what happened in vegas gif

Okay I need to Rant a bit. I’m so tired of arguing this and need to get this out.

I’m going to explain this the best to my ability.

Logan was/is just giving Rory what she wants.
many, many times she said “what happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas” meaning she ONLY wanted casual like when they first started seeing each other in season 5, plus Logan does not love his fiance if he did he would have hid Rory. But, he doesn’t. he doesn’t hide his calls, how he doesn’t pretend to be talking to someone else.

Sure he took it outside once but is not like he pretended to be talking to some dude about whatever like to pretend he isn’t talking to a “mistress”, the girl was sleeping right next to him and he’s talking Rory, Ace, Rory and at normal volume, not hiding in the bathroom or in the other room and talking in whispers, the woman would have to have the sleep of the dead to not be woken up.

Who did Rory run every time she had a problem or needed to talk? who did she ask for advise who did she tell everything she did good or bad? Logan. He loves her but why should he be pining away for her? why go against his family and the “dinastycal plan” when the girl he loves doesn’t want more of him? I don’t think he would keep the relationship because they already said goodbye. I feel like all Rory had to say was “I want more with you” and he would have broken up his engagement business agreements be damned and found another way to work it out. But he’s letting her call the shots because he knows he can’t convince her of otherwise.

Logan is not Christopher. I felt so sad for Rory when she went to see her father. I felt like she wanted him to say something like yes I messed up by not being there, your mother was the one who had to raise you that’s how it was in the cards sure but I always regretted not making a space for myself in those cards. I always regretted not being there for you when you were growing to be a part of bringing you up. If Chris had EVER said that, he would have a better relationship with Rory. If Logan finds out Rory’s pregnant with his baby he would end his engagement because Logan wouldn’t leave. Logan is a strange mix of Lorelai and Luke, I think, because he keeps wanting to protect her even while knowing she doesn’t need it but he’s always there available to her in whatever form she needs. He knows she’s lost now. I mean we all see how lost she actually is, writing a book is amazing but it doesn’t solve all her problems career wise.

Rory is NOT like her mother, she’s got her own flaws and weaknesses but also she’s not a child anymore, and she needs to find her path on her own. But I really do think from what I saw that Logan really loves her and she loves him, but she’s just lost and now pregnant maybe she’ll find the strength to put her life back, who knows? I certainly hope so for her sake, Logan or no Logan. I really do think they love each other and get each other like no one else and they could really work together, but only if she opens up to him.