what exactly is he trying to achieve by this

Favorite part

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✖ Characters/relationships: Original!Percival Graves x Reader

✖ Genres: Power play, smut

✖ Summary: Reader is a new Auror at MACUSA but she doesn’t slip past an experienced eye of Percival Graves. @Anonymous

✖ Disclaimer: All characters are at least 21 y/o unless stated otherwise.

✖ Word count: 5940

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Usually, I’m under the impression that Symmetra doesn’t know a lot about what Vishkar actually does. While that’s still proven to be true, it never really occurred to me that Symmetra might actually be very aware that Vishkar is forcing labor and curfew onto the places they take over.

The only thing is, she probably doesn’t see it as a bad thing because it’s just a regular routine to her, something she’s always been grateful to Vishkar over. With a steady schedule, there’s no surprises, no chaos. Being autistic, she naturally has a hard time understanding that what’s good for her isn’t actually good for everyone else. So, while she obviously means well, she’s still accidentally assisting a company in harming others, but at least, she’s staring to see the consequences of too much control.

That makes her even more interesting, and it just makes me want to know more about her dynamic with Lucio. He wants freedom from these rules, and unlike her, he doesn’t see them as a good thing at all. He’s always portrayed as the good noodle who strives for a world where people can live how they want. I really want to know what would happen if he accidentally caused an anarchy, realizing that too much independence is exactly what Symmetra warns him against.

At some point, theyre going to have to become aware that both of them are technically right and work together in trying to find a balance between their ideals. They both have a common goal to achieve, and I feel like they could start to move into that direction that can greatly benefit everyone.

anonymous asked:

can you please do a hc about the boys' reaction to their s/o walking down the aisle to marry them? :) ps: i'm also wondering who would be whose best man, though it'd probably be hard for the boys to choose just one best man because they're so close! love your blog and the chocobros, so thanks! <3

Thank you very much! I’m glad you love my blog! <3 It’s no problem, hun!


  • Well, I can see him grinning big time when he sees his s/o walking down the aisle. He’d try to keep his composure and hold back tears, but he’s so happy that he finally gets to marry his s/o. They’re gorgeous in the outfit they picked out for the wedding. All of the focus is on you, he doesn’t see anyone else.
  • I really don’t think he’d be able to choose, given that he’s close with all of them, but I really think that if he HAS to choose, it would be Prompto. He loves Prompto and wouldn’t otherwise marry his s/o if they’re not on Prompto’s good side, which is easy to be on because Prompto likes to get along with almost everyone.
  • He’d be grinning the whole time, prepared his vows for you, making sure they’re well rehearsed. He has been practicing his vows and making sure they’re perfect. This is probably one of the few times his s/o would see him completely let his guard down in front of others.


  • He would most likely cry like a baby; tears of joy, of course! Seeing his s/o walking down that aisle, he’d just burst into tears of happiness and everyone would just turn around in concern and he’d just wave them away, trying to signal them that he’s okay. Gladio would just chuckle and Noctis just gives him a hankerchief, adding in the comment “keep it” because you know… snot…
  • He’d absolutely stammer on his vows until Ignis just says out loud, “say what’s on your heart.” Prompto just takes a deep breath and just starts saying his feelings from his heart about his s/o. He’s so glad he ended up with them, the times he spent together, and with the help of the chocobros, a slide of all the pictures of the two of them together pops up, causing his s/o to also burst into tears of joy.
  • They’re both huge cry babies and they start laughing because they’re crying together and everyone else starts laughing because the two newly weds are laughing. It’s so sweet, the wedding. If Prompto has to choose one of the chocobros, it would probably have to be all of them because he can’t just choose one hahaha. Or he’d suggest not to have one best man, which his s/o eventually agrees. They don’t have to follow tradition. Although, I can see him being more close to Noctis as well as Gladio, but yeah. I don’t think he’d want to follow “traditional” wedding.


  • Man, he’d act so tough and what-not before the wedding, but once he finally sees his gorgeous s/o walking down the aisle to marry him, he starts crying, but silently. He’d quickly try to wipe them away before anyone sees him crying, he gotta have his pride, ya know! His s/o smiles when they see him crying tears of joy.
  • He’s not much for words, so he doesn’t like long speeches, but he’s blunt so he’d just explain how he feels when he met his s/o and how far they’ve come, and where they are now. Next he’d talk about what he hopes to achieve in the future and swears to protect his s/o. Short, but sweet. As long as his s/o knows exactly how he feels and spends his waking moments with them.
  • I can see him choosing Ignis for being his best man, he’s more helpful towards the wedding and just helps how to make the wedding planning easier on both him and his s/o. Gladio is more of the type of guy that chooses things/ways that are more practical. He loves all his chocobros to death, but Ignis would be a way to go when it comes to PLANNING things. Prompto would just suggest crazy shit and Noctis is a lazy shit. Lol


  • He would be the most calm one out of all the chocobros, but he’s so sweet to his s/o and just makes sure to help them out when it comes to planning the wedding. He’s not much of a big wedding type, but if his s/o likes big weddings, it won’t matter because he just wants to marry his s/o. Once he sees his s/o walking down the aisle, he just couldn’t stop smiling the entire day. People keep commenting how his eyes are practically glued to his s/o and added in that it’s the way it should be. Ignis obviously adores his s/o.
  • He would probably pick Gladio or Prompto. One of the two because they’re both slightly helpful with helping out, but he’s just most likely have them all together. He’ll ask each chocobro what’s helpful towards the wedding to make it more fun for the party. Prompto chips in a lot of ideas for parties and making it fun. Gladio as well and Noctis just likes keeping it short and sweet. Ignis puts all that together and makes it perfect.
  • His vows are semi-long, but people really don’t mind because his words are like poetry to their ears. He likes to make sure his s/o knows exactly how he feels through actions and words.
rsvps | alfie solomons

anon wanted the shelby boys being little shits about reader marrying alfie and alfie dealing with it

“I’m home! S’only me – eh, I thought we cou-“

He heard you shriek and then there was a crash against the door. Alfie had to throw himself back to avoid smashing his face into the wood.

“Fucking hell, love. You nearly took it clean off!”

“Sorry, but you can’t come in”

“Why not?”

“I’m in my dress!”

“What about your dress?”

“My wedding dress!”

“What the hell you doing in that?”

“I couldn’t got to the shop for the fitting, so they brought it here. I’m in my dress, you can’t come in”

“Why couldn’t you go the shop?”

“Because you decided to go to war with the people whose neighbourhood it’s in! Kind of puts a dampener on my options for caterers when you keep fighting with people who make really nice cakes, Alfie. Ada, can you go out and talk to him, please. I can’t do this like this”

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A/N: I wish y’all a wonderful and spooky Halloween! Tell me, what are you gonna dress up as? As for me, I’ll be Harley Quinn tonight. Have fun, guys, love y’all!

30 Days Writing Challenge ~ October

Words: 1866
Warnings: smut, public sex

31st October: HALLOWEEN! | feat. Captain Boomerang

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House of Cards in the Wind

TITLE: House of Cards in the Wind


AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine you were a powerful villain who was captured by S.H.I.E.L.D. and put in Cryogenic storage because there was no other way to deal with you. After doing some research, Loki learned about you and became obsessed. So much, that he looked for you and woke you up, knowing that you’d seek revenge and he would be more than willing to help.

RATING: Teen and Up

NOTES/WARNINGS: This story is the result of an imagine I saw on another blog theartofimagining13. The credit for the imagine goes to the author on that page.

Warning death of minor characters and violence in this fic

To Loki’s great joy, she was everything he had read of and more, born in a war-torn region, she lost her father and brother young to fighting and her mother to the stress of it all. Angry and never willing to accept her lot, Rebecca fought authority and ran from every care facility and home she was kept in, what made it all the more amusing was the angrier she became, the more her gifts developed. In the end, she was able to evade capture, fleeing to America and starting a life there, until S.H.I.E.L.D. found her that was. She had just wanted a normal life, job, home and perhaps someone to care for, but Nick Fury caught her scent and had agents hound her. She stated their deaths had been in her self-defence, but she was overpowered and caught, before being sentenced to a fate worse than death, eternal darkness in ice. Loki swore that together, he would aid her to elude capture once more, and once their revenge was completed, he would bring her far away from Midgard, as he called it, and to a place where she would be able to have such dreams of a life free and her own.

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13 Days of Outlander - Day 5 Untimely Resurrection

As we transition into the final movements of the Paris half of the season with Untimely Resurrection, I have a hard time picking favorites; there aren’t a lot of screaming, obvious favorites but rather lots of little things that become impossible to choose between––but I’m gonna try.

Favorite Costume: Claire’s robe, Mary’s shawl, Jamie’s jacket. This is one where I wasn’t blown away by any one costume or ensemble but rather really loved individual pieces. I love the blue robe that Claire wears as she waits for Jamie to return from the Bastille; it’s a gorgeous shade of blue (my ultimate weakness) and is less stiff when it comes to showing off Claire’s form (specifically the baby bump). The delicacy of the knit-work (or maybe crochet) on Mary’s shawl is also stunning and I could stare at that pattern for hours trying to figure it out (like Claire’s shawl from the end of Lallybroch <3 ). And lastly Jamie’s jacket when they go to the stables at Versailles. The decoration on it is so incredibly subtle but elegant and effective. I’m not even sure what it is or how it’s done but wow. 

Favorite Book to Screen Adaptation, Honorable Mention for Favorite Performance: Murtagh makes his pledge to get vengeance, Duncan Lacroix as Murtagh Fraser. Setting aside the glaring omission of Claire from the scene, the emotion from Murtagh in this scene is breathtaking. The guilt, the sorrow for Mary, the fear of what might have happened, and then the determination that if there’s a way to make it all right, he will find it and execute it. And Jamie transitioning from trying to simply reassure Murtagh that it wasn’t his fault to recognizing just how deeply his godfather feels that something must be done and taking the matter with the same level of seriousness as a result. 

Favorite Scene, Favorite “That’s not in the book” Part, Favorite Music Moment, Favorite Jamie and Claire Moment: the Apostle spoons. I love the intimacy we see between Jamie and Claire and that for a change they talk about themselves rather than their plotting and what they hope to achieve in Paris (I mean, the start the scene talking about that but then we are brought gently but effectively into why they’re really trying to change history; for their future as a family). There’s a look Jamie has right before he goes to get the spoons where he glances to where they are across the room that is exactly the same look of anticipation and minor excitement he gets back in The Wedding before he gets out of bed to fetch the pearls. And I’m apparently a sucker for when the music brings an atmosphere of Scotland into their lives in France. As soon as Claire opens the box to find the spoons the Scottish lilt is there, a fact that becomes more apparent at the end of the scene as the music and scene shifts abruptly to the very different and elaborate Versailles theme. 

Favorite Location: the Gardens at Versailles. I’m a sucker for gardens (as anyone who pays attention to my Friday photos has guessed by now) and I would love to get lost in the gardens at Versailles with nothing but my digital camera and a fully charged battery (both the gardens of Versailles in real life and the ones at Drummond Castle which were used for the show; they’re officially on my travel bucket list). 

Favorite Line: the Duke’s assessment of the Bonnie Prince. The Duke can be a bit over-the-top in his presentation and dialogue but when it comes down to it, he can be incredibly––and effectively––blunt. The whole exchange between him and Jamie as they examine the horses is gold but my favorite line and delivery has to be: “My considered opinion? He’s an utter ass.” 

Favorite Minor Character: King Louis. He’s not a character I ever liked in the book (where we thankfully get to see very little of him) and the show’s decision to have the character make his debut on a certain royal throne didn’t exactly inspire much hope for him but seeing him put Black Jack Randall in his place is incredibly layered and really not something I was expecting. 

Favorite Performance: Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser. I try really hard not to choose the same actor too often and especially not for two episodes in a row but there’s just no getting around Sam Heughan’s performance back-to-back in La Dame Blanche and then here in Untimely Resurrection. He deserves Favorite Performance for the range of facial expressions alone; from the incredulity of the Bonnie Prince’s scheme to facing down the Comte to his barely concealed glee as Louis makes Black Jack Randall kneel, he’s firing on all cylinders again this episode but nothing quite tops the emotional upheaval of the final scene and his fight with Claire. There just aren’t enough words for how he manages that scene (though “Emmy Nomination” and “robbed” come to mind). 

Quick Theory On Lionheart

So in the last scene of RWBY Volume 4 (Not counting the post credit scene), we find Watts chilling with the headmaster of Haven get the reveal that Lionheart is in cahoots with Salem. 

But why would one of the headmasters who should be protecting the world from someone like Salem, working with Salem? It’s possible that he’s in it for the power, or maybe he just agrees with whatever Salem is trying to achieve, but I believe he has another reason. 

Now before I say what I think Leo’s trying to get out of this, let me explain my reasoning behind this theory. 

First off this theory is playing off another theory which I saw after Volume 3 ended, that says that Ruby isn’t actually based on Little Red Riding Hood, but instead is Dorothy from The Wizard Of Oz. I don’t know how to find that theory (maybe someone else can) so I’ll just list off the comparisons the original made (that I can remember). 
The obvious ones are Ozpin (The Wizard of Oz) and Glynda (Glinda the Good Witch). Then there’s Ironwood (The Tin Man), Qrow (The Scarecrow), Tai (The Cowardly Lion), Zwei (Toto), Salem (Wicked Witch of the West) and Ruby (Dorothy).
While this theory agrees with the parts about Oz, Glynda, Ironwood, Salem, Ruby, and Zwei, this will go against the parts about Qrow (even through it would make sense if he was the Scarecrow) and Tai.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s look at the two headmasters we’ve met so far, Ozpin, and Ironwood, and put them next to Lionheart. You can probably guess where I’m going with this, but to be sure: If Ozpin is the The Wizard of Oz, and Ironwood is the Tin Man, then that means it would make sense if LIONheart is the Cowardly LION.

Okay now let’s go back to the point of this theory, guessing what Lionheart wants to achieve by working with Salem. If he really is based on the Cowardly Lion then that might mean Leo isn’t exactly working with Salem because he wants to, but instead because he feels he has too. Leo is possibly working with Salem in hopes him, his family, or maybe the people of Mistral, will be spared in whatever destruction she’ll bring. Whoever he’s trying to save, he’s working with Salem because he’s scared of Salem.

This would also mean that the headmaster of Shade Academy would be the Scarecrow. If they are then it could be assumed that the headmaster for Shade isn’t very smart, and probably more rough and tough (which would fit the nature of Vacuo based on the World of Remnant about it). 

Functionalist World Starscream

Imagine Megatron meeting Functionalist-World Starscream and being really taken back. :’)

Like what if he’s totally different than who he is normally? Instead of being loud and open with his opinions he’s quiet and reserved. His ideas don’t matter, why would anyone listen? (Heck, what if the Functionalists thought he was too loud/obnoxious/annoying and they crushed his voice box to hinder his scientific career?)

Instead of scheming he barely looks forward to the future. Everyday is the same, everyday is exactly as expected; trying to achieve otherwise does not produce results. Why bother?

Instead of this vibrant, 3-dimensional individual with goals and aspirations, fears, hopes, and ideals, he is a downtrodden flight frame with crushed dreams regulated to a job in transportation. He can’t even be bored by it anymore, he doesn’t think he’s worthy of being bored. This is who he is, who he always was, who he is meant to be. There is no room for the wild, fantastical false hope of a position of agency. Starscream is just…


A cog in the machine.

And I want Megs to see that. I want him to be kinda like “You’re… incredibly disappointing.” And for Starscream to be all “I know. Sorry.”

But this isn’t *Starscream*, this guy hasn’t ever done anything to wreck Megatron’s life. The history isn’t there, so it’s a little unfair of him to judge him as such.

“My apologies. That came out… bad. I didn’t mean it to sound so personal.”

“Oh well, I’m sure he won’t take being called a ‘disappointment’ personally then.”

“Hush, Rodimus.”

Or maybe they crew needs some brilliant plan, and Megatron take him aside and is like “I know you’re smart. I know you can see all the twists and turns and potential outcomes of a plot. Right now, we don’t need Starscream the transport, we need Starscream the tactician. You live here in this world, you know how the Council operates… tell us what we need to do.”

And this Starscream actually wants to help, because– by Primus below– no one has believed in him in such a LONG time, and certainly never this much. These colorful characters who just showed up in his life are giving him meaning, showing that there’s more to him than his function, that he can actually contribute to something bigger than the Council and their castes…

(LMAO plot twist is that he chickens out and tells the Council about them, and Megatron is like “Oh COME ON, even in an alternate reality you betray me!?!”)

Like a old Married Couple

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Words: 610

Original request: x

Summary: You and Steve are really close friends but constantly flirting what’s getting a little bit more intense after a prank of Steve. 

Just to mention: I’m not a native English speaker, so I’m already sorry for grammar mistakes xd

You: “Steeeeveee!”

You shouted inside the Bathroom as you just walked outside the shower to surprisingly realize that your clothes were gone. With just a large towel around you, you stepped outside to find him sitting in the kitchen and laughing at you.

Steve: “Hey (Y/N), What’s up?”

You: “Where are my clothes Steve??”

Sometimes you forgot to look the door to the bathroom while showering, but that wasn’t a problem anyway because no one would come in when they hear the sound of running water. But Steve always finds it kind of funny to take his advantage of your forgetfulness.

You: “Steve tell me now, where my clothes are!”

Steve: “I don’t know where they are.”

You sighed, brushed some wet hair out of your face and walked towards him to give him the serious look.

Steve: “What are you trying to achieve with that look?”

You: “Don’t you see it? That’s the tell me where you put my clothes or I will get angry look.”

Steve couldn’t help but breaking into laughter.

Steve: “You can’t even look angry when you want to. You’re just looking cute as always.”

You just continued starring at him with your serious face as he gave in. Steve pulled the clothes behind his back to the front as you immediately grabbed them and turned away.

Steve: “You can stay in that towel if you like, I wouldn’t mind.”

You: “I know exactly why you wouldn’t mind that.” 

You said in a sarcastic way and closed the door behind you in your bedroom to change. A few minutes later you got back to the kitchen in the Stark tower and Steve was already waiting for you with a fresh cup of coffee.

You: “That’s what I need right now.”

You grabbed the coffee and sat down as your look walked over to Steve. His hair was messed up, pretty abnormal because his hair is always in place. Pushing aside the cup you stood up and walked over to him, ran your fingers through his hair and tried to create a kind of hairstyle.

You: “Like a old married couple.” You laughed.

Steve: “With the difference that I’m really old compared to you.”

You: “Your finally accept the fact that you’re a old man, Cap?”

Steve: “You’re the only one who I allow to make jokes about my age.”

You: “What a privilege, calling the bad kisser a old man.”

Steve: “You’re thinking I’m a bad kisser?”

You: “Steve, when was your last kiss? 1940?”

Steve: “Maybe … maybe not, I guess you have to find out by yourself.”

You: “So then come closer …”

That wasn’t just the normal flirting you two always did, it was something more intense right now. Steve stood up grabbing your waist, pulled you closer to him and was now only a few centimetres away from his lips.

You: “ … if you dare.”

And then he kissed you passionately. Your hands wandered to the back of his neck and the other one grabbing his shirt and pulling him even closer to you. 

Steve: “Still thinking I’m a bad kisser?”

You: “I guess we have to do that once again to decide.”

Sorry that it went a little bit short and crappy. I’m so tiered but wanted to do the request as well so there it is, hope you’ll like it  :) 

The Monster Inside of My Head (Part 10)

Bucky x Reader Drabble Series

Summary – As a young child, you see your parents murdered in front of you. What happens when the monster from your nightmares comes back into your life?

Warnings – None

Word Count – 1,000

Notes – Now that Bucky has joined us, the fun is going to begin. I’m nowhere near where I originally planned for this fic, so it’s looking like its going to be my longest one yet!!!  I’m so excited and I hope you have been enjoying this rollercoaster of emotions! As always, I appreciate all of your feedback and questions!!!

Part 1  

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Steve placed his hand back on Bucky’s shoulder, the only comforting gesture the other man would tolerate at the moment.  “We’ll get through this Buck.  Between Wanda and T’Challa’s psychologists, the trigger words are gone, we’re one step closer to getting you back.”

Bucky shook his head in disagreement.  “The trigger words might be gone, but he’ll always be there Steve. As long as I keep remembering the horrors I committed, the monster inside of my head will never go away.”


“Well, this certainly changes things,” Tony remarked after Steve had left.

You stared at the empty space beyond the door for a few moments.  He had known you were there all along?  All this time, you’d prided yourself on being so quiet in that closet.  Your parents’ final wish was for you to survive and for all of these years, you thought you’d done it all by yourself.  Now it seems as though that monster hadn’t wanted to waste his time on you.   You weren’t even worth killing, but they were.  That question was still haunting you.  Why did Hydra want your parents dead so badly that they would risk killing them so publicly.  Howard and Maria’s deaths had been made to look like an accident, but not your parents. Why?

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What I Want

[Pairing; Finn Balor X Reader]

Originally posted by thearchitectwwe

[Notes; Just a simple, sweet one shot requested by @nickysmum1909. With the numbers 59) i want to spend the rest of my life doing what I love, with who I love. 79) It’s always been you. & 81) You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. These came from this post, send me your numbers with a wrestler if you’d like a one shot! As always, any feedback is appreciated!] [Y’all better believe I’m about to repost all 17 fics of mine & tag you in all of them. Oops.]

     Three tolls of the bell later, a new champion was crowned. 

     “Tonight has been about making history. I was the first ever NXT Champion, and now I am your first ever WWE Universal Champion!” Finn raised his brand new belt and the crowd of the sold-out Brooklyn arena roared. “To make history, you have to take chances. You have to know exactly what is it that you want in the end.” His eyes shot to me, where I stood- front row of the packed house.

     The crowd quieten and Finn exhaled into the mic. The arena drew so soundless that you could hear a pin drop. Finn took his mic, and well-deserved belt to the ring mat, then hopped down from the squared circle. A “What are you doing?” played through my mind. He made his way to the barrier, offered his hand to mine, and pulled me over. 

      People began to cheer as I made my presence to the center of the ring. I’m no superstar- like my man was, but we had been caught in public plenty enough for people to know who I was. Finn reached for the mic, leaving his title where it lie. “And I know exactly what it is that I want.” He bit his lip, like he always does when he’s concentrating. The crowd grew silent again. “Being that it is Summer Slam, and I’ve achieved more than I could ever dream of doing, I want to take just one more opportunity given.” 

     I swallowed sharply. My mouth ran dry and my stomach started to pit. In that moment time felt frozen. No one was booing, applauding, or even cheering. I couldn’t even hear an announcer try to explain what was happening to viewers at home. “It’s you, (Y/N). It’s always been you. You are my heart. You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. You’ve been with me since the very beginning, you’ve accompanied me on my wildest journey. And I know what exactly it is I want.”

      I felt a couple hundred gasps ring my eardrums as fans started putting together what was happening- as was I. “I want to spend the rest of my life doing what I love with who I love.” Finn finished, falling to one knee- mic in hand. 

     My pupils dilated as the show lights shined against the diamond. Finn chest heaved, letting sweat from the work out of his match, fall down his chest.
      “Will you make me the happiest man and marry me, (Y/N)?”

the parent

Make no mistake, Hyoubu Kyousuke is a terrible parent. Pedo jokes aside, he doesn’t really know how to raise kids, neglects them for his own plans and leaves them with with his flamboyant musclebound lackey, but he can’t help but pick up all these children because he wants to make life better for them. He gives them a choice if they want to help him achieve his goals or just live without worry from persecution. He’s very caring to young children, teasing to kids that try to be too tough, giving to sensitive children who need extra care. He’s willing to let them live their lives, even if it’s not exactly what he’d like, like letting his kids go to a normal school.

Preference #12 - Wanting Attention From You

Request: Hey so I super-duper loved your fic where the reader wanted to snuggle but Sam needed to research (the name is escaping me, sorry). Could you do one where Sam is the one wanting cuddles/sex/attention from the reader? Love your stuff btw

A/N: hope you didn’t mind that I turned this into a preference, anon! Also, light smut warning x



Over the years, Dean has gained enough experience in flirting to, combined with his other worldly good looks, make a woman’s clothes drop with a mere wink. Naturally, this means that Dean has been excellent with pick up lines for a long time. He can think on his feet with them like no other person he’s ever known can - whether this is an achievement or not is something Dean wouldn’t know even if he did stop to think about it. This comes in handy when he wants attention from you, especially that of a physical nature. He’ll approach you at your desk, ask if the two of you can spend some time together, and you’ll answer that you have to do this research. “You can always do me instead…” he’ll offer in a low voice. To complement his statement, he’ll pull you up from your chair so you’re standing and wrap his arms around you from behind, kissing and sucking your neck or letting his finger wander down to your crotch and explore a little, over your jeans. You’ll sigh, and inform him that this really needs to be done, now. In response, Dean will point out that he really needs to be done, now, too. You’ll giggle at his clever use of words but soon come to a sudden stop as Dean will gently rub his hardened bulge against your ass. “Fine” you’ll relent, having known all along you wouldn’t be able to resist, no matter how hard you could try. Every time, Dean can tell that you’re a lot more excited than you sound. As soon as Dean opens his mouth in these moments, you know your research can wait after all…


Sam likes to think he’s more subtle than he is when it comes to snatching your attention. Sam is a strong, independent person, so you still find it surprising that he wants you to be focused on him quite often. Sam doesn’t dive in at the deep end with this; rather, he builds things up slowly. Instead of using more obvious methods, Sam will subtly make comments that he knows will get you going. At first, they are relatively tame. However, that never seems to last throughout the entirety of Sam’s missions to get you to pay attention to him. The first thing he’ll say is usually something like “you shouldn’t bite your lip like that. It makes me want to do it for myself.” He’ll accompany his statement with a brush of his skin against yours or a smirk that makes you want to wipe any smug facial expression off his face… and not in a violent way. Sam’s remarks will get more and more graphic as the two of you go along, each one making you blush more, and fuelling your fantasies more. He’s all too aware of the fact that it’s only a matter of time before you won’t be able to resist him. Meanwhile, you’re usually trying your very hardest to keep your mind on the case, failing 9 times out of 10. All you can think about is what you and Sam could be doing instead of scouring shifty lore websites… When you finally find something, you’ll talk to Sam about it, and get no reaction from him. “Sorry” he’ll tell you after you try and get his attention. “I just couldn’t think about anything but taking you right here on this table…” he admits. The worst part is, he then goes back to normal conversation, while you squirm in your seat, feeling his words in all the right places. Sam knows his work is done when you snap at him, ordering him to “shut up and get on with it”. He knows exactly what you mean…


Castiel is considerably better than he was when he first appeared on Earth. Nevertheless, he still has a long way to go with subtlety. Due to the fact that Cas doesn’t sleep, it becomes very easy for night time to become tedious for him, especially as you’ve always valued your beauty sleep highly. Your four hours is something you try your hardest to achieve every night. You aren’t troubled to an extent even near Sam and Dean, but, that doesn’t change the fact that sleep is more important to you than it is to the next person. Castiel, however, has absolutely no regard for this. When he was human, he slept… not that he gains pleasure from dwelling on that period of his life too much. Therefore, you often receive a gentle prod in the back or something of the sort in the late hours of the night or the early hours of the morning. Ordinarily, this is around about when you are just about to drift off to a not so peaceful sleep. Part of you is glad that Cas prevents you from resting, because of the frequent nightmares that haunt your state of slumber, but that usually comes later. In the moment, you’re a nothing if not a little bit annoyed. If your voice has enough strength to snap at him, you do, putting on the most effective irritated face you can muster. This does not deter him, though. More like, it spurs him on. “You’re extremely cute when you’re angry, y/n” he’ll admit to you casually. Whether he does this because he’s not good at concealing or because he’s being tactical, you will never know. “You think?” you’ll ask, half of you humouring him and the other half feeling slightly flustered. “Yes, I do.” You know what Cas is up to by now, and you definitely aren’t complaining. What’s another half hour of staying up, anyway? “Prove it” you grin, and Cas sets off.

His Last Request - Pt. 2: As the Weeks Roll By

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Major character death, Angst, Grief, Swearing, Alcoholism

Word Count: 2800ish

Summary: Bobby, Dean, the Reader and Sam’s baby daughter try to adjust to life without Sam.

A/N: So much angst. I promise this will get fluffy soon! Please listen to the song that goes with this, it is absolutely beautiful. 

Part 1


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Week 1 was a blur.

Neither you, Bobby, nor Dean spoke to one another and you hadn’t seen Castiel since that life-crumbling day at the field. The house’s rooms echoed with silence, occasionally interrupted by a baby’s cries and the opening of the fridge for a beer.

The baby’s cries were your cue to finally leave the comfort of your loneliness and walk over to wherever Jenny Winchester was placed, whether it be in her crib, in her high chair, or on the living floor with her toys. You tried to lessen the interactions as much as possible. You loved Jenny dearly, but she was the spitting image of her father. Wispy brown hair, hazel puppy-dog eyes, and even gave off the perfect “Sam bitch face” when she got annoyed at the lack of attention.

You wanted to keep your promise to Sam: to raise her in the civilian life with Dean. However, the second part to that promise seemed impossible. Dean would either be locked away in his room or out of the house all day, usually returning late at night smelling like liquor cabinet. He avoided Jenny like she had the plague, storming out of the house whenever her wails would disrupt the house’s deafening silence. You and him hadn’t spoken to one another since the day Sam sacrificed himself to the cage. Neither of you brought up the promise but sometimes you’d make eye contact with him and he’d instantly look away, walking out the door with his flask in tow. You lacked the motivation to follow him.

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/sorry but Time Out for second. when keith says “you mean you’ve got your bayard” in s2e13 he just sounds like so unconditionally damn proud of shiro right here and what he’s achieved. i cant even articulate how much this resonates like it’s literally pouring out his voice there’s that Rasp and GOOD. 

Fierce (A Bellamy Blake imagine)

► Requested by @blu3tid3s “ I was wondering if you could write a Bellamy x reader in which (Y/N) is a grounder and she’s been taught to hate both mountain people and sky people after living in fear of them. Things change when she encounters Bellamy and the two of them begin to fall for each other.”

► Pair: Bellamy Blake x reader 

►  Word Count: 2,039

► Warnings: experiments on humans, kind of bad language? Yeah, I’m not good at warnings…

► A/N: Hope you all like it and as I always say, sorry if there are grammar mistakes, english is not my first language but I do it as best as I can :3 Enjoy it!

The woods were your home. There you felt complete, comfortable and surrounded by what you really like and love, especially since your transformation.

Your dad didn’t like your custom of going to the woods by yourself, but you were completely safe there, even more than at home, you were sure no animal would hurt you; the only thing you should be worried about was people; the sky and the mountain ones.

You had grew up hating the mountain men, the ones who were a truly danger for you and the rest of the grounders. They have advanced technology, true, but you knew how to fight. Anyhow, the less fights you could have against each other, the better. For years, the grounders and the mountain people and the grounders have had a deal of leaving the other ones in peace, but that deal was broken the day the mountain men started to take and use the grounders as a guinea pigs, and you were one of them.

Then, when no one needed it, another problem appear, well, it literally felt. The sky people arrived, taking some of your territory. Obviously everyone had to hate them for obvious reasons and because they seemed to be another danger to consider.

When you went to the woods it has to be all covered, the mountain men though you were dead and that couldn’t change and the possibility of one of them prowling near your town was always there, so you couldn’t risk.

Sitting of one of the highest branches of your favorite three you could see your town and the camp of the sky people; they were far from each other, but not enough. You didn’t like the sky people, either the mountain men, but you also didn’t like the incessant battles between everyone.

Suddenly you heard a shot and you climb down the three even though you knew it could mean danger but you didn’t care. First you heard an animal running towards you, it had to be a panther or maybe a wild pig, something big. Two more shots were fired. Five seconds later you saw a panther approaching you when it jumped from a group of bushes. At first, you saw what the animal wanted to do to you, but you knew how to stop it. Staring into the animal’s eyes you raised your arm with the palm of your hand raised as well. The panther stopped sharply and you smiled. The animal was not the only one who appeared then, when you finally could touch and caress the black and soft short fur a boy showed up too. You didn’t need to look at him very properly to know he was from the sky people. He seemed pretty surprised when he saw how you were caressing the animal without him attacking you.

“How the hell…?” he started making some steps towards you. You put your hand over the knife you had on your belt at the same time that a squirrel threw a nut to him from the three where you were a minute ago. The nut hit his forehead.

“Stay there” you warned and the panther showed the teeth threateningly. He smirked jocularly and made another step, making the squirrel to throw another nut to him and the panther growl. “I said stay there, sky boy”

“Am I nuts or you’re controlling the panther and the squirrel?” You didn’t answered, just kept looking at him as seriously and fiercely you could. “Can you control the animals?”

“None of your business. You should go back to your little camp before I give her the order to dismember you”

“You wouldn’t do that” He assured, but you could feel the fear in his voice.

“Try me if you want” The black animal growled again.

“I can see you’re not friendly”

“You talk about being friendly? Funny”

“We were not the first ones to attack” He answered serious.

“We defend our territory”

“Yeah, sure” He laughed.

“What are you trying to say?” You started to walk towards him without even realize it

“We’re not the mean ones here. We could have had peace since the beginning but you shoot Jasper with a spear. We’re not stupid and we counterattacked, what do you want us to do? You are the monsters here” He was achieving exactly what he wanted and you didn’t realize it.

“Don’t talk about my people like that” Jaw and fists clenched

“But that’s what you are, accept it” That was enough for you, with your infallible knife on your hand you tried to attack him, but the sky boy were faster. With one swift movement, he grabbed your wrist tightly, making you drop the knife. He put your arm on your back, twisting it. There you felt stupid. “Make your lovely pet leave” He waited a few seconds for your reaction, but when he saw nothing he twisted your arm again. “Make the panther leave” he said authoritatively.

“I’ll kill you with my own hands” you whispered between teeth. You just needed to look again in the animal’s eyes and think what you wanted. He released you when he no longer saw the animal. Quickly you grabbed your knife from the floor and pointed him with it.

“You can try again, the only thing you’re going to achieve is your other arm twisted as well.” The only thing you could do was to look at him with rage on your eyes. “Let’s make a deal. You help me to hunt and I leave you in peace.” You laughed.

“You’re completely insane if you think I’m going to help you to achieve food to your people. We do not help each other. Now you should leave, I still can make the panther come back.” He looked at you angrily, but finally left making you sighed in relieve.


A few days passed after your meeting with the sky boy.

It was dark and late, you should be sleeping but the argument you had with your father didn’t let you rest. Since you got your gift from the mountain people you had refused to eat meat. You knew what the animals felt and thought when they got hunted and killed and that had removed your hunger for meat. It was a nonsense, but your father didn’t approve that, he said you couldn’t live eating only fruits and vegetables, but you weren’t disposed to keep eating meat.

Your thoughts were distracting you from everything else, and that was the cause why you felt on a trap that was there obviously for an animal, not a person.

“Damn sky people…” Luckily it was not one of those traps where your ankle gets tied and you hang face down. It was a net, a small one, making you stay in a uncomfortable position.

The hours passed and the first sun rays appeared. Your eyes were closed but you were not sleeping. The knife was prepared on your hand and your ears aware from even any noise. How much could it take until someone could get you down? You tried several times to move and cut the net, but even your breathing was making the net to mark your skin. Your body was going to hurt for a few days.

“I can’t believe it” With just those words you knew who was talking to you.

“Damn it. Not you again…”

“What are you doing up there?”

“Shut up and take me out of here!”

“I thought we didn’t help each other” He laughed, he was obviously having a good time. “None of your animal friends have could help you?” You rolled your eyes. “Okay, I’ll put you out of there if you ask it properly” You looked at him like you didn’t know what he was talking about. “Don’t you know the magic formula?”

“Okay…” You said after sighing. “Could you stop being a pain in the ass and tae me out of here? Please?” He took a few seconds before answering.

“I’ll accept that”

Although you couldn’t see him cutting the rope because your head couldn’t be moved you heard how he was doing it.

“You’ll need to swing a little to cut it completely” He said when he got down the three and place himself under your net again. Without saying a word you started to swing as he said to you and tried to push downwards with your body. Seconds later you could hear the rope breaking completely. Your eyes closed again, you being ready to feel the hard floor but it didn’t happened. He had caught you in his arms before you hit the floor.

“Thank you” You finally said with your eyes opened. You two were too close, making you feel uncomfortable, but it seemed he didn’t feel the same because he didn’t put you on the floor immediately.

“You owe me one, grounder”



“Don’t call me grounder. Y/N is my name” You weren’t looked at him, you were too busy taking off your jacket and looking for marks in your arms or shoulders.


“Okay Bellamy” You tied your jacket to your waist. “I owe you one, but… please… don’t make me help you to hunt any animal…”

“I wasn’t going to ask you that”

“What then?”

“Tell me about you” you smiled “How can you control animals?”

“I can’t control them, Bellamy. I can share mind and thought with them, I can give orders to them just by look at their eyes, and most of the times they obey”

“But… how?”

“The mountain men” You two started walking “I think you know something about them… They like to play the God game with their advanced technology and their chemistry stuff. When they need guinea pigs and they don’t have volunteers there… well… Who better than us to make their tests on? If someone has to die because of their experiments better if it’s us.”

“And… How do they…?”

“They know how we survive, the places where we hunt or collect some other food like fruits or vegetables. In my town I’m the only one who knows every fruit and vegetable around here. They saw that thanks to some spy, one of the dozens they could have around these woods. They must inject some of their strange liquids on one of the fruits I ate and… Well, I am half human half animal. We decided to make the mountain people believe their experiment killed me.”


“When someone dies because of the trials he or she gets poisoned and starts to bleeding from their mouth with horrible shaking all over the body so… I just needed a dead chicken and a little bit of acting skills…”

“That’s gross”

“I know, but thanks to that that disgusting mountain people does not have a dangerous and fierce army based on people like me.” You said sadly.

“You don’t seem very proud of your gift”

“I try to see it as a gift, it’s useful yes, but I hate how people look and reacts to me since that day. Some days I wish I were truly dead… I feel like a monster.”

“I don’t see you as a monster” You quickly looked at him.

“Don’t tease me” trying to escape from that situation you started to walk faster but Bellamy grabbed your wrist.

“I mean it” he said making you turn and look at him again. There was sincerity in his eyes. “I think it’s great and very useful”

“Thank you…” you said smiling.

“Who knows” his hand was still on your wrist and he approached you a little “I think I don’t see you as an enemy anymore. Maybe we don’t have to be enemies” He said emphasizing the pronoun.

“Maybe… Maybe not” You agreed

“Just one more thing. Don’t make the squirrels throw me nuts again, they have an incredible good aim.” You laughed.

“You have my word, Bellamy of the sky people” You said offering your hand.

“Thank you, Y/N from the grounders” he was truly smiling when he shakes your hand. You look into each other eyes sincerely for the first time, and it wasn’t that bad. Being completely sincere, you two liked pretty much.

Experiences with the Signs as a Gemini :)

I’m a Pluto dominant Gem btw haha

Aries: I’ve had a guy Aries as a study buddy for a year and it was really cool (and at times trying) because he likes to think in facts while I like to think in concepts. Bringing both perspectives together made it a great learning experience and brought forth fun debates haha. I don’t have many Aries women as friends simply because they really intimidate me with their ever driving energy. When they are set on accomplishing something they achieve it and I wish I were gutsy like that.

Taurus: Haven’t been friends with any in an extended period of time but the guys seem to know exactly what they want, especially relationship wise. They’re pretty chill but when you get them going about something they’ll keep going. Girls are a little intimidating at first but it’s mostly because they radiate with sensual vibes. You don’t know that it’s sensual vibes at first until you look through their Instagram pictures. They can definitely rock the sparrow eyes and they get pretty comfortable conversation-wise after the “stranger” barrier is lifted. Both sexes have really nice smiles :)

Gemini: I LOVE OTHER GEMINI haha :) We’re always looking for a reason to laugh and be silly and it’s pretty freaking awesome because why not? I’ve noticed that we are quiet students but leave us with at least one person who we feel really comfortable with and we can get pretty loud. Like, annoyingly loud. I’ve also had some really heartfelt and philosophical conversations with Gemini and the shift doesn’t feel awkward at all. Dated one and my younger sister is also one.

Cancer: They are the first ones to say that they feel like they don’t match the description of their sign haha. My favorite teachers have been Cancers and it’s because they genuinely care. They think they’re being mean but it’s hard to think that when they’re actually teaching me something new and worthwhile to know. Many of the guys that have been attracted to me were Cancers and it ends with us not talking to each other. Still trying to figure out why.. (hooking up with them is probably not a good idea haha whoops) I’m only friends with one Cancer girl and she’s really cool! Knows how to have a good time but also very keen intellectually.

Leo: Most of the guys that I know are so quiet and yet attention just comes to them. When they do speak it’s always a lot of fun, so when it gets quiet you just provoke them and it gets all fun again! They are the loving drunks. Leo girls are the ones where you get all sexually suggestive around and they’ll keep playing along until you stop haha. The ones that I’ve known are pretty and/or blessed with big breasts. Both sexes are pretty smart.

Virgo: There are two types of Virgo guys that I’ve met: 1. The Quiet ones and 2. The Loud ones. Quiet Virgo guys are pretty observant. To me it seems like they’re always reading the energy of the room and they’re the type who like to keep themselves quietly busy. Loud Virgo guys… well they’re loud and they like to think they’re funny. Both types are pretty good at speaking in general. Virgo girls tend to be the most insecure because they’re always looking to “perfect” themselves. When they aren’t focusing on themselves they are really silly and love to laugh a lot :)

Libra: When I was younger, every guy that I had a crush on happened to be a Libra. They’re so polite but just because you’re polite doesn’t mean you’re nice.. They want to be on everyone’s good side but they don’t realize that they end up contradicting themselves. Just bad news bears when they’re really insecure… When they’re not insecure it’s like one of the best times ever. It’s so easy to make them laugh and it makes me want to keep finding ways to make them laugh. Some of the longest conversations I’ve had have been with a Libra.

Scorpio: Intense people in almost every aspect. The girls tend to be offensive-defensive, where they defend themselves by offense (like a scORPION?!?!). My mom and older sister are Scorpios and if you have an opinion different from theirs you better change it (or lie about it) because they’re always right. Sees things in black and white, and when they realize they’re wrong they like to play it off with a laugh and smile. Guys are pretty devoted to improvement, whether it be themselves or pushing the boundaries for all of humanity. Very capable people.

Sagittarius: People who do their own thing. They’ll be more successful convincing you than you will be convincing them. Sensation-seekers to the max, they work hard and play harder. I don’t know many to be honest, I think I’ve only known six.

Capricorn: The most capable people I’ve ever met. They KNOW how to work which is why they get easily frustrated with others. My best friend is a Capricorn and she just loves to laugh haha :) We also work together and I usually take cues from her actions. She’s kinda insecure but she accepts herself and she’s a perfectionist. I wish I had their productive and effective intuition.

Aquarius: I’ve debated/argued with every Aquarius friend I’ve ever had! They are a fixed sign for sure. They tend are quite quirky and it seems like they don’t realize that they are on a different wavelength. Both love to laugh, but girls are more prone to freaking out. Guys tend to be shallow, but unapologetic in who they are. Both also like shopping a lot… 

Pisces: People with a lot of foresight. The men seem to have a firm grasp on who they are and what can help them while the women are beautiful. They have the most symmetrical faces, and the ones I know are also tall and thin. Women seem to search for the deeper meaning in life, especially in the things that they love while men just seem to already know. For men, it’s a matter of deciding whether it’s worth sharing or not. They also have a very strong dependency on music. They can be pretty imposing if you disagree with something, but they let it go if they aren’t able to change your mind.

Got kinda tired toward the end but I pushed through! :p