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Dear Diary,

I’m enjoying my vacation more than I thought I would. Sam is running L-Corp beautifully, based on the lack of news I’ve seen; James is still doing fantastic work over at CatCo, and Kara is, well, to be honest, she’s the only thing I’ve thought about for the past three days. She’s just so… beautiful? And strong? She kinda reminds me of Supergirl, but they’re also really different.

Don’t get me wrong, Supergirl is amazing, and super (ha!) hot, but there’s something about Kara’s soft smile and her endless belief in me. She’s something else.

Anyways, I’ve been having a fantastic time in the Keyes! I got to swim with some dolphins yesterday. As soon as the people read the name on the reservation, they suddenly became very interested in making sure I had the best experience possible. I could start using a fake name, but as long as I can’t hear what they’re saying behind my back, the treatment isn’t bad. 

Since I’ve still officially left both of my companies, there really isn’t a point in me returning any time soon! I think I’ll go to Chicago next, I hear their beaches are really nice.


The Byers’ house, shortly after Eleven closes the gate:

“Will, honey, let me make you a sandwich before you go to sleep, you’ve got to be starving.”

“Shit!” exclaimed Steve and Dustin. They had been walking down the steps of the Byers’ front porch to finally head home, but Ms. Byers’ words had them knocking into each other as they both rushed back into the house.

“Ms. Byers!” Steve yelled.

“Wait!” screamed Dustin.

They rounded the corner, entering the kitchen just as Joyce let out a loud, “WHAT THE FUCK?”

The lower half of the dead demodog was still in the fridge, but it’s torso and head lay on the floor, as well as slightly on Joyce’s shoes. Strange goo from the body started forming pools on the linoleum.

“Ms. Byers, we forgot to tell you…” said Dustin at the same time Steve said, “We’re so sorry, Ms. Byers.”

Joyce Byers had put up with a lot of shit in her life, but this might have been the most exasperated she’s ever looked.

“Just go back into the living room, we’ll clean this up,” said Dustin, gently leading her out of the kitchen. “I already talked to Hopper and he’s going to move it first thing in the morning.”

“The morning?” asked Joyce, looking ready to punch something.

“Hey, why don’t I go pick up KFC for everyone?” offered Steve.

“Yes! Great idea!” said Dustin.

Joyce stared at them for a few moments.

Finally she said, “okay, but make sure you get the mashed potatoes, I’m not eating fucking green beans after the night we’ve had.”

can i just say that mark is a brilliant storyteller? because everything that’s going on, all of the hints he’s been dropping and how they tie into wkm, that shit doesn’t feel fake. 

logically i can tell myself ‘okay mark is doing this, he’s making the webcam glitches and adding the voice overs, everything is just a part of his creation’ but everything is so subtle and sinister that i also wonder, what if it’s real? what if we only think this is mark’s doing and he actually is being possessed? 

the thought is scary as shit, but i’d believe it. now that we have actual lore and an actual origin story for two egos, they feel like real entities to me, even if i know they’re not. and that’s fucking brilliant. when people talk about ‘asshole mark’ vs ‘the real mark’, i have to remind myself that it’s all fiction because it feels so real

Should i move my original fiction off my hodge podge of a main?? I feel like posting whatever-the-hell fandom and other bs all the time might drive people away when they’re coming to read original fiction. Is that a thing?

so that half hour boot huh

All @llyn-on-ice and I have been talking about the past few days is an Otayuri Star Wars AU because it was where we were bound to wind up eventually. So, I had to draw them to give her strength for all her work she has to do, and to selfishly try to bribe her to write me more of them because i am w e a  k

(Otabek is a resistance pilot and Yuri is a space prince)

EDIT: My babe posted her little drabble HERE if you want to read how this all starts <3


Them boys and their girl~ *:・゚✧

Witchy PSA: Eclectic Witchcraft

Gentle reminder that “eclectic” does not mean: “Steals from closed cultures and disrespects and appropriates other religions.” 

Eclectic does mean: “Deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources.”

You can get your information from multiple sources without over stepping and stealing from closed cultures. 


The great thing about what we do, any art, is anybody can read into it what they want to take from it. - Katie McGrath

Ravenclaw Headcanon

Ravenclaws are acutely aware of how powerful words are. They don’t understand how Gryffindors throw out sentences like a competition, Slytherins weave monologues with nothing but the end goal in mind, and Hufflepuffs grace everything and everyone with compliments. None of these are bad things, but Ravenclaws tend to think more about the effects of words, how they play on each other, how the placement of a word in a sentence can change the meaning. How words are beautiful and complicated and truly amazing, how people managed to create this form of communication, and in many different ways too.

You deserve the love you keep trying to give to everyone else.

Ace attor…nay?? We’re here to save the day!!!

Made some new Ace Attorney buttons (& a special heart shaped Miles/Feenie button!) for Anime North 2017! The ones I used to print were from 2014 and suuuper old and I didn’t like having them in circulation, despite how well they sold. so now it’s time for a redraw! I didn’t have enough time so I chose the characters that were the most liked! See y’all at AN *WINKS


Happy Birthday Niall !! ❤

  • me two weeks ago : oh my god this show is literally the worst thing that has ever been created, end it now, it's ruining my life and it's not even good
  • me now : *crying on the floor* please don't take pll away from me it's all I have, it's a mess but so am I, I need this show to live