for the bag from the diner.

“Well, thank you. I’m starving. I haven’t eaten since this morning. And that was only a few crackers because I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to keep them down.” Felicity grimaced. “Talking about this is maybe not the best idea before I eat.”

Oliver chuckled and told her to dig in, while he brought Thea her lunch and checked up on her. Felicity did dig in, noticing that Oliver had gotten himself a sandwich from the diner and that he’d left it out here instead of bringing it in to eat with Thea.

She felt bad about wanting to steal Thea’s brother’s attention from her, especially when she needed him, but the butterflies that burst in her stomach made her feel just slightly better about it. Until she realized that she was probably jumping to conclusions and Oliver didn’t MEAN anything by it. It was just a sandwich.

Ugh. She blamed the cold medicine.

Ten minutes later, Felicity was curled up on the couch, bowl of soup warming her hands as she caught up on some of the tv shows she loved, but didn’t always have time for because of work. If being sick was good for anything, Felicity thought, it was cleaning out your DVR.

An amused huff sounded behind her and Oliver quietly closed the door to Thea’s room, before retrieving his lunch from the kitchen.

“She’s very high and texting Roy what will probably amount to nothing but gibberish,” Oliver said, plopping down on the couch beside her. “Remind me to ask him later.”

Felicity grinned. “I’m sorry she made you come all the way here from work. I washed my hands a thousand times today, and even used her gross hand sanitizer,” she said with a grimace, “but she still won’t let me further than the door.”

Oliver took a bite out of his sandwich, eyes on the tv in front of them. “Thea’s always been weird about germs when people get sick. I may have given her the stomach flu once and I don’t think she’s ever gotten over it.”

“You should probably stay away then,” Felicity teased, “or else you’ll be stuck in the hallway with me.”

Oliver turned to look at her, his eyes shining with amusement. “I’ll be in good company, at least.”

Felicity knew they maintained eye contact longer than two people who were just friends should. Thea had timed them once, or so she said. Felicity wouldn’t know since every time Oliver Queen turned his blue eyes on her the rest of the world ceased to be. They pulled themselves out of it—they always did, eventually—and got back to watching Felicity’s show.

Felicity finished up her soup, putting the bowl on the coffee table beside Oliver’s discarded plate, and curled up on her side of the couch. She’d almost forgotten about how gross she felt, when the chills set in.

“Felicity,” Oliver asked, drawing her attention away from the tv, “are you alright?”

“Just cold,” she said, looking around for a blanket or robe or anything laying around the living room that might warm her up.

“Come here,” Oliver said, scooting across the distance between them. He wrapped his arm around her shoulders, allowing her to fall into his side. Which she did. Happily. “That better?” he asked, leaning into her, sharing his body warmth.

“Yes,” she admitted, glancing up at him. “It’s a lot better.”

His blue eyes held hers, the look in them the same as earlier. He pressed closer to her, wrapping his other arm around her, cuddling her to him. Holding her. He pressed a gentle kiss to the crown of her head and she buried her face in his shoulder.

They both knew how they felt about one another. It wasn’t a secret, not really. They’d just never acted on it, never spoken about it, but right now Oliver was holding her, hugging her and it just felt so damn good.

“Close your eyes, Felicity,” he whispered in her ear. “Take a nap if you’re tired. I’m right here.”

She let her eyes droop, lulled by the sound of his voice. She was pretty tired, and Oliver was so warm… And, once she felt better, she might not ever get another chance to be this close to him. She had to take the opportunity when it was presented to her, didn’t she?

Without another thought, she leaned closer, nuzzling her face into the crook of his neck, and let herself drift to sleep.

A door slamming woke her and she found herself sprawled across Oliver’s chest. He was awake, but he’d obviously dozed off and was awoken by the door as well. His arm was wrapped around her back, holding her close and her legs were tangled with his.

A second later, Roy walked into the living room, coming to a stop when he saw Oliver and Felicity wrapped around each other on the couch.

They both sat up quickly, looking anywhere but at each other as they straightened themselves out.

“Thea’s gonna flip when I tell her about this,” Roy laughed.

Oliver scowled, before his eyes went wide. “Thea! I haven’t checked on her…”

He started to get up, but Roy waved him off.

“Don’t worry about it. She was just texting me.” He quirked an eyebrow. “Either that or she died and a chicken stole her phone and has been pecking at the screen all day. Could go either way, honestly,” he said with a shrug.

He disappeared down the hall to Thea’s room a moment later, leaving Oliver and Felicity alone.

They shared a look, before Oliver sunk back into the couch, reaching out for Felicity. She didn’t hesitate to snuggle back into his side, craving his warmth, and just… him. Snuggling on the couch with her boss-slash-best friend’s brother would probably be considered complicated to most people. But this was just Oliver, and it was just them and oh dear god did she want him to do more than just cuddle with her.

“Hey,” Oliver said, voice warm and enticing, just like the rest of him. He turned his head, leaning down to kiss her temple. “When you feel better, would you like to go to dinner with me?”

Felicity felt like her body was glowing. She curled closer into his side, pressing her smile against his shoulder and nodding.

“Yes?” he whispered, and when she looked up, he was smiling, too.

“Yes.” She nodded again, grin practically splitting her face in half.

Oliver leaned in to kiss her forehead, his grin almost wider than hers. Then he leaned down and pressed his lips against hers in a chaste kiss that had her feeling like she was floating. Part of that, Felicity was willing to admit, might have been the cold, but it was mostly Oliver.

“I’ve wanted to do that for a very long time,” he whispered.

“Me, too. I’m glad we finally did it.” Felicity shut her eyes. “I don’t mean DID IT. That’s not—”

“Felicity, I know what you meant,” Oliver said with a smile and leaned in to give her another quick kiss, but he stopped abruptly, face scrunching up. Suddenly, his hands came up, cupping his nose as he let out a huge sneeze. He even made the achoo sound and everything.

Felicity couldn’t stop the laugh that bubbled out of her. “You’re sick!”

“I am not sick,” Oliver huffed, then his shoulders slumped slightly and he added, “But let’s, maybe, not tell Thea about this, okay?”

They both ended up banished to the hallway until they were over their respective colds, but neither really cared very much.

They were in good company, after all.


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do you know what the passing of time is in the OT? i never seem to really get it bc their clothes remain the same and (especially the scenes in the falcon/destroyer) are connected, as if they're happening one right after the other. i heard the movies are supposed to happen in the span of a couple of weeks, maybe months...? do you know if that's true?

Hi! Okay, here’s what I know… 

The Battle of Yavin is the zero point in SW history, so technically A New Hope happens during year 0. The whole battle happens right after Princess Leia is rescued from the Empire, and we can assume the awards ceremony happens soon after the Death Star destruction.

The Empire Strikes Back starts 3 years after the Battle of Yavin. I assume that during ANH everything happens in a few days, but that’s different with ESB. First they’re on Hoth - Luke recovers and then the battle happens. I assume there are maybe one, two weeks between the first scenes on Hoth and then the battle. Then we have Luke going to Dagobah and Han and Leia going to Bespin. We see a lot of stuff that seems a little messy in terms of timeline but it’s safe to assume that Luke wasn’t training with Yoda for just a couple of days and Han and Leia didn’t remain stuck together in the Falcon for a little amount of time (I think Mark Hamill said in an interview Han and Leia were there for like 3 or 4 weeks). They arrive at Cloud City and at least one night is spent there before it all goes down.

Return of the Jedi is set one year after ESB (I know, poor Han Solo stuck in carbonite). Not sure how much time goes on between C-3PO and R2-D2 arrival and Luke’s arrival at Jabba’s palace, but my guess is that it’s not long. After they leave Tatooine, Luke goes back to Dagobah and the rest of the characters go back to join the fleet. My guess is that at least a few days go by, probably a couple of weeks - when Luke joins the others, Han and Lando have officially joined the alliance, and the whole mission has been discussed and planned. They probably go to Endor the next day or two, and they spend one night there, with the Ewoks. Then the whole battle happens the next day, and the movie ends. 

The Force Awakens happens 30 years afterwards, on 34 ABY (which means, maybe Han and Leia celebrated that victory a lot because Ben is around 30 yo lol).

I’m sure other people can be more specific, but this is about as much I’ve figured out :)

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prompt: any incarnation of what happened after the "shut up and drink" scene I cannot get enough like seriously give me tipsy Abby and drunk af Raven stumbling outside for fresh air or ANYTHING PLEASE thank you

The door closed with a firm thud, effectively shutting out the music that still played in the bar. It was late and they were drunk, which was exactly what Raven had wanted. She reflexively looked up at the stars, because wasn’t that what you were supposed to do on a starry night, and then chuckled to herself.

“What’s so funny?” Abby asked, leaning on the door for support.

Raven stumbled towards her, smirking in a way that had Abby wishing she had more whiskey to wet her suddenly parched throat,

“Since this is such a romantic trope, I’m going to kiss you now.”

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Ok, I was waiting this moment hahaha After the last Bellarke scene in 303... Which is your favourite headcanon for them? Also, What do you suppose will happen?

lol Favourite headcanon…hmmm…I don’t know if I have one. What I suppose will happen, though, is that C & L come across the field of dead grounders and C decides she needs to check in on her people to make sure they weren’t a part of the attack and finds that they were the ones who attacked the dead in the field and somehow won (I have NO idea how). She and Bell have it out and she realizes she NEEDS to stay with her people to keep them from doing any more stupid things so she tells Lexa to go back to Polis and she’ll return if/when things get cleaned up with her own people. Meanwhile, Lexa is ambushed and killed on her way home. 

I have just woken up and the feels from last night have kicked back in.

Man, how are we supposed to resume the show after THAT? These “slightly out of canon” gags are actually extremely canon, they remember this stuff and it applies to the timeline.
They annihilated each other, left each other for dead, the true extent of their suffering surfaced and I just cannot get over it.

The discourse between them is so damn strong, they literally have nothing for each other, what do we do. What’s gonna happen?
How do we look at them right now, man?

I DONT KNOW HOW MUCH I SHOULD BE PROCESSING THIS, will it affect the show or is it a throwaway? Gah xD
I am very upset right now. That upset me.

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What happened to the clones in the happy AU? Do they get a happy ending?

Yes. This is the happy AU, after all.

They get payments from the government that allow them to start a life of their own. They are completely free to choose what their lifes are supposed to look like.

There are some who go to college and study, some who become farmers or lawyers or writers or anything they want, really. A whole new class of movies staring Clones as the Action heroes becomes popular (those movies usually don’t actually have a good plot, but the action is awesome and everyone gets lots of cool oneliners). Some of Depa’s team do that.

Rex and Cody start teaching at military academies, for example. And of course, all of them are around to be unlces to the Kryze-Kenobi and Skywalker kids.

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Hi Amy :) So a lot of us say that TMZ follows an 'agenda' and just release articles that they're told to. But what was that about that fake baby picture? It was shortly after the 'birth' and TMZ wrote an article about it and deleted it shortly after bc they realised that they fucked up and it was a pic off google. Like, if they're told what to write - and when - they would not post about a baby that isn't even supposed to be Louis' , right?

im not saying this is what happened but…it introduced the idea that there were fake pics of freddie going around. (I can’t remember where the fake pic came from - a fake briana acct? ashley? who?)

of course they deleted it - it wasn’t him and it was someone elses baby.

TMZ aren’t newbies….they know how to do a reverse google search just like the larries LMAO. They wouldn’t have just published that without knowing exactly where it came from. Harvey was/is an entertainment lawyer for goodness sakes. 

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The first time Sam kissed Dean, it was just after Dean’s return from Hell. He didn’t care about what Dean was going to say, about the disgusted look he was probably going to get in return. He saw his brother die in his arms. There was no way in Hell this was going to happen again without Sam knowing how his lips tasted like. After what felt like an eternity, Dean broke the kiss with a small gasp. Sam knew that he was supposed to feel ashamed, but he couldn't care less, his brother was back. -t

I’m squealing, this is lovely!

Arrogant Boy, Cause A Scene Like You're Supposed To

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1mja3yV

by halfsweet

At age 23, Patrick Stumph is married to the Wentz’s eldest son- all because their parents are best friends with each other. Patrick decides to go through with it to keep his parents happy.

Things go well for them, until Patrick slips up one night. From then on, everything starts to go downhill.


“I’d be fine if my husband and his friend were just sleeping, you know, tired after a day’s worth of classes? But that’s not what happened, was it?”

Patrick winces and keeps his gaze downwards, bracing himself for what’s coming next.

“So, tell me, Patrick, what am I supposed to feel when I found my husband and his friend, sleeping, naked?

Words: 4930, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1mja3yV

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What the hell.. "Hey, you alright Panford? You look really shooken up.. y'needa hug?"

Oh no…he was doing the exact OPPOSITE of what he was supposed to be doing now..This really didn’t feel good seeing him here the guilt came shoving it’s way back into his chest

“Y-ye.” He began to lie but he couldn’t find himself to just do that! It felt so wrong to lie and say he was alright after everything that happened!

“NO I’m not ok! I-I’m far ok! Bill…he…Just stay away! Please…I..did something really…” He couldn’t find the words as he just quit talking altogether falling to his knees and burying his paws into his face sobbing a bit

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im literally looking at my tv with a face that screams 'what the fuck' (and not in a good way) THAT WAS SO OUT OF CHARACTER FOR CLARKE IM LITERALLY LAUGHING. SHE WOULD NEVER DO ANY OF THIS SHIT SHE DID THIS EPSIODE. le.xa just said sorry and we're supposed to believe clarke forgave her like that? such bullshit. and the end scene with bell and clarke, i love the angst and i think bell is rigth for being mad BUT CLARKE WOULD NEVER STAY WITH LE.XA ESPECIALLY AFTER WHAT JUST HAPPENED. IM SO MAD

I don’t even think that was Clarke. Like it was an alternate Clarke that was molded to fit Clex.a needs. Give me the old Clarke back please. 

I’m actually really scared to post SU art because after what happened to Zamii070.I can’t draw the characters that good so I’m afraid if people will complain about how my art is horrible and how the characters are suppose to look like.Like if I drew Steven he’d look a little more skinny or Amethyst will also look a little skinny,I’ve drawn rose before and boy was that hard….but I just wonder if tumblr will like how I drew her.Would they like my SU fan art or hate how I get things wrong?

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Just wanted to drop this here: I LOVE how Edgey has all this medical knowledge instead of physics stuff. It may be my favourite bit of his character.

Originally posted by xthedarkestlightx

((ahh thank you! i thought that since underfell is supposed to be opposite of what the regulars are, but at the same time edgier, what’s more edgier then having someone’s life in their hands? so yeah, Edgey is a doctor and had gotten a doctorate before all the resets happened. after the first few he sort of gave up at getting it because it was getting boring and he hated going through school over and over again. but if you do ask him the right question he will answer for you. hell someone did here and he went into science mood as he explained the difference between monster skeletons and human skeletons. why would he answer? because he would feel offended that you didn’t know something this basic- at least in his eyes XD.))

((man i rambled there. welp anyways thanks again!))

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What happen with Emily?

What exactly do you mean? What will happen to Emily or what happened to Emily? Let me just answer both for you ;)

At the end of season 2, Emily badly injured her knee whilst performing their semi-finals routine: Unsinkable. She was unable to perform and was advised to rest after Nationals were over.

At the beginning of season 3, we can see Emily training at the studio. She is not supposed to put any weight on her knee, let alone train or dance (if I remember correctly). When asked if she will be able to dance, she says yes, but Riley interferes and tells miss Kate the truth. Emily leaves the studio and is not seen until the last episode where she is obviously happy for TNS.

So, what will happen? She looked like she was doing well in the last episode of season 3. As written on the wikipedia page, her name is not listed as a recurring character. There’s a big chance that she will not be seen in season 4. But, since she seems to be alright, perhaps she’ll make a comeback? I personally don’t think we’ll see her dance or be part of TNS again, but I think there’s a chance we might see her pick Riley up from practice or hanging out at the café. 

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I'm writing a young justice fanfic that takes place after season two, im asking a lot of people so i have more to go on but where would jason be during that time? Personal opinions, what you think. Becoming red hood? Already red hood?

Season 3 he was suppose to show up half way through with the whole red hood story arc taking place while nightwing is suppose to be having his personal time off from the league. Jason and the non-clone Roy would end up teaming up. That’s what Greg stated that was something he had hoped would happen.

darkwriterandreader asked:

What happens when a werewolf has gone through their first change and they have braces? Do the braces form in the wolf's teeth? Do the braces have to come off? Also what about piercings? Do the earrings disappear or are they in the wolf's ear?

They’re supposed to remove jewelry. Otherwise, it could just get awkward. Not sure about the braces. I suspect they’d need to get that looked after before their first Change or get something removable!