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What people in the fandom are saying: but the Autobots are just as evil, if not MORE evil, than the Decepticons! It’s an abhorrence that Megatron now wears the Autobot symbol! How dare Megatron do that to the Decepticons!

What people in the fandom should realize:

-Megatron’s redemption arc isn’t about the Decepticons. It’s about him recognizing he was wrong. It’s about him removing himself from something which only enables his terrible behavior. The struggles the Decepticons are facing now will never outweigh the slaughter of BILLIONS which Megatron carried out with no remorse as the faction’s leader.

-Megatron was never what this fandom positively associates as a ‘revolutionist miner.’ He wanted to be a revolutionist, and at one time his ideas and writings were his protests, but his anger and hatred led to his own corruption. Instead, Megatron was a terrorist who used unlawful force and violence to coerce others and governmental powers to follow his social and political objectives. Destruction and murder became an appropriate way to get what he wanted.  Megatron and his Decepticons didn’t attempt to liberate their species from an oppressive government; Megatron went beyond fighting for the freedom of everyone to instead wanting to punish, to destroy, to be the oppression and ruled as a tyrant. He didn’t fight for the rights he once thought Cybertronians deserved, and rather, rose to be a force nearly as bad as the Senate.

-The word ‘Autobot’ was reclaimed from off-worlders by Orion Pax and later again by Optimus Prime after Zeta Prime’s failed leadership. The true Autobot cause didn’t exist before the war; it came to be during the revolution as Optimus amassed an army large enough only for the sake of defeating Megatron’s Decepticon terrorist movement. Instead of being used as a slur referring to their species as ‘automatons’ because they seemingly never changed, it evolved to mean ‘autonomous’ as Orion Pax suggested it should mean. The word became unpopular because of Zeta Prime’s ruthlessness and neglect of the citizens of Cybertron. However, it was canonically established that Optimus Prime wasn’t corrupt like the Primes who preceded him. He turned the Autobots into a cause for morality and freedom, one which would ensure justice to those who threatened the sanctity of others, their world, and every other world. Optimus has never strayed from those ideals, even though others attempted to bring out the worst in him.

Most importantly, the choices and actions of a few do not represent the cause as a whole. For instance, Decepticons such as Thundercracker who opted to adopt a dog, spend his time writing screenplays, and gets along relatively peaceably with others do not lessen the atrocities of the Decepticon cause. And, the Autobots who slip up, who act more violent or make questionable choices do not lessen what the Autobot cause stands for or what it has accomplished in protecting the lives and freedoms of others.

i wrote this to m friend on discord so im copy and paste it here excuse the errors but:

L is more infp because he feels first, then thinks later. what the fandom sees and associates with the most is L when hes WORKING so obviously he has to be thinking and on task constantly, but when hes out of that environment hes a lot more personal and emotional. sometimes goofy. 

he felt like light was kira, and acted upon that rather than thinking light was kira. he wants to think hes kira as a result of those feelings and!! hes a scorpio. very emotional, but they also hide their feelings and are mysterious

he mentions how hes depressed over his wrong calculations and even goes to watari to vent because of the case. meaning he takes them to heart. he also only takes cases hes PERSONALLY interested in. the reason he comes off as apathetic is because he never had friends or was given that chance before, but in truth hes very empathetic/sympathetic. he believes in his own grand ideals and feels misunderstood, while intps like standing out and being out of the norm.

i dont think L takes pride in being “different”. He seems very aware of the social habits of his that are seen as strange, almost insecure.

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I would just like to say a few words about Creek.

I know, I know, Creek is everywhere and nobody cares about the actual issues with the finale (lazy writing and no Kyle speech, for example) because CREEK STAYED CANON OMG!!11!1!1!1

I can see how this “distraction” may seem annoying to those who would like to focus on something more “relevant”. BUT. There’s a huge “but”.

South Park is the first show to acknowledge the existence of a specific slash pairing and make it canon without making fun of it whatsoever. On Supernatural you have the musical where the nice girl talks about subtext, and you can see how the protagonist is grossed out by it, or, even worse, the occasional joke made by the occasional guest star. On Sherlock you have that little fanclub composed of weirdos who hint at a possible Sherlock/Moriarty crack ship.

But on South Park, oh, guys. On South Park you have the writers saying “we don’t understand it, but we don’t judge it, we don’t even think it’s that weird, look: it’s canon now”. Which other show has done that? 

They used Creek, and slash, not as comic relief, but as a way to truly make people happy (see: the mayor and the town citiziens). And they didn’t tear it apart at the end of the season. There was no mockery. They associated slash with love (which is what us, in the fandom, associate it with), not with weird or cheap laughs. 

I think they took a huge step forward and I think that this whole Creek-freakout is justified. Of course, there were other issues, but please let’s give them this: no other show has done this before and it’s wonderful.

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