what finn's dancing to


“But my hips have missed your hips
So, let’s get to know the kicks
Will you sway with me?”

“You look like a queen y/n.” Finn said as he came up  behind you, wrapping his hands around your  waist and peppering kisses  on the side of your neck, “Finn, what are you up to?” You giggled, “I wanna’ dance with my queen, the bride and groom ain’t the only people that are dancing ya’ know.”

Finn swayed back and forth, humming to the music that was playing in the speakers, you always loved dancing, especially with Finn, his body was always so warm, and he held you like you were a glass doll, like you’d break if he let you go.

You looked around at your surroundings as you danced with your boyfriend, you always wanted to be married, to have a wedding of your own, you had been with Finn for five years now, you wondered if he wanted to marry you as much as you wanted to marry him,

but you barley see him since his schedule was so busy, “Somethin’ on ya’ mind, love?” Finn asked as he spun you around to face him, “Would you want to…..maybe one day be more than girlfriend and boyfriend?” You asked him, he grabbed your hand and kissed the palm of it, “You want this, don’t ya’?” Finn asked as he spun you back around, so your back was on his stomach, you didn’t say anything to him, but you didn’t need to, he already knew. “Well. Y/n Devitt, I think I like the sound of that.”

A Lovely Night

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Pairing: Finn Hudson x Reader


Word count: 1.090

A/N: I had fun on writing this shot, also because I love Finn and Cory so much. I miss him so much and I know you also do. Anyways, hope that this is how you imagined the story and hope that you like it. I suggest you to listen to “A Lovely Night” by Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, it is a song from the film La La Land, if you didn’t know.
Anyways, thank you for your request and hope to receive some soon. Enjoy!

- G. x

The sun was setting soon, but the school was still crowded. You thought that maybe it was because of the football team’s practice but you were still amazed of it.

“(Y/N)!” You heard a familiar voice calling you and you were almost sure who it was. You smiled widely and turned your head to where that angelic voice came from.

“Finn!” You ran to him and you excitedly hugged him tightly. He just got out of the shower as his football practice just ended few minutes ago. You adored the scent of his perfume and he just laughed at your behaviour.

“You missed me so much, yeah?” He mocked you as he wrapped his arms around your waist.

“Of course!” You broke the hug that you’ve been sharing and you winked at him. He smiled at you widely and got the backpack that was hanging on your right shoulder.

Finn was your best friend and you knew him since the day you became a cheerleader. You quickly clicked together and you had a great friendship going on. You can always count on him and he can always count on you, of course. He’s a gentleman, kind, caring, a little bit dorky and idiot sometimes, but those are the qualities you loved in him.

“So? What are we doing tonight?” He asked you as you both started to walk, heading to the parking lot.

“I have no idea. I am so tired because of the cheerios’ practice.” You looked at him and he bit his lip as if he was thinking of something you can both do.

You both remained silent for awhile, both thinking of a possible activity to do together. You suck at thinking though, because the more you think of something, the more you can’t find the right answers at the right moment.

You silently walked, just hearing the crowds chaos in the background and the starting tune of a familiar song to you.

“(Y/N)!” Finn excitedly shouted your name. You thanked him as you thought that something has already came in his mind.

“So?” You curiously asked.

“Hear that song they’re playing?” Finn widely smiled at you and you quickly understood what he wanted to do.

“No, just no.” You shook your head several times, but you knew that Finn always gets what he wants. He wanted you to sing with him in front of the crowd and you hated him for a short moment for that.

“C'mon!” He grabbed your hand and he ran near the girl who was playing the song that you both loved together.

“Finn!” You pouted but he just flashed you a sweet and lovely smile. You are a great singer, but you are always shy to sing in front of others and that is one of the things you hate in yourself. Also, because of your shyness, Finn couldn’t convince you to join the Glee club, where he was a member too.

“The sun is nearly gone,” Finn has started to sing, as he put down the backpacks on the bench. “no lights are turning on, a silver shine that stretches to the sea.” Finn has sung confidently. His voice was fantastic and he had a great talent. You admired him from afar as he performed for the crowd around him.

“He’s just so perfect.” You silently though to yourself.

“Some other girl and guy, would love this swirling sky. But there’s only you and I and we’ve got no shot. This could never be, you’re not the type for me,” He continued singing as the beat went on and you continued admiring your best friend.

You then stopped looking at him absent-mindedly when you felt that someone pulled your hand. It was obviously Finn, asking you to join him. You shook your head several times, but the crowd started cheering for you and you haven’t gotten any other chances to back yourself out.

“You say there’s nothing here? Well, let’s make something clear, I think I’ll be the one to make that call.” You sang shyly at first but then Finn smiled at you, as if he was saying that you were doing great. You suddenly gained a scrap of confidence and you started to not care of your surroundings anymore.

“What’s your call?” Finn asked as it was part of the song.

“I know you look so cute in your polyester suit.”

“It’s wool.” You smiled at him as you enjoyed this moment with him, not caring of what others might think.

You started to enjoy the song and you felt appreciated as you heard the crowd cheering happily and cheerfully for you and Finn. You loved the idea of singing your favourite song from your favourite movie, swaying your hips too.

“What a waste of a lovely night.” You both sang in unison and the instrumental part of the song came.

You and Finn danced like what the protagonists did in their film and you couldn’t deny that you both had fun.

When the song has stopped, the two of you earned some loud claps from the other students and you thank them endlessly.

“It was fun, right?” Finn mocked you as he was fixing the backpacks on the both of his shoulders.

“Shut up!” You rolled your eyes, but it was obvious that you had fun performing in front of the crowd.

“So, glee club it is?” He playfully made his eyebrows dance and you just shook your head.

“I’ll think of it.” His eyes widened because of euphoria and you couldn’t help but laugh at his reaction.

“Wait, talking of thinking something.” He quickly put on a serious expression on his face. “What are we doing tonight?”

“Oh,” Your lips grew wide as a great idea came through your mind. “La La Land and popcorn.”

“Again?” Finn complained as you both already saw the film for about hundred times.

“Then you shouldn’t have let me sing A Lovely Night.” You raised your shoulders as if you were saying that he had no choice. “You knew how much I loved that film.”

“Or maybe how much you loved Ryan Gosling?” Finn raised his left eyebrow, offended.

“Sorry, not sorry.” You gave him a teasing smile and he let a soft laugh escape from his lips.

He was happy to spend time with you, his beloved pretty and lovely best friend, even though it was watching the film La La Land for the hundredth time now.

Because with you, it was never a waste of a lovely night.

Wake Up, Break Up, Make Up: a finnrey fic for @finnreyfridays​ “What did I do to deserve you?” theme

Finn wakes in a panic. He’s in a sterile white medbay, and for one terrible moment he’s sure that he’s back on Starkiller base, that his escape was nothing but a fever dream conjured by his mind to get him through reconditioning.

He tries to stand, and immediately falls. Warm hands catch him, and a familiar voice murmurs in his ear. It’s okay buddy you’re safe now. I got you. You’re safe.

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First Listen Friday: Showmance 1x02

I consider Push It an iconic Glee number.  I enjoy it almost as much as Emma and Figgins.  Here is the version from the 1st Glee tour so you can enjoy the improved version of everyone’s dancing (well not Finn).

Also, lol Kurt what did you expect Mercedes to think when you PUT YOUR FACE IN HER BOOBS.  No wonder she throws a brick through your window next week.

The Suburban Life - pastandfuturequeen - Star Wars - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
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Title: The Suburban Life

Author: @pastandfuturequeen

Summary: Finn was ready for the suburban life. he had a lovely spouse, a dog, and he was the ideal neighbor that didn’t play music too loud and let the neighborhood kids pet his dog on a walk. Yet there appeared a challenge he had never expected lying between him and his perfect suburban life.White People.

Or, alternatively - Finn moves into a new neighborhood and feels himself getting a migraine at all this white people nonsense.

Submission for Finn Week 2017. Day 3: Next Door Neighbor AU

Read on AO3, or below.

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Thousand Years - Finn Bálor One-Shot

A/N: You guys should know where this originates from… I LOVE THIS SONG.

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When 2 AM struck in the household, you were bound to get up because sleep had finally escaped you, you would gracefully make your way into the kitchen and turn on the lights to illuminate your home in sunny Florida. While you would be up and about, Finn would suddenly hear the commotion going on downstairs no matter how hard you tried to keep quiet. Whether you would be grabbing yourself something to drink or straightening up things, he would always find his way downstairs to see you twirling around the kitchen, humming “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri the entire time.

A smile would find its way inching across his face. Staying quiet, he would embrace this moment because he saw you in the most beautiful state. Not a care in the world, every worry off in the distance, every weight being suddenly lifted off your shoulders. The radiance you beamed made him so proud to call you his own. You were an astounding wife, an incredible mother, and a loving friend. Those three components made his heart swell in pure adoration for you and the things you did.

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Fic: True North

Based off that post about soulmate compass AUs. Kind of a complete rehashing of certain preshow/s2 plotlines.

~2700 words, PG-13ish for hospital stuff/mentions of violence. Fluff/hurt/comfort.

Kurt had felt like his head was spinning ever since Mr. Schue pulled him and Finn out of class that morning.

“I don’t know how to tell you this, but…your father’s in the hospital. The doctors think he had a heart attack, and they’re doing everything they can. Carole already called you both out, and I’ll make sure your friends collect your homework.”

“Thanks, Mr. Schue,” Finn had replied. Kurt couldn’t say anything, too in shock to speak.

He still couldn’t speak, really. What was he supposed to say when he got to the hospital and discovered his father unconscious in the ICU? How was he supposed to react? Screaming? Crying? Fainting?

“We’re going to go get dinner, Kurt. Would you like to come with us?” Carole asked, snapping him out of his stupor for a moment.

“No, I’m not hungry,” Kurt said quietly, even though it was already nine pm and he hadn’t eaten since breakfast. “I’ll wait here until you guys come back.”

Carole squeezed his shoulder comfortingly before following Finn out of the room.

“C’mon, Dad,” Kurt whispered, holding one of Burt’s hands in both of his. “Wake up. Please.”

He waited a moment, but there was no response other than a slight movement on the double-needled compass in Burt’s wrist as the newer arrow followed Carole down the hall to the cafeteria.

Just as Kurt was finally about to let himself cry, he felt a tugging in his own compass wrist.

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Sweet Dreams

a/n: This is a MMFD murder mystery (ghost story too) AU. Sadly, someone in the gang must die (or will they?). Let’s figure out what happened and who did it? Although this is an AU I decided to stick to the theme and story line to my other MMFD fanfic “Say it Ain’t So”. Forgive the typos and such. Enjoy.

You can also check out the other fics here:

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Sweet Dreams, part 1/?

Dear Diary,

Summer is upon us!  The gang and I are on our way to spend a week at an old Scottish manor house outside of Stirling .It better be good for this painful five hour drive! Izzy’s said her parents got married there and its all they ever talk about when they think about going on a holiday. Somehow Finn’s dad put up the money for both of us as part of Finn’s graduation gift. This will be our first holiday together and I think I’m starting to freak. Kester says that I can call him anytime while I’m gone. Then he spoke to Finn for twenty minutes about signs of acute anxiety and what to do when I can’t calm myself down. I was bloody embarrassing but Finn seemed to take it well, he said it made him feel important. Geez…I can’t believe he could ever think that he wasn’t important. 

Anyway, I’m so fucking excited to get away for a while! No more, “Rachel Earl!” or crying baby to listen to for a whole blood week. Me mum were happy that I was going. I think she were more happy that she wasn’t paying. Just me, Finn and the gang in a romantic manor house with bloody servants! Its going to be a couples trip since Danny isn’t allowed to stay away from home that long. He’ll be missed.

Chloe and Keiran are finally back together after months of drama! Now, all she talks about is finally getting her first time with Keiran after all these years, as we’re 30 years old or something. Bloody hell Chlo!!

Archie and Simon are finally openly dating too! It only took Archie graduating and getting into some posh university to drag Simon out of the closet. I’m still not too sure if I like Simon. Finn and I are both of the opinion that Simon is a bit dodgy in some way and we both agree that no one is good enough for our best mate. Archie seems happy though. Can you believe he came to me and Finn for sex advise? Oh diary, I thought that I was a lost cause, but Archie has so many insecurities about his first time and he wants it to be perfect! Oh, you should have seen Finn’s face as Archie asked questions about protection, positions and techniques! Finn kept pulling a face and suggesting that it were probably different since it would be two blokes. I, on the other hand, decided to get creative and visualized me and Finn doing it like two blokes, which is when Finn got up to get more tea. Archie will be fine and this trip will be perfect for him…no perfect for all of us!

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just a few reminders for yall marvelous people who write finn/poe or finn/rey or finn/poe/rey fics

i read a lot of your fics. most of them are really well written, and i love it. but there’s some things i’d like to point out as not really good. listen, i won’t talk about any fic here, i’m just doing this as a general warning for people who might not even know they’re doing this. it’s okay, we don’t know much about these characters, there’s only one movie. but it’s important:

- finn isn’t broken. he isn’t there for someone to fix him, like poe or rey or anybody else. he’s a young man who has been through a lot of shit in his life, sure, but this isn’t a device for you to use like it’s a good thing while developing his relationship with another character

- finn. knows. what. sex. is.

- finn knows what basic stuff like kissing, dancing, or music is. sure, in the first order he didn’t have any of this and more, but he definetly knows what this is. don’t make him a cute dumb so your story can become more cute

- poe didn’t named finn. he offered finn a new name. poe didn’t impose the “finn” name upon him. he asked if it was okay for him to call finn like that. just keep it in mind. it was the first time someone asked finn to choose something in his life

- finn won’t forget about rey. finn will miss her. finn will complain that he misses her, and ask her to come back. don’t erase her existence from your story. he loves rey with all of his heart, platonic or not.

- hold the fuck up: poe has flaws

- poe and finn have ptsd, for sure. but again: using one character as something that could “cure” another it’s not okay

- rey is much more than a shipper about finn and poe’s relationship. it won’t hurt yall to write her better. really. nobody puts rey in the corner

- where the fuck yall took that rey doesn’t like to be touched. she likes to hug, to make physical contact. she just spent her life in a planet full of fucking sand and with no friends, struggling to survive. don’t talk shit about the “finn holding her hand and she didn’t like” anymore. we’ve been through this already. seek enlightment

- poe dameron’s parents were with the resistance, but HIS MOTHER were the pilot. i’ve been seeing some fics where people keep saying that his dad flew with the resistance during the battle of endor. also: his idol (canonically) is leia organa. 

- looking for sources to write the characters better? the force awakens novel. the leaked tfa script. see what the actors talk about their characters. go hard or go home. or go anywhere. idk who invented this saying.

aph-swedank  asked:

Some songs for the Nordic band: Somebody that is used to snow, Do you wanna build IKEA stuff, Dancing Finn, My son knows what we did in the dark (it's based on when Den explained the birds and the bees to Ice), Shake it Nor, My Hips of Ice and All the single danish.