what feelings sound like

Don’t focus on what has been lost. Focus on what’s been gained in the absence of what once was.

I sometimes wish I’d stayed inside

my mother.

Never to come out. 

New Home: Chapter 1
HAPPY 50th VIDEO SPECIAL! This is my favorite Steven Universe comic series ever, and I am SO glad to have dubbed it. Due to all the editing, this video took ...

Oh my god someone dubbed it by themselves

I don’t even know what to think like omg


I have a lot of feelings about the latest chapter of “Flowey is Not a Good Life Coach” and this sums up most of them

Bonus ending!

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rose "I don't leave my room/book/computer unless it's to make coffee or toast" lalonde has definitely got a case of the frozen hands/feet syndrome, luckily kanaya is a glowing alien that is eternally snuggle temperature.

ACTUALLY i believe in the opposite since rose grew up in new york she’d be more used to cold and like i headcanon shes just naturally really warm…….shes like the type to go outside in the winter  in shorts if she wont be out there for long

kanaya on the other hand lived in the desert and when its winter she will not leave her pile of blanket till noon she hisses at snowflakes and is always cold and rose is always warm

what I can do:

  • make myself understood (most of the time)
  • understand conversations between natives providing their accents arent too weird/thick
  • understand songs, films, TV programs and radio mostly without having to slow it down
  • use ‘geil’ in a sentece without embarrassing myself
  • swear accurately
  • write about daily or common events

what I can’t do:

  • express more complex ideas (i need to buy more vocabulary)
  • understand many puns/turns of phrases (i dont fucken know them)
  • write an essay
  • understand a wikipedia article without looking up 4 billion words
  • arrange my sentences consistenly accurately. like all the time not just when I feel like it
  • not talk like a textbook
  • denglish Correctly™
  • join in with the native speakers
  • fucking speak

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Question: I call myself ace. However, I crave stuff like cuddling, etc. that isn't sexual. Dating terrifies me, and I want nothing to do with it. TBH I just want to cuddle with someone. Would you classify this as "ace" still? Thanks!

Totally!  Wanting to cuddle is completely separate from sexual attraction, many aces still want to cuddle.

Below is a helpful(but not complete) list of possible attractions.  One might feel or not feel any of combination of these.  Everyone experiences things differently, but these are meant to help you begin to understand your feelings.  What you described sounds like sensual attraction.

  • Sexual attraction: attraction that makes people desire sexual contact or shows sexual interest in another person(s).
  • Romantic attraction: attraction that makes people desire romantic contact or interaction with another person or persons.
  • Aesthetic attraction: occurs when someone appreciates the appearance or beauty of another person(s), disconnected from sexual or romantic attraction.
  • Sensual attraction: the desire to interact with others in a tactile, non-sexual way, such as through hugging or cuddling.
  • Emotional attraction: the desire to get to know someone, often as a result of their personality instead of their physicality. This type of attraction is present in most relationships from platonic friendships to romantic and sexual relationships.
  • Intellectual attraction: the desire to engage with another in an intellectual manner, such as engaging in conversation with them, “picking their brain,” and it has more to do with what or how a person thinks instead of the person themselves


I love what the writers are doing with Betty. I love how everything is ultimately about Polly and even though Juggie is clearly sweeping her off her feet, she didn’t even respond when he went through his “people like….like who have gone through what we’ve been through” when he meant “boyfriend girlfriend people”. He’s becoming a very integral part of her every-day, but he’s not “her every-day” itself.

I love how Jughead takes it in stride and is 110% there for Betty as she, once again, brings her true priorities into their *moment*. It’s all about Polly right now, and that is so true and realistic. Jughead respects that without hesitation, without blinking, and probably without even thinking about it. They are so healthy.

Edit: I feel like what I said sounds like Polly is ultimately her only priority. After watching the next few seconds, I feel like it’s better explained that both Jughead and Polly are true priorities, and it’s not about which one is more so. It’s just the fact that they’re priorities at the same time, and they’re completely different priorities. Jughead and Betty work. Polly and Betty are a big question mark, but they’re still sisters and have been with each other their actual entire lives. Jughead and Betty don’t have to say it in plain words that they care about each other. They don’t have to maneuver into an Official Status. It’s not the point. There’s nothing wrong with becoming Official or saying The Words™ (I mean “boyfriend” and “girlfriend” right now), but that is so prevalent in all the tv shows. I like that Jughead and Betty are just being themselves and not trying to fit into “what’s supposed to happen next”.

I’m in love with this show. It’s such a breath of fresh air that my heart is hurting.

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How did you and your bae get engaged? I love engagement stories >>>>w<<<<

Um, so this is going to sound ridiculous/weird/I don’t know, but I don’t have a good engagement story because… my partner and I had a sort-of love-at-first sight thing and so for us it just… was? We met online in a message board for a fandom, actually, although I didn’t think of it that way at the time? It was for a band. :D And so anyway… we were friends there and then met IRL and… that was it.

So then when we got engaged it was like, ok, ready now? Yep. Let’s go buy a ring. LOL

It all probably sounds ridiculous and it kinda was and there have definitely been… rocky parts. But that’s just normal, I suppose.

Caring Father (Tony X Daughter!Reader)

Characters: Tony Stark X Daughter!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Self Conscious reader, protective father, verbal abuse, body shaming


Request: Hi, I have a request, I hope you don’t mind accepting! Your writing is so amazing, I wish I could write as well as you do!

Anyways…Maybe you write a oneshot about the reader who is on the phone with their mom and Tony (their bf, or dad, you choose!), being the overprotective dad/bf he is, has been noticing that the reader has been skipping meals. Like, the reader would only eat around lunchtime, and sometimes dinner, but thats it. He overhears her mom chastising her about how the reader needs to lose weight, ect. Can it be really fluffy?

(You don’t have to go by this exactly, feel free to change some stuff if you feel like you need too! Write what you think would sound (?) best!) <3

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You preferred your dad to your mom. Your mom got stuck with you after sleeping with your dad and being a woman who was a gold digger, she happily threw you at your dad to go on dates and get money from her dates. Your dad actually cared about you. Your parents had very different views about what they want from you. Your mom wanted you to follow in her footsteps. Drop out and rely on some rich old dude. Your dad wanted you to do well in school, to be independent and strong, and to make a name for yourself. You happily went with what your dad wanted since its more practical and you didn’t like the old men who gave you looks that your mom brought home.

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