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I don’t draw shippy stuff often… but… I read this Mchanzo fic yesterday…It was A+ actually I’m happy 

Also, I haven’t used a ref for this at all, and despite that it actually looks pretty okay. Nice. 

A lifetime with you

So Taking Chances ended today, which makes me sad. @lightoflunaris did such an amazing job at this story and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next. I wanted to write a klance fic for today and I guess I realized, while there were many romantic moments between our favourite boys, we didn’t have their first valentines. So I’m going to do my very best to write something for them. I’m going by the seat of my pants here and from what she told me about their college life. I assumed they got engaged I guess, in February/March, maybe February 14, for the sake of being sentimental. I’m writing this on Valentine’s Day itself, hours after the last chapters went up, so we’ll see how this goes. Enjoy.

Lance closed the door to his apartment and noticed that there were no boots by the door. He sighed, good Keith wasn’t back yet. While they did attend the same college, Lance was majoring in education while Keith was taking to courses needed to help him become a pilot, so their schedules didn’t always match up. Lance couldn’t say he was surprised when Keith said he wanted to be a pilot. Keith loved going places and he enjoyed adventure. Lance just couldn’t wait to see him in a uniform.

Lance pulled off his shoes and ran to drop his things in the bedroom. The couple’s apartment they got in the campus village was pretty amazing. It reminded him of a hotel room a bit. When walking in, you were in the living room with the attached kitchen. Through another set of doors was the bedroom and bathroom. The laundry room was in the basement of the building. Thankfully, they only lived on the second floor and the elevator never broke down. Never doubt the complaining powers of a college student. They get shit done when they really want.

Pushing his glasses back up on his face, Lance opened the fridge and pulled out a plastic bag hiding in the back on the last shelf. He opened it, mentally checking off his checklist of the things he needed before slowly pouring the constance of the bag on the counter. He pulled bowls and utensils out and pulled out his phone. The limited edition Blue Paladin phone Shiro and Allura had gotten him for his birthday was still in very good condition, mostly because of the clear case he had on it to take the damage whenever he dropped it. Keith had let his surprise be known that the screen had yet to break. He pulled up Hunk’s number and hit the speaker button as he got things ready.

“Hey Lance. Is Keith there?”

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okay, okay but my earlier post about a mistborn college au got me thinking. what about a modern (and … earth) au where they all go on trips together and stuff? say … paris.

imagine everyone doing really stupid things during these trips. 

hammond and breeze get into fights over what the famous paintings are trying to say. allrianne has to drag them out of the museums. 

spook accidentally steals the mona lisa. kelsier is so proud he cries.

everyone goes to the top of the eiffel tower at night. vin and kelsier decide it would be a great idea to push off of it and rocket themselves to the ground. elend screams.

Got my ears pierced for the first time this evening. I get to take out my medical golden thingies in 6 weeks. By then I will know what colleges I got into. The thought makes me #scream

can you believe that some people sit down to do their homework and actually get it done? right away and without difficulty. imagine what it would be like to have that capability

How many times do you think Bitty imagined that moment? All the late night fantasies, the half realized dreams, the romantic scenarios that he could’ve come up with- and instead he had his first kiss in a frat Haus, and he wouldn’t trade it for the world

Higher education in Solarpunk

Hey punks!

I’m working on an article about the exploitation of adjuncts right now, and it got me to wondering about what college would look like in Solarpunk, or whether college would exist as an institution at all (it’s really exploitative right now but also necessary for a lot of decent paying jobs) (at least in the US).

Obviously Solarpunk communities would not be about exploiting their educators, and they’d be against elitist culture, but it’d be cool to see these ideas developed a little bit more. 

Let me know what you think! Roses

Why Rey is Relatable

“Rey never seems in any real peril, she’s always saving herself. I don’t think that makes her all relatable.”

Allow me to clarify my defense. Rey is a power fantasy, just like Luke was, but for this generation.

Rey works a crap job, a job she is clearly overqualified for, because it’s the only job available to her. She could technically leave anytime but stays in hope that she’ll get time with her family. We then see she’s amazing at it, absolutely brilliant, but then she’s told that she has EVEN BIGGER responsibilities she didn’t even know existed. So now she’s just stressed up ball of a person trying to make do with what she’s got.

Try and tell me that a generation full of college graduates who are forced to work service and retail jobs at minimum wage wouldn’t find Rey relatable.


Crystal Gems (minus Garnet because I lack wigs) + Lapis in various outfits

I’ve started doing shit like this, the hiatus needs to end already

  • Interviewer: iggy give us a freestyle
  • Iggy: aight i got u
  • Iggy:
  • Iggy:
  • Iggy: I work for an hourly wage, I went to high school, didn't do great. Still I gotta make more cash, more education is what I'm looking at. When I get a degree, I will make a bigger salary! So now I got to see what college is right for me. I went on the internet, and found education CO-NEC-TION. I took some free tests to FIND OUT MY DIRECTION! I'm taking some classes online, getting my degree on my own time. Education connection matched me with the right college for FREE! get CONNECTED! for FREE! EDUCATION CONNECTION!
The Field Where You Died

Here it is… A crossover between Everlark and my favorite XFiles episode, born after hours of discussions with @madambeth . Thank you for convincing me to write this !

The amazing banner was made by the aweomse @akai-echo ! she’s fabulous, kind and so so gifted.

This story wouldn’t be out, posted without the help of @titaniasfics. It would be a bit shorter too… thank you for your beta skills, for challenging me, for always asking for more from me. And she’s one of the kindest person you can find.

So without further ado… Here it is. (here on AO3 // FFN )

You’d think after years in the Bureau, I’d be used to waiting for hours in a car in the middle of nowhere.

But apparently, patience isn’t what got me through Quantico or college. It’s not that I don’t like stake outs, they are a complete part of my job, but here, in the middle of the New Mexican Desert, in a black SUV, it turns out to be a challenge. But it could be worst, we could be waiting in the van.

At least in the car, we have good music and cheese buns, both of them thanks to my partner, Peeta Mellark, who’s the expert at everything that belongs to the bread family, who has, in turn, been well educated in matters of music thanks to yours truly.

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09022016 // Back to School Haul pt.2

Honestly at my school, students tend to chill the first day of school unless the teachers specifically request them to bring in materials. I don’t bother getting too many notebooks or such because, well, what if I get the wrong notebook? What if I get the wrong size or binding-type?

Anyways, so this was my second time going out to get supplies after my teachers told me what they wanted.

This time around:

I got a composition notebook (college-ruled). It was pretty cheap! 75 cents…but then Office Depot is so close by 😭 

Next, got a mini stapler (Office Depot) for $2, it’s not bad actually. Looking forward to those days where I can use it if I forget to staple an assignment. No more waiting for that darn teacher’s stapler to get passed around.

Got a 1/2″ binder (Office Depot), graph paper notebook (1-subject, Office Depot) and 5-tab pocket dividers (Avery).


Zebra has this really cool 0.5mm mechanical pencil called Delguard and oh my lord.. This pen is life. I love writing with it so much.  😍 I even got it on sale for $5! Usually on Amazon, you’ll find the same pencil for I believe $2 more. 

Hey, everyone ❤️ I’m sending this as my contribution for our awareness day! I’ve known for roughly four years that I’m pansexual. During high school I only told a handful of people. I was worried about what my friends would think of me. When I got to college, I decided to not care about others’ opinions. I came out to my school’s lgbtqa* group (called “Spectrum”) at one of their events where other people were telling their coming out stories. Everyone clapped for me after I told them and I got hugs 😊. Now I have another awesome pansexual friend and a fun connection with a bisexual friend. I am so glad I decided not to hide who I am. I know we still have problems with people who claim that “Pansexuality is no different than bisexuality” and other misconceptions like that (I am tired of the pans liking pans joke), but I am still happy to be part of such a cool community. I hope one day we will get the recognition we deserve. Until then, don’t be afraid to be yourself 💖