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i love hero/villain ships where the baddie is like “your moral purity and ability to kick my ass without even trying has made me question and relinquish everything i hold dear. i will now follow you around in the hopes that i may be able to earn my place in humanity. show me the way to the light.”

and the hero is like “i have no idea how this happened but i’m just gonna roll with it?”

like, not even redemption by love, just redemption by example. a brave pure heart who inexplicably ends up with a weeping former evildoer in battered livery following them around, marveling in amazement at their humanity. 

because it can be hilarious, beautiful, or both

Heyy it’s a thing I made some time ago but didn’t think it was good enough to put on tumblr and thought id remake eventually in much higher quality but never did so now im like “fuck it this looks good” and putting it on tumblr


its this thing

  • pairing: D.O/Baekhyun, slight D.O/Others (top!soo)
    Xiumin/Chanyeol/Suho, Sehun/Tao, Taemin/Kai, Chen/N (VIXX), Lay/Kris
  • author: signifying_nothing
  • length: 34k
  • warnings/kinks: violence, torture, sexual slavery, non-con, polyamory

“What could you possibly have to speak to me about,” he hissed, the knife still clutched in one hand.

“The truth of what you’re doing.”

Kyungsoo’s eyes narrowed. “I am doing the Kings work, Mage.”

“And is your King’s work truly good work?”

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Just wanted to see, but when will you believe that a relationship is real and not a fake? Don't get me wrong, I know all this stuff going on right now is all stunts, (the only thing I ever believed was zayn and Perrie) but I'm just wondering what it would take for you to believe it was real? I can imagine say for example Selena and Niall getting together and everyone saying that's PR aswell, like what will it take for it to be real to you/us/me?


assorted cosmere femslash february doodles that never made it properly over here

aww yeah, cuz.

so. idk how active i’m gonna be in the coming days, but writing isn’t as COMPLETELY challenging as it used to be, and i think i’ve got some sense of balance between this, vidja games, work, and super duper mega hot adorkable love of my life the boyfrando. with this being said, i figure… hey. maybe i’ll try a shout out of some kind?

for those who are interested in interacting with me, like this, reblog this, i don’t even care. we don’t have to be mutuals. if you wanna write with me, i think that’s hella rad and i’m down for just about anything, provided i have the muse for it and i can find a way to fit her into whatever verse you wanna use. i love AUs, brah. so let’s think of some shit together. ;u;