what exactly happened

based off of @secretblogformysecretships post abt ohm being a sith lord and bryce being a padawan/jedi (but for this im gonna make him a padawan!)

so, when ur boyfriend is on the opposite side youre an apprenticing on… things get complicated and at times,

and thats exactly what happened to bryce and ohm.

ohm and bryce didnt exactly see eye to eye, but they still love each other.

you see, ohm was a sith lord while bryce was a padawan to ritz, who didnt exactly like ohm. sure, it could be because ohm was a sith lord, or because he was on the dark side, but ritz didnt like him because he constantly kept on trying to get bryce to come to the dark side with him.

but bryce always told him no. and even though he did take it into consideration, he just didnt want to leave his friends. he was so worried about what they might think of him if he goes just leave with ohm.

but ohm figured out /exactly/ how to get his boyfriend on the dark side. since bryce is so passionate and loves spending time together, he decided to do something romantic for his boyfriend. he’ll be sure to say yes!

him, cartoonz, minx and chilled had been working on the place he was taking bryce to. he wanted it to be perfect for his boyfriend. no dust, no glare and everything he knows bryce likes in there.

fairy lights were hanging on the wall, there were bryces favourite flowers on the table and he even made sure the place was by a lake! it may seem too much for something small, but ohm just wanted bryce to say yes, but not to just one thing…

as ohm took bryce to where the place where they were going, which he soon found out was naboo, bryce was curious.

‘why is he taking me on such short notice?’

‘what is he going to do?’

‘i know he wouldnt break up with me… but wha—’

bryce got cut off of his thoughts as ohm got out of his seat and opened up bryces door. bryce got out and he immediately lit up with joy.

naboo was one of the most beautiful places he had ever saw, but this and at night, he thought he was going to pass out by how happy he was.

“im glad you like it, bryce.” ohm said, chuckling after that. he took bryces hand and led him inside.

“where did you get all of this? its so beautiful!” as bryce said that, his eyes lit up even more. he was now ecstatic about what ohm wanted to tell him. it was sure to be good, because why would ohm go do all of this hard work with three other people if the news was bad?

after they finished eating, ohm took bryce by the lake.

ohm got on one knee, took the box out of his pocket and looked at bryce. bryce looked down at ohm and widened his eyes farther. and before ohm started speaking bryce started to tear up.

“bryce mcquaid, i love you so much. i dont think theres a moment that ive stopped loving you and i dont think i can. i want to spend the rest of my life with you, but i want to ask you something.”

bryce nodded,

“will you… join the dark side?”

bryce jumped up, “are you kidding me? i mean, yes but only because of that but really, ohm?!?”

ohm stood up and kissed bryce and whispered to him, “and before i forget to ask you, will you marry me?”

bryce wiped the tear about to fall from his eye and said, “of course.”

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maybe they are the shapeshifter and the only way to stop them is to say goats milk, and they're trying to make sure you don't say it, then again, you won't know until you decide whether or not to say it.

* Well we’re not taking any chances.

* Right?

* What exactly happens when we say it anyway? All the guy said was something along the lines that “something horrible” would happen or something.

* It’s not necessarily something we’d say normally, right? Then we shouldn’t have a problem, friend.

* Yeah but now I’m more curious about it.

* Or we can make bad choices and risk things, that’s fine too.

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Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight will be released on the 2nd of September according to Google. I'd say it's true because this is exactly what happened when we waited for Rodeo.

Yeah. I believe it. And am okay with it. I believe in la flame

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omg i dont what happened exactly but please dont feel sad. take your time and you dont have to feel ever pressurised that you always need to keep saying something funny. even ppl who are funny get their sad moments. as for sehun, idk why ppl are hating on him i think he was so very brave and courageous and remember you are not the only one who is with him. we all are here supporting him <3 hope this made you feel better today :)

well the thing that got me is that there were actually ppl closing down fansites and bashing sehun for what he said and I also got that he didnt really ‘come out’ which doesnt mean that he cant be anything else then straight but the creepiest part about this is that if hes really *any other sexuality then straight* and plans to actually ‘come out,,,, idk what would happen… I cant believe ppl are this cruel to him and idk im a sensitiv person in general so it just hurts me a lot since I love him so much and idk…:I but yeah like I said im trying to chill atm and not think about that kinda stuff cause I know there are a lot of people who support him no matter what he chooses c: thanks for the message!! 💖

if anyone was going to be late on their first day of work it would be letti - at that’s exactly what happened. five minutes into her shift she practically came jogging in, stripping off her leather biker jacket and shoving her helmet under the bar along with it. this wasn’t the best start but she vowed to herself that she’d be on time next time. “can i get you anything?” she asked, slightly breathlessly to the first person she saw.

i will never be over Rhodey seeing a Giant Fucking Explosion near where tony was taken after searching for him for 3 months and just. instantly being like “…..wow………that is………some Tony Stark Level Shit™ oh my g OD GET ME A HELICOPTER i have to go personally pick up my favourite asshole nerd” like. listen. bless him

*sees explosion* “ah yes. there he is. my favourite person”


palmetto state foxes →  the upperclassmen

These Aztec Dancers Joined a Black Lives Matter Protest in Minnesota
On Saturday, Black Lives Matter St. Paul and the Minneapolis NAACP held the Rally & Solidarity March for #PhilandoCastile & Others.

At a time when racist policing has taken center stage, solidarity with the black community, as well as the Black Lives Matter movement, is vital. Over the weekend, this is exactly what happened in Minneapolis, and dancers from the Kalpulli Yaocenoxtli group were right along them every step of the way – behavior that’s not uncommon for these dancers. In California, for example, danzantes have come out to support gay rights and partnered with the Korean Immigrant Worker Assn. They’ve also denounced police brutality and Christopher Columbus. Danza Mexica Cuahtemoc leader Judith Cuahtemoc told the Los Angeles Times that Aztecs side with underdogs. And that’s exactly what the Minnesota group did this weekend.

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OMG, this is legit Karma, this is EXACTLY what happened when Calvin dated Rita Ora, but in reverse -- HE wrote the song. And a few months later, prohibited her from singing it. At least Taylor hasn't done that yet, but she very well could and BAM. Right back in the face.

taylor swift does not yell. she does not fight. a powerful woman does not raise her voice to assert her power. 

however she will grab your nuts, rip them off and present them before the world like this is the fucking lion king……..and do something nice for the kids while she’s at it.

this is taylor swift. modern femme fatale.