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Okay, so Kat said Bamon isn’t happening so far...

Guess what?

FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC!!!!!!!! Guys, this is freakin AMAZING news!!! Did you really want Bamon together in like 6 episodes? I don’t get it, guys! It’s like a freakin roller coaster on here, and Idk how you guys deal with it, cause I’m getting whiplash! How about we make a commitment to just HOPE, and when all else fails HOPE SOME MORE!!! Let’s stop getting deterred by every little thing! Guess what? Kat said Bamon wasn’t happening AS OF NOW. Guess what, REMEMBER how Damon and Elena got together through a sirebond? Remember how they spent the entirety of season 5 arguing about how toxic they were for each other? Remember when Elena erased him from her memory because she couldn’t handle the grief??! THAT’S NOT TRUE LOVE!!!! NOBODY writes true love like that!!!!! Elena is not dead! Right, you are on that! And I’m personally thanking Jesus for it! Sorry SC fans, but STEFAN AND ELENA ARE EPIC LOVE! Always have been. Always will be. I don’t care!! That’s why the writers didn’t kill her off! So they can put her with Stefan, like she was always meant to be! 

Now! Just as I’ve listed the way Delena has been written, go back and think about the way Bamon has been written! All the way back from season 1 to where we are now! And ask yourself, ‘WHY THE HECK AM I DOUBTING?!?!!’ Who the heck tells their viewers, “oh yeah, on this season of the Vampire Diaries, Bonnie and Damon are FINALLY getting together! We are so excited for it!!” NOBODY does that!!!!! Why? Cause they want it to be a surprise!!! So let’s stop trying to predict everything! Sit down in front of our televisions with a huge tub of popcorn, served with a large side of HOPE soda, and watch the mystery unfold! Shall we?