what gives you the right geno

The Right Words(Mechanic!AU)
  • Genos: *feverishly writing on paper*
  • Mumen rider: Genos? What are you doing?
  • Genos: I am trying to find the correct words to show my affection to sensei. He gives a very specific response when something truly effected his emotions.
  • Mumen Rider: Oh
  • Genos: Sensei! *holds up paper that reads "you make my heart race" with a race car picture*
  • Saitama: Hm? *smiles* aw, that's sweet Genos
  • Mumen Rider: hey he liked it!
  • Genos: *sighs and goes back to writing* that's not it *scribbles more* Sensei! *holds up paper that reads "you rev my engine"
  • Saitama: huh? *looks over and laughs* that's a good one, Genos
  • Mumen Rider: oh! That's it ri-
  • Genos: No. *goes back to writing* Sensei! *holds up paper that reads "I need a full body inspection <3"*
  • Mumen Rider: Genos, that's inappropr-
  • Saitama: *blushes bashfully* Holy shit
  • Genos: *grins proudly*
  • Mumen Rider: ...what

anonymous asked:

soooo are you saying that Chara's ghost is in Kara from the beginning and over time (if you choose genocide) Chara's control over Kara gets stronger? Also horrible head canon, Frisk is killed shortly after Flowey at the end of Genocide route as a way to seal the deal with Chara. In pacifist, Kara uses themselves as a shield during Hyperdeath beam and both children make it out on the surface.

Yes that is exactly correct on chara and kara uwu/

And you…. I really like how you think with your head canon! The pacifist one tho that is freaking cool if you imagine that!

oh oh! I want to share you mine too in the Geno route:

Frisk has been a quiet sibling ever since the whole journey even when Kara kills Papyrus and Kara steals papyrus scarf and gives it to Frisk. They can’t even cry for papyrus because Kara would think of them as a hindrance. 

When Kara was going to get rid of Monster Kid defended him and ask if Kara could stop what they are doing because it is not right. Kara whose LV is quite high thinks Frisk is betraying them. When Kara suppose to attack Frisk, Undyne blocks and although Undyne does not trust both humans she trust Frisk to at least to have the responsibility to bring MK to safety so Kara and Frisk are separated for now.

After bringing MK to Alphys, along the way, Frisk meets sans still wearing papyrus’s scarf. Frisk ultimately weeps and grieves begging for forgiveness for their sibling’s actions and tries to give back the scarf but for some reason sans told them not to. Sans does not particularly hates Frisk but can’t seem to fully forgive since Frisk has their sins too. Frisk is determined to try to convince Kara to stop this madness for good.

The final corridor, This is where Kara meets Sans and Frisk. Frisk does their best attempt to find goodness inside their sibling despite Sans warnings.


“Are you an idiot?” A fatal stab wound to the heart. Frisk tumbles back into Sans’ arms gasping for air. Sans panics and told them to stay determined and survive but… Frisk, covered in blood as the color the scarf Frisk still wears, physically and emotionally drained died in Sans arms. Soul broken to little pieces. Their determination is not as strong as Kara’s now…

Kara: “Hmm… I could have sworn they have the same facial reaction as your brother when I attacked him.. It’s funny isn’t it? How entertainingly foolish and naive these little siblings are…”

Sans: “You Dirty Little Sibling Killer….”

Glad you asked anon. 

*cracks neck* 

*deep breaths* 

*screams to the void*

I mean, this OVA ( One punch man’s: the pupil who is an extremely poor talker) is so domestic, Imma die.

no, you don’t understand.

bathing together:

no big deal, right? i mean skinship and all.

how about, Saitama giving Genos his house key? and basically telling him not to wait for him cause it’s cold. 

This is gonna get long so let me put it under the cut..

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  • *knock at the door*
  • Saitama: Oh! Those are trick or treaters! Genos could you get that?
  • Genos: Yes sensei *goes and answers the door*
  • Genos: *returns 10 minutes later*
  • Saitama: wow, you were gone awhile. Were there a lot of kids?
  • Genos: No.
  • Saitama: ....you gave them candy, right?
  • Genos: Why would I do that?
  • Saitama: ...Genos,what did you give them?
  • Genos: Knowledge
  • Saitama: *runs to the door and opens it to find kids standing there crying*
  • Kid: are you really the only person keeping the world from crumbling into a burning chaos of destruction and sorrow?*sniffles*
  • Kid2: we just wanted candy!
  • Saitama: DAMN IT GENOS! *dumps entire bowl of candy in kids' bags*
  • Genos: *hides behind curtains*
Crane Game
  • The Minis have their own "techniques" to win these crane games. XD
  • -Watches as King manages to win another difficult prize from the crane game-
  • Saitama: Wow, you're pretty good at these kind of games, King.
  • -He inspects his spoils of war before putting it in his plastic bag full of others.-
  • King: It gets easier with practice. You eventually get the hang of wrist motion and master some pretty basic techniques.
  • Saitama: That's cool. It's real generous of you to give some of those prizes of yours to the kids.
  • King: what do you mean, Saitama-shi? I didn't give anything yet.
  • Saitama than how...?
  • -Finally turns to see Roku, San, and Yon using their magnets to control the crane to grab all the prizes...with a rather displeased Genos right behind them.-
  • Saitama: ...Oh.;;;