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Alright, heres test number one for my next side project. Gotta fix a few frames at the end there, then I think its good.

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i inevitably lose a follower or two every time i do a thread / meme reply where illyana’s openly hostile abt av*ngers lmao. sorry illyana’s life was ruined by them?? sorry they tried to kill her and she’s still pissed about it?? she’s allowed to be angry and hostile and i’m not going to??? ignore that??? 

such great heights — part four

She knew Max wasn’t perfect — hell, nobody was — but she still didn’t understand why Harry couldn’t just respect her and her relationship. “And he has a lot of redeeming qualities, might I add. He makes me laugh, he knows when I’m upset and just what makes me feel better, he is loyal and honest, he doesn’t—”

“Respect you?” Harry cut in, raising a brow.

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Dover: Give up yet?
Regina: Pff! A-as if!”

A continuation of this previous sparring scene from Florecentmoo (NSFW)


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Zero never responded to Matts wya tweet wassup w that

lmaoo i wan’t you to sincerely know that i fell asleep while on twitter and midway into Zero’s response. now because of me he’s in trouble.

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Everyone on Cartoon network is afraid of Black Hat. But not the Wattersons. No- Black hat fears Nicole.

He has every right to fear Nicole. She’s a terrifying force to be recon’d with and he knows that just from the first time looking at her.

Black Hat ain’t gonna fuck with a mother of 3. There are a lot of things he will fuck with but that is not one of them.

He tried to freak Richard out but the dudes so happy-go-lucky that it took more effort than it was worth and he gave up and admitted silent defeat.

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hi just waltzing in to say I had no idea you liked dr horrible and I'm feeling blessed like ?? I haven't met anyone that knows about it and it's lowkey one of my favorite musicals ever so anyway have a nice day

GOD YEA i hecking ADORE dr horrible oh man
it’s one of the very first musicals i got into and it holds a special place in my heart pls talk to me abt it literally anytime

Eight Days A Week (a Yuri!! On Ice nanny au)

okay but a nanny!AU where Viktor has somehow acquired a bushel of children and needs a nanny to help care for his screaming brood - enter Yuuri, freshly retired from what he thinks was a failed figure skating career, and in desperate need of money to help pay off his student loans.

(it’s also on AO3)


Yuuri’s nervous – it’s his very first meeting at the nanny agency and he has no idea how he’s gong to pull any of this off, when Viktor Nikiforov, the world’s best figure skater (ret.), walks in. Yuuri nearly has a heart attack, but his excitement and energy quickly vanishes when he realizes that Viktor, who stood on the podium with Yuuri at Worlds two years before (for Yuuri’s first and only World medal, a bronze) doesn’t recognize him at all.

By the time Yuuri takes this in (wondering why he thought Viktor would even remember a washed-up nobody like him, anyway), a weary, weary Viktor is telling him that the longest a nanny has lasted with Viktor’s kids is a week, and the last one left after three hours, recommending that Viktor hire an exorcist instead of childcare help.

Yuuri, whose hurt feelings won’t pay the rent, swallows his crushed dreams and accepts the job.

(He tells all this to his roommate Phichit that night. “Wow,” Phichit says. “Your life sucks.”)

The next day, he goes to Viktor’s house and the door is opened by a tiny blond ball of rage, who promptly kicks Yuuri in the shin and runs off.

“That’s Yuri,” says a young boy lurking behind the hall stand inside. “He’s three. He hates you.”

“What about you?” Yuuri asks, favoring one leg.

The boy considers. “I’m Otabek. I’m five. I hate you too.”

Viktor comes up, removes the cricket bat from Otabek’s hands, and brings Yuuri inside. “The children didn’t want to come meet you,” Viktor says in way of explanation as they go into the large house. “I can usually find them.”

They discover Sara and Michele (twins, Viktor tells him, and six) in the kitchen, eating crackers under the table. Jean-Jacques (seven) is climbing a bookcase in the library. Mila (nine) is reading a book in front of the television, with the dog Makkachin at her feet. It takes a while to find the last two, Georgi and Chris, both twelve, but Viktor finally locates them sitting on the garage roof. Georgi has a guitar and Chris has a water gun, which he promptly uses to squirt Yuuri in the face.

“There they are,” Viktor says.

Yuuri takes off his glasses to dry them. He’s a little shell-shocked. “Eight children.”

“Yes.” Viktor hesitates. “I have to go. Are you staying?”

Yuuri puts his glasses back on. “Um, sure?”

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What Tarot deck do you use?

The Tarot of Pagan Cats Mini Deck! I’ve had it for a few years now, and it’s small and easy to carry around. In my opinion, a fancy tarot deck is great, but unless your cards have a good connection with you, they won’t work better than any other deck. I carry my deck around with me all the time, so I think the cards trust me.

Plus, cats. It’s a tiny deck of cards covered in cats, how could that in any way be bad

anyone else have that one villager that lived in your very first animal crossing town and you just love them unconditionally

mer!Klance? wholesome

more klance in skirts bc!! it’s!! important!!


The Many Faces of Laura Hollis 

Just some practice drawing some of Laura’s most noteworthy facial expressions because wow she’s one expressive gal 

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