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Can I request the seventeen members reactions to you wanting to adopt a pet with them? 💖 thanks!!

Thank u for the request! x

S.coups: he’d be happy that you’d be willing to adopt a pet with him. To him it was another step forward in your relationship. “Do you want a cat or a dog?”

Jeonghan: Would lowkey be jealous of the new pet cause you wouldn’t be paying as much attention to him anymore. But once he considered it more he decided that a pet might not be that mad of an idea.

Joshua: He’ll be super excited! “You want to adopt an animal? YES. I’d love to give one a new home.” He’d already be picking out names while you made your way to the shelter.

Jun: he’s kinda indifferent about. Once you asked him he’d probably say “sure” nonchalantly. Then once you brought the pet home he’d fall in love with them.

Hoshi: He’s very excited. He’d want to adopt a dog probably more then anything too

Wonwoo: Looks at you like your crazy when your first tell him you want to adopt a pet with him lol. After he thought about it for awhile longer and saw how happy you were talking about adopting a rescue from the shelter, he’d give in.

Woozi: Doesn’t really care to adopt a pet at the moment. But goes along with it just to make you happy. He ends up loving the pet you adopt! You can’t separate them lol

DK: Gives you his signature smile when you mention wanting to adopt a pet with him. “Really? You’re not joking, right? You really want to adopt a pet with me?”. You two raise your new pet like it’s your own child.

Mingyu: SUPER DUPER EXCITED!! “What kind of animal?” “Boy or girl?” “What should we name it?” Asking you questions that you can’t even answer lol he’s excited to say the least.

The8: Is confused, “you want to adopt a pet with me?” Once you explained more, he’d be on board. And just as excited for the new pet as you were.

Seungkwan: is a bit skeptical. Doesn’t really want to care for another living thing. You’ll really have to persuade this one.

Vernon: will act like he’s not excited but, he really is. “Sure, you wanna get a cat or a dog?” “Ooh what if we got a Komodo Dragon??”
“No Vernon..”

Dino: aww he’s so excited that you brought up adopting a pet cause, he was about to suggest the same thing. He just didn’t know how you’d feel about it though. But, since you guys were on the same page there was nothing to worry about!

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You're not an apiarist, what do you know over actual beekeepers telling you that you're wrong?

Just to be clear, I’m not against apiarists; I’m against people who take honey from bees for their own personal gain. There are lots of reasons to give a home to bees, but there are no good reasons to take their honey and sell it. Even those who believe that beekeeping is perfectly ethical and is somehow helping wild bee populations aren’t brazen enough to claim that making a profit from selling what they produce is an essential part of keeping the species alive.

As an observer, what you have are two different groups, animal rights activists and apiarists, and they’re not making claims that are factually different, because apiarists generally admit that everything we’re saying goes on absolutely does happen. The only thing these two groups disagree on is that exploiting bees for profit is wrong. One of those groups has a vested financial interest in you believing that honey is totally ethical, the other does not. So which is more likely to be unbiased? Do you think I just one day decided to be against honey for the sheer sake of it? I used to enjoy my Honey Nut Cheerios as much as the next guy, but the reason I now don’t eat honey is because I did the research. I found out that the bees exploited for honey are non-native, not even endangered, are not the bees who pollinate the vast majority of crops, that they spread diseases to wild populations and compete for the same food sources. I found out what honey production involves, that it isn’t “saving the bees” and most importantly that honey just isn’t ours to take. So I stopped eating it, you should too.

Keep in mind, I make no money from this blog, I have no reason to lie to you, but you don’t even have to believ me, because the things I am saying are readily verifiable by any reliable source. You’ll notice that when these people argue against me, not one of them has ever tried to deny one of my factual claims, because they know full well that they’re true and can be proved. All they ever try to do is make vague claims about how bees love it when we invade their hive and steal their honey from them, and that if we didn’t take their “excess” honey they’d all somehow mysteriously die on the spot despite the fact that they managed perfectly fine for a few hundred million years before the honey industry started “helping” them.

You’re not dealing with different factual claims here where you can say “you’re wrong because these people are experts and you’re not”, you’re dealing with two sides who more or less agree on the facts, it’s just that one side has no issue with what is done to bees, and the other does. The fact that these people are apiarists doesn’t make their objections to my ethical stance any more convincing. Apiarists are not some moral authority, they’re just people who keep bees. You can choose to believe the honey industry if you want so that you can keep buying their product, but the least you should do is actually do the research for yourself rather than blindly trusting the people who make a profit out of your ignorance.

Why we need more films like Felidae

W A R N I N G:

The movie I’m discussing contains copious amounts of animated gore, as well as a plot revolving heavily around sex and the concept of eugenics. Procede to watch the movie at your own risk. 

However there are minimal spoilers in this rant.

Okay so yes, I’m gonna talk about the infamous gorey cat sex movie.

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Gel pen art sale!

7/19/2017: 4 slots left!

heyhey, money’s awful, and it’s time for ART

I’ve been thinking about opening commissions for a while, but for now I’m still just going to keep practicing when it comes to portraits. Instead, I’m opening five slots for these:

They’re gel pen and acrylic paint on illustration board, and I don’t have the right tools to cut it so the measurements aren’t exact but they should be about 3in x 5in. You pick an animal, pick a general color scheme out of what I’ve got in my gel pens, and I’ll draw it and mail it to you. (If you just want it scanned, message me. I don’t own a scanner but if you would prefer that I can get access to one.)

These are the colors I have, albeit in iffy lighting. Don’t worry about the specific labels per color, this is more to give you an idea of what color schemes I can use. 

They’re $25 each. No alterations once I’ve started with the ink, but before starting the final product I’ll do a few thumbnail sketches for you to pick from. For this batch I’m asking $10 up front and the rest once I’ve shown you it’s finished so I can mail it. 

You can message me here with questions, and if it looks like tumblr ate the message or you’d just prefer to start there, you can email me at haphazardLark@gmail.com

If you know anyone who might be interested, signal boosts are appreciated! 

Rin & Sousuke Save Makoto from Iwatobi Villains
Free! Eternal Summer Vol. 3 DVD Drama CD
Rin & Sousuke Save Makoto from Iwatobi Villains

Hilarious excerpt from the “Long Throw Distance of that Summer” Drama CD from the Free! Volume 3 DVD. Enjoy x~


Makoto: Damn it! Let me out of here! Just what exactly do you plan to do with me by locking me up like this?

Haru: Tachibana Makoto. Be quiet. If you synthesise yourself with an animal and become an altered human being, your daily life in this world will never be filled with worry or pain.

Rei: Muahahaha, what should we change you into? Maybe a killer whale? Or perhaps a dolphin? Whatever you become, you’ll certainly be beautiful! AHHHHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!!!!!

Nagisa: It won’t do to make you just a normal animal! We should give you a huge mouth and sharp thin teeth!*

Makoto: Stooopppppp!!!

Rin: You’ve gone far enough!

Haruka: Rin!

Rin: Free Makoto now!

Haru: I can’t do that!

Rin: Haru, have you forgotten what happened in the past since you have become an Iwamoge monster?

Haru: Shut up!

Rin: Just remember, Haru! Even though I too was physically altered, heart to heart, I still wouldn’t forget the limits of my own power!

Sousuke: That’s right. Nor would you forget a very hot friendship.

Rin: Sousuke! You finally came! Let’s combine our powers!

Sousuke: Yeah! Our Friendship Butterfly Cross!


*makes dorky and lame laser noises* TARGET IWATOBI.

Rei: They teamed up by combining themselves and got a power up!

Nagisa: What are you doing? GET THEM!!!

Haru: We must not let them have Tachibana Makoto!

Rin & Sousuke: ALL RIGHT LET’S DO IT.

Haru: Moge~~**


Makoto: Haru? Hey Haru!

Haru: Nn…

Makoto: Are you awake, Haru?!

Haru: It was…a dream?


Translator’s Notes: *Anon notified me that this refers to the lockjaw fish thing that Haru likes from the Haru/Rin drama CD

**I’m not sure why Haru keeps on saying “moge” at the end of his sentences. EDIT: I think it’s a character from Godzilla???


About Matthew

I know that this was possibly said a thousand times already, but I feel like we need to do something about this issue or at least try. I’m getting seriously worried about the comments that Matthew’s getting on social media and more worried I am that he’ll get mad because of it (and he totally has the right tbfh).

Shit’s getting quite ugly and I don’t like it. There’s tons of things that people in the fandom are doing that are not only dumb af but disrespectful too. Look, I know that Matthew is handsome and that some of you like him only because of that, but please stop attacking him EVERY time he posts a picture of the sky or an animal. Please.

Stop telling him to “shut up” or “to post selfies”. Matthew is not there to give you what you want, he’s a person and as much as you have the right to post videos of cats on your social media accounts or long posts about your life or whatever thing you do, he has the right to be a dork and post dumb messages and post animals, because that’s what he loves. He’s his own person and nobody but him should have a say on what he publish or not.

Everytime Matthew goes out of his way to apologize or to explain why he isn’t posting selfies or anything I feel terribly bad because yeah, he might say it in a joking manner or whatever but I’m pretty sure that deep down he’s getting more and more tired of our bullshit.

Please be nice. Show some respect. You guys will regret being assholes when Matthew finally loses his shit and does something about it. He’s a nice and dorky cinnamon roll and we honestly don’t deserve him, so if you’re going to be love him, love him for being who he is and not only because he’s handsome.

(PS. Not talking about other cast members because I haven’t seen anything remarkable on this matter. But if you do, please say something. Let’s not ruin the fun for anyone.)

I absolutely love when non-vegans shit on vegans for feeding their dog/cat a vegan diet…like DO YOU EVEN SEE THE INCONSISTENCY?

You’re worried that someone is harming an animals because of their own desires…THIS IS WHAT YOU DO 3 TIMES A DAY 7 DAYS A WEEK! I am honestly baffled…

It bothers you that some cats may not be getting all of their nutrients, but you can’t be bothered enough to give a shit about the BILLIONS of animals that are slaughtered for human consumption…Could there be a better example of cognitive dissonance? 

Question tag

Rules: answer the questions at the bottom, then make up 10 of your own for the next person to answer.

i was tagged by @shownusqueen Thank you! ♥

1. if you could drop everything you were doing and go somewhere else, where would you go? Some place that can inspire a person.

2. who would you bring with you? No one.

3. what is your favorite animal and why? My favorite pet is a cat, because they give me just the right amount of affection I want from a pet animal, and they are also very adorable and crazy. They also just come to me, my first cat chose me when I was 4 almost 5 years old, she followed me for a few kilometers and then I begged my parents to keep her (she was a stray). My favourite farm animal is a cow, they are big and cute, and they look dumb when they eat lol. During my vacation I went hiking between herds of cows in the mountains of Austria, I even petted some of them, they are so cute! Another favorite animal of mine is the flamingo, they are very beautiful creatures in my opinion.

4. would you ever vacation in alaska? Yes, absolutely! It is a place on earth that definitely interests/intrigues me.

5. what would be your ideal date with your ultimate bias? Strolling around, walking down the riverbank and streets just talking and laughing.

6. are you superstitious? (like do you wear a lucky pair of socks when your team plays?) No, not at all.

7. you have to sing a song to your bias group, what song do you choose? Uhm, I think I would sing a song in my native language, they will not understand anything from it, but I am not going to embarrass myself in mispronouncing foreign words. There is also another problem: I’m not a good singer lol.

8. have you tried to get your friends into kpop? No, I am not a ‘pushy’ person at all, even for the littelest things I prefer not be pervasive. I may only suggest things sometimes. Allthough I really do not mind at all when other people are trying to get me into things because I love discovering new things.

9. do you agree that himchan is the king of handsome? Uhu, definitely agree! There is absolutely no doubt about that!

10. who is your bias in seventeen? My faves are Hoshi and Seungkwan.


My questions:

1. What is your favourite emotion?

2. What is your favourite memory?

3. What is more difficult for you: looking into someones eyes when you are telling someone how you feel, or looking into someones eyes when they are telling you how they feel?

4. What is your opinion on rain?

5. What is your favourite kpop song? 

6. Have you ever experienced a near dead experience?

7. Are you usually early, late or right on time?

8. What is something you are really proud of?

9. What is something (or someone) that makes you very happy?

10. Have you ever danced in the rain? (If not I recommend it lol)

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 Day 29: Scratch

 “He’s a demon, Mark.  Just look at these battle scares!!” 

Just another bit from my Demon!Mark au

So, I tried a new style of writing today and challenged myself to only use dialogue to tell a story.  This was… really fucking hard.  But I’m glad I did it!! I hope you like it anyway!

“He’s a demon, Mark. Just look at these battle scars!!”

“I told you, Jack: I would know a demon when I saw one because I am one.  It’s just a cat.”

“No, Its evil I tell you!  I was hurt! Defend my honor!  It’s taking over my balcony!!”

“Oh absolutely not.”

“What?  Why not?”

“Because I hate cats. I’m a dog person, myself.”

“You’ve been to hell. You live there.  And you won’t get rid of a cat for me?”

“That’s correct.”

“What the fuck, Mark? Just kick it off the balcony!”

“I’m not committing animal murder you sick fuck.”

“I was kidding.  Wow.”

“I obviously can’t trust you around animals.  I thought we could get a dog, but after that statement it’s going to have to be a no go.”

“Mark if you don’t go get that cat and give him back to the neighbors right this very second you’re going to sleep on the couch until I can go out on my balcony in peace again.”

“The couch.”

“The couch.”

“The couch?”

“The couch.”

“… You wouldn’t.”

“I would though.”

“Fine!  I’ll just go sleep in my own bed!  In my own house!”

“Cool.  I hope the fires of hell will keep you warm tonight because I won’t!”







“Yes, okay. Okay?  I’ll get the damn cat.”

“Aw thank you darling!”

“Shut that shit up.”

“Don’t die!”

“If I do, stay away from my funeral.”

It baffles my mind that there are people who “want a snake” yet don’t want to put the money and effort towards making sure it’s healthy? Reptile keepers spend thousands of dollars on vet bills, set ups, food, ect. They spend hours of work making sure everything is right. But suddenly some person just comes out of nowhere and tells everyone they’re going to buy a snake and keep it in the worst home possible. They completely ignore the “if you don’t want to put money into your animal, don’t get it” because snakes are cute.

Animals aren’t disposable. They completely rely on us to give them what they need. You can not own an animal (ANY animal) and not put work towards the health and happiness of said animal. It just doesn’t work like that.

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"Reblog if you KNOW you can't be an animal lover and consume animal products" You think you know that, but its not true. I love my pets, and me and my pets BOTH consume animal products. In fact, my pets are human to me. I know the biggest tree huggers who eat meat. One who has loved animals since she was a little girl. (and is currently a young teenager) Please don't say things If you don't know what you're talking about. Because basically what you are doing is telling people their own feelings.

Considering we live in a world where there is a vegan alternative to every single type of food, clothing, etc. that would require an animal to be slaughtered, how exactly is it that you justify your continued participation in the Animal Torture & Murder Industry™? 

You think you know what it means to give a shit about non-humans, but it’s not true because you continue to try to justify your entirely unnecessary exploitation of them. You might say you love animals, but the evidence shows you love your own fleeting pleasure more than their entire lives. 

If you can see your pets as “human,” how is a pig or a cow or a chicken or a fish any different? Oh, I see, they’re not as important to you if they taste good, right? If I came and offered you $500 to slaughter your puppy for my next meal, you’d be horrified, but you let others enslave, torture, and kill other animals for far less than that, even though it is completely unnecessary, as evidenced by the millions of vegans who live without participating in such industries (quite literally putting their money where their mouth is when it comes to caring for animals). 

So you know one hippie or something; doesn’t make her a “tree hugger” or anyone who actually gives a shit about nature in general, because if she did, she would know that the animal exploitation industry is the #1 killer of those trees she loves to hug so much and causes more environmental destruction than any other industry

I think it would be quite beneficial to you to take some of your own advice and refrain from trying to justify your love for your pet as equivalent to a real understanding of the ethics of animal exploitation. You’re just creating oxymorons. 

I have no doubt that you feel the way you do. All I try to do is show you how those feelings are baseless and hollow without any follow through. Actions speak louder than words. 


Chances are you’ve heard of adoption as a way to bring a new dog into your home. While you understand the importance of adoptions, you may not know of all the benefits of adopting a rescue pet. Whether you’re looking to do a great thing for animals or you want to make sure you find the best pet, adoption is a great option. That’s just the beginning, though. You’ll be amazed at how beneficial adopting a rescue dog can be.

You’ll Save a Life - Most shelters euthanize pets, especially in the south where a huge amount of pets are surrendered on a daily basis. Each year, 8 to 12 million pets are euthenized because there are not simply not enough home. When you adopt a rescue pet, you’re saving that pet’s life. 

The Shelter Will Have Room for Another Animal - Not only are you giving a home to one (or more) pet, but you may save the life of another by making room in the shelter. Shelters that don’t euthanize can only help so many pets before they fill up. When you adopt, they have room for one more.

You’ll Save Money - Adopting a pet is so much more affordable than buying a pet (usually a dog) from a pet store or breeder. While price varies from shelter to shelter, you will save money not only on the cost of the pet, but on vet care. Most rescue dogs have already been fixed, which can save hundreds.

You Won’t Support Puppy Mills - You never know what conditions a pet store dog was raised in, which means you may be supporting puppy mills. When you adopt, you’re putting one less sale into the pockets of irresponsible breeders.

You’ll Help Reduce the Pet Population Problem - When you buy from a pet store, you create a demand for more puppies. This means breeders will continue to breed their dogs to make more sales. When you adopt, you’re giving a home to an abandoned dog and preventing the need for additional breeding.

Many Rescued Dogs are Already Trained - Some shelters raise dogs in foster homes, which means the dog has already been exposed to house training. Dogs that have been abandoned by their owners may also be trained to live indoors. This can make owning a pet even more enjoyable.

Shelters Can Help You Find the Right Dog - You have no idea what the temperament of a puppy is when you’re shopping at pet stores. Pet shelters know the temperament of the dogs in the shelter and can help you find the right dog for you. This helps prevent the need to give the pet up in the future.

You support a valuable charity and community institution - Sadly, every community in America requires an animal shelter. When you adopt a pet from a shelter, you assist a not-for-profit organization, but also send a message to others who will be asking you for years to come where you obtained your adorable pet. Shelters improve the community by mandating that adopted animals be spayed or neutered. This requirement diminishes chances that more unwanted animals will enter the world.

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"Leather is a very strong material to utilize and i personally love working with it… this does not mean i support animal cruelty" Any time you buy leather no matter where it's coming from, you are supporting the use of it. This further supports animals being used for their skin/fur. You seem to be very big on not supporting animal cruelty, yet your father is slaughtering animals???Makes absolutely no sense to me.

I get these questions ALL THE TIME. 

My father butchers his meat on occasion, when he does he not only go’s to very good organic free range local farms to do so but he always give me what he will not utilize. Every piece of the chicken or whatever he harvests from is eaten, right down to the hearts and gizzards. I fully support my father harvesting his own meats especially from a small free range farm, it is a lost skill that most people are unaware of and it is MUCH better than supporting all those large meat manufacturers who not only give you shitty meat and pump the animals full of hormones but they treat the animals like shit. 
We as humans have eaten and hunted animals for most of our existence.Just because we have stores that make meat and food convenient doesn’t mean we should take the convenience over tradition. 
If people are going to eat meat i much rather them gather it from a free range local family farm and have the traditional and spiritual experience of harvesting by hand. 
As for the leather, i understand your view, and think of that often myself to be honest….. 
But my gathering leather is not directly supporting any manufacturer or giving any of my money to them. If i do happen to purchase leather its from a thrift shop… and with that purchase i know my money is going to supporting and keeping that local shop open rather than a large leather company. I understand that even still my purchasing leather can be seen as supporting animal cruelty but to each their own opinion. 

When it comes down to it, you are either going to agree or disagree with my perception… we all have varying opinions on these controversial topics….

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There are plenty of vegans who don't give a fuck about animals rights. They just do it for their own personal health. You have the right to "defend yourself", but you're the one confusing people, you apparently don't know what you're talking about.

Jesus Christ! Since it seems people still don’t understand the meaning of veganism, this is going to be a very long post.

By definition: Veganism /ˈviːɡənɪzəm/ is the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products, particularly in diet, as well as following an associated philosophy that rejects the commodity status of sentient animals. A follower of veganism is known as a vegan.

To understand what it means to be vegan, it is vital to reflect on the historical roots and origin of the word. Many people think of the term vegan and its associated lifestyle as something new, faddish, insurgent or radical. In many ways, just the opposite is true. The word vegan was coined in England by Donald Watson in 1944. He, along with several other members of the Vegetarian Society in Leicester, England, wanted to form an alliance of nondairy vegetarians as a subgroup of the Society. When their proposal was rejected, they ventured to start their own organization. They prospected what to call themselves, and, after evaluating a range of ingenious possibilities, agreed that “vegan” (decisively pronounced VEE-gn, with a long “e” and hard “g”) was best. It was derived from the word “vegetarian” by taking the first three letters (veg) and the last two letters (an) because, as Donald Watson explained, “veganism starts with vegetarianism and carries it through to its logical conclusion.”

In late 1944, The Vegan Society was established, followed shortly thereafter by the creation of a manifesto describing their unified mission and perspective. Although the group advocated a totally plant-based diet excluding flesh, fish, fowl, eggs, honey, and animals’ milk, butter and cheese, they also encouraged the manufacture and use of alternatives to animal commodities, including clothing, shoes and other apparel. In addition, the group acknowledged that the elimination of exploitation of any kind was necessary in order to bring about a more reasonable and humane society and emancipate both humans and animals.

In 1960, the American Vegan Society was born in the United States, founded by Jay Dinshah. It wholly embraced, and continues to embrace, the principles of its British predecessor, advocating a strictly plant-based diet and lifestyle free of animal products. In addition, the American Vegan Society promotes the philosophy of Ahimsa, a Sanskrit word interpreted as “dynamic harmlessness,” along with advocating service to humanity, nature and creation. In other words, in order to practice veganism, it is not sufficient to simply avoid specific foods and products; it is necessary to actively participate in beneficial selfless action as well.

When we understand the origin of the term and the guiding principles established by the founders of the vegan movement, we see that, although inspired by vegetarianism, vegan living encompasses far more than one’s diet. In fact, to be a full member of the American Vegan Society, one must not only be vegan in diet but must also exclude animal products from one’s clothing, cosmetics, toiletries, household goods and everyday commodities. Contrary to popular belief, people who eliminate all animal-based foods from their diet but who continue to wear non-vegan clothing or use non-vegan products are not vegan — they are total vegetarians.

Omitting animal products from one’s life is a passive action; it does not necessitate asserting oneself, it merely involves avoidance. In order to actually implement and realize Ahimsa, we must engage the “dynamic” part of “dynamic harmlessness.” Therefore, to fully apply the vegan ethic, not only are vegans compelled to do the least harm, they are obliged to do the most good.

When people choose veganism, they make an ethical commitment to bettering themselves and the world around them. This is a pledge not to be taken lightly as it requires us to seriously examine all facets of ours lives. Certainly, animal-free food, clothing and cosmetic choices are a paramount part of becoming vegan. However, when we delve more deeply into its essence, we see that a vegan outlook extends far beyond the material and tangible. Vegan perspectives permeate our relationships, spiritual beliefs, occupation and pastimes. Hence, there are few areas of life that the vegan ethic doesn’t touch or influence to one degree or other.

Becoming vegan is a process; rarely does someone convert to total veganism overnight. More typically, people transition to a vegan lifestyle, generally altering their diet first and then gradually replacing their clothing, cosmetics and incongruous habits with more serene, compassionate options. Some vegans eventually change jobs in order to align their vocation with their beliefs. Others become activists on behalf of animals, social justice, peace and/or the environment, do volunteer work, adopt children, take in homeless animals, reduce their material consumption, or any number of other positive, beneficent acts.

In truth, there is no end to the vegan journey. We are perpetually challenged to do more, to strive higher, to see and understand more clearly, to be more loving and humble. This is the gift of veganism. It is a guide for compassionate living. It is the path of honoring our roots, our planet, all Life, and ourselves.


If you quit animal products for health, environment or whatever other reason you’re on a plant based diet, don’t steal the meaning of veganism from animals, this is not about me being angry just because, I’m angry because you’re minimizing and misleading the meaning of veganism, meaning you’re misleading the whole purpose of animal liberation, I’m here doing this for the animals, not for me. I spend almost 12 hours daily here just because I want to help the animals. Please read, you are the one that clearly don’t see that veganism is not about what you eat, is more than that, show some respect to the animals, this is for them.