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Deaf (Sherlock X Fem!Reader)

Characters: Sherlock X Fem!Reader

Universe: Sherlock

Warnings: Harrassment, assault

Request: sherlock x reader where the reader is mute or deaf and she uses ASL to communicate but she is having some problems with some ignorant people and sherlock jumps into action to help and defend her

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Your hearing had always been a problem. You had Grommets when you were only 5, since your hearing was already bad, but it only seemed to get worse, and by the time you were 18, there was no point in having hearing aids anymore.

So when you witnessed a murder, you didn’t know what to do. You hadn’t had speech therapy and you were basically mute, so you couldn’t go talk to someone. You tried signing to police but they couldn’t understand you.

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the grey dove {part two}

@carryon-countdown day 30: Chapter 61

(also on ao3)

(part one)

length: 4.6k

genre(s): angst(kind of?)+fluff because otherwise y’all would hate me :p

triggers/warnings: none

The one where Simon works at a coffee shop, Baz needs to finish his Christmas shopping, and they both need to find their chill (aka the gay xmas movie we all deserve)

For the first time, I’m actually looking forward to seeing Baz in the morning. I even took the time to make sure I looked nice. I couldn’t do much about my uniform but my hair looks good (Well, I need a haircut; the sides are growing out). I can’t look like I’m trying too hard, anyway. I’ve got to be casual about this. Whatever “this” is. Is this a this? Was that even a sentence? Why am I thinking so hard about this? Oh, right.

It’s almost 9, the time he usually makes an appearance.

I’ve got it all planned out. As soon as he walks in the door, I’ll start his drink and, instead of his name, I’ll write my number and what time I get off work tonight. Is tonight too soon? I hope not, because I really (really) want to see him. Which probably isn’t very casual of me, but I can’t get him out of my head. I can’t stop thinking about him. I don’t think I want to. Which is strange, because I’m usually really good at keeping my thoughts in check. (Or, as Penny puts it, “not thinking”.)

I’m nervous. Christ, I’m actually nervous.

The bells on the wreath we hung up last night ring as the first customer of the day enters the shop. I look up. It’s not him. The second one isn’t him either. Or the third. Or the fourth, or even the fifth. But that’s okay. It’s okay, because he should be here soon. He shows up every day around this time. Every day. He’s probably just running late.

Except…except he’s never been late before. And it’s strange that he would now, especially after we nearly kissed twice. Twice. Enough to make me think he wanted me enough to try again. Except apparently not, because he isn’t here. I don’t know what I expected. Did I think he would just waltz in here and snog me over the counter? No, that’s not his style. Or is it? It hits me how little I actually know about Baz. I don’t even know his last name. I didn’t think I needed to, not yet. I thought we’d work up to that. I thought we might exchange numbers first.

I thought I might see him.

My plan for today is the same. His name is already on a cup (I got a bit overexcited earlier), and I’ve done my hair again. I even got it shaved down yesterday, figuring it was time. (The fact that Baz might like it hadn’t even crossed my mind.) (Much.)

I’ll admit: Baz not showing up yesterday made me nervous, like I’d messed up somehow. Misread the signals. This kind of thing is new to me, but we almost kissed twice and I’m pretty sure there’s no way to misread that. Probably.

Trust me to be the first.

I touch my lips, remembering how it felt to have Baz’s so close to my own. They were like a magnet, pulling me in, pulling me closer, pulling me until I had no choice but to kiss him. Not that I would mind. I’ve never even kissed a bloke before, but I know I’d like to.

I want to believe I’ve never thought about that before, but I’d be lying to myself. It’s a weird feeling, realizing things like this. Isn’t it supposed to be something you just…know about yourself? Deep down I think I’ve always known. Not that I’m gay, but that I wasn’t completely straight, but it was never something I thought much about because I was with Agatha and would be for a long time (maybe even forever). Thoughts like that weren’t necessary.

And now they’re hitting me all at once. Especially the ones about Baz (like how his hair falls in lazy waves across his forehead.) (Or how he looks when he’s blushing.) (And then how he looks when I notice.)

He has pretty eyelashes.

Christ, I’m thick.

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Fandom - Morning! I hope today isn’t going to see a repeat of yesterday.

Me - No? (guiltily) Why? Do you want it to? I, I mean, I for one don’t go around pulling a sickie as a matter of course, so I can sprawl in bed all day, getting raw and sweaty over unadulterated, vigorous sapphic fanfiction. *stares at ceiling*

Fandom - Oh! No, no … *wrings hands anxiously* I meant I think we could all do with a break from the endless anxiety about whether they’re going to shove Bernie under a bus! Counting how many of the loops you still have left in the kiss repeat vid was bad enough, but now …

Me - Yeah … I know that’s what you meant. That was just my little joke, there. *fans self frantically*

Fandom - How’s your attempt to divine how Bernie’s going to return to AAU coming on, then? Scanned the latest spoilers for hints?

Me - Er, yes … all signs indicate that Serena’s still smarting from Bernie’s buggering off to Ukraine. But there’s no indication that she’ll stop coming out to colleagues, after another headlong tumble into a vat of Shiraz.

Fandom - So … is it time then for Serena to make that exorbitant international rescue call? I’d like to be there when that goes down … *casts a desperate, imploring glance*

Me - Yeah, it might well be..

Fandom - Well that’s alright then … (*hastily changing the subject*) …Er, it looks like I might have a Gender Studies professor, with a pseudo-academic essay on Berenic Queer Theory. It’s not like you see one of them every day, is it? *hoping to sound enticing*

Me - No, that sounds like a dodgy anonymous personal message on an ‘ask me anything’. Well, good luck with that, then. *scarpers fast, with a forced grin*

details of an asteroid - part 1

for the phandom big bang 2015

Title: details of an asteroid
Author: dantiloquent
Artist: philslesters (see the beautiful art here and here!)
Beta: blossomphan
Overall word count: 88,888 (hell yeah)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: mild alcohol use, brief homo/biphobia, brief internalized biphobia, implied depression, some existential talk

Summary:  “If you think about it, aliens probably believe in us, too. We’ve got our own intergalactic cheerleaders.” 

When Dan and Phil keep bumping into each other, they eventually give in to chance and start talking. Soon enough, Dan makes a home at the library Phil works at, and they talk about nothing and everything so often that there is no going back. The two survive the future just fine, until they learn the flaws of leaning the weight of your existence on someone else’s shoulders.

Disclaimers: none of the opinions voiced in this fic are necessarily the opinions of any of the people involved in this fic. some of the events may seem to be unrealistic; this is because some are exaggerated or made into real things to symbolise something people do in their heads, or to convey a message. this is all fiction.    

Author’s Notes: this has been in the works for a year!!! what the hell??? it’s my baby. i’m so so excited (and nervous) for this to be done and for u all to read it!! i really hope u enjoy (lemme know if u do!) reblogs are really appreciated and are my saviours.

a huge huge thank u to my beta, aqua, who did such a great job and probably did more than what she signed up for!!! i am so grateful and u helped me make this the best i could. and thanks to alex, who has made some beautiful art, i am in total awe!!!! (and for loving this fic and being so supportive, i really appreciate it!) thank u to the pbb team who organised this fab event, and thank u to all of u, my lovely readers!! without u guys’ support i would never have done this, so thank u so much!!!

there is so much i want to say, but can’t, so here u go. the first chapter…..

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It has a bed.

That’s a good start, Dan reckons; the room has a bed, as well as a small selection of other furniture that he is slowly taking in. All of them are rickety and worn, a broken could-be family, but they provide a place to sleep and a place to work, at the least, so he’s grateful. They’re well loved, he firmly decides. There’s a pall of dust over the desk and set of drawers, and the walls are four blank edges of plain wallpaper that are all flushed with sunlight, but give it a few posters and a few nights sleep, and he can see himself settled in. He’s always had a certain weakness for beams that streak through the ceiling.

A breeze slips under the door and skips at his feet, skittering across the floorboards and leaving cold kisses on his ankles. The hum of traffic tangles in the curtains but gets no farther.

“You reckon you’re gonna be ok?” his mother asks as she manoeuvres another box through the door. It lands on the mattress with a muffled thud, sending another one knocking into the wall. Outside the window, someone is calling another person’s name.

His parents aren’t leaving for a while - they’re helping him unpack, thank God - but Dan knows why his mother is asking as if she’s leaving already. In some ways, she already has.

Dan casts his gaze around the room, pretending she’s only talking about the room.

“I’ll try.”

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He Thinks You're Cheating (Part 1)

It happened one afternoon while helping your best friend with her new job. She was starting as an actress for a very popular theater in town. A lot of people visited there often. If she acted right you were sure that she could get signed by any producer. So you sat in your room going through the lines that she needed to memorize. “Alright, once more before Liam gets home.” Your friend nodded as you continued. “I don’t know what to do, Kiley.” You attempted with your best dramatic voice. It definitely wasn’t your thing. Your friend giggled before replying. “He’ll have to find out soon enough. How will he react when he finds out that his little lover wasn’t faithful?” Hearing that sentence you felt horrible ashamed of your character. It was about a secret affair made by a woman who managed to tumble up everyone’s relationships. Much like in real life. You decided to give up with making your voice sound different and instead talked normally. “What do I tell him? Do I simply come out and say it?” Little did you know that Liam was already home and about to open the bedroom door when he heard you. “Easy. ‘I have been cheating on you for a while now.’ It’s not something you’re proud of but you need to end your relationship with him after what you did.” You had to congratulate your friend. The words had come out of her mouth effortlessly, almost naturally. You heard a bump coming from down stairs but couldn’t ponder on what it was since your friend continued with the next scene. You quickly brushed it off and helped her finish. After an hour you were done. Your friend thanked you and bid you goodbye before she left. Since Liam hadn’t returned, you started to clean the scattered papers that you had left on your bed. Half an hour later he still wasn’t back, a slight tinge of worry creeping to the surface. You sat down with nothing to do but watch TV. You waited, occasionally checking out the window to look for his car. The sky started to darken and that’s when you had enough. You ran to your phone and pressed his name on your contacts. Your phone almost slipped from your shaking fingers as you waited. It was ringing but there was no answer. After attempting to call him once more you sent him a text. “What’s wrong?” It was the only sentence you could muster at the moment while you hoped that he was alright. Only seconds later, your phone came to life and disturbed the quietness of your house with a light bell. You picked up your phone in a right grip. “My 'little lover’ wasn’t faithful.” That was one of the lines of the play. It took seconds for it to sink in. Maybe your acting skills were better than you thought if you were able convince Liam that you were cheating on him.

You always expected the unexpected from your new 'friend’. You weren’t very close but you were close enough. She was you friend’s cousin and had immediately taken an interest in becoming your friend as well. But there was something off about her. You were never the one to judge anybody so you thought nothing of it. You were driving to get some essentials for a special dinner while Louis stayed home. He insisted on coming along but you declined, keeping the dinner a surprise. Louis sat, bored out of his mind watching pointless TV shows. A knock on the door interrupted the current dramatic scene that was playing on the TV. Relief washed over him and a smile grew on Louis’ face at the thought of you coming home. He made his way to the door and opened it up. The smile was immediately washed off his face when you weren’t standing at the door. Instead a girl stood there, clothes as tight as they could go and dressed to impress. It was your friend’s cousin, but he didn’t know that. “Hello, can I help you?” Louis’ tone was tinged with awkwardness as he watched her eyes trail up and down his body. “Oh yeah..” She murmured before finally snapping out of it, “I mean, yes.” She corrected, her eyes still analyzing every inch of his face. “My cousin’s friend lives here. She said something about dating you, but I never really believed it.” Louis gave her a small smile out of pity. “Yes, she’s my girlfriend. She’s out right now, but I’ll tell her you dropped by.” Just as he was about to close the door, she stopped him. “Just what I thought.” She whispered, tone filled with fake sadness. “What do you mean?” Louis was beyond confused and quickly stepped back when she walked forward. “Don’t you wonder with you couldn’t accompany her? I know you aren’t dumb, Louis.” She pressed her long fingers on his shoulders, temptingly playing with the collar of his shirt. “Because she said it was a surprise.” Louis wasn’t doubting you, but the way she spoke could have anyone believing her in seconds. She gave somewhat of a chuckle. She tried to make it sensual but Louis didn’t buy it. “Yes a surprise,” she said stepping even closer, “The surprise that she’s cheating on you.” Louis shook his head, stepping away from her hold. He felt disgusted. Disgusted because for a moment he believed her, and because he was doubting you. “Oh c'mon, Louis. It happens…” She trailed off letting her tongue run over her red tinted lips. “But I can make it go away.” She looked like a predator about to strike, and Louis like the prey who was preparing to escape. Then something halted her movements. “Louis, I’m back.” Your voice rang through the house.

He was out with the guys buying Christmas presents for the family. They were supposed to help him decided what presents to get who. They were doing anything but that. “Louis drop that. I’m not buying her that, Niall. Guys please some quietness?” Zayn leaned back on a wall out of exhaustion as Harry walked to him and patted him on the shoulder chuckling lowly. Suddenly Louis’ phone beeped loudly. The boys surprisingly went silent. They watched as a frown adorned Louis’ face. He slowly walked towards Zayn, the rest watching him with a mysterious knowing look. “Listen, Zayn. We think you deserve to know the truth… About your girl.” That got his attention. Before anyone could move, he grabbed Louis by the shoulders and shook him. “What are you talking about?” Louis took a deep, dramatic breath before replying. “We think she might be cheating on you,” He watched as Zayn’s muscles tightened, “Not only that…. We think its happening right now.” With those words Zayn pushed him out of the way and started walking harshly to his car. “I’m going to kill the guy.” He spat between clenched teeth. A sly smirk decorated Louis’ lips as he watched Zayn stomp away. “You’d make a great actor.” Joked Niall. “Of course I would,” His tone was completely serious which made the guys laugh. “Okay so maybe I’m not that good. At least everything is going according to the plan.” He checked his phone once more, sending you one final text.

It was a simple dinner date. The cliche yet cute scene that every couple shared. You were sat waiting for your food to arrive. Laughing at Niall’s stories of his many experiences around the world, you realized that you had gone too out of hand with the wine. As soon as Niall finished his current story, you excused yourself. “I’ll be right back, just need to use the bathroom.” He nodded and watched you till you disappeared behind a door. Niall sighed in contentment and made a move to slump back on his seat. A hand on his shoulder stopped him right away as it turned him around. Niall’s blue eyes widened at the sight of your ex boyfriend. “What are you doing here?” Niall questioned, not in a bad way but his tone laced with curiosity. “Just warning you. I told you that you could never please her.” He replied pointing to the chair you had been sitting on. Niall frowned, his temper rapidly rising. “Don’t talk about her like that. Of course I can please her, if not then why is she with me and not with you?” He allowed a devious smirk to decorate his Irish lips. Your ex simply replied with a smirk of his own. “Because I have been pleasing her in secret.” The words couldn’t come out of his mouth fast enough. In a split second Niall had him by the throat. Nothing could falter that teasing smirk on your ex lover’s face, not even their current fetal position. Except for one thing. “What’s going on?” You called out in alarm.

You were showering when it happened. Harry was aimlessly walking around the house, preparing for the day ahead. He fumbled with the string of his sweater in pure boredom. That’s when your phone rang. It was a little tune indicating a text. Harry gazed at your phone as he made his way towards it. He debated reading the text and telling you if it was important. Harry respected your privacy, but didn’t think it was that important. With a shrug, he picked it up and typed the code. He smirked at the thought of your very simple and easy to guess password. But that smirk quickly disappeared when he read the text. It was from one of your guy friends… Or at least he assumed you were friends until today. It seemed that you were much closer. He dropped the phone roughly, the noise going through the bathroom door. “Harry?” You asked worriedly. Ignoring you, he grabbed his car keys and made his way out. His destination being your 'friend’s’ house. Immediately after he left, you ran out of the bathroom and noticed Harry was gone. Confused as to why he left so rapidly, you sat on your bed and started drying your damp hair. That’s when you noticed that your phone rested on the soft covers, completely unlocked. It rang, shocking your for a moment, a new text flashing on the screen. You picked it up and read the first text from your guy friend. 'Last night was amazing, your touch does wonders to my body. We should do it again some time..’ You frowned in complete confusion, until you read the next and most recent text. 'I am so sorry! That was definitely not meant for you. See you and Harry next week?“ Completely amused by the texts, you quietly laughed at your friend’s embarrassment. He was a huge player, but never before had he accidentally texted you something like that. Your eyes widened with the realization. Harry had most likely unlocked your phone and thought it was meant for you. Huffing, you made your way to the front door. As you drove, you kept a reminder to yourself to change your password to something more secretive.

~ • ~ • ~ • ~
Part 2?

The holidays are slowly decreasing.

Sherlock vs Star Wars - The Empty Menace

The title is not what you think. Although there hasn’t been any sign of this on my blog – I am actually a massive Star Wars fan. I love Star Wars even more than Sherlock, which is rather ironic when I don’t have an “overanalyzing Star Wars” blog.  

Given my background its rather hard for me to ignore the similarities between The Empty Hearse and the Phantom Menace, so for once this blog is going to stray into another fandom. Buckle your seat belts we are going into outer space.

I’m going to discuss how the Empty Hearse fell foul of the same pit Phantom Menace tumbled into and what went wrong with both of them.

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