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What's the fanfiction with more sexual tension that have you ever read? (no canon) :)

Sooo I could probably do an entire fic rec on this because it’s so hard for me to narrow it down when it comes to fic stuff, BUT I’ve gotta say this fic because while I haven’t read it in a bit, I remember first reading it and messaging a GC saying “I wish I could write sexual tension like that.” Like you’re honestly sweating just reading it - and they’re also unbelievably talented in general so it’s not like that’s all they have going for them by any means. They’re also writing a WIP right now with some scenes that have a ton of sexual tension and I’m obsessed with it so I’d highly recommend checking that out as well.

Harry Potter Spell Themed Asks

Accio :
If you could summon anything in the world right now what would it be?

Aguamenti: Do you like water?

Alohomora: Can you and have you, ever picked a lock?

Anapneo: Are you CPR certified?

Aparecium: On of a scale of Mr. Bean to 007 how much of a spy are you?

Avada Kedavra: If you could kill one single person, who would it be?

Avis: What’s your favorite kind of bird?

Brachiabindo: Have you ever been tied up before? What was the circumstance?

Capacious Extremis: If you could make one object bigger on the inside, what would the object be?

Cave Inimicum: You’ve got to fortify your room from zombies with only objects you have readily available. What do you use?

Colloportus: Have you ever locked yourself out of your own house before? If so, what did you do?

Confringo: Have you ever accidentally set fire to something?

Confundo : What confuses you most about the world?

Crucio: What’s the worst pain you’ve ever been in?

Deletrius: What’s the last thing that you did besides this?

Densaugeo: What’s the most extensive thing you’ve been to the dentist for?

Deprimo: Have you ever been knocked over by the wind before?

Descendo: What’s been a low point in your life?

Diffindo: When was the last time you ripped and article of clothing?

Engorgio: What’s the worst case of swelling you’ve ever experience?

Episkey: If you could heal anyone in the world right now, who would it be?

Expecto Patronum: What’s your happiest memory?

Expelliarmus: Have you ever had to disarm someone? If so, why?

Expulso: Have you ever made something explode? Explain how and why?

Ferula: Have you ever had to wear a brace? What happened?

Flagrate: If you could write one thing in the sky, what would it be?

Flipendo: Have you ever fallen down stairs before?

Fulgari: If you could be bond to one person, who would it be?

Furnunculus: How bad was your acne as a teenage?

Geminio: If you could have a single copy of something, anything, what would it be?

Glisseo: Water slide or playground slide?

Impedimenta: You can stop one person from coming near you, ever, like a permanent, unbreakable restraining order, who is it?

Imperio: You can have one person be your slave for a day without repercussion, who?

Impervius : In the middle of a storm would you rather have waterproof shoes, or a waterproof coat?

Incarcerous: Have you ever tied someone up?

Incendio: Do you like candles? If so, what’s your favorite smell?

Langlock: You can stop one person in the world from speaking. Who is it?

Legilimens: If you had the power to read minds for a day, would you use it?

Locomotor: You can chose one object to follow you around, what is it?

Lumos: Candle, Flashlight, Sunlight, Moonlight, or Bioluminescence? 

Meteolojinx Recanto: What’s your favorite type of weather?

Mobiliarbus: What’s your dream garden?

Molliare: Have you ever made a surprisingly soft landing when you were sure you’d break something? What happened?

Morsmordre: What would your signal in the sky be to mark your presence?

Muffliato: Have you ever eavesdropped on a conversation? What was it about?

Nox: Were you/are you, afraid of the dark?

Obliviate: What’s something you wish you could forget?

Obscuro: What’s a kink that you have? What about it excites you?

Oppugno: You’re about to be in a fight! The object directly to your left is what you have as a weapon! What is it and how would you use it?

Orchideous: What’s your favorite flower?

Pack: When’s the last time you did some packing?

Petrificus Totalus: Have you ever been/felt paralyzed?

Piertotum Locomotor: You can make one  object in your current room come to life, what is it?

Point Me: How easily do you get lost?

Portus: What object would you turn into a portkey and where would it take you?

Protego: You can protect one person from harm. Who?

Quietus: When was the last time you yelled at someone?

Reducio: What’s something you’d like to make bigger?

Reducto: You’ve got one chance to explode something without an consequences. What is it?

Rennervate: Have you ever passed out/fainted before? What happened?

Reparo: What’s one thing you’d like to fix?

Rictusempra: Where’s the most effective place to tickle you?

Riddikulus: What’s your greatest fear? Do you think you’ll be able to overcome it?

Scourgify: What’s something that you should clean up?

Sectumsempra: Have you ever hurt someone? What happened?

Serpensortia: Do you like snakes?

Silencio: How much “quiet time” on average, do you need in a day?

Sonorus: If you had a message you could say to the whole world. What would it be?

Specialis Revelio: If you could have a magical property, what would it be?

Stupefy: Do you think you’d be able to knock someone out?

Tarantallegra: What’s your favorite kind of dance?

Wingardium Leviosa: If you had the power of telekinesis, what would you do with it?

Ask Me Astrology!
  • Aries: What are you passionate about?
  • Taurus: What are your most valuable possessions?
  • Gemini: What friend do you consider your "double"? What are their placements?
  • Cancer: Are you empathetic, sympathetic, or both?
  • Leo: How do you feel in the spotlight?
  • Virgo: What do you study, for fun?
  • Libra: How's your love life?
  • Scorpio: Sex life?
  • Sagittarius: Do you go on adventures? If so, what kind? Got any stories from them?
  • Capricorn: What are your ambitions, and what drives you towards them?
  • Aquarius: Are you manipulative / Have you ever manipulated anyone? Why?
  • Pisces: What's your biggest non-sexual fantasy?
  • -
  • 1st House: How do most people see you?
  • 2nd House: What's one thing you love about the material world?
  • 3rd House: Are you introverted or extroverted?
  • 4th House: What do you call "Home"? If you aren't happy with it, what would you like to call "Home"?
  • 5th House: What do you do for fun?
  • 6th House: How do you treat your body?
  • 7th House: How do you feel about commitment? Does commitment and love go hand and hand for you? Why or why not?
  • 8th House: What brought you to Astrology? Do you mess with other things that fall into the "occult" category?
  • 9th House: Do you believe in a Higher Power? What are your religious beliefs?
  • 10th House: Dream Job?
  • 11th House: Do you belong to any groups or communities? What are they?
  • 12th House: How do you see death?
  • -
  • Sun: How do you see yourself?
  • Moon: What do you do when you're upset to make yourself feel better?
  • Mercury: What do you talk about most?
  • Venus: How do you view love?
  • Mars: What do you do when you're angry?
  • Jupiter: What do you have "luck" in?
  • Saturn: What are the restrictions you've faced in life? Would you say they're still present? What have you done to surpass them?
  • Uranus: What causes do you fight for? What do you rebel against?
  • Neptune: "Ignorance is Bliss", true or false?
  • Pluto: How do you feel about sex?
  • -
  • Juno: Who's your ideal partner?
  • Chiron: Do you have anything that it's hard to heal from, physically or mentally? (Don't have to go into specifics).
  • Vesta: How do you feel about your mother/mother figure?
  • Eros: What's your sexuality and would you describe yourself as hyper-sexual, sexual, or non-sexual?
  • Lilith: What would you say are the worst traits you have?
  • Pallus: When you cast judgement, are you usually fair?
  • Ceres: What do you need to feel cared for?

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have you ever been in love? what does it feel like?

imagine having someone care about u and someone who wants a forever and they want nothing but for u to be happy and they are always happy to see you and they have nothing but excitement and joy for you and damn son

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WOW i literally never do this but i have to say you are the most creative fanfic/texts writer ever!!! what you're doing is revolutionary lol i have never come across this kind of concept in any fandom atleast not in the way that you do it ❣️

omg……………..ah idk if i deserve this praise❗️❓ but thank u so much for thinking these things & for taking the time to send this message !!!! i really truly appreciate it so much thank uuuuuuu for the sweet compliments i’ll work harder so i can deserve them ❤️❤️❤️

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5, 11, 16, 28, 32, 38. :)

5. Have you ever shoplifted?


11. What’s your favorite tumblr?

I have more than just one favorite blog, so gonna name just few of them…


16. Cookies or Cake?

Don’t do this to me… Both!

28. What’s your longest relationship?

None, because I’ve never really had a relationship.

32. Opinion on abortion?

Definitely no, I’m so against it.

38. Do you sleep with the door opened or closed?


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what do you feel about how society always makes women feel like their prime age is only 18-21 or maybe 18-25 (a lot hesitate to mention anything older than 22) but for men it lasts until their 40's? it's lately pissing me off bc I see lots of 30+ year old men saying they only date women in the 18-21 range or only date under 23 or 25. have you ever noticed it? what age have you noticed society put women's prime in?

I think it’s kind of weird.  Yeah, society keeps trying to market women products to make them look younger,youthful,radiant and such.  While men are supposed to be classy, older, and stuff.  Yeah, that’s all a load of bullshit, you can be in your prime any age you want.  

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“We used to be good friends,” Dexter mumbled.

“Used to be is the operative phrase” Waylon said “you’re not friends anymore. From what you did I doubt you ever were otherwise you’d never have done what you did.”

“People make mistakes,” Dexter whined.

“Yeah” Donovan said almost on a sigh “sometimes those mistakes haunt us forever.”

Dexter looked at Donovan with pain filled eyes before looking away “I thought I could change his mind,” he mumbled.

“The best thing you can do is leave him alone,” Donovan said “otherwise you’re just making things worse for both of you.”

Nodding Dexter flinched turning away from Waylon’s furious face “you’re right I’m sorry.” He took a couple of unsteady steps “I hoped” he sighed coming to a stop “never mind.” He turned towards Waylon and Donovan who were still standing there watching him “I’m glad Zach has such good friends looking out for him. He deserves the best.” With that he walked away.

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Have I ever told you what trash I am for your fics? particularly your Lin x reader ones. I've already got 5 in the pot that she's gonna break that pinky promise in the roommates series. Who else?

You are super sweet. Lin/Readers are my favorite to write (which is…probably obvious by the sheer number of them).

Pinky promises are serious business, so we’ll have to see ;)

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Do you run trains on girl or have you ever did it before, what happened

I did it was amazing but out of all i had the most problem cause she couldnt take my dick

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What is your view of the polyamory dynamic? Have you ever considered the pro's and con's for yourself?

I wholeheartedly believe that you can love and be in love with more than one person, and even more than one person at the same time. It would take a special group of people to make it happen as intended, however, particularly with no jealousy or agendas present. I haven’t seen much evidence over the years of successful and positive, healthy relationships that lasted over time in that dynamic. I have, however, seen an awful lot of men use it as a way to manipulate several women at once and use them for what I feel might be unhealthy or unethical reasons. Buyer beware as far as I can see.

For myself, I prefer to be in a monogamous relationship with someone I love and who loves me. I really don’t need or desire more than that when I have found myself in that situation. I don’t really even enjoy threesomes for that reason. I want to concentrate everything I have on my lover. 69 is even too much of a distraction for me. Let me enjoy you. I’ll be quite happy with that.

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What is the worst thing you have ever done in your life?

Probably the worst (in terms of legality) was probably smoking marijuana. I live in a state where it’s still illegal but it really isn’t bad at all so I’m all for making it legal in all 50 states. Morally speaking, I have been “the other woman” before. In my own defense, the guy had told me that him and his girlfriend were broken up before anything happened. I was pretty pissed when I found out otherwise, slapped him and ended things right then and there.

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Hey PS- hope your day/night is going good :)) (it's night here so idk time zones are strange) anyway- have you ever thought what Arnav and Khushi's "fatal flaw" would be? (Not sure if you've answered this already though!) We we're discussing this in English Lit class today so I started to think about what ArShi's would be- I have a few ideas but would love to hear what you think too aha :D Goodnight/Morning!! ;)

Hi @laadgovernorjalebis :)

I’m well thank you! I live in the future so it’s just random here all the time ;)

I talk about fatal flaws quite a bit on this blog (… I just searched for the phrase and nothing came up, how rude of Tumblr!).

I think Arnav’s is anger. Not simply rage, but that state he goes into where he stops thinking and his brain only restarts when he’s calmer. I’d say Khushi’s is two fold – self sacrifice and the projection of her goodness onto others.

In my view, it was these essential characteristics that led to their downfall (the terrace misunderstanding and subsequent elopement). I think they were both responsible for the situation they found themselves in and feel very strongly that Khushi’s good intentions ended up doing more harm than good.

I thought about hubris for both of them but while it’s a ‘negative’ trait, it doesn’t lead to their destruction, in my view, so wouldn’t count as a fatal flaw.

Of all the other characters, I feel that only Anjali has a fatal flaw: blind trust.

What would your interpretation be?

kageyama bros fight!