what girls really

  • in this twisted up, mixed up framework universe, the princesses save themselves.
  • (they save each other)
  • kara lynn palamas, an innocent girl from the communications academy, is ambushed in her safehouse and taken by hydra. she is tortured and interrogated and tortured and interrogated and brainwashed.
  • (she is a victim. she is a victim.)
  • one day, months and months, she breaks free. she sees hydra destroying children, destroying parents, destroying lives.
  • (she remembers her childhood. her parents watching her sister and her play in the park. she remembers this when she accompanies a man on his trip to assassinate a foreign diplomat in a similar park)
  • she goes on a road trip of self-discovery. she cuts her hair and dyes the ends. she gets a tattoo or two.
  • (one is a map with a compass rose, true north. she needs to remember where her true north is. the other is a bird. she is finally free)
  • she changes her name a couple of times. for 6 months, she’s margo. for 2 weeks, she’s elizabeth. she spends 2 days as taylor in las vegas.
  • (eventually, she feels comfortable with her own name again. kara lynn palamas. her name is kara lynn palamas.)
  • somewhere down the road, she meets another broken bird. her name is raina and she’s an inhuman and she’s being hunted by people from all sides.
  • kara doesn’t know this girl, but she knows history. she would have become a history teacher had she not been recruited by shield. she takes the girl in, builds her a home the way she built a home for herself.
  • kara knows that she’s not a hero. raina knows that she’s not a hero.
  • (there are no heroes anymore.)
  • and they go into hiding. and maybe they learn how to hack and clone ip addresses from one of kara’s old shield contacts. and maybe kara uses her history knowledge and her shield knowledge, and raina uses her inhuman knowledge, and they start a small blog that gains a large following. hydra can’t track them down. the girls know the game too well already. kara and raina, inhuman rights activists.
  • kara killed people in the name of hydra. raina killed people in the name of discovering her inhumanity.
  • (sometimes kara wakes up with nightmares of the things she did with hydra. raina calms her down.)
  • and it is far from perfect, but it is enough.

There, have some nb peeps & trans & queer ladies of color with their loved ones. ♥


“Reverse wall dom”

That hug at the end made me smile like a dork

    '' Tea Party ''

TAEYEON 태연_I Got Love_Music Video Teaser #1

Gilmore Girls - AU: Rory/Jess and the prom date that never happened.

DC Super Hero Girls - Hits and Myths: The Journey

So apparently in the Super Hero Girls universe, not only does Steve Trevor work at a bakery/cafe, he stands outside it every morning with a muffin waiting for Diana to fly by. 

"What do you want for Christmas?"

Me: “Money.”

“Nooooo that’s not a thoughtful gift! Choose an actual THING 😊”

Me: “M-O-N-E-Y”

Money for a new tattoo.
Money for new clothes.
Money for some new weave.
Money for a new PS4 game.
Money for some Converses.
Money for some gas and an oil change.
Money for that one pop-up bill every month.
Money for some jewelry.
Money for some Chinese food.

Nah, but for serious if I was looking for any kids show to introduce a trans female comfortably and with success, I would be looking at Star vs The Forces of Evil. A show which has diverse personalities for all its female characters - Jackie, Janna, Star, Ponyhead, Starfan 13. All of them are different, but they are all still girls. None of these characters are ever told to be more feminine or are called manly. Janna who literally says in the show, “I just hate contributing to gender stereotypes”.

If Marco were to identify as a trans girl in the show, they’d know not to make him any different than he is already. They already know that girls have different interests and looks and attitudes and everything. All they’d have to do is for Marco to say the words, “I don’t think I’m a boy” or “I’m a girl” and you’d believe it because that is what the show is about. Being a girl. Not wanting to fit into the standards people expect of you as a girl. Marco identifying as a girl fits into the show so well and fits into everything it is trying to represent.