what face is this

Would you consider professional flirting a power? Idk

Zen’s the guy you’d go to if you need some help in hand-to-hand, blade-to-blade combat. Replication is his main thing, and it comes in handy when tackling the bigger, badder villains. The clones however, only possess his base proficiency at combat and flirting and none of his other powers. He also has a sporadic Psionic Intuition, which allows the team to see glimpses of the future (psychic dreams anyone?). Albeit fleeting, Zen tends to be extra sensitive to the bigger-scale, future-altering, history-making events. He might not be able to see how well you’d do in a test, but he’d definitely see Godzilla rising out of the water a couple days or weeks before it happens, so don’t worry. :D

Adoptive Muscle Memory is less of a power and more of a skill he developed. Quick perception and hella body-eye coordination allows him to study your moves and learn them with time. Short battles are of no use to him, but if the duel is extended or you come back for a rematch, then watch out bc he’s probably got all ur moves figured out. 

Yes, I did the math and estimated that his sword would be about 0.84m long in proportion to his height, which I think was about 5″9. I’m extra that way.

🍒💣 super embarrassing cherry bomb dance cover 🍒💣

i literally spent the whole day practicing, filming & editing this my phone’s gonna burst. it’s not exactly the best and the timings really off for some parts but hey at least i tried!! and to commerate nct 127’s first win, it’s a good date to post this jskdnd

i posted my first and last’s cover here once, alongside with limitless’! hope you all dont cringe too hard watching this video while i go bury myself in my bed 😭


tagged by @emis to post 2 selfies + 10 facts abt me!! lets go lads

1. i have no chill and i’m literally screaming all the time I Am Very Loud and I Will Not Shut Up

2. i do music shit!! mainly guitar and piano but i play a few other instruments too AND SING

3. i have yet to finish a loz game bc im a dink but hopefully botw will be my first and hopefully im gonna feel super accomplished whenever i do that 

4. i’m probably a bit too arrogant for my own good but i like who i am so

5. i go from being really happy to fucking awful within 5 minutes and it’s fucking shitty

6. i rewatch bnha way too much i rewatched 3 times in one week once It Was Bad

7. ive gotten 5-6 friends into bnha maybe?? idk exactly but It’s Good

8. i bought a foam master sword and i want a hylian shield too but the sword’s been sitting on the kitchen table for 3 weeks and idk what to do with it

9. i never learnt to ride a bike

10. i’m really super clumsy i trip on things that aren’t even there

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Every time Azusa chokes MC in his route, I want her to say, “Harder, Daddy” & get roughly fucked against the tree.