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Fic: Stranger Things Have Come To Pass (Jeff/Annie, Community)

Note: For Day 1 of #jxaappreciationweek2016, here’s some fluff. I borrowed it from a story that I’ve long since abandoned, but I think it stands on its own all right.

He really has to learn to be careful what he wishes for.

Just yesterday morning, he was scheming and plotting to get out of going to Greendale’s annual Halloween party, trying to figure out some ironclad excuse that even Annie wouldn’t find fault with, and selling his soul to the devil himself wouldn’t have seemed too high a price to pay to get out of another evening playing dress-up at that circus masquerading as a community college.

Now, though, he is certain that even sharing a dance floor with the likes of Leonard and Garrett would be preferable to spending the entire night on the floor of his bathroom, throwing up every ten minutes like clockwork.

Annie will still be disappointed – because for some crazy reason, she’s been looking forward to going to the party for weeks, despite the fact that she’s moved onto to bigger and better things than Greendale herself, despite the fact that he offered to take her anywhere else on earth to celebrate the holiday that somehow neither one of them has outgrown – but he’ll come up with some way to make it up to her.

Once he stops puking up every scrap of food that he’s ever eaten and all of his internal organs.

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Ironically enough, after making that post about people on tumblr who say “I’m a biologist and I know that gender is a social construct and there are more than two genders!” and how bullshit they are, I’ve gotten a lot of people saying exactly that to me. It’s hilarious, because they completely ignore things such as brain structure differences between males and females and supply no facts at all to even suggest that they know what they are talking about.

Here’s an article on brain structure for your reading pleasure and a handy PowerPoint about the fertilization process so I’m not a complete hypocrite: