what gave you the right man

What Hamilton Taught Me

When the revolutionary war started and ended

How to count to ten in French

Who Alexander Hamilton even is

Being the older sister is hard

Lafayette was the real MVP

If your man don’t treat you right burn the stuff he gave you

Things don’t go very well if you wait for it

When the French Revolution started and why

How the French and American revolutions were connected

You can write your way out of anything if you try hard enough

I will never be as successful as Alexander Hamilton

I will also never have the motivation to write like I’m running out of time

Who the ambassador of France was in seventeen se-se-seventeen se-se-seventeen, seventeen eighty nine

Don’t assume anyone is “truly a man of honor” because you’ll probably die

Actually just don’t duel. Like, ever.

  • Ezra: Kanan… what I said about you not being my father…
  • Kanan: Ezra, I know. I know I’m not your father.
  • Ezra: You’re right, you’re not. You’re just the man who kept me fed and in clothes, who sat beside my bed at night until I fell asleep because I was afraid of nightmares, helped me with my training. You taught me how to fight, and shave… and you gave me a home. Sounds a lot like a dad to me.
You ever notice how amazing Jeremy Brett looks in black-and-white pictures?

I mean, we all know the camera loved him in every shade and color variation, but…

My god.

Who gave you the right….

Your beauty is unfair, sir.

make it stop (but not really)


I don’t know if it’s the contrast or what, but he becomes even more this timeless, ever-changing-but-eternally-beautiful prize of a man.  Lest we forget.

@tremendousdetectivetheorist, may I chime in on making you feel better with some Jeremy Brett beauty?

  • jin: /unpacking his bag/
  • cast: what is this box?
  • jin: oh! it's first aid kit, my roommate packed this for me. he's really organized he helped me packed all these things.
  • cast: that's cool!
  • -
  • cast: /in the mids of building their tent/
  • jin: that's not how you do it. here, my roommate gave me this tutorial.
  • cast: but-
  • jin: you're welcome :)
  • -
  • cast: /laughing at jin's old man jokes/
  • jin: you laughed! it's funny right! i don't understand why my roommate hates it..
  • cast: /stopped laughing/
  • -
  • cast: /cooking ramen/
  • jin: you know what, there's a member who's really good at cooking ramen in my group. he's my room-
  • cast: BYE
Most cherished - Dean Winchester x Reader

Title: Most cherished

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 2,168

Warnings: None

Prompt: Can you write a story where it’s placed in season 11 of supernatural and the reader is a very powerful angel or is chuck’s actual daughter but doesn’t know it yet and Lucifer gives very big hints and is the only person that can stop amara and dean from giving in to amara.Can you also make it a deanxreader? Thank you SO much for even considering the idea.

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“Right, because there is nothing and nobody else that could stop auntie Amara from going all Terminator on us huh?” Castiel- Lucifer, you tried each and every time to remind yourself, said with a smirk as he glanced at Chuck. The man – well, not exactly – gave him a stern look and you shared a look with Sam for a moment.

“Alright- enough.” Dean spoke up sternly “You either stop it or spill everything.”

“Spill what? I don’t have anything to spill.” the devil shrugged as he leaned back in his chair casually.

“All I am saying is how I wish there was someone that could step in and help setting balance. Right dad?” he looked at Chuck who had a clenched jaw, a dark look on his face.

“Someone” you repeated the word and he looked at you with a shrug.

“Lucifer what- what are you trying to say?” Sam frowned at him.

“Me? Oh nothing.” he shook his head “I mean- sure it would be ideal if someone of great power could, in cooperation with dad, help lock my beloved aunt away or- you know, help the older Winchester get his mind straight.” he looked at Dean with a knowing smirk and he looked caught in the act for a moment. He looked between all three men and in the end at you, his eyes almost wide and red. He pursed his lips and looked away in almost shame. You knew you very well why.

“Yeah well-” Lucifer made a face “If only there was someone-” he smirked slightly “That he loved too much so that. She won’t be able to control his heart with-”

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I’m The King

Relationship: Negan X Fem!Reader

Warnings: Lot’s of Cussing, Negan being Negan, you almost being Negan, lots of Badassary


Summary: You’re basically a female Negan and this is how things turn out.


“What do you mean Ray?” You growled at the man who served as your right-hand. The brown haired man shifted nervously until until you gave him a sharp glare and he stopped.

“A group attacked us on our way back from one of the pick-ups.” Ray stated. “Took everything, we killed a couple and they said a man named Negan would deal with us later.”  

You stood up fingers gripping the wooden bat and letting one of the many nails that had been stuck into it scrape along the floor. One of your gloved hands drummed against your desk as you walked into the large circle of men and women that gathered in your office. Everyone was silent and didn’t dare make a noise. “Why does this keep happening Ray?” You hummed  looking the man in the eye. “That’s the third time this month, and frankly I’m pissed. Get a truck ready.”

“But you have no one to collect from until next week-” One of your advisors said.

“Does it look like I fucking care?” You asked raising an eyebrow and cocking your head. “I said get a truck ready, we’re going to The Winterbush colony, they were a little light last time anyways.” You handed your beloved bat to Ray before pulling on your gloves and tugging on the worn leather jacket. “I wanna have a word with this Negan because this shit just won’t do.”


Less than twenty minutes later- your men knew you hated to wait- you were going to the back of one of your trucks. “M’am are you sure you wanna go back there? Your truck is up in front and ready to go.” You clicked your tongue and turned around on your heel slowly.

“Son, if I wasn’t sure do you really think I’d be going to the back of this fine vehicle?” You told him and he apologized before walking away in slight embarrassment. You hopped into the back of the truck gathering everyone’s attention.

“Listen up!” You shouted, all eyes were on you now. “I wanna meet the man they call Negan, give’em a piece of my mind, so that being said, do not stop unless we’re meeting the man himself!”  

You gave a wicked grin before pulling the back of the vehicle down and being enveloped in darkness. You started humming a tune, nothing special, just something to pass the time. After a short while the truck stopped and you scowled stomping over to the large door and pulling a chain that would allow you to open it.

“What in God’s dead earth is the meaning of this?!” You yelled hopping out of the back and walking to the front of your men where a line of soldiers that weren’t yours stood lined up with a bunch of guns. “Who are you?”

“Negan.” A puny little fellow spoke up towards the end of the line.

“That’s real funny.” You whispered in the man’s face. “I’m going to ask again, who are you?”

“Negan.” A woman said and you turned your head, placing your bat on your shoulder before standing in front of the line of soldiers letting out a hearty laugh.

“Well this is real fucking funny.” You said before grabbing a smaller man and shoving him to the ground. “Now somebody is going to tell me who you are or I’m going to bash ‘lil Timmy’s skull in.”

“Don’t get prissy doll, they’re just doing their job.” A large man wearing a black leather jacket and a red scarf stepped out from behind the line of soldiers. A bat wrapped in barbed wire was sat upon his shoulder next to his salt and pepper colored hair. “I’m Negan, and this is Lucille.” He said picking up his barbed-wire bat.”

“Being a pain in my ass is their job? They need a better career choice bub.” The man had a smirk on his face while your scowl remained permanent. You surveyed the Negan, he seemed to think he was king around here, oh how he was wrong. “Y/N, I’m a very busy woman so I’d like it if you uh, ya know, cut to the chase?”

His smirk left his face and was replaced with a scowl that matched yours. If looks could kill you’d both be dead 10 times over. “You killed my men.”

“You stole my stuff.” You snapped.

“That you stole from others.” He chuckled. You rolled your eyes at the man.

“Survival of the fittest, Megan.” You told him raising an eyebrow.

“It’s Negan doll.” The man said looking down upon you, but you ignored him.

“I don’t bash anymore of their towns brains in and they give me whatever the fuck I want them too.” You said lightly lifting your bat to show Negan what you meant. He let out a hearty chuckle.

“Holy Shit guys!” The man laughed putting his arms out to the side and gesturing to you. “It’s me with tits!”

You scowled before pointing a long finger at his chest. “I want my stuff back.”

Negan laughed again. “No can do doll, unless-” He paused for dramatic effect. “You came back to the sanctuary and we made a deal.”

“What kind of deal?” You asked your scowl still permanent on your face, some of your soldiers weren’t sure if it would ever leave your face again.

“We’ll discuss it at the sanctuary.” Negan gave a cocky smirk and you turned to your men. Some were shaking their heads at you but their opinions didn’t matter. You looked towards Ray who gave you a nod of approval before you turned back to face Negan.

“Let’s go boys!” You shouted with a wicked grin. “We’re taking a field trip!”

Negan attempted to put an arm around your shoulder only for you to dodge it and glare at him. You got in the passenger seat of his truck and waited for the man to get in and start driving.

“Nice try. Found this on one of your men.” Negan said getting into the vehicle and tossing one of the walkies you saw Ray pick up and stick in his pocket into the middle of the seat. Even if you didn’t take the deal you sure as hell wanted tabs on the leader of the saviours.

“Well what can I say?” You smirked with your arm hanging out the window as he started driving.

“Sorry?” Negan gave a grin and you rolled your eyes

“This is the apocalypse, not pre-school.” You told him and for the rest of the ride the two of you sat in comfortable silence, your hand never left your bat, you never got that comfortable in the presence of a potential enemy. When the truck rolled up to the gates of the sanctuary you got out looking around as if you were planning renovations to the place.

“Pretty fucking amazing isn’t it?” Negan gave a grin and put his arms straight out to the side showing off his home. “I’d love to see your home, considering I’ve shown you mine.”

“The deal Negan.” You scowled looking at the man clad in leather. He gave a small smirk before leading you inside on of the buildings. He entered a room with a bed and other furniture before closing the door behind you and taking a seat on the couch. You copied his action and waited for him to talk.

“I like you Y/N, I really do.” He began. “You’ve got spunk.”

“I like to think of it as class.” You told the man with a straight face.

“So here’s my bargain, you and I combine forces.” Negan cut right to the chase. “We combine our homes and the places we control.”

“What do I get out of this deal.” You asked leaning forward resting your elbows on your knees and getting closer to the man in black.

“Well, for starters, you could practically rule around here, be a queen, more supplies for your people, I’ll even give you the rest of your supplies my men took.” Negan claimed and you took everything into consideration. “Not to mention you get to work alongside a handsome devil like myself.”

“That’s funny, because back at my home, I’m treated like a King. But I like your deal, so I’ll take it on one condition,” You say.

“Which is?” Negan asks quirking an eyebrow.

“I go on every supply run. I like to be hands on and make sure people know who I am, put the fear into them in case they’ve forgotten who I am.” You declare before sticking out your hand for him to shake. “We gotta deal?”

He shakes your hand and the two of you stand up walking to the doors. “I’ll be back next week, I expect I’ll have a nice comfortable housing space?” You say looking over your shoulder.

“You shall.” Negan says smirking as you walk away. You round up your men and tell them to get in the truck. You turn around and send Negan a wink before getting in a truck of your own. “Gent’s, I think I’m in Love.”

Let’s talk character growth.
Remember in the early days… the days where Protective!Hak wouldn’t let Helpless!Yona so much as hold a weapon? When he wanted her to stay in Fuuga, and live comfortable, happy, ignorant, and above all safe. Remember how we hated that? Remember how he hated the boners she gave him when she did something awesome (see Awa arc)?
Look at him now. She’s literally asking to meet the man who killed her father and needs her dead, all to do what is right. And Hak. Hak isn’t happy, he doesn’t necessarily want her to go, because he still wants her safe, but he knows he can’t stop her. Moreover, he knows he shouldn’t stop her. I love this evolution. I love that he’s grown from “I’ll suffer for you” to “I’ll suffer with you.” “I will be there to support you”.
To me, this is the best couple because of how they grow and change. Both her, and very much so him. Kusanagi-sensei, you are still very much so the best and I am in awe of your well-rounded characters.


“Bye Jackie.” Jack responded in kind as he watched her walk towards Henley’s room, Y/H/C hair billowing behind her. He smiled softly at the nickname, remembering the day she gave it to him. He hadn’t realized he was still staring, but someone else did.
“You should just tell her.” Merritt offered, not looking up from his book. Jack broke away from his thoughts, looking towards the older man in confusion.
“Tell her what?” Merritt scoffed, shaking his head.
“That you’re hopelessly in love with her.” He said it simply, with a wave of his hand that made Jack feel as if he was being mocked, but he just rolled his eyes.
“We’re just friends.”
“Yeah, right, and I’m next in line to be king of England. Seriously, one of these days, you’re gonna realize you two both feel the same way.” Merritt stood, heading towards his room when Jack finally realized what he’d said.
“Wait, what?” Merritt looked over his shoulder and smiled.
“Just talk to her kid.”

  • Me: I want less suffering and more light stuff, give me some romance, give me some Caryl! (please?)
  • Gimple: Did you say you wanted Richonne? Here! take this bottle ep that’s headed your way!
  • Me: I mean…I guess? That’s great but how about some-
  • Gimple: Carnid? Lookit these teenagers being cute, heartwarming, right?
  • Me: That’s not what I mea-
  • Gimple: Yeah we’re not even gonna show Tara’s reaction to losing Denise because why would they wanna see that…oh shit, wrong chat. Wow you’re still here.
  • Me: What’s that about Tara though-
  • Gimple: Hey, look I think I know what you’re asking for and I’m gonna give it to you. Have this scene of a guy Carol just met flirting with her. Aren’t they adorable? You wanted more Carol right? Don’t say I never gave ya nothing.
  • Me: Listen, man…this isn’t funny anymore…
  • Gimple: I’m just fucking with you, I got something amazing in the bag for ep ten, you’re gonna love this shit, gif the crap outta it, spend weeks/months/years dissecting vague words and hidden easter eggs….
  • Me: *develops a sudden eye twitch*
  • Gimple: Sorry gotta go…about to starve, beat and emotionally torture Daryl. The fans love that.
  • Me: ...
Imagine: Being a famous Assassin

Originally posted by elputoduke

Imagine: Being a famous Assassin and having the houses fight for your loyalty and your strength. 

Word Count: Long, kinda 

Warning: None  

Part 2

Castle Talsworth. A stronghold that my lord father and his father built before my time, you thought to yourself. 

You are in the courtyard walking around and greeting everyone a good morning and making sure everyone is in good health. You are a famous Assassin with your Valyrian Steel sword named Ruthless Fire that your father gave you before he passed away.

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OK, no offence but holy Jesus shitting Christ you have no idea what a Thrall is

Thralls are Slaves man!! Like they are slaves first and foremost, holy fucking shit, Vikings use to literally chain people up and sell them for profit w other empires (famously the Byzantium) or among themselves. Thralls lived a the constant threat of violence and rape and even the laws of the time which were “lenient” when it came to slaves and gave them “rights” doesn’t change the fact they are literally


Oh my fucking god.

You can’t say “there were 100% black and Asian Vikings” and then literally point to slavery like it’s some casual find then and you’re “indentured” to a family my god???

Jesus Christ

Dude you know what you can say, instead? Muslim Vikings existed bc they actively traveled up the Volga from Byzantium on missions to convert and ended up staying for vast periods of time or indefinitely. Muslim ppl look like anything and anyone! There you go!

Ohhhh my god oh my GOD oh my god.

  • ARIES: "I thought you were dead in a ditch.”
  • TAURUS: “I am being perfectly fucking civil.”
  • GEMINI: “If you spit, Blue, it would land right in his eye.”
  • CANCER: “I don’t know what I want. I don’t know what the hell I am.”
  • LEO: “Shit, man. All those nights you gave me grief about keeping you awake, and you don’t even need to sleep.”
  • VIRGO: " Never trust the dead.”
  • LIBRA: “I couldn’t dream.”
  • SCORPIO: “Gansey's partying with his mother. And Noah's fucking dead. But Parrish is here.”
  • SAGITTARIUS: "Ostendes tuum et ostendam meus?"
  • CAPRICORN: “Magical mosquitos. What a great place this is.”
  • AQUARIUS: “I know when I'm awake and when I'm asleep."
  • PISCES: “I guess now would be a good time to tell you, I took Chainsaw out of my dreams.”
dana watches lucifer (2x08)

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  • did you know my dad just saw lucifer’s mom in a hallmark movie where she was the small town love interest
  • nice whistling music and then BODY SLAM
  • “hey man” BODY SLAMMED
  • “we can totally work this out” lol you thought
  • kay not rly back to normal linda seems rly nervous
  • “the sandwich representing trust” that is exactly what it represented even lucifer knows deckerstar is otp 
  • “how did you actually torture hitler” I LOVE LINDA
  • “i was worried i’d never see you again” AW
  • “maze gave me some needed clarity” i ship it so hard
  • “what abt my uncle edwin he was one bad mamma jamma”
  • “now she’s somewhere to the left of totally useless and the right of total lunacy” “so she’s you in a skirt”
  • “if you need anyone to talk to i’m here” THE WAY SHE SAYS IT SO CASUALLY
  • duh its a white guy
  • oh my god oh my god it’s the knife it’s azrael’s knife holy shit i’m gonna scream
  • “okay so if you two wanna cry it out i’ll be in the car” um maze is the best
  • every time the theme song cuts in it’s just so epic
  • ohhhh the blade demands to be used I WONDER IF THE GUY FEELS GUILT HOLY CRAP 
  • “trip to stabbytown” 
  • lucifer likes calling people a peach i love it
  • “i like the smug much sexier than the earnest” 
  • of course maze doesn’t wanna do the dishes
  • “the whole point of a favor is to do it for free”
  • “ugh please don’t ruin favors for me” I LVOE THEIR FRIENDSHIP
  • “oh no no definitely not” WHAT DOES SHE WANT I GOTTA KNOW
  • “you’re a nasty little nerd aren’t you”
  • “does your favor involve killing me” *pushes her in* lucifer is such a jerk i love him 
  • “the glory what” “the glory hole” “the glory way”
  • chloe is so not clued in i love her so much but lucifer must cause her a lot of stress how is she not completely grey haired by now
  • “that’s why great ideas come in the shower” I LOVE HER
  • “it appears you’ve been busy” ZOOM IN
  • “FILLED IN hole” I love lucifer i love him 
  • “you are sexually prolific, turns out you get that from me” “MUM” 
  • no no more sadness we were going so WELL
  • i like chloe’s murder board
  • “my pudding is gone” who are you ross geller
  • ELLA
  • chloe is so jealous
  • “lucifer’s not another guy, he’s a weirdo” doesn’t mean you can’t still be in love with him
  • chloe is so FLUSTERED
  • lol lucifer puts on hand sanitizer
  • “nooo worries” she says as she steps closer
  • we get to see protective/jealous lucifer all the time so protective/jealous chloe is a GIFT
  • amenadiel, mazikeen stop FLIRTING she’s in love with linda
  • “you’re whole leather body suit thing it’s it’s - it’s not - it’s not that great” “….yeah it is”
  • lol and there’s another body
  • “must have been some parking space”
  • oh god the whole yoga class is DEAD
  • “nothing left to do here i suppose” “except figure out how a whole yoga class got murdered” 
  • “totally insane and probably exactly what happened” i love ella
  • oh man they’re not dead, they’re DEAD dead
  • chloe is so jealous
  • oh god ella is not helping her case
  • “that’ll be what the panels called: full yoga massacre 2016″
  • their whole dynamic has shifted
  • “the angel of death is a chick?” damn straight
  • this guy is such a hipster i can’t even type out the name of his tea
  • “tell me what you want what you really really want” “i want a raspberry cream cheese muffin” oh my GOD HIS STOMACH I LVOE IT
  • this is so funny i can’t process anything
  • “proof of bigfoot?” i love lucifer
  • “this case and ur favor are connected. start talking dude” still love her
  • “don’t underestimate the nasty nerd” - my dad
  • “i guess faith isn’t faith unless it’s tested… bring it in” I LOVE HER SO MUCH SHE JSUT HUGS HIM
  • ella has been CAUGHT
  • “enjoy ur shower” lucifer don’t make it worse
  • poor chloe she doesn’t understand
  • aw i knew the yoga teacher would end up killling someone i just hoped not i feel rly bad
  • i literally love lucifer standing up for this woman i love him i love her and i goddamn love this show
  • “you ruined my marriage” dan YOU ruined your marriage
  • my dad is telling me why i should’ve known it would happen all along
  • “technically that’s not the truth but i understand the metaphor”
  • i know he won’t die but that isn’t changing my fear
  • “i know you ate my pudding” nah nvm he’s totally justified to do this
  • “have mercy daniel how was i supposed to know it was yours” “BECAUSE IT WAS LABELLED” 
  • oh this is a real redemption arc
  • “what are we doing back here” am i growing fond of dan this is kinda weird
  • “i feel great” yeah i guess he got a lot off his chest
  • no chloe don’t feel unvalidated by this please
  • lucifer stop exploiting this 
  • “trump… i know he’s not dead but he’s definitely going”
  • “i had sex with the devil” “many many times and you’re welcome”
  • “the doctor is in” DAMN STRAIGHT :’)
  • aw this is so pure what ella wants
  • “no harm no foul” “i beg to differ”
  • “i want my family back” i kinda high key love her
  • “hell wasn’t home and heaven was hell” that was a beautiful line
A Kakasaku fanfic by me

“Hey Sakura did you know Sasuke is a fucking dumbass who abandoned you and your daughter and didn’t even care”

“Holy shit Kakashi you’re right I gave birth to his child and yet we’ve never fucking kissed what the fuck he kissed Naruto when we were like 12 why can’t he kiss his fucking w i f e.”

“You know what you should do?”

“I should fucking dump the fucking fucker.”


“But what super hot man will help support me and my daughter?”

Kakashi poses seductively in his hokage uniform as money falls down upon him from the heavens like the perfect man he is.

“sensei H o l y s h i t”

They made out

Soft Kisses &  Gentle Touch

Prompt: Person A playing with Person B’s fingers because they’re bored, tracing the skin, examining the scars

Character: Bruce Wayne

Pairing: Bruce Wayne x Reader.

Humming softly you grasped Bruce’s rough hand then slowly brought it to your lips. Dropping it you then gave him a smile as you started to play with his fingers seeing how his hand dwarfed yours. Letting out a light sigh you continued to play with his fingers as you let your free hand trace the scars that littered his chest.

“Where did you get this one?”

Hearing your voice Bruce opened one of his eyes, enjoying what you were doing the man found it hard to focus since he never got the chance to really relax with his job but being in your arms right now he found it easy. Chuckling he shook his head seeing your still tracing the rather large scar on his bicep. 

“That one was from Bane.”

Wrinkling your nose in displeasure from hearing the name you slowly placed our lips against the jagged skin.

“And this one?” Your gave him a grin pulling away from his chest as you brought his hand to his face showing him a small scar on his wrist.

“That one was my fault..I was fixing that Bat mobile and cut my wrist.” Bruce’s lips twitched into a smile hearing your soft laugh.

“I suppose you get a kiss for that, even though it’s your fault” You teased giving the scar a kiss.

Turning your attention to one on his shoulder you then traced more of his skin as he let out a sigh relaxing into the bed.

“Are you going to be tracing my scars all night?”

“I am?” You let your eyes stare into his dark one’s, he just chuckled as he brought you in for a soft kiss.