what ewe looking at

it has come to a point where im so numbed by weird internet stuff that people will look at what i’m looking at and be like “what the fuck,” or “ew that’s so disgusting,” and i have to remind myself that other people aren’t used to seeing that kinda stuff regularly 

ribcage. || i

Summary: college!au Where Tom is a genuine sweetheart trying to make it through college without completely losing his mind; his three close friends make it easier though. However, there’s one girl who wears the big sweaters and seems to have her head more in her sketchbook than anywhere else who changes him after he gets caught blatantly admiring her from afar. Tom takes it upon himself to make her problems his problems, but sometimes it’s just better to not stick your nose where it doesn’t belong. Emphasis on the sometimes though.

Pairing: Tom Holland x Fem!Black!Reader

Word Count: 1,255

Warnings: Swearing & Staring

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